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  • Lego: The Lord of the Rings Day 2

    So far today, I've already beaten the Fellowship of the Ring portion of the game, so it seemed like a good time to write about what I've done so far. First of all, I just have to say that this game is so much fun! Lord of the Rings is my all-time... More
  • Small Topics 1: Rapid Fire Observations

    Alright, today I don't have a big topic to talk about, so instead I'll handle a few smaller ones that wouldn't be worth a full posting. Each will be separate, and aren't necessarily in any order of importance. T he topics might be heavy... More
  • Is $60 really a lot of money for a game?

    This is a question that I always ask my friends and on instinct they always tell me yes. That's a ton of money for a game that I may not enjoy, loaded with bugs, or have several updates. There's one thing I challenge them that usually changes... More
  • Brandon On His Stupid Dog

    Brandon has had his dog since he can remember (Not as old as my cat, but not many things are). His dog has the most energy an animal can have. It has so much pent-up energy that it needs pills to calm down. It's a black lab with a white stripe on... More
  • Changing The Difficulty

    What difficulty do you like to play on? Some people prefer Easy. It usually removes most of the challenge, so less skilled gamers or people who are only interested in the story can make it all the way through as easily as possible. Others like to crank... More
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Review (PS4)

    Rocksteady delivers their most ambitious Batman title to date. The climactic ending to The Dark Knight’s story is going out in a bang, with a few speed bumps along the way. It is all centered on Batman’s most notorious foe, Scarecrow, who... More
  • Quick-Draw McJohn's Quick Reviews I

    Note: These are quite unlike my normal and archaic/elongated form of reviewing games and other interesting applications of video game instruments. These small series' of reviews will quite literally be quickly fired off at you with only a basic concept... More
  • Writer's blog #1 (new step in the direction)

    Night Hunting Night fell over the camp as Xander leaned against his windowsill. The calm still of the night was soothing, as the moon hovered above his home like a omnipresent eye, peering deep into his heart. His mind was troubled by the thought of the... More
  • Weekly Stuff: Pointless Drivel

    Hello once again, people of Game Informer. It is I, sorryjzargo, with another Weekly Stuff blog. I don’t have much general things to say this week, but I’ll try to include as much interesting conversation as possible. Let the drivel commence... More
  • My Three Top Flash Projects on the Internet

    Hey, there, GameInformer Online. It has been a while. I have spent most of my spare time gaming, beating Saints Row: The Third, Portal 2, and Skyward Sword. But that is not what I am here to talk about now. I am here to highlight three flash projects... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Change of Story, A Change of Pace

    Most games are fixed with their stories from the moment of production, with some standing up to be worthwhile, while others fall from grace with a simple turn of events. Video games have the power to immerse the player into a story that will only unfold... More
  • Braid confirmed for PS3, coming next week

    Confirming the recent internet rumors that Braid would soon see new life on the Playstation Network, Hothead Games announced today that Braid will be making its over to the PS3 next week. Taking advantage of the expired Xbox exclusivity deal, the developers... More