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  • This Week in Gaming: January 10 -January 17

    Welcome to another episode of This Week in Gaming. I hope your year is starting off on a good foot. Nintendo Direct 2015 was this week. Let's get started. Trailers ZombieRun Eternal Step The Princess Bride Alphadia Genesis SMITE (3) Mechs & Mercs... More
  • 52/52 Week 3- A Tear to My Eye- Pokemon Adventures

    Well, after a VERY long hiatus, A Tear to My Eye is back, looking at parts of games that no one remembers or aren't appreciated enough. In part one, I looked at the brilliant design of Pikmin 2's bosses, and last time I looked at Rayman Origin's... More
  • Current-Gen Burdens: Hard Drive Woes

    Man, these new systems are amazing! PS4, Xbox One, whatever it is, its awesome! Look at those graphics, this amazing gameplay, all the possibilities! Wait...Whats that...94% full already? By now we are all probably feeling the heat.Our hard drives, which... More
  • Jackson Stone's 5 Most Anticipated Games for 2015

    2015 is here. Well, technically it's been here for a few weeks, but you know. It's here nonetheless. I think what many people are hoping for is for the year to be better than 2014. Because last year, if there wasn't an international crisis... More
  • Why we want a charger in the "new" 3DS

    Hello guys, long time no talk. Today I'm doing another blog entry on Nintendo's recent decision to not include a charger in the new 3DS. I'm always willing to applaud Nintendo's first party games, but they handle everything other than... More
  • Top Ten Games of 2014

    I've been preparing for this blog all week. Thanks to all users who checked out my Top Ten Contender blogs as well as the awards I posted yesterday. As the title states these are my top ten games of 2014. I think I played 26 new releases this year... More
  • Preparing for Persona 5

    The Japanese role-playing game genre encompasses some of my favorite games ever, so why did it take me so long to play one of the genre's most-acclaimed franchises? With the release of the highly-anticipated Persona 5 slated for this year, I figure... More
  • Alto's Atypical Game Awards

    I don’t know how the rest of the community feels but I’m sick of seeing users making GOTY blogs and give out the exact same awards as everyone else. Not that there is anything wrong with awarding the Best PC Exclusive, or the Best Shooter... More
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

    INTRODUCTION As happens every year at this time, another Call of Duty game was released and I of course had to have it. I now own eleven Call of Duty games, and have reached the maximum prestige level in every game since COD4: Modern Warfare. I’m... More
  • Fireside Chat: Nintendo's Future

    Last month, I began a series of articles known as "Fireside Chats" - through these blogs, I reach out to a member of the Game Informer Community to discuss a specific game, series, or issue in the video game world at length. This time around... More
  • Land Shark Silliness

    I play a lot of Destiny. Instead of feeling ashamed, I've learned to embrace it. A while back, I decided to create a clan, and my love of land sharks may have come into play. I'm not going to say the name of the clan has "land sharks"... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 28

    This week, the guys discuss Hotline Miami 2, new Rock Band DLC and their most anticipated games of the year.

    ... More