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  • The Ongoing Process Of Weaning Myself Off Pre-Ordering

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    I used to be the person who pre-ordered everything. Especially if I knew I already wanted to play the game in question, it seemed far easier to pop on over to Amazon, place the pre-order, then forget about it until it showed up in the post. Then we started... More
  • Lag: The Bane Of My Online Enjoyment

    Destiny was my first real foray into online gaming. Sure, I had played an extensive amount of Borderlands online, but it wasn't quite the same beast. It wasn't until I began playing in the crucible (the pvp arena) that the idea of lag even occurred... More
  • Devil's Third is a bad game

    I play a lot of games these days. In the last few years in particular I’ve ended up playing what feels like almost every console game released, even if it’s only for a few minutes. A side effect of playing a lot of games is that you play a... More
  • 52/52 Week 21- Can Star Wars Battlefront Be Good?

    I am a huge Battlefront fan. Both the first and second entries are some of my favorite games to play with friends and alone, so to see this trailer two years ago at E3 was an incredibly exciting moment for me. I thought that the true successor to Battlefront... More
  • Looking Back: Bioshock Infinite

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    Note: The following blog does in fact contain spoilers for Bioshock Infinite. If you haven't yet played it, I suggest checking out a different blog post. Those of you who read my review for Bioshock Infinite knows how much I absolutely love the game... More
  • Guacamelee! Review

    In 2013, one of the best yet most underutilized settings in gaming struck again. The southwestern facade, found in gems such as Rockstars’ Red Dead Redemption and Ubisofts’ Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, serves as a strong cornerstone for Guacamelee... More
  • Ouya Is Not A Failure

    People out there are talking about how Ouya the Android console is a joke, an instant failure, no chance in hell to succeed, etc. Obviously you people know nothing about the Android console and its success that its having before its even launched. The... More
  • WGWC #8 - You Don't Know Jack

    The task for the last Writers Guild Weekly Challenge was put for by Undertaker Adrian when he attempted to revive this feature. At the time, I was in the midst of a 31/31 with Hannibal and coblogging every day. I've been looking forward to taking... More
  • Last-Gen Consoles Are Hurting New-Gen, And That's Okay

    Less than a year ago we saw the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With these new consoles came the promises of new video game experiences that were simply not possible on the PS3 or Xbox 360. We're supposed to see games that push the boundaries... More
  • What Games Will NOT Win GOTY pt 3: 5 more down

    This year has been an outstanding year in gaming. Making selections to eliminate is getting harder and harder everyblog. Let me know what games you think should be cut next, and check out what games are remaining at this link More
  • BJ Blazcowicz Ruins Your Family Cookout

    BJ Blazcowicz is a god-fearin’, red-blooded, down-home country boy. He is the epitome of 'America', but he’s also the saddest man . His internal monologue in Wolfenstein: The New Order is comically depressing. This man is so very very... More
  • Gaming Laptop....PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!

    Okay, I've finally gotten it into my thick skull that the PC has some great games, mainly strategy and MMO games. I got Steam on my desktop and it's running games with no problem. The big deal is I'm on the go a lot, and I need a laptop to... More