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  • A blog I wanted to write about: I will be a New Age Developer

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    May 6, 2013... the day I start my life to become a developer... In 2007, I sent an application to Devry University to start a career as a Videogame Developer. I wanted to get involved in that world full of variation of arts: music, design, sound, writing... More
  • 31/31 Day 100000: Something...New

    For all the people out there who don't understand binary, that says this is Day 32. It does NOT mean that I am continuing this 31/31 into the future, but that I'm just announcing something special. I know, I know, I did this with Project Dive... More
  • 31/31- Day 17: Song Of The Week #12

    Few games are known for comedy. There may be times of levity, but nothing overwhelming. Valve took a risk when they attempted to make a game with the intentions of comedy being at the forefront. Portal turned out to be huge success though and is considered... More
  • Attack Of The $10 Backlog #2 | Tomb Raider: Legend

    [Read #1 here .] I had a little bit of a relapse recently, as a certain Gamestop competitor with the initials BB had a crazy videogame clearance sale a few weeks ago, followed by another one this week. Rumor is there will be yet another sale already next... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 55/Round 2 Day 32

    Today, I completed the Guild Quest Jackals and Hides, which was essentially running around the Bunker Lode Caverns (a large underground area with lots of elevators) for about 45 minutes killing 80 Jackals. Then, I tried once again to complete the Guild... More
  • Altoholics Anonymous

    Altoholic Anonymous "Hello, my name is Leon...and I've been a Altoholic for as long as I can remember." First thing's first. What is an Altoholic? There are many games where you get a choice of your character, able to customise your... More
  • PR And Stranger's Clone Wars E3 Special Edition Part 3: Nintendo

    Stranger: Alright, and now for the grand finale of our special three part E3 Clone War, we'll be discussing Nintendo's conference as it happens. Got any words for the people clone? PRjumpman124: THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME. NINTENDO FTW. I mean ... More
  • A Fair Chance

    Recently I acquired a copy of Max Payne 3. I personally love the first two games, so I was definitely anticipating its' release. I, however could not purchase the game on the day it was released due to financial issues. I'm a couple weeks late... More
  • The Cubone Chronicles Episode 1 - The Dawn of the Cubone

    Alright guys, I haven't exactly been telling you the truth. While it's true that I wasn't online for a few days on GIO, it wasn't because of studying or blog research. It was classified. But now I've overstepped. I got cocky, and sent... More
  • E3 predictions part 1-Nintendo

    It's that time of year again! The time of year when people start predicting what will be shown. So let's pass up the intro and get to the point. TRAILERS Pikimin 3. Pikmin 3 is a surefire one. We already have official comformation that it exists... More
  • Snow White

    When I was a child, I watched Disney cartoon moves. Every kid does. My favorite was The Jungle Book. I always wanted to know what it would be like to live in the wild amongst animals that wouldn't think twice about ripping me into tiny pieces if they... More
  • 30/30 Day 9: Video Game Darwinism: A Fight for Survival amongst Developers

    Survival of the fittest; our world is defined by it. It is a theory that defines how creatures behave and live even how societies function. The animals who cannot adapt to survive will be killed. The humans who cannot adapt to society's changes will... More