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  • CWC - Food in games

    Food has been a core aspect of video games almost as far back as their creation. One need look no further than our yellow friend with the bottomless stomach, Pac-Man. The entire concept of the game is to eat the dots laid out in the level, along with... More
  • Acceso Anticipado – Dawn of Andromeda PC

    Conquista el Cosmos Dawn of Andromeda es un juego sci-fi 4X , de estrategia en tiempo real. Con algunos destellos de otros juegos del mercado como Stellaris o Sins of a Solar Empire , pero ciertamente Dawn of Andromeda tiene lo suyo. Un juego 4X quiere... More
  • Rings - Eh...It's Alright.

    I think it's obvious I'm a pretty big fan of the Ring, both the American and Japanese versions. Seeing an American sequel, Rings, really seemed out of the blue - I mean, at this point the series is hardly scary when it relies on one trope that... More
  • Pre-Review: The Surge and Injustice 2

    [As Read on SNo2 .] I’m going to do something I’m not normally wont to do today because I’m feeling overly tired but also overly excited about sharing my experience with both The Surge and Injustice 2 with other people. I’m going... More
  • My Top 5 Favorite, Underrated RPG’s

    Ranking role-playing games is popular right now. GameInformer and IGN both recently ranked their top 100. Now, obviously, I had some problems with these lists. But when you think about it, if it isn’t your own list then everyone has a problem of... More
  • Top 8 Things That Made Me Stop Playing

    Some people play a game and they like it, but sometimes a game can go too far with their content or something goes wrong with the game itself. It can make a player stop playing for good sometimes and that has happened to me too much. Hello and welcome... More
  • [Análisis] Kona - PC

    Kona – Análisis PC Es el año 1970 , al norte de Canadá , una tormenta azota el pequeño pueblo de Atamipek Lake . Somos un detective casi retirado llamado Carl Faubert, quien viene en busca de un cliente para ayudarle... More
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Review - A Neat Little Dungeon Crawler

    Developer: Atlus Publisher: Atlus When a mass of black energy called the Schwartzwelt appears in the south pole and threatens to engulf the earth, the government sends an team of soldiers and researchers into the dark void to discover its origins, and... More
  • The Lost Save

    Let me ask you something. If you were reading a really good book for the first time but when you got to the last chapter you were told you have to start from the beginning, read all the way back to the last chapter, and THEN you could finish, would you... More
  • Everything Wrong with Black Ops 3

    Black Ops, the game that got too much attention and became a leech for every CoD player! Although, considered the best CoD on the market without hackers and a trash community to ruin it, this game still has some things wrong with it. Hello and welcome... More
  • Thought Blog: Call of Duty WWII

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] Sledgehammer Games has dealt in Call of Duty stock prior to the upcoming entry in the multi-entry series. They not only worked with Infinity Ward and other subservient developers on Modern Warfare 3, but they also developed... More
  • Análsis - Aliens Go Home Run

    Aliens Go Home Run Aliens Go Home Run es un pequeño juego Arcade , una mezcla elementos Breakout , el deporte béisbol y al inolvidable Galaxian ; una propuesta con temática diferente, su arte amigable lo hace atractivo para niños... More