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  • Retro Review: DOOM 3

    While the latest game in the DOOM series got released for current gen, I was given the chance to play the third one. DOOM 3 is a reboot of the first one with lots of blood, demons to kill and that unique creppy atmosphere that is to be found in DOOM games... More
  • The Beginning of the End: A Photo Mode Recap of Uncharted 4's First Hours

    That Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is a solid game should come as no surprise a week after it's release. What surprised me, however, was how I spent nearly as much time tinkering with its photo mode as I did immersed in its gameplay. Of course, I... More
  • The Instant Regret Of Certain Pre-Orders

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    I get excited about a lot of upcoming games. With Amazon's new discounts on most pre-order titles, it has caused me to be a bit cavalier on pre-orders (just when I had finally been getting better about not pre-ordering so many games!). Most games... More
  • A Farewell to Spyro

    This week’s Community Writing Challenge is about saying goodbye to video game franchises which is making me come to terms with the fact that I will never get a new Spyro game. I grew up playing games with my dad, but Spyro was the first game that... More
  • How The Small Details Don't Go Unnoticed

    Small details, these words refer to something that is less important than the major details or main focus of a project, story, game, business, movie, and whatever else you can think of. The small details are just as it seems, small details, they are aspects... More
  • The end of a series

    Many people hate when their series ends. While I can't say anything for Uncharted as I haven't owned a PlayStation since PS2, there are some series to end and some to come back. First we'll talk about the series that need to die off. (I tried... More
  • I Miss You, Games...

    I miss you guys. The games that gave me what I loved, adventure, stories, even some sad times. I will miss you for as long as I can remember you. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to another Community Writing Challenge! There are a lot of games I miss... More
  • A Fool's Journey: Dark Souls - Part 3

    Hello and welcome once again to my continuing journey through Dark Souls. Last time , I made it through the Undead Parish but not without a lot of setbacks. The tight corridors and relentless enemies made for a tough challenge. However, with the first... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Dealing With Game Series Closures

    Games entertaint and takes us to other worlds making our free time worthy. From the moment a single game get a sequel, we only want more. The feeling of being immerse by new releases is something we want to last, but that sadly comes to a close eventually... More
  • Uncharted 4: Not Just a Series' Best

    The Uncharted series has never been beloved in my eyes as it has for others. Drake’s Fortune and Golden Abyss are merely decent. Among Thieves is the epitome of good but not great. An 8/10 if you will. Drake’s Deception started making major... More
  • Gamers are the Most Social...

    The creators that gave us all those memories that give us games like Fallout or No Man's Sky. We always wonder if those games have given us some premise to the real life. We always question what those games can reward us in the real world. Many might... More
  • Community Question: The Obscurity of "Four"


    Question Inside!

    ... More