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  • SSB Character Interview #11: Robin


    The eleventh addition to my Smash Bros. Character Interview Series! This is Robin's interview for the game.

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  • Poem of the Week

    Let's start this off with one about my first love- books. Pages of the book Scream at me Whisper to me Beg me Ignore me Pages of the book Entice me Repulse me Excite me Terrify me Books are nourishment And my brain is starving On the streets of knowledge... More
  • Let's Play Rage Parts 21, 22

    Parts 21 and 22 of my playthrough of Rage are now live! Hope you guys enjoy them! More
  • So You Wanna Write Blogs?

    In recent weeks, a handful of upstanding members of the Game Informer Online community have created their own "Beginner's Guides" to the site, detailing how to get comfortable with the interface, where to meet and chat with the most community... More
  • How I’m Going To Tackle My Steam Backlog – Build A Steam Box (Sort Of)…

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    Every week for the past I don't know how many weeks I've devoted my Saturday blog to playing the Half-Life series over again from the beginning...and blogging about it. And for the past I don't know how many weeks, I've managed to play... More
  • 365/365 Day 266: Video Game Ideas To Live By

    At some point in your life, you're most likely going to hear a phrase that'll resonate with you in someway. Maybe it directly connects to a part of your persona, or perhaps it leaves a lasting impact that shapes how you think in the future. It... More
  • The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Deluxe Edition Review!

    For only my 2 nd album review (as odd as that sounds for someone who loves music as much as I do), I decided to come back to an album I did originally plan to review. I, of course, talk about the ever so hyped release from November of last year, The Marshall... More
  • Gotham: "Pilot" Recap

    There was a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the new Fall TV series, Gotham, when it was first announced. A Batman show without Batman? How's that going to work? Well after watching the series premiere, I'm happy to report that the show is off... More
  • Why do Adults Still Play Kirby Games?

    I am a grown man and I still play Kirby games. No, that is not something I wear with pride or would tell my boss, but I have no shame in admitting this. From childhood, I could always count on Kirby's colorful and captivating antics to brighten my... More
  • This Must Be The Place

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    I don’t remember getting my first home console. Or rather, I don’t remember the moment it happened as vividly as I’d like. I know, it’s sacrilege for a lifelong gamer such as myself to be unable to recall that inimitable moment... More
  • One Journey Ends, Another Begins

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    Two years ago Game Informer seemed like an impossible dream. Two years before that, it wasn’t even on my radar. In high school I was pressured by my adviser to take engineering classes like CAD, and with no other guidance I followed this career... More
  • Soft Reset

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    These things tend to run too long, so I’ll keep this snappy. Not short, mind you. Snappy . There are days when I feel like the whole of the video gaming world is mine; when my identities as a gamer and a writer enter a state of conflux and it all... More