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  • What I Have Been Doing?

    Wow it has been a long time since I posted a blog on just me gaming. I have been so busy with running and just working that I hardly "game." So far my current obsession with Super Street Fighter 4 isn't fulfilled yet due... More
  • Keeping Up My New Years Resolution

    On New Years I made a resolution to finish more games. I have many games that are halfway done and many games soon to come out that can end up being the same way. I am sticking to my resolution and finished my first game of the year. I finally finished... More
  • The Mystical Seed of Courage: Easily the Best Zelda Game Evah.

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    Score: 10 Personal Score: (This One Goes To) 11 The Mystical Seed of Courage was everything everyone ever wanted in a Zelda game, and then some. Released in 2001 alongside the Oracle games for the GBC, TMSOC released on the GBC, N64, PS1 and PC to universal... More
  • Weekend At MAGfest

    Forewarning: This is extremely long! Thank you in advance for those of you brave enough to read this anyway. As the weekend draws near I find myself reflecting on the events of the previous one. Last weekend for the first time ever I attended MAGfest... More
  • All Smashed Up: The Return

    Time marches on, but some games never do, particularly those of the Smash Bros kind. Ike. Pac-Man. Little Mac. Greninja. Lucina. Mii Fighters. There are only the tip of the Smash Bros. iceberg that Sakurai's cracked (and maybe short of the one in... More
  • 365/365 Day 195: Why I Stopped Playing Mario Kart 8

    I say the following words with a heavy heart: Mario Kart 8 has disappointed me. As someone who doesn't play multiplayer that much, I was really looking forward to picking up the newest entry in the series. It and Super Smash Bros. are really the only... More
  • 31/31- Day 16: Whatcha Playin' Mills?

    During my 31/31, I have each day planned out. That means I know what article I plan on publishing each day. I usually try to get every blog done the day before and today I noticed a break in the schedule. I decided to take this opportunity to come up... More
  • 10 Questions.....Week 4

    Is it that time of the week already? Week 4 is upon us and I'm just itching to answer the new set of questions from our good friend we go. 1) What was the last video game dud you purchased? Dud? You mean clothing or a bad game? If you're... More
  • 10 Questions: Week 5

    So, here is my 10 Questions for Week 5. 1. What was the last movie you turned off or walked out of because it was just a bad movie? I rented Battlefield: Los Angeles awhile back. It was so bad that after an hour I was sick of it, and I just fast forwarded... More
  • There is a Sidequest in Final Fantasy IX That You Probably Don't Know About

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    I am a massive fan of Final Fantasy IX and my jaw dropped to the floor today while I was routinely checking Twitter. It turns out that a specific sidequest in Final Fantasy IX was only recently discovered by a Game FAQs forum user by the name of The_Kusabi... More
  • The Review Of 2011

    T his year was a great year for games,in my opinion,this is the best year the gaming industry had so far. With great exclusive and multiplatform games making gamers all around the world happy. This year is also rich with innovations,the main innovation... More
  • Game(s) of the Year

    'Tis the season to be jolly! Where was I when consumers flocked to the stores for Black Friday deals? On my couch playing the virtual hell out of Skyrim. Thanksgiving was quiet for me as I didn't invite anyone over to share the day with, nor did... More