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  • Song of the Week #9

    Remember when everyone was up in arms about Metroid becoming an FPS? It’s funny to think about how wrong those baseless concerns would turn out to be. Metroid Prime ended up being more than okay, in fact it was great. The classic Metroid atmosphere... More
  • The 2013 All-Video Game Football Team

    Well, the NFL draft is over, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to make my picks for the 2013 All-Video Game team. Some of you may remember last year’s picks , but I have completely overhauled my roster for this year, meaning no duplicate... More
  • Pokemon White Mini Series Part 12 Level Up, Evolve, and Catch a Pokemon

    So I didn't start playing until late due to some distractions (I got a game in the mail- Valkyrie Profile Lenneth for my PSP which I love by the way) so I can't say anything about if Moonlight works in the day time or not so.... on we go leveling... More
  • I Watch Things Too #2: The Return

    Iron Man 2- I’m going to be honest. Unlike many of you out there, I have trouble enjoying the superhero genre. So many of them fail to truly stand out as anything other than dumb action. Really dumb action. And this is coming from some who spent... More
  • Rant Session: Micro-transactions

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    Today, we talk about the evil in gaming that is getting more and more popular...

    ... More
  • Street Fighter V Review - Where's the content?

    After a gazillion versions of Street Fighter IV, now we have Street Fighter V, a game that makes the formula feels fresh again but is seriously missing content. Let's start with the mediocre part of SF V, the single player, or to phrase it better... More
  • Dark Souls 3 DLC: My Thoughts and Dreams

    The time has finally come. After taking a three month break a couple of my best Dark Souls buddies and I have begun yet another trip through Lothric. When the game launched I played way too much, way too fast, and burned myself out way too quickly. Enough... More
  • Mass Effect Andromeda First Impressions

    Video First impressions Mass Effect Andromeda has been the talk of the town, since its early access trial debuted last week. The game is not nearly as bad as the internet... More
  • GI BroTrip 2011: A Quick Update

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    Well hello there! I thought I'd just touch base with everyone interested in taking part in our event what's been going on. Well alot and we believe we got a schedule of the goings on good and ready to go. Just a few more things are being hammered... More
  • How My First Day with Mass Effect 3 Went

    Today is the day. The day it all ends. The trilogy is over. Mass Effect is done. And I have an N7 Collector's Edition pre-ordered at GameStop. That was the thought process as I headed off to school, knowing that when I came home, my dad would have... More
  • Dollars & Common Sense: How And Why Money Matters In The Game Industry

    Not too long ago, I wrote a blog about why 2013 could end up being a financial bloodbath for several companies in the games industry. I did my fair share of research for that blog, but honestly, most of it was just common sense. There have been several... More
  • Red Dead Redemtion Zombie DLC info

    the Undead Nightmare Pack . Unleashed upon the world of Red Dead Redemption, the Undead Nightmare Pack will feature an entirely new single-player campaign that follows John Marston as he tries to find a cure for the highly infectious zombie plague that... More