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  • The Picture of Former Glory (the last day of old GI)

    I thought I should post this since new people keep hearing some of us talk about "old GI" but they never knew it. Here's what it was like the day the site change it's layout (obviously I had the page up for a while before screenshotting... More
  • Are Video games Art? (an after-thought)

    This may seem late. It may seem uneccesary. But it is something I would like to share with the rest of the Gameinformer family. Last night I had an enlightenment. My brother, our neighbors and I were sitting around playing Bad Company 2, and my brother... More
  • About the most recent wave of blog spam.

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    I really don't know what's going on with this "test222" guy. He's banned in our system, but for some reason the blog deleting feature isn't working and he's able to circumvent the ban. I think it might be some kind of glitch;... More
  • codforlife's 1st Annual Game Awards!

    It’s been a whole year, and it’s been especially great for gamers, who’ve gotten such great games as The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V. And while it would have been easier to just do a top ten of the year list, this is much more... More
  • Twitch And Shout…

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    There was another key news announcement coinciding but not necessarily related to the recent release of Titanfall - the Xbox One finally received an update to activate its Twitch integration feature...a feature Sony's Playstation 4 shipped with on... More
  • Really now be glad the mods already on here are so nice

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    This is just in response to the recent dbull threads. Dbull is a cool guy and actually nice. im sick of users whining on this site about threads and other topics being locked. I for one am happy, im sick of forums these days turning into mini 4chans and... More
  • Weekly Questions Week 5!

    Hola! So I actually submitted my own question for this week's group of questions. If you can guess which one you win a whole cookie! (Disclaimer: Don't be surprised if by the time it's shipped to you the cookie got rotten... ) ANYWAYS....... More
  • They aren't just games...

    Currently I teach 6 grades. Not six graders, but six individual grades. My students go from 7th graders to Seniors in high school and I learned something today that will probably stay with me forever. What a 7th grader sees in a game is very different... More
  • Requiem of the Skyforger and the Dawnbreaker

    From nothingness I begin to create The dome of the sky in ages old And in my heart I know my fate To build and rebuild the celestial fold And from the same fires that forged the world anew Comes the destruction of ages old To rip through the hearts of... More
  • 27/27: Part 14: My top Dek games of 11 Ɛ9: Part 7

    A guide to base 12 The rules for my top dek list The game I'll be talking about today: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoners: Soul Hackers Since I was born in '97 and unable to experience it myself, I often wondered what I missed in the 90's... More
  • This Week in the Industry: 5/29/13

    0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false It’s been a busy week in the gaming industry. Everyone is preparing for E3 and a lot of good news is being spread around for every gaming system. Sony Sony’s announcement that the PS4 and Vita will... More
  • Exciting Next Generation games coming sooner than you think.

    Smacking with skepticism, few gamers have shown excitement for the coming generation 8 consoles. In my mind there are already at least 4 games that I am fascinated by that have already helped me see the light. FOR SONY... Destiny has me the most excited... More