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  • We're Never Getting off the bandwagon!

    The PS2 is the highest selling console ever-I think. It is momentously successful, so successful, in fact, that Sony is still trying to make money with the last-gen console. This, I think, is very dangerous. Not only does Sony have a next-gen console... More
  • True Social Game Experiences

    Do you remember back in the day when going to the classic Arcades on the weekends or throughout summer using lawn mowing money to play games. Such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Pacman, the original donkey kong, HydroThunder, etc. it was also a competition... More
  • SFA Day 16: Music Geek Reviews Animal Collective Centipede Hz

    How do you top one of the best albums in the past ten years? Apparently the trick is simple: Don't even try. Like Radiohead completely veering off in another direction after Ok Computer or Neutral Milk Hotel just dropping through the Bermuda triangle... More
  • Honorable Mentions

    There are many other fantastic games that could have gone on a list of my favorite games. Here are five other great games that didn't go on the list. None of these games are part of a series in the top 10 list. 15. The Matrix: Path of Neo Unlike the... More
  • The Name Change

    When I first joined GIO I was named Xerix. Since then my internet Presence has rapidly increased and I needed to unify my internet name and by extent my name. So I used The Seventh Lord for about a week since it is my Transition Name, but now I am righted... More
  • Do you remember when Capcom cared about Resident Evil?

    I recently just finished Resident Evil: Revelations and although I thought the game was much better than Resident Evil 6, I still felt like the game was pretty lackluster and didn't leave me with any urge to replay. Regarding the previous titles however... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #4: Basilisk

    The majority of anime on this list are things I stumbled upon by accident; I watched Gilgamesh because I liked the title, I watched Oh! Edo rocket out of boredom, and at least half of the list came from a Netflix recommendation. And the main reason I... More
  • Flashback review #3 Uncharted Drake's Fortune

    My third flash back review is the 2007 hit, the start of the highly successful series, Uncharted Drake's Fortune. What can I say. This game looks geat. For it being 2007 and all, everything looks great. Enviroments, peoples, and cutscenes are beautiful... More
  • 5 Game Ideas based on Song Titles

    Hey all! Awhile ago I thought "some song titles would be really good games!". I have thought about this and now it is being turned into a blog! Without further ado, let's get to the blog! Karma Police Song by: Radiohead Game Concept: You... More
  • The Unofficial Ultimate Hunger Games: A Small Update

    Hello once again people of Game Informer. This is sorryjzargo with a small update to the Unofficial Ultimate Hunger Games. In my original blog I listed the 24 tributes, and have been providing more information here , here , here , and here . However,... More
  • How Microsoft Could Have Won Me Over (And Probably Everyone Else Too)

    With all the bad press that Microsoft has been enjoying due to the spectacularly awful Xbox One reveal, one might wonder if the ugly little black box was doomed before it had ever began. I can honestly say no, it wasn't. I was more than ready to embrace... More
  • Making the Leap

    Just the other day I was at the house of a fellow gaming enthusiast and we were looking through his games to decide which one we were going to play. I was about to suggest playing Resistance 3 when out of the corner of my eye when I saw the word “assassin”... More