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  • MW3 vs Battlefield 3

    Looking for an honest discussion about the two games, which one has more replay value, new additions, innovations, and simply how much fun they were. Please dont use foul language or insult people, i just want to know peoples opinions. More
  • Remakes and their Flaws

    Everyone who has a favorite game has had daydreams about the possibility of playing a better, more up to date version of that same game; just as a kid dreams of the perfect dinner filled with cookies and cake. However, just like the underlying danger... More
  • The News - 09.15.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! We hope that you all enjoyed yesterday's review of Dead Island. Today we will be examine two notable articles; one with legal relevance and one that is product focused. We will be starting off with a look at Sony PlayStation... More
  • Just an update on things that are going on with me.

    A while back I posted a blog about my honest opinion on Uncharted 1&2 and said that I would later have a similar blog about Little Big Planet 2. Well needless to say that that blog is NOT going to happen anytime soon. Along came school and stuff and... More
  • An Unsorted List of Some of My Favorite Video Game Songs

    From classic NES games to modern day blockbusters, the music in a game has come to be one of the most important parts of the medium. Gameplay and story are undoubtedly the most important aspects in the end, but music is always needed to set the tone.... More
  • 31/31 2 Day 6: The Backlog Challange

    I have made a vow this year. Basically, my backlog is waaaaaaaaaay too big for me to handle. So what am I going to do? I will only be able to buy three new games until my backlog is clear. I am separating it into three catagories. Games I own but have... More
  • YOU DECIDE - What Enigma Buys

    Well, I'm just stuck between choosing MW2 or L4D2 to buy first. On one hand I already have L4D but I don't have CoD4 because I was waiting for MW2 to come out, but on the other hand, I absolutely loved the L4D2 demo, and it made this choice more... More
  • GIO Engrish Pt.1

    As some of you know, we GIOers take pride in our grammar. Then theres the other half who doesn't givea rat's ass. So I have decided to search the bowels of GIO for the worst grammar I could find. Enjoy. 1. why no review of metal gear solid peace... More
  • The Journey Down: Chapter One - A Video Game Review

    This review will be based off the merits of the HD version alone, so no comparisons will be made to the original freeware game it's based off of As of late, I've become a huge fan of episodic adventure games, as mentioned in previous blogs (I've... More
  • Into The Dungeon I Go!

    A few of you know that I've been waiting to share some great personal news with the GI community. Well, I'm ready to share that news with you now. You may have heard of a website called Zelda Dungeon. If you've ever been to Zelda Dungeon,... More
  • Totality, Societal Collapse, and Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us'

    He walked out into the road and stood. The silence. The salitter drying from the earth. The mudstained shapes of floating cities burned to the waterline. At a crossroads a ground set with dolmen stones where the spoken bones of oracles lay moldering.... More
  • 30/30 Day 15: Why video games are detrimental to society

    We've all heard this argument. People will always say that video games are terrible for people because they waste time or make us violence or whatever other claim they have for us. They make us nerds, losers, and incredibly anti-social. You can't... More