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  • Gaming March Madness Round 2

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] A few days ago, I posted the first round of my ‘gaming march madness’ bracket shenanigans. Today I come bearing updates for the now completed first round and insight as to how this whole thing will be conducted... More
  • Horizon and BotW: More Similar Than I Would Have Thought

    !!!SPOILERS FOR HORIZON ZERO DAWN AND MILD SPOILERS FOR ZELDA BOTW!!! I finished Horizon this past week and it was fantastic. Once I finished I dove a bit deeper into BotW. I had been playing BotW in between sessions of Horizon, but I hadn't done... More
  • Breath of Wild: Link's WILD adventure

    Disclaimer: I have yet to beat this game. These are my impressions of it thus far and a discussion of it's praise by the media and fans alike. This is not a review. Sorry for the terrible pun in the title, if you can even call it that and not a complete... More
  • [Acceso Anticipado] Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Beta

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Beta Cerrada Hace unas semanas tuvimos oportunidad de probar la Beta de Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 ( sorry la demora), es una historia donde el patriotismo y traición entran en escena, en la experiencia de francotirador... More
  • The Lonely World of Breath of the Wild

    I told her I wanted to be woken up at 5:00 A.M. The innkeeper didn't ask any questions and didn't want to know why I planned on getting up at such an early, unorthodox hour. The next day, as the sun crept over the horizon and signs of life began... More
  • How the CW Is Making Me Hate the Flash – And Why That’s a Good Thing

    Fair warning, this post has some spoilers for The Flash on the CW. Of course, it’s also a chance to sit down for a long about read about why everyone should watch this show because it’s managed to critique its hero better than any media I’ve... More
  • 31/31 Day 18-- The Real Reasons Behind the Disappointment of Fallout 4

    For a good while, Bethesda was my favorite developer, my portal to online discussion of games, and the instigator of my deep interest in the medium. In 2008 I picked up Oblivion having fascinated by the promise of a go anywhere do anything fantasy open... More
  • [Análisis] DESYNC – El Poder Berserker de los Shooters

    DESYNC es juego del tipo Shooter desarrollado por The Foregone Syndicate y distribuido por Adult Swim Games . Este titulo te sumerge en un entorno digital frenético donde lo único que tienes son tus reflejos y habilidades para evitar los... More
  • 31/31 Day 17--Games To Drink To

    Blue Moon, Guinness, Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale, Golden Monkey, and my old standby Landshark. These are liquids which I enjoy putting in my body because I’m a self-loathing alcoholic. Not really, but what’s a conversation about beer... More
  • 31/31 Day 16: Mass Effect-- Andromeda's Fugly Faces and Bad Previews

    Yes, technically this day is a blog late, but it’s the GI blog system that screwed me over. Try to schedule it, didn’t work. Got home late at night,attempted to figure out the issue and couldn’t before I needed to go to bed. Obviously... More
  • The Ideal Sci-Fi RPG

    Me and a friend discussed what would make a great Sci-Fi RPG. With our Game Developer minds, we came to the conclusion. We reviewed some of the greats out there with the Sci-Fi theme, like Dead Space, Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic and looked... More
  • [Análisis] Choppa - El rescatista extremo

    En Choppa somos el guardacostas Rick Guiver , un piloto de helicóptero que no se sabe de donde saco su licencia de pilotar. Rick es imprudente y para peores, ha ocurrido una catástrofe petrolera en la costa. Contra todas las indicaciones... More