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  • Next Gen Wishlist

    There has been a lot of hubbub about the next generation of gaming consoles, and now all of that has been validated by Valve's newly announced Steam Box. The next generation is nearly upon us, and I think everyone knows that announcements of new consoles... More
  • Let's play "What's on your iPod?"

    Wow, there have been a lot of super-serious blogs in the last 24 hours. I love that, especially that people feel comfortable enough with us to put themselves out there like that. This is not one of those posts. I was never much for podcasts, really. I... More
  • Crazy Happenings in PSN: Episode 1

    What happens when you put hundreds of free thinking individuals in a sandbox to bowl, socialize, dress up? I tell you what happens, craziness happens! Matt and I experienced the Network for the first time over the weekend and we are officially hooked... More
  • Bowling With Trebuchet

    I’ve discovered that I’m not a physics major. 'Don’t quit your day job', as the saying goes. Nevertheless, I persevered and crushed all the castles with my mighty Trebuchet. I feel like roaring, mostly because the 24th one gave... More
  • "Welcome to the Thunderdome..."

    Okay, it's currently 1:25am and I'm loaded up on coffee. Time to blog of course! Earlier today, I took a look at the site for Wasteland 2. Just looking at the artwork and listening to the audio gave me chills a few times. The game easily succeeds... More
  • 9/31 - Learning Curve: A Future Educator's Perspective On Difficulty in Games

    Have you ever rage quit a game? Run into something so difficult and brutal that you feel you've encountered an impossible challenge, causing you to quit the game? It's a common experience for gamers, especially in games such as RPGs where not... More
  • AC1 story

    I know this might be a lot to ask, but I'm getting AC2 for Christmas, and I don't have time to play the first one. I've heard the narrative is really good, wiht a lot of twists. Anybody wanna fill me in? Details, please. SPOILER ALERT!!!!... More
  • Music and Video Games: A study of two different mediums and their effect upon each other

    Music has always had a powerful effect on the human psyche. While it can effectively create an emotional impact on its own, it has an incredible capacity for synergy. Combining music with other mediums can result in unique constructs that often exceed... More

    So me and my wife just got a ps4. Im not sure if she is going to create her own Twitch account, but I have mine. I plan on streaming all the time now that I have it set up. I would apreaciate anyone from the GI community to chime in and watch. I will... More
  • The Hilarity Of Playing Multiple Games Concurrently

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    One of my 2016 gaming resolutions was to simply play more games. And I've done that. Some might say I've done that to a bit of a nonsensical degree. I've already completed six games so far this year. Six. That's not bad! But I've gotten... More
  • My Gaming Roots

    First off, a disclaimer. I am not going to sit down and tell you "my first experience with a video game was..." I'm not one of those people with such uncanny powers of recollection. Honestly, I don't remember what my first game was.... More
  • Hotline Miami Review: A stylish and violent beat 'em up you want to keep playing

    EDIT: Well there is a review section for it now, so I reviewed it here . If you don't trust my review, Ben reviewed it. Also you should play this game, it's kind of fun. More