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  • Community Writing Challenge: The game I would play for the rest of my life: Persona 4

    Every time I find myself bored or too busy with college and life I wonder what game should I play to cease stress, my backlog haunts me in every thought but at the same time my fond memories of my childhood comes to play remembering those wonderful times... More
  • Review – Dragon Ball Super — Episode 5

    Whether or not you've adored or hated Dragon Ball Super's happy-go-lucky take on the Dragon Ball formula so far, there's one point everyone can now agree on. Something went horribly wrong during the making of the fifth episode. Horribly, disastrously... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: One Game, One Life, and No Continues

    I have many, many games I wouldn't mind playing for the rest of my life. However, I am offered variety when I have a library. When there is only one game to would take the best of me to avoid succumbing to insanity. Logically, I would have... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Saints Row 2 - My "desert island" game

    I've always been a sucker for open-world games, and going through my entire gaming history, they've easily accumulated the most hours of my life over any other genre of game. From the military-centered games like Just Cause, Mercenaries, or Far... More
  • Ask Me: Episode Six (Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts)

    As many gamers out there can relate to, most of the people I know don’t play games. I’ve often wondered what the perception is of a gamer to those that don’t play, or who do play but with far less frequency. With the advent of mobile... More
  • Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones Review: Coming Out of The Shadows

    Before jumping into Stealth Inc 2 I knew very little about the game only that it started life as a Wii U exclusive that ended up shipping on almost every other platform down the road. I did not even know what kind of game it was. I assumed it was stealth... More
  • The Great Ace Attorney Looks Really...Great

    I'm on to you Capcom. The Great Ace Attorney, known in the Land of the Rising Sun as "Dai Gyakuten Saiban" is the newest installment in the Ace Attorney series, and the first spin-off the franchise has gotten since 2011. It's a large... More
  • August Game Challenge: Week Three (So Much Pokemon!)

    So let's get the awful truth out of the way right off the bat: I haven't played any Fatal Frame despite the best of intentions. I'm still holding to the claim that I won't allow myself to play Until Dawn until I've completed the first... More
  • Test post

    this is a test. my blog wasn't working a while ago, needed to see if i just needed to wait. More
  • Divergence;Cast Season 2, Episode 5

    Welcome to yet another episode of Divergence;Cast, the show where what we watch is made up, and our points don't matter. The same goes for the format changes we made, as due to a smaller amount of content this week, we decided just to put everything... More
  • The Unnoticeables Review: worth noticing

    Gamemaniac3434 and his team of assorted yogurts and other bacterially derived foodstuffs who have gained sentience heroic quest to travel to the center of the universe and defeat an unknowable and collosal cosmic potato seemingly driven only to discover... More
  • Hyrule Warriors Review: It's Not That Dangerous To Go Alone

    If I were to pin down some of the most frustrating arguments in gaming, among them for me personally would be the notion that Dynasty Warriors is bad, and anyone who likes it has no taste in gaming. Over the years, the stigma surrounding the series has... More