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  • Battleborn Beta Review: The Game That Cried Awesomeness...

    Hello Wondering Traveler and welcome to another review on another graceful Beta! My dad and I love Borderlands and after hearing that the creators has another game up their sleeves made us squeal in joy. We just wanted to play it! My dad pre-ordered it... More
  • Doom Beta Review: The Revival of the Quake Arena!

    Hello Wondering Traveler and welcome to the review of Doom! Okay, When I started playing the Beta, I was afraid something might be bad. The guns, the power-ups, anything that would not be useful at all and poorly executed. Well, like always, I was proven... More
  • Those Amazing Gaming Memories

    Inspired by the short film: Player Two , I have decided to share some of my gaming memories to show how video games can serve for more than just having a good time. Video games, just like any other media of entertainment lie there to be discovered, cherished... More
  • "Damsels" of Zelda 101: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    In my penultimate “Damsels” post, I take a look at The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. A sequel to A Link to the Past, the game essentially follows the same plot but with one giant twist that does add something new to the series. A... More
  • Uncharted! Has it been too long?

    With Uncharted 4 on the beautiful gaming horizon that is 2016, I cannot help but I still care about Nathan Drake??? The first Uncharted game launched in 2007. It was a good game. It filled the void left by so many terrible Tomb Raider games... More
  • Top Ten Xenoblade Chronicles Characters

    Warning: Spoilers follow for Xenoblade Chronicles. If you haven't played to the end of the game, you will get spoiled in some fashion. Major plot points won't be as focused on as the characters themselves, but we're still going to be talking... More
  • Drug Mythbusting: Far Cry 3 and Psychedelic Mushrooms

    Recently - for my Drugs and Human Behavior course - I was assigned a paper centered on the examination of a pop culture drug myth. I decided to apply this concept to Far Cry 3. The following is the body I came up with. I hope you enjoy. Psychedelics –... More
  • To Be, Or Not To be; That is the Question!

    Good Games! Where for art thou, Good Games! For we miss the. -Xavier J. Monsivais Hello Wondering Traveler and welcome to our peaceful joyride that is my thoughts! In gaming legends, the world of which we live in, we crave the best out of the developers... More
  • Alan Wake 2 Has To Be In Development Now...Right?

    Alright, guys, this isn't a harebrained theory of mine. This is a factual representation of my opinion...or something like that, anyway. Look, it's founded on rational reasoning, proof, hard work, and you've already stopped reading, haven't... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Greek Myths and Wonder Woman

    I actually had a really time with this writing challenge because I felt like I had so many ideas. But, as much as I would LOVE a game focused on Norse mythology, I’ve been dreaming of a Wonder Woman game with an emphasis on Greek mythology for a... More
  • Destiny And The RNG Are Making Me Cranky

    I had every intention of writing something other than this today. I had my ideas all lined up, yet all I could think about was how cranky I've become because of Destiny and the nonsense surrounding it. I know, I know, I've written about Destiny... More
  • The Jungle Book Movie Review

    A lot of people this past weekend walked into The Jungle Book with low expectations, but when I went to watch it last night, I was the complete opposite. I have been sold ever since I saw that Jon Favreau was directing, and an insanely talented cast featuring... More