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  • 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die – Number 81…

    6 2
    Another Sunday means another episode of 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, the (hopefully) weekly series where I play through all of the games listed in the book - 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. If I played the game before... More
  • Why Hasn't Hannibal Lecter Been in a Video Game?

    Hannibal Lecter has become one of cinema's most fascinating and memorable "villains" in recent decades. He is so multidimensional that it is hard to comprehend the many facets that make up his character upon initial introduction. Lecter... More
  • A PSA: GIO Style!

    7 6
    November approaches, and with it my twenty ninth year of living, as well as a time for National Epilepsy awareness. Yes, I'm that old, although there are users here who are much older. I thought I'd be proactive, since I'm random like that... More
  • 365/365 Day 292: Eighty-Percent: A Look Back At 2014 So Far

    This is it. The true homestretch. There are only seventy-three days left in 2014, and I cannot believe it. The days are flying by, and soon enough it'll be the end of the year. So much has happened this year, and there's still a lot that is going... More
  • The Evil Within has AIDS

    I’ve been playing The Evil Within (up to chapter 6 at the moment) and I’ve been enjoying it a lot actually. It’s gorgeously grotesque and the action is intense, frantic and challenging. That being said, there are obvious issues. The... More
  • It's That Time of Year

    7 1
    It's that time of year and we all need to start thinking about what we are going to choose for game of the year. There are two games I'm still waiting to get only one is a contender for my GOTY, because I don't do ports, remakes or remasters... More
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift (Chapter 7 And 8)…

    5 1
    Last week I finished the sixth chapter of Half-Life: Blue Shift and knowing there were only two chapters left, I was thrilled knowing I was getting close to finishing the game. I was also eager to play more of the game after last week because of some... More
  • 365/365 Day 291: Persona GIO Chapter 1: A Fool's Life

    Here's the first chapter for Persona GIO! Each foot I plant on the worn, gray stone steps leading out of the station echoes in my ears, and makes me feel like I’m ascending to some higher plane. As I step out onto the street, I’m bathed... More
  • According to a Gamer: The Top 10 Moments from the Mass Effect Trilogy

    3 1
    BioWare has never been a stranger to great story-telling. Their uncanny ability to discern that from a horrible script dates back to even the Baldur's Gates games, though they've obviously expanded upon that ability since then. As for Knights... More
  • This Week in Gaming: October 11 -October 17

    With the video game fall season in full swing, we have more video game releases then any other time of the year. Le't get started and see what happened "This Week in Gaming". Trailers Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Sigils of Elohim Incandesecence... More
  • YouTube Channel and Terra Formars Critique

    Recently I've decided to start my own YouTube channel. Why? Because I feel there's not enough good anime criticism on YouTube and I'd like to change that. I'll also be covering any sort of entertainment outside of video games. For the... More
  • Have A Plan To Kill Every Video Game Character You Meet…

    9 1
    One of the biggest joys I get out of blogging (besides interacting with those of you who read and comment on them) is thinking of new ideas for more blogs. You might've recognized a link between many of my blogs - sometimes it's subtle and sometimes... More