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  • Happy Easter GIO!

    This is my first holiday here at GIO, so I'm not sure how it works. Nonetheless, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Easter. I'm not a religious person, but I have two daughters, so my day is filled with activities. To those of you that have... More
  • Computer Game Poetics in "Coin Opera 2: Fulminare's Revenge"

    EDITORS: KIRSTEN IRVING AND JON STONE | PUBLISHER: SIDEKICK BOOKS | RELEASE: PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL COPIES A few years ago, a friend and I were discussing poetry when he defined a poem in the most succinct way possible. “A poem,” he told me... More
  • Reboots on my mind...

    When a game as been left in the dust or just simply took a turn for the worst, some companies decide to "remake" the game with significant changes. These remade games are called reboots. For some series, a reboot can get a franchise back up... More
  • The State of Online Gaming! Is it the Developers or the Gamers?

    This post initially started out as a comment on the Defending Call of Duty article. I respect that sometimes tweaks and changes need to be made as mentioned in the article. But its when do the changes made change the game too much and simply become a... More
  • Quantum Conundrum

    It’s hard not to draw comparisons to Portal when playing Quantum Conundrum , a first person physics-based puzzler from Portal co-creator Kim Swift. In fact, it almost seems at times as though Swift and Airtight Games are purposely encouraging the... More
  • Gaming Comedy

    Hello again, all the gamers and bloggers of Game Informer! We are currently a full month into the New Year, and I haven't written a single blog in that month. I feel pretty unproductive right now. So, after doing a little thinking, some inspiration... More
  • Ten Games I'm Most Excited About from E3 2014

    While I didn't get a chance to go to E3 this year, I was glued to the news, previews and conferences along with every other fan of video games that enjoys seeing the shiny new trailers and tantalizing demos. While I ultimately felt a bit underwhelmed... More
  • God of War Review (A Link)

    Hey everybody, feel free to follow this link to my God of War Review . More
  • NY Yankees won the world series!!!!

    It was so great last night to watch that game and see them win, it has been awhile since we have seen them in the World Series. This now is my 2nd team this year to win, I am also a fan of the Lakers and so now if my NFL team (49ers) wins the Superbowl... More
  • dbull's Corner Vol. I

    9 3
    Hey, dbull620 here. I figured I'd start up a blog series about some things that I've been up to lately. What better way to bring myself closer to the new community than to give everyone a look at what I'm up to and what I think about these... More
  • How Dark Souls II Can Be Better Than the Original

    Dark Souls was one of my favorite purchases of 2012. No matter how much of my time it consumed, it still took me the entire summer to complete the game. I progressed through the game, and when I finally finished it, I was rewarded with great satisfaction... More
  • New Year's Gaming Resolutions

    Another gaming year gone, another gaming resolution…broken. I plant my feet down and declare to the world that this year everything will be different. Eh, but it hardly ever is. Seriously, I do this every year. Usually my new year’s gaming... More