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  • Post-Beta Thoughts On The Division

    Along with many others last weekend, I spent some significant time with Ubisoft's beta for The Division. I had hoped it would clear up some of my uncertainty surrounding the game, yet I came away with more questions than ever. Allow me to say right... More
  • Game Club - FF7 part 1: Escape Midgar

    I first played FF7 my senior year of college in 2005/2006. My brother gave me his PS2 and when my friend saw I had one he said I had to get this game called Final Fantasy VII. So I found the PS1 4 disk game on ebay. My friend and I would play it together... More
  • Can Final Fantasy XV Succeed?

    With the announcement of the announcement of the release date of Final Fantasy XV, I started to wonder if this is yet another case of “too good to be true.” Episode Duscae was entertaining for a short demo, but the latest footage shows that... More
  • Gee, If Only I Had A List Of Game I Beat This Year...

    Inspired by Reiner, I decided to keeps a list of games I beat this year. I will try to update the throughout the year. I will add a little info on the playthroughs, such as: whether or not it was my first time beating it, what difficulty, and did I use... More
  • The Witness Review

    The Witness feels like the kind of game that we're sadly seeing fewer and fewer of, and I think that's due in part to the fact that it just feels like gamers are distancing themselves from. And what I mean by that is that we get so caught up in... More
  • What Happened To Fun? (A Rant)

    Is this gonna be another sappy, saccharin sweet reminiscence of the "glory days" of gaming? No. I've done my share of looking back. But, I've got to say, I'm getting tired of constantly looking ahead too. I've been fighting with... More
  • Having A Great Time Playing Video Games While Commuting To College

    Last month I began college again after a 4 month strike, and while my gaming sessions are compromised, they are not forgotten. My 3DS arrived in time and playing on the go has been a great advantage of owning a handheld. Before having the opportunity... More
  • Battle Brothers - An Brief Early Access Review

    When you combine the tactical combat and chance-on-hit mechanics of XCOM, world view and company management on Mount and Blade: Warband, and random events of FTL, you get Battle Brothers. Battle Brothers is a diamond in the rough. It's a game that... More
  • "Damsels" of Zelda 101: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    I have something embarrassing to admit. I’ve never actually beaten Zelda II: The Adventure of Link because when I was little I thought that you couldn’t go off of the path. Because of this, I never even made it to the first dungeon, just the... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Letting My Freak Flag Fly

    I live in a dingle*, and - when you walk in - people notice a few specific things: my guitars, the posters of Elliott Smith and Mark Kozelek, and - most importantly - my gaming accoutrements. There are two that I would like to talk about - the two pieces... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 10 - Final Fantasy XII

    For our tenth episode we cover the twelfth main entry in the Final Fantasy series. Though initially releasing to some of the best reviews of any Final Fantasy title, time has solidified XII's status as the black sheep of the series. Does its groundbreaking... More
  • February Game Challenge: Week One (New Games Aplenty!)

    February greetings! It's hard to believe we already have one month under our collective belts in this new year. While typically the beginning of the year is a slow time for games, this month is the exception. At least it is for me. On February 9th... More
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