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  • I'm Leaving GIO...

    HAH! Yeah right! Actually, I am leaving GIO for two weeks to go to fabulous Ft Pickett for Annual Training. I will be lacking computer or internets, so I just wanted to say I'll miss you all. Well, as much as I can miss profiles, avatars, and text... More
  • Where in the World is Carm... Robert Carter?

    Excuse the brevity of my first post. I was actually writing from the gate at the airport. It was a spur of the moment decision. I figured I've been procrastinated long enough and finally used up all lame excuses. No better time to start blogging on... More
  • Blame game designers, not gamers, for bad game design.

    About an hour ago I earned my eightieth and final achievement in Borderlands. For the most part, it was worthwhile (Mad Moxxi? ehhhhhhh...). But when it got down to the last three, I began to question my resolve. Was it really worth it to earn another... More
  • Waiting for Skyrim

    There have been a couple games in my life that have totally took over all of my free time for a period of time. These games include big name games like Mass Effect 1, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy 7, Ocarina of Time, and other big name games that I'm sure... More
  • Bullying: A Problem That We'll Never Get Rid Of

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    In some way or another, most people have experienced bullying. Sometimes we're the bully, and others we're the bullied. Sometimes we're just bystanders watching it happen. Either way, most, if not all, have experienced it. For those who have... More
  • Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones Review: Coming Out of The Shadows

    Before jumping into Stealth Inc 2 I knew very little about the game only that it started life as a Wii U exclusive that ended up shipping on almost every other platform down the road. I did not even know what kind of game it was. I assumed it was stealth... More
  • Borderlands: Hopes Of Annualization?

    From the moment Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was announced, I had a nagging feeling that this was the start of something bigger than just the release of another entry in the series. Allow me to speculate more fully while offering some background... The... More
  • How much do your favorite video game characters drink?

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    St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow and for many people that means it is time to consume large amounts of alcohol; which got me to think about how much do some of the most popular video game characters drink when they're not starring in their games... More
  • Cross Platform Play. Mr. Yoshida, Tear Down This Wall!

    There has been a lot of buzz about cross platform and cross network play lately. While Xbox seems to be all about it, Sony is taking a step back and is contemplating whether it would be in their best interest. I can certainly get behind cross platform... More
  • Fulfilling a Resolution - Playing the Five Games "Under the Radar"

    Last fall, GameInformer magazine dedicated an issue to five games that had not generated their due buzz. Admittedly, the journalistic gaming community had a plethora of exciting titles to write about, not limited to Halo 4 , Grand Theft Auto V , Tomb... More
  • Microsoft offers in-store console repairs

    Today, the first Microsoft store opened in Scottsdale, Arizona. Theres been a lot of talk about Microsoft pushing its retail business by offering on-demand PC games at kiosks in their stores, however, there's one story that I'm sure all 360 owners... More
  • Developing a game in gamemaker studios (video blog).

    The Gameinformer website is one I have visited over 100,000 times by now (I open the site 12 to 15 times a day)? This classifies me as a GI fanatic. I've paid attention to the Gameinformer community for over four years. I love GI, and I want the online... More