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  • Who's Afraid of the Big Bad "Wolf Among Us"?

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    I was a late-comer to Telltale’s The Walking Dead last year, unconvinced that I would find its narrative focus and stripped-down gameplay engrossing. I eventually played it after all the episodes had released, and, though I liked the game, I felt... More
  • Tests of Heart: How Being A Fan Of Kingdom Hearts Has Tested My Patience

    *SPOILERS FOR THE KINGDOM HEARTS SERIES FOLLOW* I was never that interested in Kingdom Hearts the first few times I saw the game. Okay, so maybe the first few hundred times I saw it due to the commercial for the first game constantly repeating where I... More
  • I see the PC as another console, not just a tool

    Some people hate thinking of the PC having exclusive games, and decide to hate all games on there. I think they're fools. When it comes to PC gaming, it has tons of PC exclusive features that you can't get on any console, and gives you a faster... More
  • The Sands of Time

    My second Poem. The Sands of Time. Please leave a comment and tell me what yo think. Alone I walk the infinite sands of time Across the endless golden seas I climb In this shining world of eternal splender Am I trapped forgotten and alone forever Loneliness... More
  • Based On A Demo! SSX

    Yesterday, I got the chance to play the SSX demo, and I can tell you it's well worth it. The way the trailer portrayed it - a dark game - is not true at all. It's still a fun, light-hearted game, just a little less only because of the new engine... More
  • T.U.L.G: MAG.

    create I've decided to make a blog called T.U.L.G ( T hat U nder L ooked G ame) for every time I find a game that I think is underlooked. To be a T.U.L.G contestant the game has to have average or bad score from some critics (GameInformer had the... More
  • What Should Be In The New Smash Bros.?

    1.0 I, like many others, is a huge Smash Bros. fan. Still, the franchise needs some renovations. Leave any you want in the comments! 1. Make It On 3DS I've always wanted to bring these games on the road. I mean, the 3DS has the software to support... More
  • Savages For Salvation: A teaser for a book I'm making

    Well, this is a short story that I have had in my head for awhile. It was started a few years ago, originally to take place in South Africa or Congo, I forget which, but due to the ever changing political climate in the continent of Africa I will be moving... More
  • Why I like portal 2

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    Portal 2 is awesome i never had a more awesome time spent ninety minutes straight playing the multi-player with two other people and we had fun we accidentally took each other out with the closing and making each other fall to our doom i had fun thinking... More
  • Fanboys, Fanboys, Fanboys. And then some.

    Ok. This has been bugging me for a while but I think that i have finally had enough of the madness. What is it with all the Fanboys? You know who im talking about. Fanboys come in all shapes and sizes but no matter what type they all have the same affect... More
  • The Mercenary's Tale, Part 14

    Yeah, I know this is getting to be an insane amount of these. Well, I'm almost done with the book version, so once I proof it and publish it, you can read it there. (Shameless plug.) Anyway, here ya go: There was nothing in the darkness to distract... More
  • I'm Addicted

    I've heard tons of stories about people becoming addicted to facebooks games like Farmville, CityVile, Mafia wars, among others. I never understood it as most facebook games I actually took time to play we're just waiting games revolved around... More