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  • OH my it is april fools day

    Wow I wish I would have figured out it was april fools today before freaking out and hiding under a bed. Imagine reading blog after blog today, and going wow this is crazy. kotick-wow-servers-to-close-incrementally-new-series-title-on-natal I was shocked... More

    Just had to More
  • Halo 4 Gameplay Montage #1

    This is my first of many videos hopefully. Enjoy! Like and subscribe if possible. More
  • 31/31 Day 22: Characters with undeserved hate.

    I've noticed that some of my favorite Video Game characters tend to get hated on by a lot of people, so it's list time. I really should stop relying on lists so much for this challenge, but I keep on finding myself with less time to write so it... More
  • A Journey LotR Fans Can Be Proud of (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey review)

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    I absolutely loved the Lord of the Rings; the books, the movies, and even the games. It's a journey of huge proportions that no one has ever really come close to reaching since Tolkien. You could say that there are fantasies out there that ARE on... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 8] Pokemon 2000 (2000)

    That poster actually looks kind of epic. So what's this one about? And does it send any confusing mixed messages like the first one did? Oh, just you wait. You might recall that the motto for the Pokemon series has always been "Gotta Catch 'Em... More
  • Beating The Backlog: Limbo

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    Beating The Backlog is a new series I thought up when a bunch of GIO bloggers were posting their personal video game backlogs. Basically, I want to write a little bit on why I put certain games off, what I expected when starting them, and then some of... More
  • What I Want in a Wrestling Game

    I've enjoyed wrestling games since I had my Nintendo 64 and played WCW vs. NWO for hours on end. I thoroughly enjoyed the Smackdown! series and I like the direction the franchise has taken in the recent years. However, every great game can always... More
  • A Spark of Conversation: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

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    Do you ever get that weird feeling, at which you don’t feel like doing anything? Or to elaborate, tired of doing everything you’ve been doing, and simply trying to fill the gap with something else, to break the monotony? Well, that’s... More
  • The Unofficial Ultimate Hunger Games: A Small Update

    Hello once again people of Game Informer. This is sorryjzargo with a small update to the Unofficial Ultimate Hunger Games. In my original blog I listed the 24 tributes, and have been providing more information here , here , here , and here . However,... More
  • What Happened to the 'Game' in Gameplay?

    I haven’t slept much in the past few days, and when that happens I tend to start to think sporadically. When I think sporadically, I obviously have many different thoughts that come to mind and then leave just as quickly, but when I thought about... More
  • Crazy for Feeling so Crazy

    I've set out to write a short blog in order to elicit responses. This one is all about you. I've done some straight-up stupid things with my video game collection. I hinted at one such crazy decision in my last blog. Today I'm going to come... More