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  • So Easy a Caveman can do It ♦ Day 2/30

    Aka. The Benefits of Easy Mode Today's blog is not only the second in my long list of blogs set to come this month, but one that is also meant to harp a little bit on a special interest topic of mine- easy modes. Suffice it to say that, there are... More
  • Art/Anti-art -- Games/Anti-games: The Indie Platformer

    Note: This write-up will be used in a presentation I'm giving at a conference in October. I would really appreciate any feedback you guys could give in terms of where it can be improved. And, of course, I will give you a shout-out at the presentation... More
  • The Trophy Hunters Bet: Part 7, The “Adult” Game

    1 1
    This bet has offered me an opportunity to play many different varieties of games. I have played action games, puzzle games, movie tie in games, and the always popular kids games. There is one category I tend to avoid like a plague, that’s because... More
  • The Comics Group Says "You're Welcome"

    1 is a magical place. An interactive wonderland of gaming information it does not just keep us occupied, it keeps up informed. It’s dynamic news-feed which updates us with every tidbit of gaming news that is worth knowing, the staff... More
  • Just an update on things that are going on with me.

    A while back I posted a blog about my honest opinion on Uncharted 1&2 and said that I would later have a similar blog about Little Big Planet 2. Well needless to say that that blog is NOT going to happen anytime soon. Along came school and stuff and... More
  • 2011 in Gaming for Me

    For those who don't know me as "that one guy who only leaves negatives comments", I' am also an video game/movie/music reviewer (for another site, I let GameInformer/IGN/etc. do their own thing), but I've always kind of enjoyed the... More
  • A word against premature game reviews

    Enough is enough. Game informer's reviews are being plagued by user reviews by people that haven't actually played the games they are reviewing. So I'm writing this blog to educate the masses about how reviews work in hopes of ending the madness... More
  • MW3 vs Battlefield 3

    Looking for an honest discussion about the two games, which one has more replay value, new additions, innovations, and simply how much fun they were. Please dont use foul language or insult people, i just want to know peoples opinions. More
  • Remakes and their Flaws

    Everyone who has a favorite game has had daydreams about the possibility of playing a better, more up to date version of that same game; just as a kid dreams of the perfect dinner filled with cookies and cake. However, just like the underlying danger... More
  • The News - 09.15.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! We hope that you all enjoyed yesterday's review of Dead Island. Today we will be examine two notable articles; one with legal relevance and one that is product focused. We will be starting off with a look at Sony PlayStation... More
  • Down to the Wire

    Lately I haven’t been able to be on GIO as much as I would like to due to school. I’m currently a junior in high school, and this is the last semester before college applications start to occur. My goal is to be accepted into an Ivy League college, which... More
  • (31/31: Day 31!!!!) In Response to Some of the 20 Question Suggestions...

    It's been a crazy road getting here, but we've reached the finale. Today, I respond to the most prevalent suggestion amongst comments replying to my twenty-question blog post a few days back. This is going to be interesting, to say the least.... More