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  • The Piper's Tavern 7/17: The 3DS should DIE

    Welcome to The Piper's Tavern! I am your host, Happyginger, and i invite you to sit in on my first session of my weekly blog. Feel free to question my authority, and criticize me. I'm new here. And now for the grend Debut of: The Piper's Tavern... More
  • Counterpoint: The Rumor Mill Is A Good Thing

    One constant about any industry that releases new products and features regularly is that rumors will always circulate regarding the what-ifs. Marco Polo wrote an interesting take on the rumor mill earlier today, but I offer a counterpoint. Is the gaming... More
  • My Favorite Guitarists of All Time

    Music has always had a special place in my heart. It is a medium that throughout the years that has brought counterculture movements, uprisings, and pure emotion into society. It takes a lot of skill and time to forge masterpieces, works of art that are... More
  • Be Anything You Want To Be

    You’re a coconut, but your biggest dream in life is to be an acorn? Really? Well, OK, then. Anything is possible. The “Magnoliophyta Master” badge is perhaps the easiest 15 points you’ll ever earn on Kongregate, folks. Within colored... More
  • Defend Whose Honor?

    What if you wanted to create a game that was part tower defense and part RPG? You might come up with a game like Defend your Honor! If you're Armor Games , however, you might actually identify it as part tower defense and part strategy. But, really... More
  • Why I Hate Mario

    Before you start too hate on me or think I'm trying to troll Nintendo, I do not mean that I hate Nintendo. I love Nintendo and some of my favorite games are from Nintendo. It's just that Mario isn't on my favorites. Hello Wandering Traveler... More
  • Bloodborne: How to Kill the Amygdala - easy boss Strategy

    In this video we will be taking a look at taking on the Amygdala. He kind of sucks, because he has like 6 arms and his feet and tail are heavily armored, but I show you the good spots to hit, and how to keep him moving in hopes he doesn't squish you... More
  • The Binge is Over (and My Life is Back to Normal)!


    I've been on this site everyday, but I have not been as active as usual. Here's why.

    ... More
  • 10/10....The Perfect Game?

    This is and always has been a topic that absolutely irks me to my core. The perfect score, thus, the perfect game. Well to be very blunt, I don't like the nonsense one fact, I hate it. For about as long as I can remember, most everything... More
  • It Doesn't Take Much To Make Gamers Happy (It Really Doesn't)

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    Abraham Lincoln was once noted for saying, "People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be." It's a powerful statement, and highly relevant in the gaming world today. Developers are always trying to figure out how to make gamers... More
  • Why Yes. I Do Write About Video Games.

    Almost everyone who has played video games has probably thought how amazing it would be to get a job making games or reporting on games. An entire generation grew up reading Nintendo Power, GamePro, EGM, and other gaming magazines, and there between the... More
  • My Failure As A Batman Fan

    In this article there ARE Arkham City spoilers!!! Read at your own risk. You've been warned. This is also an expansion on a previous blog I did, where I made my predictions for the Next Batman Game. A few days ago I posted a blog on how I would handle... More