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  • Laughter (Caused By Video Game Memes) Is The Best Medicine...

    9 1
    Feeling kind of blah today. Not really sure why. Stayed up too late playing Titanfall? Probably. Anyway, I don't know about you...but whenever I need a pick me up, I turn to video game memes. How can you not laugh when you read some of these? The... More
  • 365/365 Day 203: Why I'm Mixed On Persona 4 The Golden The Animation

    SPOILERS FOLLOW FOR THE FIRST TWO EPISODES I became a Persona fan at the best time possible. With the release of three new Persona games this year, as well as Persona 5 next year, there's a lot of content coming for fans of the series. A few weeks... More
  • Hyrule Hypocrasy

    Koei's bringing a lot of new Warriors games to the US this year; namely Warriors Orochi 3 ultimate, Samurai Warriors 4, and the one that's gotten the brunt of the attention, Hyrule Warriors. Now this is great news for die-hard Musou fans like... More
  • Wimp vs. Creepy Little Girl: My Impressions of F.E.A.R. and Its Expansions

    Alma, of course. There are many games I haven't played for a varying number of reasons. Certain genres aren't my thing, a title might slip my mind, or I simply just don't have the resources at the moment to get a certain game and wind up settling... More
  • Soldier Blade review

    Soldier Blade review by Braulio Ortiz 7/22/2014 Originally released in 1992 for the TurboGrafx-16, Soldier Blade is a vertical shoot ‘em up in which Earth is in need of major resources and we begin to look for said sources in other planets other... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: Voices in the Dark

    Human beings have landed on the moon, conquered various diseases, and developed ways to travel from continent to continent in a matter of hours, but at the end of the day we are still animals. And animals are afraid of what they can't see or understand... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: User Interview with Mighty Magikarp

    4 1
    Tuesday once again rears its ugly head, and the Hipster Tuesday crew is here with lensless g lasses and a fedora to make this day bearable once again. We have another User Interview for your reading pleasure this week, as we shine the Sepia-filtered spotlight... More
  • Favorite Fist Of Fives (Excluding The Fighting Genre)…

    6 1
    There are fighting games, and then there are games that have fighting. You would expect a fighting game to have punching as a maneuver. Heck, most of them label a button or two (or more) the punch button, so of course they probably have really good punches... More
  • The Avatar Game We Deserve

    This past weekend Nikelodeon’s The Legend of Korra passed the half way mark of its third season and oh man has it been great. Stunningly animated action sequences, quieter, dramatic character driven moments, and all the same great humor fans have... More
  • Controller Input and Immersion

    Immersion. Video games. The two go hand in hand. No matter the game, you are immersed to some extent. The joy of playing games is being taken into another world to be lost in. More story focused games obviously make a greater effort in immersing their... More
  • I'm Not Having Fun With Skyrim

    14 1
    I don't know what the problem is. Maybe it's being too comparative. Maybe it's too-high expectations. Maybe it's from missing the hype train entirely in 2011. Whatever the reason, I cannot bring myself to enjoy Skyrim. My last blog post... More
  • Scoring a Legend: The Music of The Legend of Zelda (Part 2)

    After Ocarina of Time, Koji Kondo’s role as the sole composer for The Legend of Zelda would come to an end as he was joined by Toru Minegishi and other talented composers for subsequent Zelda scoring. It’s evident in more contemporary Zelda... More