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  • Alan Wake: As Confusing As Ever (Spoiler Alert)

    As I write this, my mind is still reeling from all that has happened in Remedy's sleeper hit Alan Wake. I just finished up "The Signal" about ten minutes ago, and as I think back on the events that have occured in this Twin Peaks-esque psychological... More
  • Umm... Hi.

    Umm… Hi. Ha, Ok I know that wasn’t a great starting sentence, but, my name is Dawson and well I used to be a “big” Game informer member and blogger, but I guess well, life hit me! I haven’t really been on and I have lost... More
  • Day 17: Top 5 Number 1

    2 1
    Day 17 here we are. This is my 50th blog. I am honestly surprised I made it this far, but more on that another day. You guys came here to read a blog about a gamer's number one game. Well I can tell you this the answer is one of the most unique you... More
  • SFA Day 13: Want a Job? Just Do It!

    Barcade in Brooklyn, NY is the definition of gaming chic. This bar is unremarkable by most accounts; just one flat screen TV adorns the wall behind the bar, the tables are scratched and worn down and no blaring neon signs mark the entrance. The one thing... More
  • The Bittersweet of Fall Release

    The temperatures outside have finally begun to go down, the leaves are beginning to change color, football is back, and video game season is upon us. This fall, much like last fall, gamers will be treated to another stellar lineup of releases. All of... More
  • Should PSN Users Be Forced to Wear Headsets?

    Recently I was playing Portal 2 for a hour and let me tell you that it was horrible. I suggest that whenever someone plays Portal 2 with a random person online, please wear a headset to save time and get on with playing. My experience with a few people... More
  • Let's Play for Child's Play: Auction Item and Call-In Updates

    New Guest Call-Ins: So, it's been about a week since I first announced "Let's Play for Child's Play" here at GIO. Now I'm here to tell you about some updates to the event. Two more people are poised to call in, and I want you... More
  • Are games art?

    Right off the bat I would like to say that I consider games art. So this blog is about my personal experience with games and why I consider them art.Now lets get started on them in chronological order. Ah Dragon Warrior 1 for the NES. This is the game... More
  • A Second Look: MAG

    Hi GI Community! As promised in my last blog, which can be found here ,I am going to be writing my new series. I thought long and hard on which game I would choose for my first blog and choose this game. It had been awhile since I played this game and... More
  • Walnut grain and what nots. A grouchy old dude report.

    Hello from Bum 'F' ED Mississippi, Well doggie, sonny let me tell you what you're old dude watched on the mysterious talking picture box(TV) that was hooked up to that new "Intranet". There was this here man talking about a New box... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard- Playoffs Round One

    Brought to you by: "The Golden Pipo. The battle begins." Hey, everybody, and welcome to the first round of the GIOFFL playoffs. If you're wondering where the scoreboard has been, the matches for this year's post-season are two weeks... More
  • Top Ten Tuesday 44 - My Top Ten Video Game Endings

    Top Ten Tuesday 44 My Top Ten Video Game Endings Disclaimer: There are many top ten lists but this one is mine, if you think a game is missing here, I either didn't play it, didn't have any interest in it, or I just hate you. Pre-List Notes It's... More