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  • Firewatch Review

    [As Read on SNo2 .] Campo Santo has done something special with Firewatch. The first and obvious comparisons will be to games like Gone Home which are in the first person but feature little to no interactivity in terms of action. These games are more... More
  • Dragonbored Day 2 - Ooh Sparkles!

    **WARNING! This entry contains adult language and situations not intended for children. If you are below the legal age of viewing bad words, in star form or otherwise, please close this page immediately and chose an article that talks about exploding... More
  • 4 Reasons That Every Gamer Needs To Try Evolve

    Intro Have you heard of the new game called Evolve , by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K Games ? If you're a gamer, you at least should have seen it advertised on your favored gaming sites. But have you actually been following it? Do you know... More
  • Top Blogs of The Week: 10/14/2012 - 10/21/12

    To start off, I am in no way trying to copy Saint's Blog Herding Feature or Stranger's Blog Herding. Top Blogs of the Week is a series that I have decided to create in which I show my favorite blogs of the current week. Every Sunday I'll post... More
  • The Month of Dishonored and Assassin's Creed III has Arrived!

    It's here the month we have all been waiting for, the month that we will see two of what are looking to be the best games of 2012 if not all time release. The first of which is Arkane Studio's promising new first person stealth game Dishonored... More
  • My Gaming Wishlist for 2016

    I’m a couple of weeks late as some of my wishes are already starting to come true but anyways this is a list of things I want from the gaming industry this year. 2015 was great and this one has the potential to be even better. PlayStation VR For... More
  • The Art of the Journey: What Sets Video Games Apart

    Video games are art. Some games are clearly more deserving of that title than others . But in the end, gaming can be as artistic as any film or painting. In recent years especially. Radical improvements in sound, artwork, story, and graphics have propelled... More
  • An HD Update Wishlist...

    I'm not going to lie to you GIO. I wasn't an initial fan of all the re-releases and high-definition updates when they started hitting the scene a few years back. To be honest I'm unsure of when or who exactly started the phenomenon, but the... More
  • Some Minor Issues an Update Could Fix...

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    (I don't recognize this guy, but apparently he's into complaining...) Some of you may have noticed I haven't been around for about nine days. A few days before the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Saint asked me to be in the October edition... More
  • 10 Questions With A Twist

    So everyone is doing the ten questions deal. I figure to break up the monotony, I'm going to do a reversal on this topic. Here are my answers to the opposite of the ten questions everyone else is answering. 1: What is the latest video game system... More
  • Put It In Perspective


    I explain why people shouldn't take video games so seriously. Come on. It's not like I spend all day blogging about them.

    ... More
  • Creativity- why it's important.

    Ever played a game and felt like you had played it before? Like, a hundred times before? That's because you likely have, and it's sad when you think about it. With current gen consoles coming to a close, everyone is getting excited and ready on... More