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  • Ubisoft desiste de vender DLC’s en sus juegos

    Ubisoft ha dicho por medio Anne Blondel-Jouin , Vice Presidenta de Operaciones , que no se volverán a vender DLC’s que se vuelvan necesarios para disfrutar a los juegos por completo. Haciendo enfoque en que se centraran en dar soporte a sus... More
  • Watching My Girlfriend Play

    One of the things that I love seeing is someone playing video games. That said, when my girlfriend plays, that sensation levels up to higher frontiers. Despite my inner leader tends to show up everytime such event happens after some thinking I decided... More
  • Qrow's Turkey, or I'd Like To Thank...

    I know it's a little early, but with current situation arising this will be my only time to post a blog of this nature before the holiday passes. ( With... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 44 - Dishonored

    With the recent release of Dishonored 2, let's take a look at Arkane's first outing to the city-state of Dunwall. As the body-guard turned supernatural assassin, Corvo, players navigate the political turmoil left by an assassinated empress to... More
  • An Ode to All of my Unfinished Games

    The other night I started a new game of a Link to the Past and it was a very stupid thing to do. I have a really bad habit of starting a game and never finishing it. So, this post is for all of those games that are just waiting to be completed. I have... More
  • Gaming in the Age of Spoilers

    I have a confession to make – I haven’t started playing Pokemon Sun and Moon and I may not start for a while. My dad really wants us to start the games at the same time and playthrough together and I think it’s a fun idea. But, that... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Favorite Pokémon Memories

    I’ve been playing Pokémon practically since it came out – and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I recently wrote a post applauding Pokémon for all that it’s done this year, but now I want to applaud it for... More
  • Tackling the Backlog: SSX (2012)

    Really all that needs to be said about SSX (2012) is done so by comparing its cover to that of SSX Tricky . On the right is Tricky with its garish color scheme of sky blue smashing into Fanta orange. The three character designs all very distinct. You’ve... More
  • My first video game! I programmed it myself ;)

    Hello GI online! This is the first "game" I have ever programmed. It runs off a language called DCPU-16. It's an offshoot of a game Notch/mojang was making called 0x10c. It's very simple, but it took around 12 hours of work. Copy and... More
  • Entrevista: Fumito Ueda - Director en The Last Guardian

    Fumito Ueda - Director en The Last Guardian En Londres, Fumito Ueda mira expectante como un grupo de periodistas juegan su próximo juego: The Last Guardian , posteriormente da una entrevista a los periodistas (de España y Alemania) en la... More
  • [Analisis] Kopanito - Allstars

    Esto es Jogo Bonito: Kopanito Este fin de semana pasado, probamos Kopanito All-Stars Soccer , desarrollado por los independientes Merixgames y nos ha gustado mucho, el fútbol podría ser uno de los deportes preferidos de muchos gamers, en... More
  • The Best Deals With Gold, Week of 21NOV

    Last week I detailed some of the best Xbox deals with Gold and digital downloads. This week I will be highlighting some newer deals as well as timely Black Friday additions. Let's go ahead and see what's in store for the week then shall we? Join... More