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  • Battlefield 4 A.K.A. Battlefail

    Ever since I brought my Xbox 360 into trade towards my new Xbox One, I have been lost in such great graphics and game movement in a few of the handful of games that Xbox One offers. But there is one game that takes my breath away and then at the same... More
  • Put It All In the Box

    Do you... do you remember when everything you needed in a console was already in the box? Do you remember when, all of the content to a game was also already in its respective box? If you don't, then you're probably very new to gaming. However... More
  • Challenge Accepted!

    A while back, I wrote a blog on how Vice City on the iphone made me a better gamer. With its "not built for touch screen" true to the PS2 entirety, I trudged through it for the sake of my love of the franchise (and having a GTA on my phone is... More
  • 31/31 Day 6: Antichamber

    Puzzle games seem to be common in the indie scene. Most of them seem to be reminiscent of the 16-bit era, where games told you very little, and expected you to solve complex puzzles. Antichamber might have the challenge, but I believe that Antichamber... More
  • Looking Back: Super Mario 3D World

    Every now and then I like to look back at games I previously reviewed to see if my mind has changed at all since I wrote it. Sometimes I'll still feel the same about it, sometimes I'll think much less of it, sometimes I'll like it even better... More
  • The Console Wars: Arrogance verses Opinion

    Console wars have been going on for pretty much since games were first invented, weather its the PC gamers or the console gamers, Sega or Nintendo, Mircosoft or Sony. This generation we have both Sony and Microsoft competing to take the crown, both the... More
  • 365/365 Day 252: Why Did Yo-kai Watch Take So Long To Get Localized?

    The Tokyo Game Show is almost upon us, so I thought it'd bre relevant to look at something that happened at it three years ago. In 2011, at TGS, the famous Japanese developer Level-5 unveiled Yo-kai Watch (or Youkai Watch...both work), a Pokémon... More
  • Down to the Wire

    Lately I haven’t been able to be on GIO as much as I would like to due to school. I’m currently a junior in high school, and this is the last semester before college applications start to occur. My goal is to be accepted into an Ivy League college, which... More
  • StarTrek: Into Darkness new Teaser trailer

    The sequel to J.J. Abrams' 2009 StarTrek reboot is on it's way, and the new trailer gives us plenty to be excited about. I never really cared about StarTrek that much, until my brother went and saw the movie in 2009. The teaser for StarTrek: Into... More
  • Why I Game

    7 1
    This may come as a surprise to most of you, but I play video games. I know... shocking huh? I don't mean that I play in my spare time. I play games quite a bit. In fact, video games can be attributed to my recent lack of activity on GIO. A little... More
  • BF3 is $10 for today only!!

    1 1 THIS IS HUGE!! More
  • "A Gamers View" 12/25/13 - SPECIAL EDITION: New games, Feliz Navidad, and The Nexus 7

    hey everyone! Welcome to this special edition of AGV posted right from my tablet! Yes, I have my brand new very own Nexus 7. Its gonna be very useful in the long run as now if i,'m away from home and I can't post AGV, I can use this to! :D Anyway... More