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  • The Reclaimer is my Hero

    You don’t know how much Halo means to me. It was the first game I ever played by myself and it was the first game I demoed when it came out. I was only 5 when it happened and I remember having the choice to play either Metal Slug 3 Demo or Halo... More
  • Far Cry 5 microtransations, something seems fishy to me.

    Microtransations. The word as become one of the dirtiest right next to Lootbox in the video game industry. Publisher seem to be only interested in shoveling in extra monetization at the expense of player experience. I will not go off on a huge tangent... More
  • Far Cry 5 co-op disappointment

    A friend and I hunt around for good co-op games, and we were highly excited when we saw this game supports full co-op. We thought it would be just like Wildlands, which had an amazing co-op mode. However, now we're seeing after one of us joins the... More
  • The Adventures of a Gamer Teacher: A Teacher Made Friend

    A month has passed since I last posted one of these, and it felt like a long time, actually. Out now even more in the real world with work and more responsibilities, and not just me but other members of my group, a meeting was something we all needed... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 90 - The Stanley Parable

    The Stanley Parable originated as a mod for Half-Life 2 made by Davey Wreden. The mod proved to be relatively popular for its unique sense of humor and the way it played with gaming interactivity in novel ways. As a result, it became a fully fledged title... More
  • Why Bad Video Games Can Be Good For You

    So, my situation doesn't allow me to buy new and shiny games all the time, and I gotta say, sometimes PSN has a nasty habit of making a crap game free. I've played a few and realized something: it might not be a bad idea on their part. I started... More
  • Sea of Thieves Is About The Stories You Make

    The island we need to get to is in front of us, just a couple of miles ahead. But there is a huge rock in front of us, so we need to move around it. As we’re circling the rock formation, a rival ship immediately comes into sight, sailing perpendicular... More
  • GMC: Using colors to overcome our inner selves.

    I may have missed the deadline, but I'm going with a better late than never approach on this one because the Game Making Challenge posted by StartPack and Haley Shipley sounded really fun. Saturation. When it comes to video game saturation my mind... More
  • Review: Celeste

    Celeste Time Investment: 15+ Hours Verdict: Play I want to make no bones about this: Celeste is a triumph of both game design, and video game storytelling. It is first and foremost a brutally challenging platformer, whose tight controls are reminiscent... More
  • Celeste Offers a Lesson in Accepting One's Faults

    (Originally posted on Derin Loe Gaming ) At first impression, Celeste is just another 2D platformer that takes inspiration from classic 16-bit era games of the same genre. Beyond the visuals and the jumping between platforms though, is a layer that is... More
  • A Gaming Life: Pt. 2 - Shenmue is Better Compared to Telltale Than GTA

    Shenmue is old, but it’s not the boogeyman. Though the franchise can only be accessed on Dreamcast (and Xbox, in North America), it’s an extremely important franchise, and definitely worth going back to play today. But not for the reason you... More
  • GMC – A Night to Remember

    When you’re chasing through a saturated world, everything feels possible. You feel overwhelmed and exhilarated and you’re not sure where to look. Saturated means that everything is bursting at the seams, so how do you capture that in a game... More