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  • When a game "clicks"

    No I don't mean when a game is damaged or if the laser isn't reading it.I mean when you first picked up that new game yesterday and when u played it,it completly blew you away.And no matter how many times you play it...u never get bored of playing... More
  • Controller-Free Gaming, meet Success-Free Marketing

    9 1
    Question: What's the fastest way to make those interested in buying your product hold off and wait a good while? Answer: Set a price that you know they’ll have to seriously think about. And that's when you know a price point will turn people... More
  • What's With This? These Advertisements Need to Stop

    Another week without weekly coverage, because of computer error. I was changing the song I was listening to, and I went back to type in the word 'hopefully', but instead, the computer read that like some band of idiots came together to make computers... More
  • (Late) New Years Update.(I got a PS3!) I give my opinions on Uncharted(1-2)

    Hello everyone at GI! I know this is a month late but Happy New Year and all that stuff! (Quick note: I am going to swear alot in these blogs. Its just a part of who I am and I am not going to sensor myself. I will try to keep it to a minimum though,... More
  • The Most Annoying Parts of Games Are the Least Thought About(to me)

    While I play games, I always think about specific things. Mostly ones that connect with the questions "When do they eat?" "When do they sleep?" or "When do they go to the bathroom?". These are essential to us as human beings... More
  • My Christmas that I Had Today...

    Today was of course, Christmas(hurr), and everyone knows you should get stuff on this day. Though, I really do feel Christmas is a huge corporate scheme now, and It's lost it's true meaning. But let's not talk about religion and politics.... More
  • Leslie Nielsen dies at age 84

    4 Legendary comedic actor Leslie Nielsen died Sunday in a hospital of pneumonia, according to several published reports, his agent and a family member. He was 84 Nielsen... More
  • Calling In Favors

    You’ve assassinated a senator and you need a new identity, you say? Well, step right this way. For a few tiny little favors, we’ll be happy to help you out. This is the premise for today’s Kongregate Badge of the Day game, Another Small... More
  • Kick-ass is amazing!

    the comic that is, I'm not entitled to an opinion towards the obviously more comedy focused film yet, but I do know that after finishing the first main story arc for kick-ass that it's something that rarely comes along. Constantly tongue in cheek... More
  • Call of Duty: Caught in a Crossfire

    The fiery rivalry between EA's ripening Battlefield franchise and Activision's prestigious Call of Duty is no secret. However, it appears Electronic Arts is about to throw a little gas on the flames. In an interview with DICE, producer Patrick... More
  • 5 Games I Want to See from Nintendo at E3 2014

    In case it isn't just obvious from my previous blogs , I'll go ahead and say it: I'm a big Nintendo fan. While the big N isn't holding a traditional press conference this year, that doesn't mean they aren't planning big announcements... More
  • At What Point Do New Consoles Become Worth It?

    Hello all, Windmill here! In a few short months the PS4 and Xbox One will have officially been on the market for a full year. Both consoles have sold several million units, and developers are finally beginning to devote their full attention to developing... More