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  • Follow Up - Tomb Raider through the Lens of Past Survival

    After beating the new Tomb Raider , the first question I received was literally, "Was it all rapey?" With the game released and in hand, I can firmly say no . Questions like this make it obvious that the controversy is still steeping and addressing... More
  • Jolt's 10 Questions Week #2

    I missed out on last week's because I was on vacation, but this a cool idea, so I'm tagging along this week. Here goes: 1. What's Your Favorite Weapon in a Video Game? I'm gonna say the Portal Gun. Who thought your could save your life... More
  • Why I like co-op more than competitive

    Hello readers. Tonight I'm here to say why I love co-op. First off, it's he power of working together with friends and actually use strategy, not brain-dead AI (I'm looking t you Halo 3 marines). Maybe one will be the sniper, while the others... More
  • My Top Five Games - Sept. 8th

    Li sts! More Lists! Oh lord.. more lists.. Welcome, this is my first official Top Five list. Lists are one of my favorite things to make, read or think about because of the simplicity. Each week (or so) I will be making a new Top Five list. It could be... More
  • A short ramble on Valiant Hearts.

    A few days ago I picked up Valiant Hearts -The Great War- Yesterday morning I beat it. Ever since finishing the game I have been scouring the internet for other peoples thoughts on the game, looking up reviews and videos on it. I'm not going to try... More
  • Keeping On Writing (We'll See Who Keeps On Reading)

    You are most likely unaware but in January 2013 I committed myself to a weekly blog with a goal of roughly 52 blogs within 52 weeks. The emphasis wasn't on adhering to an immutable time limit but on consistently writing (which is my number one piece... More
  • Buying An Unfinished Game: What Are You Really Paying For?

    In the PC gaming market of today, developers and publishers are under more and more pressure to not only deliver great games, but deliver them as quickly as they can. But when speed of development comes at the price of quality and polish, is it fair to... More
  • Risk: More Than Just a Board Game

    The other day i was in Gamestop and asked the guy at the counter for a game that was different. We talked back and forth and eventually he took me over to a rack and removed a game. Shadow of the Colossus. This game has actually been recommended to me... More

    Ok, I know I had another blog about Project Tower (Yeah, I canned it I wanna focus more on my comic book side instead and I have created this beauty! This is everything I have so far on my comic book hope you guys/gals like it! (Note: It's a lot to... More
  • The Cloud

    Ah. The Cloud. No, not those floating things in the sky. I mean like the gaming clouds. You know, the ones that store your information and you can view it on other devices (if you download the app)? Yea. That one. Anyway, most people don't like the... More
  • King Of Fighters (This Game Deserves A Movie!)

    When it comes to fighting games, movie goers have been bombarded with all sorts of ideas. Some of them decent. Many of them quite bad. We've seen Street Fighter ruined (twice), Mortal Kombat cheapened a bit, and even Tekken suffered a poor translation... More
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift (Chapter 1 And Chapter 2)…

    3 1
    Welcome friends and fellow gamers to another round of my complete play through of all the Half-Life games. If you read my post from last week, you know I finished Opposing Force, which means this week kicks off my play through of Blue Shift. I have to... More