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  • Is Call of Duty's Narrow Skill-Gap Ruining Multiplayer Gaming?

    I've heard it said that games like Call of Duty just don't require enough skill to be considered ''hardcore,'' mostly due to their very narrow skill gap, and that developers need to stop pandering to ''casual''... More
  • Top 10 Games with Awful Difficulty...

    Games have gotten easy over the years and most don't really require our full attention, but these games will mark your life as a hardcore gamer and look at life with new eyes. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to this top ten games that have awful... More
  • VA-11 Hall-A Critique

    I like to drink. That shouldn’t be all that surprising. I’m 24 years-old, so hanging out with friends more often equates to drinking. Probably a little more than I should, and like everyone who’s gotten too drunk for their own good,... More
  • Monster Hunter IOS - Back Like A Vertebrae

    So...Monster Hunter is back on IOS. I know, I can't believe it either - out of sheer boredom (okay, I was taking a dump) I typed in Monster Hunter on search, and...well, basically pooped when I saw this game resurrected on the App Store (now supporting... More
  • 7th Dragon III Code VFD is great

    Tried the demo on the 3DS eShop, and I liked the combat enough to buy the full game. It is amazing so far. Lots of options to customize your party, with many different classes and skills to choose from, as well as allowing you to spend skill points upgrading... More
  • Series That Should Get the Pokemon Go Treatment

    Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation! Everybody is playing it, even some of your grandparents. The popularity that has come with the game has been one of the most popular gaming stories in years. I mean just check your Facebook or your Twitter feed, everyone... More
  • Review: Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus

    Last summer I played Super Metroid for the first time and immediately fell in love. This summer I played Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus and fell just as in love as I did a year ago. Chronicles of Teddy is a Metroidvania style game complete with... More
  • "The Donkey Punch Incident"

    My wife, Alicia, is a lot of things; unbelievably intelligent, hilariously sarcastic, effortlessly sexy, tenuously patient with my shenanigans...she's truly the most excellent person I know. One thing she isn't, however, is a dedicated gamer.... More
  • Gaming With My Player Two

    There's nothing more entertaining for a gamer than playing with someone else. I got to know my girlfriend thanks to videogames, and even though she doesn't play as much as I do when she plays she surprises me. Not only she learned how to play... More
  • This is Not A Review of Pokémon Go

    This is not a review. I think it’s fair to say – at this point – that Pokémon Go isn’t really a game. It’s a social experiment. We live in an age where that concept has become muddied by the trash fire of Youtube prank... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Pokémon Snap GO

    Do we really need another mobile Pokémon game to take the world by storm? Maybe not – but the world does need another Pokémon Snap. If we aren’t going to get Pokémon Snap Wii U, we might as well get Pokémon Snap... More
  • Fallout: New Vegas Review

    I never got a chance to play New Vegas when it released back in 2010, mostly because I was still playing Fallout 3. A couple of weeks, it became backwards compatible on Xbox One, so I decided to give it a go. It's an overall improvement over Fallout... More