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  • The Hypocrisy of Visceral Games: My Gripes with the Dead Space Developer

    Being the huge Dead Space fan I am, I was severely disappointed when it was announced that Severed, the DLC for it, was not coming to PC. The original quote is as follows: "“Dead Space 2: Severed will not be available on the PC." -a statement... More
  • 5 Ways to Improve International Relations

    5 Ways to improve International Relations 5. Discuss the future of your Nations over something to eat. Yum, you say? Indeed. Normally you get our leaders going into a meeting room with only a cup of tea and biscuits sent in from the secretary. That isn't... More
  • Good For An RPG

    Those were the words I used when Dean (AKA: born4this) asked on Twitter how Skyrim's fighting mechanics were. I'm not opening this up to a discussion on how awesome or terrible Skyrim is (Winner Dark Souls) But instead I'd like to bring up... More
  • I like you people.

    So this blog is just, saying "Hey, you're a good person. I like you". To a specific list of people. Here's that list: Hist Saint The86thNemesis For your hospitality. "What hospitality?" I know how you're wondering. It's... More
  • Major Blockage, A grouchy old dude report.

    Hey guys just letting everyone know i'm still alive. I have some major writers block, but if I could get some of the developers to answer my emails, I would have some awesome stuff. I suppose there to busy for a interview with a grouchy old dude,... More

    Hey Fallout lovers check it out!!! An beta hmm, sounds like something Bethesda and Zenimax Studios should of done. I can't wait!!! More
  • 10 Questions ~~~~~~ Week 6!!

    This is getting exciting! The tildes are REALLY starting to build up in my titles. Anyway, like last week(I think), nothing much to state, except I'm thinking about buying Dragon's Dogma. Sooo...we start. 1. What's your favorite controller... More
  • My Game Idea #2: Among the Living

    The picture, again, is courtesy of Vurtax. Among the Living Rated T: Violence, Blood, Language, Lyrics Despite the name, this is not another zombie game. Despite the picture of Earth, it doesn't take place in Australia. It's an MMO, and it's... More
  • 11/31 - Bang Bang, Pew Pew: The Question of the Shooter Epidemic

    Gonna be a short one today, I had a crazy day. One of the most common complaints about the video game industry these days is the proliferation of shooter games. Ever since the original Modern Warfare popularized the military shooter, a flood of shooter... More
  • My Beef With Microsoft

    Where do I start? Recently there have been many articles about motion controllers (ie the move and natal) and 3d tv. I can understand why to follow the "trend" for money duh! Sony can pull off the 3d TV and The Move because their system has... More
  • MY Top 5 of 2009

    Any list of top 5's you can think of, post on here. Everybody loves lists! Games: (360 only) 1. Batman:Arkham Asylum 2. Modern Warfare 2 3. Borderlands 4. Assassin's Creed 2 5. Red Faction:Guerilla Honorable Mention-Left 4 Dead 2 Movies: (from... More
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes coming to Games For Windows Live and PS3 Link Inside

    8 I feel it was a matter of time before this happened. I happen to own GTA IV for the PC and I am really excited about this actually. I know... More