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  • Replay: Bat Man: Dark Tomorrow

    Best Worst Bat Man Game Ever!!! More
  • Where Did Street Racing Drive Off To?

    I have been a die hard Need for Speed fan since the release of NFS Underground. Those were the days! Cruising the canyon highways at sunset in your Chrysler 300, or dodging overpass pillars as you blare past opponents in your suped up Toyota Supra. This... More
  • The American Hitmen

    So this Saturday going to a Royal Bliss concert in Utah at Club Vegas, I really enjoy their music and well they have a band with them I haven't heard of so went and checked them out. My friend had the music on his PC and was playing some and I was... More
  • NY Yankees won the world series!!!!

    It was so great last night to watch that game and see them win, it has been awhile since we have seen them in the World Series. This now is my 2nd team this year to win, I am also a fan of the Lakers and so now if my NFL team (49ers) wins the Superbowl... More
  • Let's Play Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Part 1 & 2

    Hello everyone and welcome back to another Let's Play by yours truly, dbull620. This time, we're going to be playing through Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition as Vergil on Normal mode. I finally got a capture card, so now my options for Let's... More
  • Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review

    [ Moonrise Kingdom Written & Directed by Wes Anderson Starring Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, and Bruce Willis MPAA: PG-13 - For Sexual Content and Smoking] -- I never really understood the hate for Wes Anderson's films. Yes, I get how a lot of viewers... More
  • YOU DECIDE - What Enigma Buys

    Well, I'm just stuck between choosing MW2 or L4D2 to buy first. On one hand I already have L4D but I don't have CoD4 because I was waiting for MW2 to come out, but on the other hand, I absolutely loved the L4D2 demo, and it made this choice more... More
  • The Challenges Make the Game.

    After spending a lot of time with two of the latest and greatest games of 2011, Uncharted 3 and Batman: Arkham City, I've come to a conclusion. The real difference between a good and a bad game is how the difficulty feels . Let me explain. While playing... More
  • Another One Bites the Dust

    This is actually the second time I've tried writing this, but after a computer error lost a couple of hours of writing the first time, I put it on hold, so I apologize for it not being timely to the issue I'm discussing, but I want to talk about... More
  • Art/Anti-art -- Games/Anti-games: The Indie Platformer

    Note: This write-up will be used in a presentation I'm giving at a conference in October. I would really appreciate any feedback you guys could give in terms of where it can be improved. And, of course, I will give you a shout-out at the presentation... More
  • Writer's blog #1 (new step in the direction)

    Night Hunting Night fell over the camp as Xander leaned against his windowsill. The calm still of the night was soothing, as the moon hovered above his home like a omnipresent eye, peering deep into his heart. His mind was troubled by the thought of the... More
  • Sniper Elite III Review

    1 1

    Although Sniper Elite III’s nearest rivals range from Metal Gear Solid V to Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rebellion’s latest has neither the story or the gameplay density to match.

    ... More