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  • Capstone Win!

    As proof that game development students know what they’re doing, five University of Washington students created a completely unique puzzle platformer for their Computer Science Capstone project. Subtle in it’s depth, I find myself completely... More
  • Proof of the Wii Mini

  • My thoughts on mass effect, why it’s my favorite sci-fi series and why people shouldn’t freak out about the endings. *Spoilers*

    So I just started playing mass effect 1 again because I am doing my perfection run through the trilogy. I have come to realized how impactful this game has been to me. It still feels so familiar and fresh in my mind from when I first played it. Even though... More
  • Kinda Sorta Stale Gamer Review: Vol. 3

    It is Vol. 3, right? Maybe 2.5. Anyhoo... I got some suggestions after my last blog that I should give Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a try in an attempt to whittle down my backlog. So that's what I'm doing. I'm about five hours in (which amounts... More
  • The Banner Saga Review


    XCOM meets Norse mythology meets The Oregon Trail in The Banner Saga, the year’s first great RPG.

    ... More
  • So... What Now

    relevant posts pertaining to the Facility will stop for a while to help me buy some time to finish things , so we can keep on track, but in the meantime I'll keep the blogging alive by having random posts that allow you to see where I stand on anything... More
  • The Ongoing Process Of Weaning Myself Off Pre-Ordering

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    I used to be the person who pre-ordered everything. Especially if I knew I already wanted to play the game in question, it seemed far easier to pop on over to Amazon, place the pre-order, then forget about it until it showed up in the post. Then we started... More
  • Review: Doom

    Doom manages to pull off two very important things. 1. It successfully goes back to its roots and revives the classic Doom formula and 2. It manages to to feel fresh in a genre that feels flooded with games both good and bad. This review will focus only... More
  • Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Two Review

    For many gamers, including myself, Telltale's The Walking Dead was a welcome surprise when the first season released. But, just like many gamers, I wondered how they would develop a second season, if a second season were to actually exist. Most everybody... More
  • Games I am Anticipating but Know Nothing About

    Cyperpunk 2077: So it's pretty easy to say that I've pretty much been interested in this game since it first debuted in 2012. For one thing, its cyberpunk themed, nuff said. But seriously, the game looked amazing and promised a lot in just the... More
  • 31/31 Day 11 - Losing the Edge

    Today I'm taking a break from the blogs exploring the great moments I've had as a gamer, as these have been seeming to become slightly monotonous. I'll return to those at a later time. I have never truly been a very competitive person in most... More
  • Why I Love Bad Games

    Have you ever played a bad game? How about a really bad one? Ever play anything that would qualify as abysmal? Well I just did, at least according to GameInformer's review . Ride to Hell: Retribution was given a 2, and after beating it I'm totally... More