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  • The Unspoken Challenges Of Party Chat

    It may sound surprising, but the first time I experienced the party chat feature on any system was last summer. Two friends and I decided to play through the original Borderlands on the 360 (I'm always down to play the first Borderlands, and neither... More
  • Current Gaming PC - 3/18/15 UPDATE!

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    I just wanted to throw this up on here. This is my current gaming PC. It's not much, but it gets the job done. I will probably run this until it dies on me. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and have a nice day! :D OS - Windows... More
  • Lifetime Video Games Completed - 3/18/15 UPDATE!

    I started doing this in 2011. I am recording every game that I beat on any system. This may not be very many, but I am still recording. I have COMPLETED every one of these games. I have played many others, but this list is for games that I know 100% I... More
  • It's 2015 - Do You Know Where Your Collector Edition's Are?

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    I still remember buying my first ever collector's edition for a video game; Halo 2. I treasured that steel case, and as of today it still sits in my gaming library; a shiny reminder of the dedication to the franchise and willingness to shell out a... More
  • How Nintendo Could Win with NX (but probably won't)

    This'll be brief compared to the rest of the blogs in my history here. I wanted to get this out there as it donned on me how Nintendo's mysterious NX console could change things. First, here's all we know: Nintendo is licensing games to mobile... More
  • 4 Changes I Want to See Now That We Are Well Into This Gen

    For a long time now we have asked developers to give our FPS characters legs, but do me a favour and look down now. You see more than legs don’t you. Give us a body! Let’s see the arms holding the gun, let’s see the ammo on our belts... More
  • Infamous: Second Son Review: Power Play


    Despite my "meh" experience with the original game, I dove into Second Son hopeful, and came out a believer.

    ... More
  • Nintendo's NX — How Soon Is Too Soon?

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    With the announcement of Nintendo's new NX platform, the inevitable argument is that it is too soon to be releasing, or even announcing, a new console. The Wii U was released only two-and-a-half years ago, and the PS4 and Xbox One were released only... More
  • BROADCASTING: Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae

    As promised I am going live in five hours, to broadcast my gameplay of Final Fantasy XV Demo. For those that have not checked it out already or those who will never get a chance to play this Demo. Join me if at all curious about what this demo has to... More
  • Opinion : The future of battlefield Campaigns. thoughts?

    Okay.. first off, i saw the campaign review that gameinformer did and i have to agree with them its a little stupid. I feel like the franchise doesn't need a single player story. I still play battlefield 1942 and battlefield 2 campaigns and they're... More
  • I love video game fan art

    Hello, this is more or less meant to be an introduction of a part of me and what I love to do online when I am not commenting on Game Informer and other Gaming Sites or play a video game. A good couple of years ago I was searching for a screenshot of... More
  • My 20 Favorite Movies Ever

    So, because I made my list of my 20 all-time favorite video games , now I present my all-time 20 favorite movies. No videos or descriptions for my entries, though, so if by some miracle anyone wants to know about a particular entry, don't hesitate... More