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  • Top 5 worst ways to play online

    Online is popular to today`s gaming audience it is so popular many people don`t even care about story modes and jump straight into multi player to play those who have online and a copy of the game. There are so many players, good and bad. Today`s top... More
  • Losing Your Pride

    Hello, people of Game Informer. I know I haven't always written about gaming in my blogs, and I'm sure some of you are tired of my non-gaming related blogs, but this was a very significant development in my recent life. I hope someone can learn... More
  • When patches overstay their welcome.

    Before I start allow me to quote someone, "I am so sick of patches, whenever I heard the word 'patch' I want to puke. Companies need to do whatever they can to get the game right the first time". As you can tell this person is not by... More
  • First Impressions: Dishonored.

    Hello Everyone! This blog is meant to convey to you my feelings about the newly released game Dishonored so far, and as the title may suggest this is not a full fledged review it is just a little excerpt from my experience with dishonored so far so here... More
  • 2/31 - Stand Alone Co-op

    Playing Far Cry 3's co-op mode - while incredibly fun - I couldn't help but feel as though there was a missed opportunity. Who wouldn't trade in a separate co-op mode for the chance to play through the campaign with 3 friends? 3 SHINY friends... More
  • This Week in Gaming: 001

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    This is the first part of what I hope will be a long series of blog posts in which I review the past week's major gaming news. I'll summarize what I consider to be the most significant happenings while also voicing my opinions on them. Whether... More
  • 31/31 Day 2: It's A Wonderful World

    Hello everyone, and welcome to day 2 of my 31 for 31! Today’s blog is going to talk about location. Location, location, location. It’s not just a key phrase in real estate, but it’s also a key part of any good story-telling medium. Location is often the... More
  • A Venn Diagram Guide to the Console Wars - 2015 Edition

    For those who haven't made the plunge into the new generation of video game consoles, trying to decide which system is right for you can be a daunting task. Each varies in price and features a variety of exclusive games that you won't be able... More
  • Sprays: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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    THE GOOD: Something innocent, adorable, or clever (or all three) The Bad: \ ^(this is my spray) Since The Bad may get me banned, I'll explain it to you guys. Two words: Almost Porn. Also, racism. Which is almost as bad as... THE UGLY: Since The Ugly... More
  • The Legend Of Zelda: A Netflix Original Series?

    You read that correctly. As many of you have probably heard, Netflix is in early development to bring viewers a live-action television series of the beloved franchise The Legend Of Zelda. Immediate reaction may cause many of us to panic and think that... More
  • Dark Souls 3 DLC: My Thoughts and Dreams

    The time has finally come. After taking a three month break a couple of my best Dark Souls buddies and I have begun yet another trip through Lothric. When the game launched I played way too much, way too fast, and burned myself out way too quickly. Enough... More
  • Mario Kart 8: Same Game, New Feel

    Introduction: My first Mario Kart was Mario Kart 64. I played it while being babsat by a friend of my father. I was around eight or nine years old at the time. Since then, I've played every Mario Kart game and only two have felt different from the... More