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  • Really Work still expects me to come in?

    So this morning i awoke to a foot of snow. The snow plow person was nice enough to put a 3 foot barricade at the end of my driveway as well. I call into work and get the automated response we are business as usual. I swear it would take a Nuke going off... More
  • Video Game Script-Day 3-Rerouted

    Today's post may be a bit short because its kind of late and I need to get more sleep but here is the continuation of my as-of-yet unnamed video game script: Cutscene: The red light speeds across the ground. The Voice has spoken to it and has ordered... More
  • Throwback Thursday - Halo: Combat Evolved

    Hey guys! We're The Game Crits. This may come off as an advertisement (and it sort of is) but it isn't easy to gain traction. A few of my friends and I have started a Replay-style YouTube channel with a bunch of different segments. We also have... More
  • Juanolo's Gaming interview with Redguard Assassin

    Welcome back to another Juanolo's Gaming interview. We have a new person this week ready to answer some questions. We didn't have a GI User question, so I made up one. Of course, we have the small but annoying Jordolo question. Let's get started... More
  • Predictions For E3 2013

    WARNING: This post contains the unsubstantiated ramblings of a old blowhard. Read at peril of being infected. Folks are all lathered up for this year's Egalitarian Elfin Expo, or whatever the hell it's called. The next generation of gaming consoles... More
  • Impact: My Favorite Moments in Gaming

    Since I was two, I have been playing video games. Over the years, I have completed and witnessed many events through video games. These are my absolute favorite! They range from actual scenes to simply a moment which occurred around a game.Please note... More
  • SFA Day 19: The Best Gaming Day of the Year?

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    Tomorrow (or today for those on the East Coast) is the release day for Dishonored, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and The Walking Dead Episode 4. It's by far, the busiest release day the video game industry has seen all year. Not to mention that Just Dance 4... More
  • How Dead Space 3 Got Co-Op Right

    They did it again. The first Dead Space was a universal hit. It’s mixture of unique gameplay mechanics and terrifying horror elements were very well-received, and naturally people wanted more. As details began to leak about the sequel, some people... More
  • Azure update

    I'm not sure how big my following is here on game informer but if I combine every post I have ever made here a few thousand people have seen my content. What you don't know is that I am one of the admins of . I work along... More
  • Day 12: Why I Game.

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    We are all gamers. That's why we are here on GIO, for that very reason. But why we game is unique. We all have a story a reason for gaming and it's one I wish we would share. I'm not just talking about why you started either, I'm talking... More
  • 9/31- My Top Ten Rides Of Grand Theft Auto

    Grand Theft Auto has been a favored series of mine ever since I played GTA III back in 2001. It was the series that essentially created open-world games as we know them today. Ok, maybe not created, but it definitely was the first to nail it. Traveling... More
  • Remakes and their Flaws

    Everyone who has a favorite game has had daydreams about the possibility of playing a better, more up to date version of that same game; just as a kid dreams of the perfect dinner filled with cookies and cake. However, just like the underlying danger... More