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  • Honoring Your Favored Developer

    In light of all the negative news surrounding the game industry lately, I would it would be cool to give an honorary notice to some of our most favored developers, publishers, studios, etc. This can range from being a fan because they consistently produced... More
  • Next Zelda game to require MotionPlus, says Miyamoto

    According to Nintendo’s mastermind, Shigeru Miyamoto, the next entry in the ever loved Zelda franchise will definitely require the use of the new Wii MotionPlus , stating that the new peripheral will “make you feel much more like you’re... More
  • Based On A Demo! Syndicate

    Syndicate is a FPS that takes place in the year 2069(let's see how that year ACTUALLY plays out). It's fast-paced, and makes you think quickly to preform stylish takedowns(sorry, full game only!), and bring down the big guns with your team. It... More
  • Finished Heavy Rain!

    Finally beat Heavy Rain today! According to my save file, the last time I picked it up was March 8th, so there was definitely a little lull in there. I managed to get the "best" ending, wasn't too hard honestly. Thought it was good, but... More
  • What I want from Smash bros. Universe Part 2

    Hi! I`m back for part 2 in my blog about who-and what I want in smash bros. Mallo He would use his immense strength to perform suplexes and throws, battering enemies who got in his way. Death Death is being starred as one of the highest profile games... More
  • Knowing Where You Came From

    I am older than most. I was born in 1985 when the video game world was in its early days. I've seen the technology grow to what it is today. So, before I am stunned by Crysis 3, I thought I'd talk about a lost art of the gaming world. Arcades... More
  • 31/31: Day 5- Top 5 Abilities of Link in Zelda

    Link, the main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda, is skilled, to say the least. His courage to leave his home and any relatives to pursue his destiny and fight the evil forces threatening the land is what makes him able to wield the Triforce of Courage... More
  • Ghosts of Gaming: Guitar Hero Tribute

    With the recent release of the 2014 edition of Rocksmith, I have decided to reflect on one of the key players in the music-video game genre. We live in a world where there are franchises that pump out new games on a yearly schedule, and while certain... More
  • The furthest I've gotten in Zombies (which I know isn't really that far)

    I thought you guys might want to see how I play with others. With that in mind, here's what you can expect if you play on my team. A happy new year to you all! Game on. More
  • A Generation Defined

    The Games and Trends That Made the Seventh Generation Memorable With the recent release of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the eighth generation of consoles has officially arrived. While the previous generation of consoles will still feature new titles... More
  • My Elegant Take On DLC And My Advice To The Wife Of A Gaming Addict

    4 1
    Headnote: When you see a number in parentheses, it corresponds to the same numbered footnote at the bottom. It's a shame that this is necessary. It's Tuesday (the only day worse than Monday) and we are in the middle of the summer gaming slump... More
  • 31/31: Day 30- A Link Between Worlds Review

    Why I haven't been putting this particular title in my lists for the past months is because the game came out after I made this 31/31, therefore making it inconsistent if I started doing so. As I result, I'm now going to give A Link Between Worlds... More