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  • Worst Game I Have Ever Played

    To start this off I want to start off by talking about the worst game I have ever played in my life. Yes I have had a fair share of bad games and good games, but the worst game I have played in my life is called Fortress. This game is a GBA game which... More
  • On Disc DLC and You

    I hear that many people dislike on disc DLC. I myself am very neutral on the subject because I'm not the type of person to quickly don the conspiracy theory cap. Why is it bad, or a more mature question, is it good? The bad: Some people don't... More
  • The ESRB And Me

    I am a parent and a gamer. Walking the line to be good at both of those things can be tricky sometimes. Luckily, I had a great example when I was a child, of what not to do. Let me explain. I had awful parents. I haven't seen my mother since I was... More
  • Memorial Day Blog Contest - In Memorium

    I have been planning this blog for quite a while. I figured I would do it for the contest because, quite frankly, me not owning a single Tom Clancy book is a travesty. So why not, right? I guess I should start off with some history. Don't worry, I... More
  • Firewatch Review

    [As Read on SNo2 .] Campo Santo has done something special with Firewatch. The first and obvious comparisons will be to games like Gone Home which are in the first person but feature little to no interactivity in terms of action. These games are more... More
  • Battlefield 4 [Review]

    When it comes to the market of the military first-person shooter, there are two third-party titles that almost always seem to stand out the most in terms of widespread popularity: EA's "Battlefield", and Activision's "Call of Duty"... More
  • 31/31 Day 22: Guacamelee

    Originally a PSN exclusive, Guacamelee was ported to the PC late 2013. Guacamelee is a tribute to the Metroidvania games that we don't see too often anymore. This game is full of secrets, branching paths that can only be unlocked with later powers... More
  • 52/52 Week 36- Arguing With Myself- Rayman Legends

    For two years I've wanted to talk about Rayman Legends. It was actually two years ago exactly that Rayman Legends, the sequel to Rayman Origins, was released. After playing the game, my feelings were mixed about the game, to say the least. To express... More
  • Throwback Thursday: Sonic the Hedgehog review

    Throwback Thursday: Sonic the Hedgehog review written by Braulio Ortiz Once upon a time Alex Kidd was Sega's mascot which would lose a one sided battle against Nintendo's Mario, this also led Sega to create a new mascot with attitude to be able... More
  • Super Mario Galaxy Review- The Perfection of the 3D Platformer


    I review one of my favorite games of all time- Super Mario Galaxy!

    ... More
  • Mario Kart 8: Same Game, New Feel

    Introduction: My first Mario Kart was Mario Kart 64. I played it while being babsat by a friend of my father. I was around eight or nine years old at the time. Since then, I've played every Mario Kart game and only two have felt different from the... More
  • First Impressions: Rainbow Moon

    I downloaded Rainbow Moon from PSN when I got off work at 5 and this is the first breather I've taken. Two and a half hours in and I'm hooked. Any fan of Disgeae, Final Fantasy Tactics, Heros of Might and magic, or Valkyria Chronicles should immediately... More