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  • Video Game Crossovers! (OCVT 16)

    Everyone has imagined their favorite video game characters having to come together and fight off some big challenge, at least I have. If you're cool like me and have thoughts... like me then let me know down below in the comments. What video game... More
  • It's Been a Long While...

    Not a 'Hello I'm Back' and not a 'Goodbye for Good' It's hard to believe I haven't posted a single blog since September of 2014 and even before then my blog posting and reviews had been sporadic at best throughout the entire... More
  • In My Anticipation...

    The sun barely breached the dark green canopy of the ancient forest, the citrus glow diffused under the woodland. Its twisting, writhing trees loomed high overhead, sentinels of a long, lost age, frozen in time. Their limbs stretched inward and upward... More
  • Reader Response: Dream Game

    I'd love to have a completely open world like what will be Wild Hunt, but with superheroes. A complete RPG where you choose your initial power base and how you play, with upgrades/mutates to that system. Imagine a mesh of InFamous and the failed ability... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Dream Game - Kombat Warriors

    Last year's Tecmo Koei/Nintendo mash-up Hyrule Warriors taught us several key things about the future of gaming. The Warriors franchise isn't as played out as people think, no mash-up is too outlandish to gain a large following, and more companies... More
  • 4 Wishes for Project Cars

    In just a little bit (depending on your location), Project Cars will be live for download on Steam, giving we few simulation-based gamers the shot in the arm we’ve been asking for on our PCs and consoles. It’s an amazing feeling to have something... More
  • Ultimate Weapon: Ratchet's RYNO

    One of my favorite game franchises, and probably my favorite platformer series of all, is the Ratchet and Clank series. I love the franchise due to it's great sense of humor, zippy platforming, and collection quests. It's kind of like Zelda for... More
  • Bloodborne - The One Reborn Boss Fight the easy way

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't put up a video in a week or so, been super busy. But, in this video we will be taking a look at taking on The One Reborn in the Yahar'Gul zone of Bloodborne. Not too difficult of a fight, seeing as to how he's a giant... More
  • The P.T. Blues

    As anyone with the internet knows by now, Konami recently put the rumors to rest about the status of Silent Hills; they confirmed it was officially cancelled. This was (in the realm of video games) colossally disappointing. P.T. (short for "Playable... More
  • The Backlog: A chronicling of my attempt to tame the beast

    Hello my fellow Gameinformer contributors and community members. My name is Chris and I've been hanging around the GI site for a while now, years in fact. I'm a very passionate gamer and I'm a very opinionated person, thus I have always wanted... More
  • Nintendo Screen Shot Scrap Book #2

    A week has passed by and after getting multiple people telling me how good of an idea the first Scrap Book was I decided to make this a weekly to bi-weekly blog. I game a ton during the week and making these scrap books gives me a way to keep an online... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Go Go Gaming Gadgets

    It's hard to pin down what exactly constitutes a gadget in a game. Certain items have exceptional properties, however I wouldn't consider them gadgets. Though I suppose if it does something super cool, it can be thrown into the ring for the title... More