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  • Day 5 - Still In A Dream: Metal Gear Solid 3 Review

    I love Metal Gear Solid 3. I can’t even attempt to deny it, I just love this game so much. I love the gameplay, I love the characters, I love the story, I love the bosses, I just adore this game from start to finish. Even months later, I still love... More
  • 10 Questions With A Twist

    So everyone is doing the ten questions deal. I figure to break up the monotony, I'm going to do a reversal on this topic. Here are my answers to the opposite of the ten questions everyone else is answering. 1: What is the latest video game system... More
  • The Game of Life...

    Hello everyone.... It's been almost a year since I last blogged on this website but there are many reasons for that. The last several months have been chock full of lesson plans, teaching my students, and watching my baby grow. It has been an amazing... More
  • Modern Warfare 3 Midnight Launch!

    Say what you want, but you can't deny that MW3 is this years biggest game. Maybe not the best to some people, but definitely the biggest seller. To say Call of Duty has a massive group of fans is an understatement. SO! In that case, Who here is going... More
  • My Beef with Call of Duty

    ok so to make this clear my bf/roomate brian plays the fps so this is based off of observation. Around the time MW2 came out we had the MAG beta and BBC2 beta on our ps3. Brian was in LOVE with this game cuz he loves to shoot people online. @ gamestop... More
  • Mass Effect 3: hands-on at Game City 2011

    Today was the last day of the Game City 2011, I've found a real treasure, a room hidden in the back of an area which is filled up with xbox360s in which mass effect 3 is able to play. So let's make a hands-on ! In the playable version your mission... More
  • Rocksteady - Or As I Like to Call - The Developer That Fixes Comic Games

    We're all familiar with Rocksteady's 2 Batman games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Their games made Batman's adventure dark, much like the movie, The Dark Knight. Except they were very different. Anyway, most Batman games before these two... More
  • Let's Play Megaman X4 Part 13-15 ***FINAL***

    Here it is, the end of Let's Play Megaman X4. I had a lot of fun making these and I hope you all enjoyed my crazy antics. This was my first Let's Play so any feedback is appreciated. And again, if you missed any of the other parts you can see... More
  • Moments: Outlast Elevator

    !SPOILER ALERT! About an hour ago, I finally completed the Whistleblower DLC for Outlast. I was excited to play it because I very much enjoyed the original Outlast. Personally, horror games where you can only run away because you cannot defend yourself... More
  • Collecting for the Nintendo Entertainment System

    I probably could've shortened that titles by inserting NES, but oh whatever. On my monthly swapmeet run I came across a NES. I've been on the hunt for one of these for a good while, so I was very excited to find it from this guy in working condition... More
  • Let's Play Syndicate Part 5

    Part 5 of my playthrough of Syndicate is now live! Hope you guys enjoy it! More
  • Be Anything You Want To Be

    You’re a coconut, but your biggest dream in life is to be an acorn? Really? Well, OK, then. Anything is possible. The “Magnoliophyta Master” badge is perhaps the easiest 15 points you’ll ever earn on Kongregate, folks. Within colored... More