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  • Zumba Dance For The Kinect

    Zumba Fitness is one more decisive change controlled game for Xbox Kinect. It is a dance fitness game that can encourage you exercise while you're at home or in the office. If you choose to cruise to the fitness club but you can not locate time for... More
  • Quick Critique: Jetpack Joyride

    I like jetpacks, I know that an actual jetpack would be terrible idea (I feel I don't need to explain why), but I love the idea of just strapping on a backpack and taking off to the sky's. Though that would suck in the real world but in movies... More
  • Quick Critique: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    At it's core Zelda games are about two things, adventure and exploration. It's these elements that influence the different game mechanics featured in each new Zelda title, like the dark world in Link to the Past or time traveling in Ocarina of... More
  • 31/31 Day 25: My first attempt at a Comic Book review

    I've given a reviewing a shot a couple of times, but I haven't written any in a long time. A discussion in the Comic Book group here led to me trying to write a review of a Comic Book, so here's my review of Uncanny Avengers #1. First thing... More
  • Why I Game

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    This may come as a surprise to most of you, but I play video games. I know... shocking huh? I don't mean that I play in my spare time. I play games quite a bit. In fact, video games can be attributed to my recent lack of activity on GIO. A little... More
  • The best aspect of a video game is......

    Like most of you, I've been a big fan of video games for a long time, and we've all have asked this question "Whats the best thing in a videogame?" Is it the graphics, story, gameplay, or something else? I'll reveal mine in the end... More
  • If I made the next BioShock city...

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    After playing BioShock Infinite enough to platinum it and also get bored with the game I started thinking what I would do if I were Ken Levine. If I had to make a BioShock game to follow the brilliance that Infinite and its predecessor presented, what... More
  • Top Ten Tuesday 24 - Our Top Ten Games We Play Together

    Top Ten Tuesday 24 Our Top Ten Games We Play Together Disclaimer: There are many top ten lists, but this one is ours. If you think a game is missing here, we either didn't play it, didn't have any interest in it, or we just hate you. Pre-List... More
  • My 50th Blog!

    It’s a bit surprising to think that I’m already at 50 blogs. When I first started blogging here, I had no idea just how many blogs I would write on here. I know that many other bloggers on the site have written more blogs than I have, but... More
  • 31/31 Day 4: Gunpoint

    The genre Gunpoint is apart of is from one I don't see very often, if at all: the film noir/murder mystery genre. You play as Richard Conway, a private investigator who just bought a pair of pants that allow him to jump to credible heights. To test... More
  • Top Ten Tuesday 44 - My Top Ten Video Game Endings

    Top Ten Tuesday 44 My Top Ten Video Game Endings Disclaimer: There are many top ten lists but this one is mine, if you think a game is missing here, I either didn't play it, didn't have any interest in it, or I just hate you. Pre-List Notes It's... More
  • The Power of Video Game Music

    I'm a video game connoisseur. I love games and I like to play and talk about games all the time. I even listen to video game music pretty much all the time. I'm pretty good about recognizing game soundtracks from games that I've played. It... More