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  • Mario Kart 8: Same Game, New Feel

    Introduction: My first Mario Kart was Mario Kart 64. I played it while being babsat by a friend of my father. I was around eight or nine years old at the time. Since then, I've played every Mario Kart game and only two have felt different from the... More
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail Review: A Tale Worthy of Being Told

    Is a man defined by his birth, or is a man defined by overcoming his birth? Dust is a 2D side-scrolling video game mash-up. Combining solid hack-and-slash gameplay with lite RPG elements and the platforming/backtracking commonly associated with games... More
  • Reinforcing Stereotypes

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    As most, if not all, of you know Irrational Games recently released Bioshock Infinite, the latest entry in the Bioshock series, to critical acclaim. Game Informer gave it a 10, an honor only awarded to a few titles and its metacritic score is sitting... More
  • The Amory Wars: Fall of the Keywork

    Claudio Sanchez of the rock band Coheed and Cambria as well as of Evil Ink Comic has partnered with man vs games to bring the characters from The Amory Wars, the story behind all the Coheed and Cambria albums, to life in a street fighter type fighter... More
  • One Taste of Gold Was All It Took

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    As the name kind of implies, I bought Xbox Live Gold for the first time last Friday. I proceeded to spend as much time as I could playing online multiplayer. I live in a rural area and use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection so my connection can be finicky... More
  • SFA Day 16: Music Geek Reviews Animal Collective Centipede Hz

    How do you top one of the best albums in the past ten years? Apparently the trick is simple: Don't even try. Like Radiohead completely veering off in another direction after Ok Computer or Neutral Milk Hotel just dropping through the Bermuda triangle... More
  • Mike's 10 Questions Week #6 - The Jolt Weekly Series.

    1. What's your favorite controller? My fav controller would have to be the N64 controller. So many good memories there, 2. What's your favorite non-gaming hobby? Drawing, writing, playing guitar, TV, music, messing with videogame engines... I... More
  • 31/31- Day 17: Song Of The Week #12

    Few games are known for comedy. There may be times of levity, but nothing overwhelming. Valve took a risk when they attempted to make a game with the intentions of comedy being at the forefront. Portal turned out to be huge success though and is considered... More
  • 31/31 Day 22: Characters with undeserved hate.

    I've noticed that some of my favorite Video Game characters tend to get hated on by a lot of people, so it's list time. I really should stop relying on lists so much for this challenge, but I keep on finding myself with less time to write so it... More
  • 31/31 2 Day 8 and 9 Top 25 Most Anticipated Games of 2013 (25-20)

    Remember when I said that I would complete my entire backlog this year before buying other games? I have discovered that most of these games are in my backlog for a reason. I completed maybe five or six of the games already, but I found immediate problems... More
  • Where Can Mass Effect Go From Here?

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    In case you missed it, Bioware announced early last week that Commander Shepard, the beloved hero and central protagonist of the Mass Effect trilogy, would not be appearing in subsequent Mass Effect games. While it is no doubt a painful loss for fans... More
  • In Defense of Mass Effect 3

    WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS It has been something I wanted to get my chest off to to a large amount of Mass Effect fans. Specifically, these "fans," (or maybe not fans anymore?), that disliked the ending of Mass Effect 3. It is known the the... More