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  • AirConsole: Delivering a More Social Gaming Experience

    I found interesting post on GIO. Classic Gaming on Your Ohone Just got Better by Jim Reilly around 4 years ago. That’s said about how to play a game on iPhone with simple controller. Funny, yeah i said funny. It should be better if you play a game... More
  • [Análisis] Pixel Cup Soccer 17 – El Mejor Fútbol Pixelado

    Pixel Cup Soccer 17 – El Mejor Fútbol Pixelado Cuando inicié el juego tenia mis dudas con respecto al producto que vería por parte de Batovi Games Studio debido a ser un juego original de dispositivos moviles (sobre todo por... More
  • The Merits of Retro-Gaming

    The Merits of Retro-Gaming There are more merits to going back and experiencing the NES greats, and not so greats than many realize. It can give a greater appreciation to what we have today, help to show the good in games even if at first glance they... More
  • What I'm Thankful For in Gaming This Year

    We are only days away from from Thanksgiving, a time to chow down on turkey, pie, stuffing, and watch football with the family, while also arguing politics with other family members and friends, but most importantly it is a time to be thankful for all... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: 20 Years of Pokemon from the Sidelines

    It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since the Pokemon franchise began. With multiple games spanning multiple consoles, this franchise is one Nintendo's core IPs that continually pleases gamers with each entry. When the first titles... More
  • Keeping the Hype in Check - Andromeda

    Keeping the Hype in Check - Andromeda Holy (insert explicit word here) guys, this game looks good. I want it now, it will be the best game I have ever played since the original trilogy at least, and my gaming life will be satisfied after I play Mass Effect... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Me And Pokémon, Pokémon And Friends

    Pokémon, what a global phenomenon either by their games or anime series, and one that hasn't got to me yet. Pokémon Stadium resides the first game in the series I played while the sequel may be my last one, not because I don't like the series... More
  • Space invaders throwback

    For those who are interested in programming as well as gaming, this article is for you. Recently I wrote a small blog piece on a language called DCPU-16 . If you have the creative spark within you, it's actually fairly easy to jump into programming... More
  • Gwent – Un standalone fantástico se avecina!

    Gwent – El Spin Off Esperado Para la mayoría que leen esto, está claro qué es Gwent , de donde surgió y por qué esta aquí, pero para aquellos que no lo saben aun, Gwent es un juego de cartas que forma parte... More
  • Ubisoft desiste de vender DLC’s en sus juegos

    Ubisoft ha dicho por medio Anne Blondel-Jouin , Vice Presidenta de Operaciones , que no se volverán a vender DLC’s que se vuelvan necesarios para disfrutar a los juegos por completo. Haciendo enfoque en que se centraran en dar soporte a sus... More
  • Watching My Girlfriend Play

    One of the things that I love seeing is someone playing video games. That said, when my girlfriend plays, that sensation levels up to higher frontiers. Despite my inner leader tends to show up everytime such event happens after some thinking I decided... More
  • Qrow's Turkey, or I'd Like To Thank...

    I know it's a little early, but with current situation arising this will be my only time to post a blog of this nature before the holiday passes. ( With... More