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  • Retro Review: The Legend of Dragoon

    The Legend of Dragoon is probably the best game I have played this year. It's tough for me to say this seeing how I got to play Dark Souls 3 this year as well, but wow I loved this game and let me tell you why you should too. I have been playing LoD... More
  • [Interview] Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, The Witcher 3 Game Director

    I had a little interview with Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, The Witcher 3 Game Director, i hope you guys like it, :). This is the link to my website , with the original post, :). Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, The Witcher 3 Game Director By Adrian Velez 'Vichi'... More
  • Bordeaux Line Playable-- A Mafia III Review

    I’ve come to the conclusion that unless there is some facet which truly standouts, open-world crime games are no longer my jam. I may scrape some semblance of enjoyment out, but the chances of me ranting and raving all the way to the internet is... More
  • A Rising Tide: Destiny and the Rise of Iron

    [As Read on SNo2 .] Destiny’s latest expansion released nearly a month ago and now I’ve finally had a good enough taste of what it offers in order to give some of my own thoughts. This is a review of sorts but more importantly it is a discussion... More
  • Retrospective Saga - Episode 1 (Video Series)

    Some of you may have read the title, and thought "Wait, I thought he was up to episode 3 now? I was really looking forward to that", but somehow I doubt very many of you had that exact phrasing run through the mind. After considerable deliberation... More
  • When A Soundtrack Keeps On Playing

    As one of my defining aspects when playing, video game soundtracks sure have practically replaced my music library. After listening to the epic themes of Kingdom Hearts, the unique lyrics of Silent Hill and the catchy tunes of the Persona series, my mind... More
  • Review - Gears of War 4: A Blast to Play! - 9/10

    People have waited for the return of the game that made everyone's day, Gears of War. The game's return has be said to be fantastic and I would like to say I was one of those who said it. The game itself was thought to be dead after Judgement... More
  • I Love Open Worlds But We Need More Linear Experiences

    There is a pandemic spreading in the world of developers, it's an illness that seems to be seeping into the very games that these developers are working on and infecting the games causing them to aspire to be something that may not be, what is this... More
  • Virtual Reality - The Future of Gaming?

    Now that the release of PS VR is upon us, I felt the need to voice my opinion on VR and where I think it will take us as gamer's in terms of gaming experiences. Fist of all I will say this, I am currently not a fan of VR. I have tried some demo's... More
  • What Is No Man's Sky?

    Many were promised a game that had you cross the universe in a few seconds, the game was to give us something new for us to play with, the game was to be revolutionary, but upon release the game was a piece of crap. The wasn't a classic cash and grab... More
  • Five Things I Absolutely Know About Virginia

    Virginia is a really cool game and up until the last day I felt like I had a pretty good handle on it. Then that last scene happened and I wasn’t sure if everything was just an acid trip, a dream, or a metaphor for the whole story. I still don’t... More
  • Top 5 Game Theories Debunked by the Developers

    When we play a complicated game like Fallout or Zelda, people begin to question and theorise about what might be going on. Some are debunked calmly and respectively, but some are just destroyed by the developers. Hello and welcome to this breakdown of... More