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  • Play my Uncharted Quiz!

    If you see my other blog posts, you will see that I am kind of an Uncharted/Naughty Dog fanatic. Well, I'm such a nerd, that when I was bored I decided to make a Kahoot quiz off of the Uncharted series. If you don't know what Kahoot is, it's... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: RWBY's Four Maidens

    I cannot think of a game in particular that wowed me by utilizing the different seasons, but there is one thing that instantly came to mind with this weeks CWC and that is RWBY. For those who may be unfamiliar, RWBY is an animated series created by Monty... More
  • An Open ASMR Letter to Mark Cerny

    Hey Mark. I’m just a boy with a dream. You’re just a man with an even , soothing voice . Together, we can change the game. I’m sure you’re familiar with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Oh, you’re not? That’s... More
  • My Youtube Channel

    I originally started the channel to make videos to entertain and promote the Warrior Clan and my other groups and blog listed near the end. I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder so this channel will be different from the other ones and a bit more challenging... More
  • In Defense of Bound’s Speedrun Mode: Or Why There’s No Time Frame for Emotions

    I’ll admit, I was a little confused as to why an emotionally moving game like Bound would have a speedrun mode after you beat the game. Who knew that a reading for my seminar about the Civil Rights Movement would give me an answer? And who would... More
  • Playing Without Restrictions

    Since not so long ago, I've been playing game series in order of release. I used to do that simply because I wanted to know how the next installment improved upon the previous one, be it on the graphics, sound or gameplay department, all in order... More
  • The Surprising Parallel Between Dark Souls 2 and Sonic 2006

    As one tends to, I’ve paired my most recent playthrough of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin with a little Sonic 2006 . Like aged cheese and fine wine, they are. The complimentary flavours of Good and Great came to a head during a surprising... More
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: I am all over this hype train.

    Horizon Zero Dawn Looks awesome. The hype is real. I sincerely hope this game does not fail as hard as No Man's Sky (which for the record, I actually kinda enjoy). HZD Had me after their E3 trailer back in 2015. It was easily my game of show and is... More
  • When I Play at School...

    A long time ago, when I was in 7th grade or earlier, the Perris High School got a Teen Lounge. It had a pool table and a foosball table. Later they got a Hoop master and a GameCube donated by a fellow student. A small TV, two controllers and one game... More
  • Into the Expanse (Progressing in No Mans Sky)

    This is a follow up to my earlier blog: Beginning a Space Odyssey (Exploring No Mans Sky) . I am playing the game with my wife and children watching and somewhat helping to guide the experience by giving me suggestions on where to go, things to do and... More
  • Updated Top 25 trophies!

    Run-and-Gunner Defeat 50 enemies from-the-hip or blind-firing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End TM on PS4 Earned July 18, 2016 This was a fun trophy to attain. Nothing like being able to shoot down from the hip or blind fire. Style points don't matter... More
  • Sony's PS4 Pro: A 4K Future

    Sony’s 45 minute live event emphasized 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) as the defining feature of their upcoming – and current – hardware. The Slim will release on September 15 for a price of $299. The Playstation Neo is now the PS4... More