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  • Community Writing Challenge: E3 Mania!

    E3 is a nerds dream come true. From the biggest companies in the industry announcing new and exciting games to the smallest studios showing off their 5-10 team project that only came to realization because of the blood, sweat and tears they poured into... More
  • Backlog Blitz: NES, Week 18 "Skate Or Buy! (My Book)"

    Hey, GameInformer! It's been a while! Life (well, school) hit me pretty dang hard for the last few months. Finally done with college, though. I've got my $160,000 piece of paper that says I can put words together pretty. Which is nice. And now... More
  • E3 2015: Nintendo Press Conference Impressions

    A little late, I admit, but still relevant. Care to read my summary and impressions of Nintendo's recent E3 press conference?

    ... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Games: #8: Dark Souls

    I missed this game at launch, but all of my friends were telling me to play it. And it wasn't until one of them let me borrow the game that I finally got a chance to play it, and not long after, I went out and got my own copy just just to make sure... More
  • Weekend Warrior: Post E3 2015 Edition

    Good morning GI Online Community! As I'm sure each of the GI editors are doing each of his or her owns' best recovering from the sleepless nights and over indulgences of coffee consumption while needing to report on each of the newly announced... More
  • E3 2015: Sony Press Conference Impressions


    Four down, three to go (sorry, no PC Gaming recap from me). Read along as I summarize each E3 2015 press conference and provide general impressions. Where will Sony stand in relation to the others?

    ... More
  • My Evolving Weekend Gaming Habits

    Today being Friday, I got to thinking about how each of us tackle our respective weekends of gaming. But it wasn't until a friend sent me a text today asking what my gaming plans for the weekend were, that I started thinking about how my weekend gaming... More
  • Characters Well Suited For Smash Bros. - Inkling

    A little over a year ago when I first joined Game Informer Online, I eagerly opened up the blog editor, excited to begin my writing journey, one I began in an effort to learn more about the game industry and improve as a writer. However, as I stared at... More
  • Flagrant Speculation: Why Zelda U Could (and should) Be Zelda NX

    As Nintendo forewarned, "Zelda U" was absent from this year's Digital Event and E3 show floor. Disappointing, of course, but we all had time to brace ourselves prior to the presentation. Still, one has to wonder; why was the game excluded... More
  • My top 2015 games

    Please rate and Comment: Hello, the blog i am writing rigth nowis something that will be evolving throught the year as more games keep getting added. This list will emcompass the best games I have played in the year (plus a short summary) enjoy- -BLOODBORNE... More
  • Top 5 of the Mid-year and What's Coming

    At the end of every year I, like every other troglodyte with a keyboard, put together a list of my favorite games from the past 12 months. We’ve still got plenty of time until then, but I wanted to reflect upon the year so far with my five favorites... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Games: #9: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

    I actually got into Castlevania through the 3D games on the PS2. I thought they were both pretty good, but when I got my hands on the 2D games, I started to realize why all my friends were telling me to play them. But despite checking out Dawn of Sorrow... More