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  • WGWC #8 - You Don't Know Jack

    The task for the last Writers Guild Weekly Challenge was put for by Undertaker Adrian when he attempted to revive this feature. At the time, I was in the midst of a 31/31 with Hannibal and coblogging every day. I've been looking forward to taking... More
  • War, war never changes: Fallout 4 First Impressions

    Wow, guys. Let's just take a quick moment to let this sink in. Finally I'm no longer speculating on a Fallout 4, I'm actually talking about it. I knew this day would come, its only a matter of when. This is not going to be a trailer breakdown... More
  • A Letter to my pal, Saint

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    This is a letter that I came up with for my friend, Saint. I know you all know him very well. I had to do this. This guy has done so much for me on here , what better way to thank him for his work than to use this as appreciation.. Dear Saint, Hey Saint... More
  • Why Solid Snake isn't the best Metal Gear character

    Let's face it: if you are currently reading this, you have probably heard of the Metal Gear franchise. That means that you probably know who Solid Snake is. Many people see him as the face of the series and the main character of the franchise he's... More
  • The Legend Begins... Again.

    Mighty Talos, hear my plea, I am sullied and stained; not just with the blood of my enemies slain in valorous combat, but by the Curse of Lycanthropy, by the Affliction of Vamprism. My soul is blighted by Daedric corruption born of a desire to do right... More
  • Black ops and World at war

    So I was playing Cod Wolrd at War on the 360 and I realized that the zombies on there are harder than the zombies in Black ops which does make for a challenge so that means that me and my friend Daniel were not able to go through as many rounds as we... More
  • What Games Will NOT Win GOTY pt 3: 5 more down

    This year has been an outstanding year in gaming. Making selections to eliminate is getting harder and harder everyblog. Let me know what games you think should be cut next, and check out what games are remaining at this link More
  • Brandon is Team Jacob

    Brandon recently attended the midnight screening of Twilight on Thursday night. He was a little too excited to tell me all about it, and here's the facebook message he sent me: It was tight as HELL dude! I got my tix in advance cause I aint no amatuer... More
  • A Gamer's Dilemma

    This summer, I got married. I got a new job. I moved into a new house. I got involved in a new church. And least important (but still cool), I got Xbox Live. I have enjoyed quite a bit of fun online with games like Left 4 Dead 2, but the biggest thing... More
  • First Impressions: Call of Duty Classic

    Today I downloaded the Call of Duty port for the ps3. I played through the first 5 missions, and mutiplayer. Here are the pros and cons to the game Pros It's Call of Duty The new controls arent that different from Modern Warfare 2 Way more missions... More
  • My favorite games of this generation... Reviewed!

    As an amateur reviewer, I want to expand my catalog of reviews. Trouble is, I don't buy too many new games. So to sort of set my standards, get my opinion out there, and do a list blog all at the same time, I came up with this. All my favorite games... More
  • Catching The Holiday Fever

    Seriously, if this game doesn't hurry up, I will go insane. So, today is September 24th, 2011. Like you didn't already know that was the case, but I am writing this blog not for you guys, the community so much as for myself. As we are getting... More