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  • Titanfall Companion App Is Completely Unnecessary But Totally Cool (Mostly Cool)…

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    Chances are if you're reading this you have in your possession a smart phone of some type. Maybe even a tablet...of some type. You might even own one of each. And upon these magical little devices we install apps. We have apps for everything. Apps... More
  • 365/365 Day 238: Persona 3 Movie #1 Review: Cloudy Spring

    3 1
    Spoilers for the movie follow; however, they end only a couple a months into the game itself, as this movie doesn't get anywhere near the ending of the game. The tale of Persona 3 is a long one...arguably more so than its sequel, Persona 4. Despite... More
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two review (spoiler free!)

    The Walking Dead Season Two review written by Braulio Ortiz (spoiler free!) Originally posted at: The Walking Dead Season One by Tell Tale Games garnered a plethora of game of the year awards in 2012 when they made us actually... More
  • Titanfall: Frontier's Edge Review


    I may not swoon over each Frontier’s Edge map, but any reason to devote more hours to Titanfall is still alright with me.

    ... More
  • A Gamer's Shame

    Gaming is a passion of mine, and it's one that I take seriously. I've played countless video games over the course of my life, and there aren't many that I can honestly say that I regret playing. However, there is something that has kind of... More
  • Best Podcast On The Citadel Episode 16

    Greetings all. Blake and I are back with a new episode of Best Podcast on the Citadel. In this week's episode, we are joined again by fellow Leviathyn writer Perry Ruhland (AKA xl9 on Game Informer), and discuss Call o Duty: Advanced Warfare not coming... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: Talking Hedgehogs, Talking Chipmunks, and Non-Talking Unicycles

    Please allow me to adjust my pants, so that I may dance the good time dance. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Hipster Tuesday is upon you again. Here, obscurity reigns and the mainstream gets pissed in. Today, we travel back in time to bring you a video game... More
  • My Top 10 Favorite (Male) Samurai Warriors Characters

    And now for Part 2. Since there are three times as many male characters as female characters in Samurai Warriors, this list ended up being more difficult to put together because I wasn't just ranking the characters, I was picking my favorite from... More
  • Forget The Emmys – The Best / Worst Dressed From The Video Game Industry…

    5 2
    Apparently tonight was the Emmys. You might care as much (or should I say little) as I do. The only reason I knew it was the Emmys was because every morning the radio station I listen to hosts a contest where a random caller has a shot at winning concert... More
  • 365/365 Day 237: My Top Ten Characters

    I've done two gigantic lists comprising of my favorite characters in gaming. The Wonderful 101 and The NEW Wonderful 101 contained fascinating characters such as Midna from Twilight Princess, River from To the Moon, and Chie from Persona 4. However... More

    9 1
    The law of diminishing returns states that the decrease in the incremental output of a production process as the amount of a single factor of production is incrementally increased, while the amounts of all other factors of production stay constant. This... More
  • Update: Game Informer Community Fantasy Football League Sign Ups

    Update #3 All invites have been sent out, and the ESPN league is filled. We still have 3 slots open in the league. If you are interested in joining, please send me an e-mail, and I'll get one sent out as soon as I can. Update #2 Just wanted... More
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