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  • The Essentials Challenge: Starter Pack - Portal 2

    Here we go again, dear readers! Kicking off July, we have another Essential to cross off the list as Starter Pack wraps up the second game in one of the most innovative puzzle game series out there; Portal 2! So much of both Portal games has become internet... More
  • Progression of Combat in The Witcher

    I’ve spent the last month getting familiar with The Witcher, by which I mean I’ve spent nearly 80 hours playing through the first two installments and slowly settling in with the third. I could probably write a novel about how realized and... More
  • How Well Do Last Gen Classics Holdup, Part 2

    This blog post, fair warning is going to contain spoilers for The Last of Us . From this point on I'm going to spoil every bit of the game. To begin with, I haven't enjoyed the combat in any of Naughty Dog's recent games. From Uncharted 1... More
  • KIS#3: RWBY Grimm Eclipse (PS4)

    *I intended this as a review, yet as I see it's being described as a hack and slash, like many character action games, I've decided to turn this into a Keeping it Stylish. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is a game that I was ecstatic about since I first heard... More
  • My Top 10 Resident Evil Games

    Ever since I can remember, Resident Evil games have been on my radar. Popular among fans for its catchy and unique take on the survival horror genre, its scares have been all the more satisfying through the years. With the series going more action oriented... More
  • My Time Capsule

    This is another reason why video games are so freaking great and means hell a lot to me, just like a time capsule you might say??.......please allow me to explain, but first i apologize for the crappy quality, i used some casual USB camera to take these... More
  • A Discussion On Video Games Achievements

    People have a need to accomplish things in their lives, and with video games, it's no exception, with everything from 100% completionists getting every possible thing they can in a game, Speed-Runners finding new and faster ways to beat a game, and... More
  • Celebrating Four on the Fourth

    The Fourth of July – if I didn’t have such a love for Christmas movies it would probably be my favorite holiday. It’s not that I’m particularly patriotic, I just have a thing for fireworks and summer nights. There’s something... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 67 - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Oblivion released in 2006 bringing a massive open-world geared toward a mainstream audience to PC and console gamers alike. Players were able to explore Cyrodiil, a fantasy land full of kings and gods while experiencing a myriad of stories ranging from... More
  • My Top 4 Cinematic Gaming Experiences

    Being cinematic refers to 'having qualities of film.' Games which are cinematic tend to rely on using cutscenes and filmmaking techniques to deliver a unique storytelling experience. These techniques usually involve lighting, camera angles/movement... More
  • I Am A Flower

    I am a flower Through the winds I set on an unknown flight One in which I can feel a lot of power Or feel powerless upon what may be in sight. I am a flower with no real color As it changes from place to place Traveling different landscapes prevent me... More
  • Ranking the Soulsborne Bosses: No. 110-101

    Hello and welcome to the next segment of my rankings of the Soulsborne bosses! In this list I'll be finishing up my rankings of all the boss battles ranked below the top one hundred. With that in mind, might as well just jump right on in~ Starting... More