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  • Music Lover?

    Then go talk about This Decade In Music over in my thread here . More
  • finally silver!!!

    9 2
    I'm finally sliver took 3 months but I did it 12 blog post, 444 forum post, 1 mock review and 155 comments later and I finally here level ten I win. Now getting to gold is going to take years but that's anothers blog post but all my sliver people... More
  • Movies, with Me: Run Fatboy, Run

    today/tonight, I'm going to talk about the Simon Pegg (Peg?) dramedy Run Fat Boy, Run. This is a very good movie for those of you who enjoy some seriousness with your comedy, anybody who loves The Royal Tennenbaums as much as I do will definitely... More
  • Remember the classics (zelda title)and thier controls.

    I think we all remember it the first zelda game we play. For me it was the legend of zelda: ocarina of time (mind you im fourteen). I absolutley loved it. more so i loved its controls. I personally thought they flowed very well. Not only that but the... More
  • The Wii: A Wasted Opportunity

    We all know the Wii. Hardcore and casual gamers alike scoff at it's pathetic graphics, lame game selection, and unreliable motion control. To most, the Wii is, at best, a laughable attempt by Nintendo to get an edge. However, I see the Wii as an incredible... More
  • Comparing Modern Warfare 2 to Meth.

    In my oppinion, I think Mw2 and meth have alot in common. To begin with, when someone uses Meth they tend to become anti-social and focus on Meth. "Not just saying Mw2 does this" but when someone plays Mw2 they tend to exclude other people from... More
  • Morality in Games (My Ambivalence's Response to a Previous Post of Mine)

    No, not that Darkness. I'm referring to that major inconvenience that befalls most of us humans, choice. Should we help an old lady cross the road, or should we get 1st in line for the new Call of Duty? Should we join the Army. or go to college? Many... More
  • Video Game Art ♦ Day 14/30

    Today's blog is rather a simple one- a short one in fact. A single question. And yet it is so much more overdramatized and more complex than any lengthy amount of words I could write or throw together. And from the title of this blog, you might have... More
  • Finding a Chink in the Armor

    Aka: "The Misconception of the 'Perfect' Score" I don't think these guys are scoring games- more like 'game'... Don't get me wrong, just about every game that I've seen receive critical acclaim in the form of a perfect... More
  • A Not So Memorable Journey: Tales of Xillia Review

    Time for a Crazy Jamison Thought: JRPGs are making a comeback. Now, hear me out. This year, we’ve seen Fire Emblem: Awakening, Ni No Kuni, Shin Megami Tensei IV, SMT: Soul Hackers, Etrain Odyssey IV, Pandora’s Tower , and we’ll be topping... More
  • The end of free PlayStation Multiplayer

    It's over. PlayStation just announced you have to buy their Plus membership to play online multiplayer. I have to say the announce guy was very crafty with his approach. He said it in just the right way and the slide is what gave it away for me personally... More
  • Last Generation JRPG Guide

    Over the last 10 years many people have claimed variants of the following statements to be fact: "JRPGs are dying", "JRPGs are dead", "JRPGs are cliche", and my personal favorite "JRPGs are behind the times". When... More