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  • Comics group recruitment/indoctrination/subliminal messages

    hello, this blog post (my first in quite awhile) is due to peer pressure by my fellow GIO comic nerds, basically I'm supposed to tell you how awesome the comics group is and tell you to join us in our myriad conversations about things that don't... More
  • Convenience is key. (my issue with origin and what I fear it could lead to)

    As some of you likely know, EA announced Mass Effect 3 wouldn't be available through steam, and would require activiation through origin on the PC version. This is the same thing they did with Battlefield 3, and people are upset. I made this blog... More
  • Marcus' Weekly Game Journal: 3/27 - 4/2

    Is there a way to post this on Miitomo? That app is consuming my free time at an alarming rate. Also, I played Final Fantasy XV stuff and other "not Miitomo" games. 

    ... More
  • Scoring a Legend: The Music of The Legend of Zelda (Part 1)

    T he Legend of Zelda has offered gamers a plethora of iconic scores throughout its lifetime. From the opening notes that accompany the title banner to the medley showcasing the staff credits and familiar faces encountered throughout our time in Link's... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #14: Oh! Edo Rocket

    If there's one thing that makes anime particularly alienating, it's the cultural divide between a Japanese and American audience. When you think of some of the most popular anime in America; Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Fullmetal Alchemist etc., they... More
  • Hyrule Warriors Review: It's Not That Dangerous To Go Alone

    If I were to pin down some of the most frustrating arguments in gaming, among them for me personally would be the notion that Dynasty Warriors is bad, and anyone who likes it has no taste in gaming. Over the years, the stigma surrounding the series has... More
  • (31/31: Day 31!!!!) In Response to Some of the 20 Question Suggestions...

    It's been a crazy road getting here, but we've reached the finale. Today, I respond to the most prevalent suggestion amongst comments replying to my twenty-question blog post a few days back. This is going to be interesting, to say the least.... More
  • Main Characters: My Personal Thoughts

    Videogame protagonists, avatars that let us experience new worlds, moments in history, visit different planets and many more situations that would give a normal person a heart attack if it were to happen in real life. For me the protagonist in a game... More
  • Game Informer Reader Recap: GIO Community Edition #9 (Part 4 Of 4)

    Happy Mass Effect 3 launch day! Speaking of which I actually decided to go against what I originally said, opting to wrap up the February postings now for more Mass Effect 3 play time later in the week. With me for all of the February coverage are stayedstar... More
  • Natal, a little overpriced for my wallet?

    Would you be willing to pay $150 for a video camera peripheral that will only work with a $200 gaming console? Microsoft hopes so--at least according to Edge Online's "trusted source," who says that $150 is in fact the price tag for a Project... More
  • Everything Wrong with Destiny

    Destiny, the game that was going to make Halo the worse game on the market and the attempt for Bungie to flip Microsoft off. Eventually the game was bad after the game's short story and boring grinding, but you guys already know that. Now the game... More
  • Gaming in Green Country: The Heartland Gaming Expo

    Tulsa, Oklahoma is a fairly strange place for a gaming expo. It's in the mid-northeast part of a state near the middle of the country--hardly a popular tourist destination. Most events that boast the title of "gaming expo" fill up huge auditoriums... More