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  • Gamers Express Frustrations as Developers Withhold Content for DLC Releases

    Mobile gaming has grown into big business in recent years as mobile technology opened up the genre to millions of people around the world. The popularity of mobile games such as Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go are just some of the big names... More
  • Future Unfolding

    Future Unfolding is an Indie adventure game, a relaxing journey mostly, its main feature is exploration, but it adds small puzzles hidden along a map full of life, colorful and visually pleasing. Characteristics The subtlety of Future Unfolding is felt... More
  • Why Dirt 4 has made me excited about procedural generation.

    "Procedural generation" Not exactly a phrase that gets people hyped when they hear about its inclusion in a game. It's normally quite the opposite in fact, we hear those words, and our minds tend to immediately jump to one of the many bad... More
  • Where’s Waldo – Me Edition

    This is a video game website, and all my posts have been video game related up to this point, but today I’m going to be doing something different - I’m going to talk about myself. Well, I guess since I am a gamer it does fall under the category... More
  • Snake Pass Review - PC

    Snake Pass gameplay is something out of the ordinary; We are a snake called Noodle, which must find lost magic crystals along each level. The mentioned crystals form portals when they are united, each portal consists of three different crystals and serves... More
  • On Fighting Game Character Variety

    They say variety is the spice of life, and often times the lifetime of a game is measured by its variety. Nowhere is this more apparent than in casts of fighting games. With the recent release of Injustice 2 and the criticism of keep away characters such... More
  • Top 10 Soundtracks This Generation

    Anybody who regularly reads my blogs knows that I love myself a good video game soundtrack. I listen to game music whenever I write, am bored, and even while driving. Recently there have been a few titles that have provided some wonderful music for gamers... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 64 - Papo y Yo

    Minority Media made a huge splash in 2012 with the release of their intensely personal project titled Papo y Yo. The game took players on a journey into the imagination of a young boy from a Brazilian favela whose father is a raging alcoholic. The young... More
  • Is It Still Fun?

    Nostalgia is a vicious beast. Often times when it rears its ugly head we become so compelled by something we once loved that we would do anything to experience that love again. Unfortunately this can seriously backfire. So what games are capable of withstanding... More
  • The Adventures Of A Gamer Teacher: Ensemble Cast

    As I've been mentioning in my previous blogs, my birthday took place on May 10th and I managed to have a gaming party with my students. However, such event wasn't supposed to happen as I wasn't willing to invite friends over but my girlfriend... More
  • MightyMagikarp's Top 100 Video Game Characters List (#100 - 91)

    The time has finally come. With all the exposition out of the way in my previous blog , I can now get straight to the juicy character list hopefully somebody other than me has been waiting for. First, I forgot to thank my buddy Heropon in my intro blog... More
  • So Much Sushi: Online Slots with a Tasty Twist

    The game of online slots continues to be the most popular casino game for several reasons. For starters, the game is so simple to play and requires no special skill or training. You can start playing an online slots game of your choice the moment you... More