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  • Dare You To Play

    Have you ever played a game in which it seems like the designer is almost daring you to play the game? It's almost as if he wants to prove how much smarter he is than you or, maybe, he's just trying to make you angry. Z-Rox , today's Kongregate's... More
  • Bring These Games Back!

    Thanks to Xbox Live (dont play WiiWare or PSN) I have been able to play just about every game that I remember playing as a kid. Theres just about everything there someone could want to remind them of a simpler day in gaming where story didnt always matter... More
  • Grins unfinished 'masterpiece'

    GRIN was working on before the studio closed was a Final Fantasy game. It appears a tech demo video has surfaced this past weekend, showing off the game, which may still be in development. Since this video was originally hosted on YouTube by a user who... More
  • Why can't Timesplitters come out again!

    Timesplitters was a game series that many people have never heard of. This is really unfortunate, because Timesplitters was one of the best game series ever created. It had Bots, local multiplayer, lots of cool guns, AND mapmaker. Plus, it had funny characters... More
  • The feeling after playing a masterpiece

    I just finished playing Mass Effect 2 (I know im late) and i automaticaly started having a feeling of sadness. I played Mass Effect 1 first and then immediatly went on to the second, and the story could be the most immersive and enthralling in all of... More
  • Top 5 Levels

    Almost every game has single player. Each of them has at least one stand-out experience. 5) Exodus- Halo: Reach Usually, the levels can get bland in Halo, with one enviroment and objective throughout the mission. Not the case with Exodus. You start out... More
  • Suckered by Celebrity

    Ok, "suckered" might be too loaded of a word, because in reality, I actually quite enjoyed the experience. I recently became a fully Next-Gen gamer, having purchased an XBox One from Costco. They had a sale on the Call of Duty edition of the... More
  • Remote Gaming: Potential Fun or Potential Headache?

    Alright, for the first time since the dramatic whirlwind that was the PS4 reveal, I feel like I might finally have a little perspective on the subject. Actually, I’m still pretty darned impressed with it, and the last few weeks have involved a lot... More
  • Put Yourself in Their Shoes

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    I'm not about to regurgitate everything that's been said lately regarding sexism in the video game industry. There's plenty of discussions already going on around this site. I find that commendable. I am genuinely happy to see that there are... More
  • An Unforgettable Moment: Tragedy In the Sewers

    Dishonored is an amazing game. It's filled to the brim with awesome moments of both the cinematic and pure gameplay nature. However, one moment that really stuck with me was in the beginning sewer level. I had just escaped the prison and made my escape... More
  • Top Ten Tuesday 24 - Our Top Ten Games We Play Together

    Top Ten Tuesday 24 Our Top Ten Games We Play Together Disclaimer: There are many top ten lists, but this one is ours. If you think a game is missing here, we either didn't play it, didn't have any interest in it, or we just hate you. Pre-List... More

    If you read my last blog then you know i was hit hard when my ps3 died on me a little over a week ago. That makes a wopping 3 Xboxs and 1 ps3 dead over the span of this current gen. Say what you will to defend Microsoft and Sony just dont expect me to... More