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  • 31/31 - Chuunibyou

    ***NO SPOILERS*** And now for my second part in my two part "girls with eyepatches" review series! Chuunibyou (or Chuu2 for short) is an anime about a boy named Yuuta Togashi who is trying to lock up his dark and hidden past. This past is something... More
  • 5 Games That Impressed at E3 2014

    Now that E3 has drawn to a close it's time to look back at the games that impressed over the past week. Having not been present in L.A. myself, this list is merely an interpretation, my opinion of what games impressed me the most from demos posted... More
  • FF7 Update #05

    Finally finished grinding in Junon. It was well worth it because of the materia I was able to master as well the levels I was able to get. I am sitting in the Gold Saucer right now about to take on the Battle Square to obtain the last two Champion Belts... More
  • 31/31 day 6 the villain is the most important character.

    Yeah, I just said that! Come at me bro! But in all seriousness, a good, strong villain is one of if not the most important character of any video game. Without somebody like Handsome Jack, or the Joker, who not only is the main antagonist but helps to... More
  • 10/28 - To Do Before Death

    We all know that death is always present. We also know that it can happen at all times. Dying with regrets would be bad so I am here to make sure your death and life was not empty. So feel free to do any of these. Who seriously doesn't want one of... More
  • A Take on Mobile Gaming

    It is amazing how fast mobile technologies have advanced, the laptop I bought a few years ago is now a piece of junk compared to new smartphones and tablets (on the power side at least),it is not well suited for gaming, and it hardly serves me to write... More
  • Top Ten Tuesday 44 - My Top Ten Video Game Endings

    Top Ten Tuesday 44 My Top Ten Video Game Endings Disclaimer: There are many top ten lists but this one is mine, if you think a game is missing here, I either didn't play it, didn't have any interest in it, or I just hate you. Pre-List Notes It's... More
  • 64 Super Marios Project Update!

    While working on the 64 Super Marios Project I've also decided to revisit this unfinished work: This may lead to larger pieces being included in the 64 Super Marios Project! Please comment! Always in need of feedback! More
  • Red Dead Redemption DLC Tuesday Aug. 10th.

    If only I could play the game online without getting kicked back to free roam (even when I'm IN free roam) every 10 seconds. Hope they finally fix this. More
  • Moral Conumumdrums 9

    This is a grey-grey choice. In games where you can choose between third- and first-person, which do you normally play in? Wow, that's short. If I keep it that short, then everyone'll rag on me for creating such a teeny-weeny blog. How should I... More
  • Call of Duty: Caught in a Crossfire

    The fiery rivalry between EA's ripening Battlefield franchise and Activision's prestigious Call of Duty is no secret. However, it appears Electronic Arts is about to throw a little gas on the flames. In an interview with DICE, producer Patrick... More
  • Looking For A New Anime Series

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    I'm looking for a new anime series to sink my teeth into, I'd even settle for an awesome anime feature length film. I love things with awesome characters, great stories. The animes that are just a psychological mind f*** are always amazing. Any... More