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  • A King's Real Weapon- A Short Story

    "Ah, but son, that is where you are wrong. A king's power comes not from any physical weapon,' said my father, sporting a grin, "but from what kind of ruler he is. His weapons are respect and care for his people. His weapons are loyalty... More
  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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    I went to Wal-Mart recently and when I go there, I go back into the videogame section of the place to see the selection of crappy games they have for the Wii since it directly affects my gameplay time. So I was browsing through them and I came across... More
  • Hipster Gaming 04 - Secret Files: Tunguska

    Tunguska is a point and click adventure type game with plenty of puzzle and MacGyver-like inventions. Basically you play as Nina, a girl whose father has gone missing from his museum workplace. His office and apartment have been ransacked and his work... More
  • Music in Video Games

    Music & Gaming are my two favorite things when it comes to consumer media. Together, they can truly create memorable experiences. Some will haunt while others can bring one to tears. Whether it is the scary sounds of Dead Space & Alan Wake or... More
  • Attack Of The $10 Backlog Quickie: Steel Diver & Pilotwings Resort

    I recently spotted Nintendo 3DS launch titles Steel Diver & Pilotwings Resort on sale for the discount price of $5 each. Which is an interesting coincidence, because it just so happens $5 is the exact price at which I will buy any first-party 3DS... More
  • Making Sense of Halo 4

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    *WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD* You have been warned. If you haven't beaten the game please don't read this. Ok that aside I've been curious as to how every one interpted the information given to us by the Librarian. It seems to me that the Didact... More
  • 12/28 - Another Round of Manga

    So I figured I'd try to interest you guys in a few more manga. The difference this time is that not all of them are, let's say, child friendly. Some are violent and some a gory. Don't think that's the reason for me mentioning them. Despite... More
  • There is a Sidequest in Final Fantasy IX That You Probably Don't Know About

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    I am a massive fan of Final Fantasy IX and my jaw dropped to the floor today while I was routinely checking Twitter. It turns out that a specific sidequest in Final Fantasy IX was only recently discovered by a Game FAQs forum user by the name of The_Kusabi... More
  • My Top Ten Favorite Games of All Time

    Yes, I know. There are few blog posts more cliche than one stating a top ten list of games. And for the longest time, I didn't want to have a top ten list. Choosing between so many different excellent games and experiences is so painfully difficult... More
  • ModWorld; Call of Duty Ep. 2

    NOTE: None of these mods enhace players over each other in any unfair way. All of these mods are showcasess of creativity, hard work, and look like lots of fun. No aimbots, no hacks, no glitches, no elevators. Just Fun Hey guys! I'm back with more... More
  • God of War Review (A Link)

    Hey everybody, feel free to follow this link to my God of War Review . More
  • Enigma's Recent Movie Round-Up 12/7/012

    Today on Recent Movie Round-Up: Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen 2gether 4eva, dead people being impersonated, missing children being impersonated, and another Truffaut masterwork. Take This Waltz (Sarah Polley, 2012) Sarah Polley's follow-up to Away... More