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  • Nintendo at E3 2014 predictions

    Nintendo got the ball rolling for E3 hype over a month before E3, so naturally people have begun anticipating what they’ll announce. I figured writing mine down would be a good way to get back into a writing groove. This is probably going to suck... More
  • My 100% List - Part 2 (Attempt # I can't count that high!)

    Hmm... I've tried checking the support page, I've tried clearing my browser's cache, I've-- Oh, hi! I've been trying to post this for a while, but GI's site wouldn't let me. Looks like it finally worked (unless it didn't... More
  • My Experience With Risen (Xbox port)

    Well I cant be bothered doing a review for Risen so I thought id just share my experiences of playing it. I havnt read anything about Risen, only seen a few videos and heard some things so this is all from the perspective of some one who knows very little... More
  • Blogging stuff - and other junk

    There's been a lot of tension in the GI blogging community over the last few days. While I don't have a lot to say about it, I do have something, so I thought I'd do a "items too small for their own blog posts" post, for your reading... More
  • There should be a second MAG.

    I started thinking about this after reading that article on how a MAG 2 is shown coming out next year in Walmart (doubt it), and i think another MAG would be a smart move. The original had a great concept, massive battles using teamwork, organization... More
  • Still Has a Place in our Hearts: Part II

    Well I just finished Kingdom Hearts II and I must say: if Kingdom Hearts has aged well, then Kingdom Hearts II is Hiro Nakamura (Heroes?...Controls space and TIME?'s a pun on time—never mind). Though like its predecessor, KH2 isn't... More
  • R.U.S.E. Delayed Again...When Was it Supposed to Be Released?

    The answer to that question would be 2/2/10-almost four months before its new set release date-6/1/10. Why such a long delay, though? During January 2010 their trailers seemed to be beckoning to everyone that R.U.S.E was not very far away. Now, with an... More
  • The tale of nothingness chapter 6: this is bad.

    The walrus king was messing with the walrus ball. Suddenly, Bruce Willis jumped through a window! "Yippie kie yay m-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !. He exploded. The walrus king looked back, and saw that the walrus ball had blown up! Oh noes! That means, the walruses... More
  • CinEffect Podcast Episode #11

    Episode #11: Melancholia , VGAs, The Descendants , Hugo , Skyrim, The Muppets , Breaking Dawn . Click link to listen. Welcome to the CinEffect Podcast. In this podcast of constant douchebaggery, me (Chris), Alex, and Brady talk about film, games, and... More
  • Nintendo and Used Games: They Have the Right Idea

    Since the reveal of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the gaming industry has really been focused on the controversy of used games. The rumors and conflicting statements from both Sony and Microsoft concerning their policies toward used games have led to many... More
  • 31/31 Day 1: 2 Spooky 4 U (What is wrong with the horror genre)

    4 1
    Yes I have accepted the challenge! Now I know I am known for leaving series abandoned, but I will do it this time! I swear! I think... Either way, I am going to try to write 31 blogs in the 31 days of October. And I am going to be dedicating most of them... More
  • Kids Say the Darndest Things - Part 2

    11 1
    This blog is a long time coming. Part 1 was done so long ago that I had forgotten about it. It wasn't until I spoke with Joyful Penguin that I remembered to gather material for this installment. I am a gamer. More importantly, I am a parent. I have... More