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  • My Top Five Games of 2014

    Well, it’s that time of the year again. Top ten lists are storming every game coverage site out there and I’m here to give you yet another list. However, this is a list of the FIVE games I have the best memories of this year. Ten seems far... More
  • Gamers Mean The World To The Game (This Is Eve)…

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    You might remember The Game Awards from a week or so ago - that big event in Las Vegas hosted by Geoff Kieghly. I'm finally getting around to talking about one of my highlights of the evening, and actually has nothing at all to do with... More
  • 365/365 Day 349: How Video Games Can Have An Impact on Education

    Here's an essay I wrote for my English class, where I talk about how video games can be used in the classroom, in various ways.

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  • Maybe They Got the Message

    Fall of 2014 has had some solid titles released for us to get down with. Unfortunately it also had more than it's fair share of semi-broken turds. For all the good that Shadows of Mordor, Smash, Dragon Age, and Sunset Overdrive brought, this year... More
  • How Long Do You Give A Game?

    As the end of the year gaming crunch steamrolls on with or without me, I start prioritizing which games I will put further time into. This is easier said than done, as I suffer from a moderate attachment to the games I have started. Even if I cease having... More
  • The Importance of Music in Video Games

    Music has a lot of power. It’s been around since ancient times, performed by people with elaborate and crude instruments from cultures all around the world. Careers have been built upon it, and it has become an integral part of society. Today, it... More
  • Square Enix Shouldn't Remake Final Fantasy VII

    The first annual Playstation Experience was memorable for a lot of reason, and one of the big reasons for that was the announcement that Final Fantasy VII would be coming to PS4, but not as a full remake. In all honesty, I thought this news was absolutely... More
  • Half-Life: Decay (Chapter Nine) (Sort Of)...

    I was really excited to continue my play through of Half-Life: Decay this weekend for a few reasons, but primarily because I knew this was supposed to the final regular chapter of the game. Apparently there is a bonus level called Xen Attacks, but more... More
  • 365/365 Day 348: Some Of My Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

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  • Exclusively Evolving The Xbox Brand

    It's been a year since the next-gen officially became current with the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and as usual that means that the console war is in full swing. Over the course of this past year, Microsoft has been pretty vague about... More
  • Transistor review

    Transistor review by Braulio Ortiz Originally released in May 20 th 2014, Transistor garnered much positive feedback due to its beautifully rendered graphics, great game play mechanics that allow the player to choose the way they wish to play, and for... More
  • Advanced Warfare's Stupid Lazy Story

    A common saying amongst gamers, used both as a defence and criticism, is that ‘Nobody plays Call of Duty for the story’. This isn’t true. I play COD games for the story. Or, to be more specific, the campaigns. I like the shooting action... More