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  • What's Going On With Game Informer?

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    With the recent announcement of two members of the Game Informer team leaving to "go west", what changes await both Game Informer and Game Informer Online? Both members of the Game Informer team were stalwarts of both Game Informers' print... More
  • 17/31 - The Thin Line Between Horror and Gimmick

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    Survival Horror is a genre that itself appears to be barely surviving these days. With survival horror series such as Dead Space and Resident Evil moving further away from their roots with each new release (and closer to third-person shooter territory... More
  • 11/31 - Bang Bang, Pew Pew: The Question of the Shooter Epidemic

    Gonna be a short one today, I had a crazy day. One of the most common complaints about the video game industry these days is the proliferation of shooter games. Ever since the original Modern Warfare popularized the military shooter, a flood of shooter... More
  • What a Heropon Played in 2017

    What a Heropon Played in 2017 Its been a good while since I last blogged. Not by choice, but between hurricanes, family vacations and the holidays, the last third of my 2017 was VERY eventful. I spent my free time gaming almost entirely as it wasn't... More
  • My Top 5 Games of the Year (So Far).

    2015 has been an outstanding year so far for the new generation of consoles. We are slowly starting to break away from the older consoles and are being shown what the power of these new systems are capable of. Later in the year we will have more triple... More
  • codforlife's 1st Annual Game Awards!

    It’s been a whole year, and it’s been especially great for gamers, who’ve gotten such great games as The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V. And while it would have been easier to just do a top ten of the year list, this is much more... More
  • A Late Night Discussion About a Film Adaptation

    A couple of nights ago, my brother and I got to talking about what games we think would transition well to the big screen. We tossed out games like Enslaved, Vanquish, Red Dead Redemption, and Uncharted. Eventually we came to a game that earlier this... More
  • CWC: Getting lost in Final Fantasy, literally and figuratively.

    Final Fantasy has always been a franchise I've admired, but it is also one that I never can seem to dig into for very long. I have played FF V, VI, VII, XIV, and XV, as well as Tactics Advanced 2 for DS. Out of all of those, TA2 is the only one I... More
  • HD Remakes

    How do you feel about HD remakes? There's always that feeling of nostalgia, but people grow up. Playing a HD remake is like running into an old buddy from school. You reminisce about old times, but sometimes, you just want to forget things. Sure,... More
  • My New Idea For A Massive FPS(inspired by the awesome imagination of Tanooki)

    Well here's my idea. I'll start with the story. Story In the near future, the economy grows worse. Global markets go into turmoil and many small nations become victims to brutal civil wars, coups, and extremists, due to the immense poverty. Russia... More
  • Mind-Blown: The Last of Us

    Hello, gamers and bloggers of Game Informer! Due to recent technical difficulties on the website (my last two posts were deleted when I tried to post them), I'm changing the way I write these blogs. So you may notice that the format is different.... More
  • Five-Sentence Game Impressions #2

    I finally felt the motivation to continue with the second installment of my blog series containing five-sentence thoughts on several video games I have recently played. Just like before, these remarks will range from nerdy complaints to fairly serious... More