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  • My problems with Certain Games

    I've finished quite a lot of games, not just story wise, but 100%. From the Atari era to the current generation, there has been quite a few things I've had problems with. Certain games really didn't fulfill my expectations. Yes, I do believe... More
  • Creative Bankruptcy in Hollywood?

    I recently went to see The Hobbit at the theater. As per normal operating procedure, I was subjected to nearly 30 minutes of film previews, some of which were entertaining, some of which were mind-numbingly derivative. The point to which some of these... More
  • Mini Musings II: Electric Blogaloo

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    So, once again I find myself having trouble with multiple ideas for blogs. Instead of just staring at my computer monitor waiting for it to type itself, I figured I might as well get the lesser ideas out of my mind. Didn't really want to do another... More
  • My Complaint/Praise For Metal Gear Solid 4

    Earlier this week I completed Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots twice in one 24 hour period. I've played the game beforehand, in fact those two completions mark my 5th or 6th play through total. So, needless to say I'm very familiar with... More
  • 31/31 Day 5: Friendship as a Gameplay Mechanic

    I'm always a fan of games that have a system where your can develop relationships with other characters. Having something about the game change because of how you treat a certain character be it plot or gameplay greatly interests me. It's why... More
  • So my brother got a Wii.....

    My 12 year old little brother recently got a Wii for his birthday so I decided to post a blog about it _____________________________________________________________________ I have always been a sony fan and have owned every one of their systems. You can... More
  • The Quest: Part 10

    “Now entering floor 3, miniboss and… no pretty much just miniboss.” Alicia says, “Raz what are you doing.” “I was narrating.” “Shouldn’t you be thinking about how you’re going to beat the next... More
  • The Greatest Games of All Time #5

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    The gaming industry's main talking points seem to be built upon a foundation of myth and other lies. Let's take a quick look at a few of them: - Metal Gear Solid is good - Halo is good - Online gaming is good (really guys) - Zelda is good The... More
  • Super Story:Chapter 3

    Im sorry for the delay but my computer had problems so I have to post this now. We need people for Chapter 4. This Chapter was written by Kyl3 and TOGNick Chapter 1: More
  • Zeng This!!! 01/20/2011

    Hey I’m back with vengeance in my heart this week! No not really. The last few weeks have been a little SLOW for me. Now things are picking back up. Well like I said I’m back So here we go! Games- This week we have Little Big Planet 2 which... More
  • Where is it, I don't see it?

    I had this on my mind for some time because no one has made it yet, and that is a WW1 game this sort of game has never been made from what I know. ( there is that toy solider game coming out for 360 but I mean one without "toy soldiers", but... More
  • Dying Light Review: They mostly come out at night, mostly

    From the very first few minutes of playing Dying Light you can clearly feel and see that Techland took what they had learned from Dead Island and refined it into a very fun spiritual successor. Dying Light is the true Dead Island 2 but also makes more... More