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  • Watermelons and Cotton Candy

    Realism may very well be the ultimate goal of gaming technology, but I don't feel that making a game more realistic will make it any better. That isn't to say that more realistic games is a bad thing. Just because a game looks good, doesn't... More
  • Encoded Childhood

    My cousins had a Game Genie. If you don't know what a Game Genie is, it was a cumbersome device that fit around your NES game cartridge, which, when inserted into the gaming system, would enable the user to plunk in magical codes that were found in... More
  • Poem: You Are

    You were just a whisper in the dark An echo in the night Just the muttering of words I clung to with all my might Don’t leave me Don’t go I’m slipping away now With nothing left to show Do You have enough grace for me? Was I always so... More
  • A Fair Chance

    Recently I acquired a copy of Max Payne 3. I personally love the first two games, so I was definitely anticipating its' release. I, however could not purchase the game on the day it was released due to financial issues. I'm a couple weeks late... More
  • Another One of Those Weekly Questions Blogs.....

    Jolt recently introduced the weekly 10 questions, so I decided to give it a shot. Hopefully this becomes one of those perminate features on GIO like gaMe because this seems like a lot of fun. My questions: #1 What is your least favorite current-gen game... More
  • 30/30 Day 9: Video Game Darwinism: A Fight for Survival amongst Developers

    Survival of the fittest; our world is defined by it. It is a theory that defines how creatures behave and live even how societies function. The animals who cannot adapt to survive will be killed. The humans who cannot adapt to society's changes will... More
  • More Than Immersive

    Fez is a special game. An interesting and well-crafted game tends to allow the players to immerse themselves in the game world until they are so absorbed they forget anything exists outside the game. Fez didn't exactly immerse me in its game world;... More
  • E3 predictions part 1-Nintendo

    It's that time of year again! The time of year when people start predicting what will be shown. So let's pass up the intro and get to the point. TRAILERS Pikimin 3. Pikmin 3 is a surefire one. We already have official comformation that it exists... More
  • The Cubone Chronicles Episode 1 - The Dawn of the Cubone

    Alright guys, I haven't exactly been telling you the truth. While it's true that I wasn't online for a few days on GIO, it wasn't because of studying or blog research. It was classified. But now I've overstepped. I got cocky, and sent... More
  • Ya Boi Hawke is back! Whose missed me?

    Hello, all of my friends and followers of what I post here on GIO. If any of you guys remember who I am, I am Hawke5. And I am a huge fan of WWE!! I watch it every week, both days, and I watch the reality show based on the divas called Total Divas, You... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #15: Gun X Sword

    There are some shows you watch, be it anime or otherwise, that endear themselves to you for reasons you have a hard time explaining. Gun X Sword king of fits into that category. I mean, there's a short answer as to why I like it so much, it's... More
  • User Discussions - How to Get Involved

    By now, many of you GIO users know that me (RedQueen) and Trenchmace run a weekly blog entitled User Discussions. In it, we ask your fellow GIO members discussion questions for the sake of getting to know your neighbors better, promoting group discussion... More