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  • The Silver Lining

    I'd just like to warn you. This blog is quite long. It came out longer than I was expecting. However, I hope that it comes to serves it's purpose of helping anyone who reads it to learn about the valuable things in their own lives. I hope that... More
  • You Might Be A Geek...

    When I'm at home I often post this daily "you might be a geek if..." on my Twitter and Facebook. I make up or borrow various reasons why you might be considered a geek. Well, if I were home, today's would definitely be You might be a... More
  • Sucker Punch Now

    If you have a PS3then you shoud have played Infamous 1 and 2. They are shining examples of an open world game, and offer a fresh type of gameplay that i havent founf anywhere since. They are my personal fav sony ip, and I hope they continue on after the... More
  • April Fool in a Resident Evil way!!

    So, Happy April Fools day everybody, yup, we are in April, and i bet you all want to prank some friends huh!? Nice. I have a video uploaded by a guy named Young from TGN that can show you how exactly prank your friends, Resident Evil style, but he also... More
  • Wait, games are supposed to be hard?

    I spent my weekend playing video games in between practices. It was a great way to keep myself from spending to much time at the in-laws house (they are great people I just am not a big group person and they insist it isn't a holiday unless the house... More
  • Really? I Should Stop Playing Games as a Hobby? [A Response]

    Okay, in one of my most recent posts, someone flat out stated that he thought "I honestly think you [me] might want to find a different hobby than gaming". And you know, I'm one for taking criticism with a grain of salt. So as a result,... More
  • Late to the Party? That's Okay

    When it comes to games (though definitely not just with games), I have usually been “late to the party”. I don't play most titles when they release and instead make my purchases later in their life cycle when I don't have to pay as... More
  • My Favorite Video Game Music

    There is a lot of great music in video games. There always has been. This running list will chronicle my favorite tracks from video games. These are in no particular order. Welcome to Bright Falls from Alan Wake watch?v=eh7bneLa2ek Pale Watchers from... More
  • Fans and Video Game Trailer Music: We Know Better?

    When it comes to building hype and getting the adrenaline flowing, there’s little else in the gaming world that cranks up the intensity like good scoring. Lately, though, it seems that fans have been more aggressive in their dissatisfaction with... More
  • The need of another Lego Loco

    Please rate and comment. Hello, and welcome to another of my blogs. With the upcoming Lego batman 3 coming into store soon, I tough of what I would love to see next from the Lego video games department. A new Lego Loco style game. Lego Loco is a game... More
  • MW3 v. Battlefield 3 (personal view)

    What I saw: Although, the Call of Duty franchise has set the bar pretty high, for most shooters Post-Halo, I feel as if the campaign modes are losing more and more meaning or excitement with each new game launched. I played through the campaign, and to... More
  • How I play games.

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    In games that give you the ability to make choices (Mass Effect series, Bioshock series, Infamous, Fallout 3, Heavy Rain, etc), I always treat situations how i would in real life. Thats why im always good. Im not a person who does multiple playthroughs... More