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  • Buying Into The Hype

    Hype noun 1. extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion. My first midnight release was for the little known title, Halo 3. I was by myself with plenty of other fans waiting for the doors to open. I had not yet joined Xbox Live, so my excitement was... More
  • How Long Do You Give A Game?

    As the end of the year gaming crunch steamrolls on with or without me, I start prioritizing which games I will put further time into. This is easier said than done, as I suffer from a moderate attachment to the games I have started. Even if I cease having... More
  • Man turns Christmas lights into Guitar Hero Game

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    I'm sure, all of you out there who celebrate Christmas love decorating your house! But to be honest, in about a month, aren't you going to take all of that hard work down, and shove it into some dusty box in the attic? Well, Ric Turner made some... More
  • Help Shape My Next Let's Play Project

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    Hello everyone. As the title suggests, I'm getting an itch to do another Let's Play project. But this time, there's a twist. You're going to help me shape the adventure! So, here's the deal. My next Let's Play project is going... More
  • It's Been Awhile

    Boy, do I apologize. I haven't posted in a blog in near forever. Played two games since then too! Isn't that awesome? Well not really. I finished the 'campaign' of Littlebigplanet 2 and I just got into Mexico for Red Dead Redemption. Both... More
  • Tragedy in Connecticut

    I'd like to post this blog about the unfortunate event that happened yesterday in Newton, Connecticut. A gunman by the name of Adam Lanza went into an elementary school and shattered the lives of 26 families and the heart of a nation. 20 children... More
  • The Benefits Of Learning Through Gaming

    From the moment I began playing video games as a child I knew nothing of English, but thanks to The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time I got into the language which is right now what I'm studying at college. Such passion came from the desire of play... More
  • CWC: Getting lost in Final Fantasy, literally and figuratively.

    Final Fantasy has always been a franchise I've admired, but it is also one that I never can seem to dig into for very long. I have played FF V, VI, VII, XIV, and XV, as well as Tactics Advanced 2 for DS. Out of all of those, TA2 is the only one I... More
  • What game is at the top of your list this year?

    E3 brought a hardly containable amount of excitement to gamers everywhere. Whether it was Nintendo's announcements of old favorites being stripped down, re-done, and brought back from the grave or Sony's demo of the move and Microsoft's Kinect... More
  • Top Blogs of The Week: 10/21/2012 - 10/28/12

    To start off, I am in no way trying to copy Saint's Blog Herding Feature or Stranger's Blog Herding. Top Blogs of the Week is a series that I have decided to create in which I show my favorite blogs of the current week. Every Sunday I'll post... More
  • NBA 2k13 video review

    Hey guys. It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on GameInformer. I do most of my writing now for my school’s paper, but I write about video games anytime I can argue its relevance to my school. I may be doing a Halo 4 review this... More
  • Buying An Unfinished Game: What Are You Really Paying For?

    In the PC gaming market of today, developers and publishers are under more and more pressure to not only deliver great games, but deliver them as quickly as they can. But when speed of development comes at the price of quality and polish, is it fair to... More