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  • I Wish I'd Never Seen The Last Jedi

    I'm on record on multiple stories on this site stating that I think the Expanded Universe is utter garbage - even Timothy Zahn's work (which I think of as slightly less stinky garbage). I was even ecstatic when Disney wiped the slate clean, and... More
  • Four Video Game Characters That Are Secretly Sexy

    Exhibit A: Cortana Cortana is essentially the Geeky AI version of Tomb Raider. Quite frankly, whoever thought "She is a computer she doesn't need clothes!" was a bonafide genius. It doesn't really help the situation when tentacle porn... More
  • Kirby Star Allies from an Aging Kirby Fanboy

    Kirby Star Allies from an Aging Kirby Fanboy I feel like every blog I make starts off with me saying "Its been a long time since I last blogged"... So I am gonna skip that step. Long story short, I got into a funk, making an easy blog to unleash... More
  • My gaming plans for the weekend

    Sup GI, still gaming? ...good! So here's my gaming plans for the weekend: 1.Final Fantasy (PS One) So as you know i started replying FFVII (the Original. man that game aged well) i'm trying to hit every side quest on the way, hidden items. exploring... More
  • A New Series of Escape Adventures is Setting the Standard for Live Gaming

    Are you ready to learn a whole new approach to live gaming? If so, you'll be pleased to hear about the exciting new Escape Room Calgary . This is the place where the new style of "escape room" adventures has reached a whole new standard... More
  • New Gundam Breaker Coming To PC June 22!

    You read the title correctly. The first Gundam game ever to be released on PC to the West is releasing this year. Bandai Namco confirmed the news in a brand new trailer: Thats not all the news. Siliconera reports there will be six romanceable heroines... More
  • Is Tesla About To Fail?

    Man I hope so. A lot of people really seem to think electric cars are a Good Idea. And I think they're right, in certain situations. But they can never be a mass market, drive anywhere vehicle in the same manner as a gasoline, diesel, or compressed... More
  • 8-bit Baseball Ads

    I was going to post GI's Super Bases Loaded review from 1991 but I'm not sure if the scan would be large enough to read so here are some old baseball ads instead. More
  • Far Cry 5 – Análisis

    Far Cry 5 – Análisis Una suave música nos da la bienvenida al menú principal, y el aroma a campestre es casi perceptible a través de la pantalla de nuestro monitor, por fin podemos poner nuestras manos en la esperada... More
  • A Gaming Life: Pt. 2 - Digital Gaming Amnesia

    Everyone has their gaming sins. Whether it’s leaving discs out to gather dust and scratches, screen-cheating, or ignoring that super popular game everyone loves, we all have those little gaming sins that surprise others. “Sin” may be... More
  • No. You Can't Repeal the Second Amendment.

    So stop asking. More
  • The Reclaimer is my Hero

    You don’t know how much Halo means to me. It was the first game I ever played by myself and it was the first game I demoed when it came out. I was only 5 when it happened and I remember having the choice to play either Metal Slug 3 Demo or Halo... More