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  • The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

    This is the story of a teller of stories, Dr. Parnassus (Christopher Plummer) who makes a bet with an enigmatic figure known as Mr. Nick (Tom Waits), or the devil. The initial bet is based on Dr. Parnassus' belief that stories of the imagination are... More
  • Finally Done After 3 Months *Smash Bros. Brawl*

    After three long months of diligent collecting and planning, I've completed it at long last: my Ganondorf combo video. I figured when I first began to plan this video that I see Ganondorf videos everywhere, but, being the awesome and unique character... More
  • My Xbox Problem

    Long time, no blog. This teaching and coaching thing can really start to catch up to you. Not to mention being married.... Not too much time for gaming these days. Sadly, my 360 has become a source more for Netflix and Hulu Plus than for gaming, and when... More
  • Brandon On His Stupid Dog

    Brandon has had his dog since he can remember (Not as old as my cat, but not many things are). His dog has the most energy an animal can have. It has so much pent-up energy that it needs pills to calm down. It's a black lab with a white stripe on... More
  • Sony goes berserk with future gaming controller

    If you find many of Wii remote's attachments (such as fishing rods and tennis rackets) unconventional, wait till you check out what Sony Computer Entertainment has detailed in its latest patent. The application documents an "expandable control... More
  • Gaming Expenses = Sadness

    (THIS IS COMING FROM A 15 YEAR OLD! IF YOU ARE OLDER AND HAVE A WELL PAYING JOB FEEL FREE TO READ, BUT DON'T JUDGE) Well guys, this is completely opinionated (I guess). After a day of anticipation of getting a new game for my xbox 360, I was disappointed... More
  • Nostalgic Gaming Session

    Last week I posted how suddenly I reunited with an old friend. He and his companions returned to where they live but our gaming time together is sure one to remember. Everyone got to play a bit and for a moment, we all were like gamers in a play session... More
  • Community Writing Challenge - Bulletstorm Deserves A Second Chance

    I've just recently discovered there's a new feature amongst the Blog Herding, known as Community Writing Challenges. Now that I'm aware of them, I'll do my best to contribute when I can. This week's challenge is as follows: "Sometimes... More
  • Testing

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    This is a test. More
  • Can a Game of the Year be a Game From Last Year?

    Earlier this year I was playing Rogue Legacy, having made it's way from PC to Playstation. Without any exaggeration, I could probably say it's the single most addictive game I've played all year, if I named it my favorite game of 2014, I wouldn't... More
  • 30/30 Day 6 ~ Silver Lining Laced With Disappointment

    Nintendo had a lot to live up to when going into their conference yesterday, at E3. The father company of gaming is generally the first one to take the plunge into what will be the next generation of consoles, having released the 3DS last year and set... More
  • 365/365 Day 246: Thoughts On The Wolf Among Us

    SPOILERS FOLLOW FOR THE ENTIRE WOLF AMONG US STORY ARC Telltale's prequel to the Fables comics received great acclaim with each episode released, but in general I feel like it has less attention than Telltale's The Walking Dead. Even though it... More