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  • Gerardo's Best Games Played In 2017 - #2: Lost In Shadow

    Those under the radar games, they always get my attention. That's exactly what happened between me and Lost In Shadow, a Wii game worth playing if you are into forbidden gems. The premise of this game is very basic: you have been imprisoned and your... More
  • How Super Mario Odyssey Renewed My Love For Video Games

    Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece. You probably already know that though, the game has gain praise from pretty much everyone who has played video games this year. But Super Mario Odyssey meant more to me than just the first true 3D Mario game since... More
  • Gerardo's Best Games Played In 2017 - #1: Mega Man 9

    As I have been doing since 2015, every month or two I choose a favorite game for that period out of the ones I played. Going retro as I like to do most of the time, Mega Man 9 practically begged me to play it and I finally did it, having played some of... More
  • Why The Last Jedi is the film Star Wars needed.

    I posted these thoughts in a article relating to The Last Jedi, but I felt it might just be easier posting them in full in a separate space. It goes without saying, major spoilers for the film will be discussed ahead: I think we need to take a deep dive... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 84 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (ft. Marcus Stewart)

    Sonic the Hedgehog may have been a well known character before Sonic 2 hit the shelves, but Sonic 2 gave his series of games the momentum to continue all the way to this very day, made the Sega Genesis a must-own system for kids around the world, and... More
  • My Nine Favorite Games I Played At PSX 2017


    I played a ton of awesome games at PSX 2017. Check out my thoughts on the Shadow of the Colossus remake, Zone of the Enders VR, Lost Soul Aside and more!

    ... More
  • Marco's Movie Night: Star Wars- The Last Jedi

    I feel sad saying it, but as a franchise, I've begun to suffer from a bit of Star Wars fatigue. It almost feels as if we never really get a break from it, but rather, that the Star Wars universe has become a year-round phenomena. As my grandmother... More
  • Oh, Hey Writer’s Block

    It’s strange the way that writing block hits you. You’ll be in the car or in the shower or watching Black Mirror with your roommate and you’ll suddenly have the perfect idea, the perfect line, the perfect story. But then, you sit down... More
  • My prediction for Smash 5's roster: Part 5 (Conclusion [Warning: short])

    First of all: THANK YOU GAMEINFORMER for fixing this so I only have to press "Post to your Blog" now instead of some complicated stuff. Anyway, I'm replacing Scorpion with the Inklings, because I forgot them and it gave me a convenient out... More
  • Two Years And My Year in Review!

    I've been a subscriber to GI Magazine for more than a decade now, but 2 years ago I began utilizing the site to explore my newfound love of writing. I'll never forget my first blog. I had just gotten the platinum trophy for Dark Souls 2 on PS4... More
  • Costume Quest 2 Review - You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Trick Or Treat

    Developer: Double Fine Productions Publisher: Majesco Entertainment Played on Xbox One If you played the first Costume Quest, you should be able to figure out what happens here. You play as one of two siblings on a Halloween-themed adventure, this time... More
  • Do Gamers Know Their Cover Art? 12/15/17 End of Year Edition!

    WELCOME TO ANOTHER DO GAMERS KNOW THEIR COVER ART! Welcome one and all to my cover art guessing game. These posts occur twice a month, with the first post of each month being somewhat easy and the second post of each month being more of a challenge. This... More