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  • Random Set Pieces Strung Together

    Video games have made progress in the area of over-the-top cinematic sequences, but could they ever live up to these? Supernova A truly cinematic game should start with an exploding star. You take control of a space marine tasked with loading people on... More
  • Help With Fundraiser

    Hello GIO community. This is Roxas Num.XIII. I'm currently doing a fundraiser for my school and wanted to know if any of you would like to help. The Fundraiser is a "Magazine Drive" where anyone can purchase magazines of all types and kind's... More
  • Moral Conumumdrums 5

    I'm running out of conumumdrums. (What!?) Don't worry I've got one for you today, but I've only got two, maybe three left. I need your help. If you feel like it, give me a conumumdrum based on anything in the gaming industry. Leave it... More
  • moongrim's top 5 TV shows. (NOW WITH CLIPS!)

    Moongrim's top 5 tv shows #5 Family guy #4 South park #3 All in the family #2 Battlestar Galactica #1 Buffy the vampire slayer / Angel More
  • gamers need respect

    i really think that gamers should be treated with more respect. Heres y, im in middle school and i love to play games. But i cant say anything about them with out being called a nerd or made fun of. so i cant talk about what i love to do with my peers... More
  • An Angry Fan's Rant

    8 1
    I know most of you are obsessed with changing Mass Effect 3's ending right now, but just read this. I'm desperate for a new Avengers game. Why? A bunch of people in Hollywood are making a movie based off the original comic books. I'm hoping... More
  • 31/31 Day 7- The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

    Note: There are spoilers in this blog. Read at your own risk. I looked around from the top of Link's tree house. I never expected the first Legend Of Zelda game I've ever played to impact me so much. Just the music left me in awe. As i traveled... More
  • PR And Stranger's Clone Wars E3 Special Edition Part 2: Sony

    PRjumpman124: Hello again guys, and welcome to round two of PR and Stranger's E3 edition! We are currently about 12 minutes away from the start of Sony's press conference, and hopefullly it'll be quite a doozy. Any words for the people Stranger... More
  • PlayStation 4 Unboxing & First Look

    Hello, GIO, thanks for clicking. A friend and I unboxed my PS4 that I got and I made a video out of it. Let me know what you guys think. Any comments and suggestions for future videos of this sort are highly encouraged :) thank you! More
  • Mass Effect 3 is the story of the end of Bioware as we knew it (and that is not a bad thing): A rebuttal.

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    Paradigmthefallen posted a well written, well researched, and heartfelt blog today mourning (as he sees it) the death or irrevocable corruption of the famed developer at the hands of it's now evil overlord EA. He claims greed has brought the once... More
  • Nintendo needs to look forward

    I have said this for over 5 years. It is time for Nintendo to move Out of the console market and focus on being a handheld company and DOMINATE publisher. Imagine Link in 1080p slashing through Ganon on your New Xbox Mario and Luigi getting into all sorts... More
  • My Top Ten Favorite Games of All Time

    Yes, I know. There are few blog posts more cliche than one stating a top ten list of games. And for the longest time, I didn't want to have a top ten list. Choosing between so many different excellent games and experiences is so painfully difficult... More