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  • Pulling The Online Plug

    Today I read an article from Kotaku that said that the US Senate is creating a bill, called "Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset" Act. The act would allow the president or an appointed representative to, in hence, "pull the plug"... More
  • Lots going on...

    It's been a long time. A lot has happened since I posted here last. KmartGamer folded, I tried my hand at another blog that didn't work out, and I had basically thrown in the towel on writing in general. I turned 40 in April. I applied for financial... More
  • Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

    Hey guys. Bjdbuch here! Some of you may know me, some of you may not. That's cool, I love making new friends so not knowing me will not be a problem! I have a PS3, Wii, 3DS, and a PC. I love playing video games in my free time! I also do football... More
  • Replay: Bat Man: Dark Tomorrow

    Best Worst Bat Man Game Ever!!! More
  • Sanctity 2.4 *PARTIAL* Crewman Daniels

    72 1024x768 Normal 0 false false false EN-US ZH-CN AR-SA The alarm rang loud. The red light bouncing around the room made the whole place look alien. All of the Crewmen sprang to their feet, and rushed out the door. Daniels could feel butterflies in his... More
  • Cold blows the wind (section 2)

    Cold blows the wind (Part 2) By J.K.Ramswick Christine walks over to her bed, sits down and turns the book to page 387. She lets out a soft gasp of air when she sees the heading of the page. “The resurrection spell.” She says to herself in... More
  • FF7 Update #05

    Finally finished grinding in Junon. It was well worth it because of the materia I was able to master as well the levels I was able to get. I am sitting in the Gold Saucer right now about to take on the Battle Square to obtain the last two Champion Belts... More
  • An Unsorted List of Some of My Favorite Video Game Songs

    From classic NES games to modern day blockbusters, the music in a game has come to be one of the most important parts of the medium. Gameplay and story are undoubtedly the most important aspects in the end, but music is always needed to set the tone.... More
  • Gamers

    This is going to be short. I was just thinking to myself about this while reading some articles, and figured it'd make a half decent blog post, since I'm doing this now. Anyway, I'll get to the point. This may not be relegated to gamers. However... More
  • 3 More Reviews from Game Over... continue?

    Hey all, here are three more reviews from the summer of " Finishing games that have been sitting on my shelf for months and months and months... " Looking forward to all the good stuff coming up, glad I've whittled down some of the stuff... More
  • Why I like co-op more than competitive

    Hello readers. Tonight I'm here to say why I love co-op. First off, it's he power of working together with friends and actually use strategy, not brain-dead AI (I'm looking t you Halo 3 marines). Maybe one will be the sniper, while the others... More
  • Atlantica Online Player Guide - Atlantica Enchanting and Enhancing Guide

    Today, we'll discuss Atlantica Enchanting and Enhancing, two important features in Atlantica. Through these two selections, one can enchant or enhance an item to make it more potent and helps cut down on the necessity to frequently upgrade gear. First... More