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  • Top 50 Games from Last-Gen: Behind the Scenes

    I'd like to start off by thanking all of you who read my blog a couple weeks ago, which now has over 750 views and received 18 comments. 20 lists were sent to me most were in the comments section, but I also got two via email, 1 on my profile page... More
  • Ten Questions, Week 7

    So it seems the amount of members completing these is slowly waning; I'm not certain if that's due to a lack of interest or what. But me! I shall once again grace you all with the answers to ten questions that probe so deep into my cerebral cortex... More
  • Future of Gaming: 3-D

    Ever wanted to play your favorite game in 3-D? Surprisingly, this cool feature that had been introduced to movies hasn't migrated over to the video game audience, but why? For whatever reason, it is possible. Recently, Nintendo's president, Satoru... More
  • The Best of 2009: Movies!

    Alright, so it's time for me to post about the year, since it's almost over. The topic today? The best movies of 2009. Let us begin! Best Action Movie: Taken Taken is quite possibly one of the greatest action movies to ever grace the big screen... More
  • codforlife's 1st Annual Game Awards!

    It’s been a whole year, and it’s been especially great for gamers, who’ve gotten such great games as The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V. And while it would have been easier to just do a top ten of the year list, this is much more... More
  • Second Skin: The Sweet Sweet Nicky Chocolate Review

    Many of you have not been introduced to Sweet Sweet Nicky Chocolate and for that he apologizes...however he's making his debut here on GIO with this review of his most recent movie watching endeavour and he hopes that you read it and enjoy...Also... More
  • 10 Questions Week 9.

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    With school and everything, it's really hard for me to keep up with this. Luckily, I remembered to update you all(who care) with a 10 questions blog! No updates. 1. If you could have dinner with any one person (gaming or otherwise) who would you choose... More
  • The News - 09.09.11

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Technical difficulties and delays aside, let's get straight into it! We have three pieces that we will be examining today that may be of interest to you. First, we will be taking a look at the game we are currently... More
  • They aren't just games...

    Currently I teach 6 grades. Not six graders, but six individual grades. My students go from 7th graders to Seniors in high school and I learned something today that will probably stay with me forever. What a 7th grader sees in a game is very different... More
  • My New Year's Resolution Towards Video Games

    Okay...... New Year's resolution...........for video games..... 1. Finally get XBOX 360 2. Buy Final Fantasy XIII 3. Get more Points for my Wii 4. Look for GameStop Sales 5. Buy PSP Go 6. Get more game acssesories 7. Buy Tony Hawk Ride 8. Get Pokemon... More
  • Caudex Whines About Media: 3/22/13 Whinge

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    Well, hello again, denizens of GIO! How are you this fine night? I'm doing great, thanks for asking! (Okay, I know none of you really asked. Because no one cares about ol' Caudex, so long as the reviews keep flowing.) But you don't want to... More
  • Short Story: Mortuus Surrexit, Prologue.

    Well I'm back, and after a several month's long absence. So, to commemorate the event, I have decided to begin another short story in my blog. Though I still do intend to finish my old one, I was thinking it time to start adding more, as this... More