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  • Manga Review: Jaco The Galactic Patrolman

    Those of you who saw Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F last year might recall the Jaco character that showed up to warn Bulma of Frieza’s impending arrival on Earth. I found myself really enthralled with Jaco and the larger context that he brings to... More
  • Phone Trolling Pt. 2

    Since the last time I wrote about my "adventures," I haven't had much time to really piss scammers off. I picked up a 6 day schedule at work, and I'm usually in the middle of a nap when they call, so I just settle for letting them talk... More
  • What We Can Learn From the Differences Between Hyper Light Drifter and Dark Souls

    We’re quick to compare Hyper Light Drifter to games like Dark Souls due to their shared focus on spatial combat, but I find that comparison lacking. It’s not quite apples to oranges – more like Granny Smith to Red Delicious. They belong... More
  • The Girls of Summer: Whispering Willows

    As summer comes to a close, I feel like this series should too. I’ve seen a lot of strong representations of girls and Elena from Whispering Willows is no different. Whispering Willows isn’t a great game from a game play standpoint but narratively... More
  • A Gamer Struggle

    Remembering those times when I didn't have more than one console to play on, seeing how now I have 3 + gaming devices at my disposal to choose from is not exactly how I'd imagined. At first, I was all happy like "finally I will be able to... More
  • No Man's Sky: My Thoughts and Treating it as a Photography Game

    Straight to the point, No Man's Sky, in nearly every way, absolutely does not meet expectations. But how could it? As gamers, we who so love to immerse ourselves in fantastical worlds impossible to experience otherwise, our imaginations couldn't... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Last Week of Summer

    In less than a week I’ll be moving back to campus and starting my senior year of college. I decided that I was going to use this summer to just focus on having fun and not worrying too much about my impending future. Turns out the best distraction... More
  • Shut Up About "Where is Final Fantasy XV!"

    Before you say anything, I don't hate this game. I loved it's previous games and the story of which still holds up. I mean, some of the newer ones are a bit cheap in gameplay, but they kept the franchise alive. The one thing I want to talk about... More
  • No Man's Sky Review: Across The Universe

    You know what's frustrating about this review? It's that instead of going into my thoughts on it's development or what I wanted to see out of it, I fee like I have to open with a discussion on expectations. They play a big part in how any... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Enjoying My Gaming Summer

    Being a student, wanting to play during summer and taking summer courses is not an easy task. Since last week, I established my gaming sessions this time around to 2 hours during the afternoons, and the plan sure have brought back the gamer in me during... More
  • 5 Facts About Richard “Lord British” Garriott DeCayeux (That Aren’t About Him Going to Space)

    First, a fact about me: I am a baby. A sweet, shining baby boy, who just barely missed the cutoff point for living through the golden age of Garriott. He is, of course, an enduring figure in the games industry, whose name makes the rounds in podcasts... More
  • Why VR is Perfect for the Superhero Genre

    Alan Moore once said that “There are still thousands of things that comics could do, with an intelligent application of the medium”. While I’m sure he would be appalled by this idea, I think that VR and superhero comics would make the... More
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