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  • Future Super Replays That I Would Like To See

    I've been a member of Game Informer for a little over three years now. That may not seem like much to some of the users who've been with the site since before the redesign, but I kid you not, it's the longest I've ever stuck to a site... More
  • They aren't just games...

    Currently I teach 6 grades. Not six graders, but six individual grades. My students go from 7th graders to Seniors in high school and I learned something today that will probably stay with me forever. What a 7th grader sees in a game is very different... More
  • Moments: Sandbox- Deactivating the Autoturrets

    Also Known as "The Butt-Whooping of the Guardians" Let me just start things right off by saying that, while Sandbox is most definitely one of my most hated Halo multiplayer maps of all time, it is quite ironic that the map holding that particular... More
  • Losing Your Pride

    Hello, people of Game Informer. I know I haven't always written about gaming in my blogs, and I'm sure some of you are tired of my non-gaming related blogs, but this was a very significant development in my recent life. I hope someone can learn... More
  • Psychological oriented games: why are they likely to have a complicated, inexplicable end ?


    Games like Alan Wake or Fahrenheit are for the most of us pretty confusing, the developers try to irritate the player on purpose to make them think. But what excactly is the lesson those developers try to learn us ? To reveal their intentions read further.

    ... More
  • PR and Stranger's Clone Wars: Uncharted edition!

    2 1
    On this edition of Clone Wars we talk about worlds that end with you, Uncharted, and Chloe's derrière. Song of the week: Nate's theme -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... More
  • I Like It Hard!

    Most of the games games we have now come with different difficulty settings to appeal to different types of players. From easy to hard we have the choice to pick the difficulty according to our skills and how frustrated you want to get. Back then during... More
  • The Epic Moments Of Kevin Butler

    Hi,you already know the epic and funny Kevin Butler from the PS3 commercials,well,in this blog you will watch his best commercials(in my opinion) 1.Move commercial 2.Message to Canada 3.MLB 10 The Show 4.Gran Turismo 5 __________ Hope you liked them:... More
  • First blog as level 5

    D ear GIO Community As you can see,I am now level 5,and I'm looking forward to start writing blogs and become an active user! This is a short Introduction blog on how my blogs will work. I will post a blog every Saturday,my blogs will be called ''Weekend... More
  • Previously on Assassin's Creed

    Now, I know GameInformer posted an official article covering the basics of the Assassin's Creed franchise. But if you're anything like me, you want more detail. Here I have written up my more detailed summary of the entire franchise. Two caveats... More
  • Warning! Reading this may cause your eyes to explode

    Exploding peripherals would certainly make your day kind of sucky, wouldn't they? I was looking for some blogging inspiration, and happened upon the news item about Sony's press release regarding counterfeit PS3 controllers possibly exploding... More
  • Alan Wake Free DLC

    While waiting for today to come I had redeemed my code early, this meant I'd get an email with the code when the DLC came out. Now of course I was up and on my xbox by 10:30, I decided not to wait and just to get the DLC then since I hadn't gotten... More