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  • Enigma's Recent Movie Round-Up 11/16/2012

    Hey! Sorry for not posting reviews for a couple weeks. Caught up with college work and whatnot. To make up for that, here's something that I used to do in one of my tumblrs that I'm re-using so that there's a steady stream of content even... More
  • Enigma's Recent Movie Round-Up 1/9/2013

    On the first Recent Movie Round-Up of the New Year we have: Robin Williams goes to heaven, little kids fighting the forces of the undead, the French Die Hard , a classic epic, and the most mysterious musical figure of our time. Kinda. MOVIES AHOY! #1... More
  • Delta Force Xtreme Review and Tiny Announcement

    Delta Force Xtreme For years, Delta Force was regarded as one of the leaders in online gaming. Even Novalogic's Joint Operations and expansion were highly rated and loved by those who played the multiplayer. In 1998, Delta Force was released. 1999... More
  • Am I the Only One?!?!

    My parents are overreactors. Especially when it comes to gaming. If I go to play an "M" rated game, they check all the stupid little "parent ratings" sites that are determined to keep you off "M" games until you are actually... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of The Running Man (I hope this doesn't get edited to incriminate me in anyway)

    Look at the governator trying to pretend like he's mad, he's about to go for one hell of a ride, a rid that if they had it at an amusement park I wouldn't mind. So here we go, as I stated earlie in a past review that I wouldn't only review... More
  • Leaving for a Break

    I's leaving the website for a break this week and I'll be back later. but just to clarify why I'm doing such a small blog, I'm doing a new weekly blog, and I need a name for it. I have a few names, but I need you guys to help. The Piper's... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 2] Double Dragon (1994)

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    I've been watching these videogame movies in the order they were released at a rate of one a week with a group of friends. While we universally enjoyed Super Mario Bros. , Double Dragon was so putrid that some members of our group were already rethinking... More
  • Papo Y Yo... a love story.

    Hey GIO family. I have been away for a little while. That is do to my lack of inspiration. For me out of sight out of mind totally applies. I did not check my GIO for like a week, out of some twisted fear of failure. Well all that aside xking595x has... More
  • Dead Space 2 Livestream (Additional info included for those planning on watching)

    (Update) It's also on Twitch -- Alright, I'll be starting shortly and I've got more ground rules set up. Every one to two hours I'll be taking... More
  • Thought Experiment: Restart

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    Restart. It's a concept as old as video games themselves. It's simple and it's integral to how we play games as a form of escapism. For some of us that means to simply pass time and for others to help forget an awful day at work, school or... More
  • Metroid Fan Fiction #1: From The Fires of Evil

    Greetings to you, fellow gamers and blog-readers! This blog is hopefully the first part of a continuous series, so I would like to take a moment to explain what exactly this little project is and why I’m doing it. For starters, calling this fan... More
  • Battlefield 3 PDWs

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    What is your favorite PDW in Battlefield 3 and why? More