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  • Thoughts on Warmind DLC

    One of my buddies that I play with (The Jacquio, of Ninja Gaiden fame) texted me Saturday to see if I wanted to play through the Warmind campaign, since we'd already bought it when we eagerly picked up Density 2 last year. In it, you meet the legendary... More
  • E3 Infarcer 2018

    E3 2018 is nearly upon us ladies and gentlemen! It's the time of year where we typically see a slow down of games through summer, but the show is supposed to keep us hyped for what's to come by the end of the year and beyond. It's also the... More
  • Exit the Dragon: My Morning with the Yakuza 6 Demo

    I am both more and less excited about the newly released Yakuza 6 after spending time with the demo. The Yakuza series is well respected and, having sailed through God of War recently and with nothing else on the horizon, I thought I would take my first... More
  • Journal of a Mechwarrior Part 3

    By the time I got back to Bellerophon and my mysterious benefactor I pretty much knew what was going on. I had done a handful of very successful missions and I had developed strategies, based on what kind of mission I was engaging in, to limit damage... More
  • The Final Countdown: Nintendo at E3 in a Month

    June 12 th at 9am, mark your calendars and prepare to quench your curiosity for Super Smash Bros. on the Switch. Nintendo, true to form, will not be holding a conference at E3 but will rather debut a video presentation. Nintendo Treehouse: Live will also... More
  • Unanswered Questions in God of War (2018)

    After I finished the latest hit from Sony Santa Monica, I realized Atreus and Kratos had so much more to learn from each other. While this story is complete and gratifying in its own right, there are still so many important questions that need answering... More
  • Found It: Sony's E3 Conference Announcement

    Sony ended their silence today and announced a press event for June 11th. While there was probably some talk about today marking an exact month before the big event, I'm sure Sony’s real concern was responding to my last week’s blog post... More
  • Zang Recomends: Caveman Games (NES)

    Caveman Games as I knew it was released for the NES by Data East USA in 1988, but it also went by the name Caveman Ughlympics on other systems. But we’re talking about Caveman Games for the NES. As you might have guessed from the title this is an... More
  • Journal of a Mechwarrior Part 2

    "We are already in orbit around Bellerophon!" Darius protested. "I know but the Detroit job has travel pay included !" Riana countered. "So?" "So does our mysterious benefactor on Bellerophon!" "We are already... More
  • Bethesda's E3 Conference: Past and Present

    Bethesda is a master of taking lemons and making lemonade, delicious pink lemonade. We are officially only a month out from their June 10th E3 conference and yesterday Walmart possibly leaked Bethesda's closely guarded sequel to Rage. The excitement... More
  • A Gaming Life: Pt. 2 - My Dream F-Zero Sequel

    Now that Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s top selling franchises , some might wonder what the point of a new F-Zero game would be. Never mind that the series has a completely different setting and some deep, deep lore, but even Nintendo luminaries... More
  • How to become a crypto mogul

    My title picture is satirical, and while it extremely hard to resist making fun of bitcoin, I will do my best to explain it in a way that makes practical sense and helps the users here. There are a lot of risks associated with Cryptocurrency, the chief... More