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  • Help Shape My Next Let's Play Project

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    Hello everyone. As the title suggests, I'm getting an itch to do another Let's Play project. But this time, there's a twist. You're going to help me shape the adventure! So, here's the deal. My next Let's Play project is going... More
  • What do I do?: Dark Void

    Hey. StarKiller 809 here. I first heard about Dark Void in Issue 202 of Game Informer. It looked like it could be fun. It showed a dude in armor shooting at space ship thing. I didn't know if I wanted it until I saw what the add said. "Fly Anywhere... More
  • The Recent Charity Debacle.

    So Im not sure how many of you have heard about this, but I felt like sharing my two cents . I had created a facebook event for my city for this Cover The Night thing to bring awareness and it ended up getting 600 people attending(and the number is still... More
  • X-Men: Destiny (ARGH, Again? Blah)

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    This time I'm serious; don't make me start swearing or getting mad at people. If we create a group of people on this website clamoring about how awful and expensive this game is, the price will go down. They might be businesses, but we set how... More
  • 52/52 Week 31- Top Ten Super Mario Galaxy Galaxies

    It's time for the triumphant return of the 52/52! I have been gone for the past week, and without a doubt, it was one of the most exhausting weeks of my life. That's why this blog is up late, and I do apologize, but I was just too tired to finish... More
  • I Have Finally Beaten Super Mario Bros.

    After 6 years of wanting to finish it, today I can say the game is no longer part of my backlog. Most of the games I play are old and this one is now the oldest I have played, my second Mario game and a fun ride I had missed for so long. Owning a NES... More
  • I Ain't Got Time to Game

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    So, I was thinking the other day about how many open gaming projects I have. I am currently working through Fallout 3 for the first time on my Xbox. I need to finish Dragon Age: Awakenings. I have yet to finish a play all the way through GTA IV. It is... More
  • Dysfunction And Turnover- Why The Game Industry Can Improve

    The game industry is a unique one. The rapidly changing technology, the need to anticipate changes in the market and the tastes of consumers. Projects carry deadlines that are either rigid and inflexible or loose and frequently missed or ignored. And... More
  • Test Patterns Episode #41 - Archer, King of the Nerds, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Foxygen's We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

    Test Patterns is an entertainment podcast hosted by longtime friends Daniel Kielman and Kyle Lemmon. They discuss music, TV, video games, comic books, and anything else that is interesting in the world of pop culture. Listen to our old episodes over at... More
  • 10 Questions ~~~ Week 3

    I could swear we're on week 4, but hey, that's irrelevant. As I'm pretty sure I mentioned in my last 10 questions, I like to fit in a good paragraph or so before the actual questions. For Extra Life 2012, I was thinking about breaking out... More
  • Mike's 10 Questions Week #4 - The Jolt Weekly Series.

    1. What was the last video game dud you purchased? Last dud? Hmmm... I bought a Bob-Omb, does that count? lol. As for my last videogame purchased, it was Minecraft for Xbox. Although, I did download Microsoft Flight, but it is free lol. 2. Do you reserve... More
  • Video Game Franchises

    My question is what video game franchise do you think has retained quality for most if not all of its lifespan. Mine are Halo, the Elder Scrolls, Forza, Uncharted, God of War, and the Arkham Games More