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  • Can Newcomers Be Iconic?

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst is the first game in a long time I went and bought a Collector's Edition - that bust will look sweet on my desk when it arrives (eh..troubles at Amazon, and they had a huge shortage for a long time, despite me ordering it... More
  • Mirror's Edge: Capitalist

    Get it? I don’t think it’s unfair to say that the problems of capitalism are at the heart of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst ’s world. The game opens with the following quote, for godsakes: “In the City of Glass the conglomerate... More
  • What I Worry About for Final Fantasy XV and The Series

    Regular readers are probably aware that I love the Final Fantasy series . In fact, to this day, I go back and replay all the ones that I can on my Playstation. I love their formula, their stories, and their ever-changing gameplay. True, I like some more... More
  • Why Watch_Dogs 2 is the Sequel I Hoped for:

    Watch_Dogs 2 has now been officially announced after all of the leaks and rumors ahead of the official unveiling, and it looks glorious. For those of you that don’t know, Watch_Dogs 2 is set in San Francisco with a new main character; Marcus Holloway... More
  • EDITED|The Invaders: The Life and Death of the Beloved Broyce

    Author's Notes: A special someone asked me who was Broyce in one of my Invaders entries. This will answer most your questions about him. Know that this symbolic story that tells about a person I really care about in my world. He is not dead, but I... More
  • When I Play - Short Story -

    In 1998 a 4 years old boy named Gerardo, a boy with no hobbies, no sports and no other daily activities than to go to school and be at home, decided to grab his older brothers Nintendo 64 controller. Not knowing how to hold it in his tiny hands, he cried... More
  • The excitement of E3

    Ah, E3. It's like gaming christmas. Last year, we got a bunch of games like everything at Bethesda, South Park 2 (yes it's happening), Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor, Mass Effect Andromeda, Unravel, Nier Automata, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy... More
  • OVERSEER R-12: LOG#006

    Today could be labeled the day of firsts. Firsts ghoul, first trader, first raider. Morning came and the group gave her enough stimpaks to stave off the infection and what food they could spare. Preston asked her, if she ever got the time, to help a settlement... More
  • Confession – How Having A Crush On Someone Made Me See The Lame Parts In Games

    Any one who played Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 must remember the mining minigame. All you did was look at a radar next to a planet and search the planet for valuable elements to advance your weapons development. For most people, this was the stupidest... More
  • My Wishlist for Zelda 2017

    I’ve been playing Twilight Princess HD on Wii U and it’s made me even more excited for the new Zelda game we are supposed to finally get next year. This so far title-less Zelda game (hopefully we’ll get an official name at E3 next week... More
  • Insomnia E3 Edition! Best Drop the Mic Moment!

    Well, as I have laid in bed for the past hour and a half completely failing to fall asleep I thought why not write a new blog post instead. Tonight's topic? Greatest E3 drop the mic moment. There have been plenty of surprises to come from E3 in the... More
  • Pre-E3 Rituals

    This past week as I've been cleaning and organizing furiously, I started to realize what was happening: I was falling into my pre-E3 ritual of, well, cleaning and organizing. Prior to the pressers, I like to make sure everything else is in order so... More