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  • Broken Age PS4 Review: An Incomplete Picture.

    How often do you find yourself doing something, simply because it’s what is expected of you? Your parents, your friends, or society expect you to act or participate in something that doesn’t ring true with who you are, yet you do it simply... More
  • Screw art, I just want to play.

    *Cracks fingers* Ok, my first (real) blog post, and I'm ready to rant. Here I go. Roger Ebert and Rex Reed, what do they have in common? A lot of things apparently, most notably, they're grouchy, hate video games, and are professional movie critics... More
  • Better Multiplayer Shooter?

    I'm here to present a system that FPS's haven't adopted yet for Multiplayer. It uses Perks, Vehicles, Skills, Ranking and details on other things. I think it would work well, and would be fun. Let's just talk about what the average TDM... More
  • Natal, a little overpriced for my wallet?

    Would you be willing to pay $150 for a video camera peripheral that will only work with a $200 gaming console? Microsoft hopes so--at least according to Edge Online's "trusted source," who says that $150 is in fact the price tag for a Project... More
  • Sony goes berserk with future gaming controller

    If you find many of Wii remote's attachments (such as fishing rods and tennis rackets) unconventional, wait till you check out what Sony Computer Entertainment has detailed in its latest patent. The application documents an "expandable control... More
  • Sony's New Plan...A no go!!

    Demos…not the best things in the world to me. I prefer waiting for the game and playing it for the first time then. I do not like demos that much as others because it is kind of like a little spoiler to me showing me game mechanics and the things... More
  • Comics group recruitment/indoctrination/subliminal messages

    hello, this blog post (my first in quite awhile) is due to peer pressure by my fellow GIO comic nerds, basically I'm supposed to tell you how awesome the comics group is and tell you to join us in our myriad conversations about things that don't... More
  • Top 5 worst ways to play online

    Online is popular to today`s gaming audience it is so popular many people don`t even care about story modes and jump straight into multi player to play those who have online and a copy of the game. There are so many players, good and bad. Today`s top... More
  • Video Games As A Chance To Escape

    No, this is not a depression related post nor it is that I'm going through some issues on my end, I just realized that, video games as wide as they are, grant players that window to just go away for a while and let your mind worry about other things... More
  • Hyrule Warriors Review: It's Not That Dangerous To Go Alone

    If I were to pin down some of the most frustrating arguments in gaming, among them for me personally would be the notion that Dynasty Warriors is bad, and anyone who likes it has no taste in gaming. Over the years, the stigma surrounding the series has... More
  • Can a Game of the Year be a Game From Last Year?

    Earlier this year I was playing Rogue Legacy, having made it's way from PC to Playstation. Without any exaggeration, I could probably say it's the single most addictive game I've played all year, if I named it my favorite game of 2014, I wouldn't... More
  • Main Characters: My Personal Thoughts

    Videogame protagonists, avatars that let us experience new worlds, moments in history, visit different planets and many more situations that would give a normal person a heart attack if it were to happen in real life. For me the protagonist in a game... More