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  • 365/365 Day 240: My Journey To 100% Xenoblade Chronicles Is Almost Complete...

    SPOILERS FOLLOW FOR EVERYTHING UP UNTIL THE FINAL BOSS OF XENOBLADE. I'm not someone who always tries to do everything a game offers. I find that a very tedious, often unrewarding process. There are definitely games out there that are worth it, but... More
  • 31/31: Day 31- My Opinion of Zelda- U

    8 1
    Well, it's finally time to conclude this 31/31, which technically isn't a 31/31 at all... I think I've successfully failed at completing the purpose making a blog every consecutive day for a month, so hopefully I managed to entertain some... More
  • Who's Afraid Of Zoe Quinn?

    If there is one thing that the Internet doesn't need, it is the fanning of flame wars. What it does need, however, is perspective. That is what I want this blog to achieve. There seem to be two Internets, two gaming cultures: the always-online community... More
  • My Kickstarter Experience

    1 1
    Let me start with some background information. When I was in tenth grade I got my first job working part time at a small, locally owned, second run movie theatre. My boss was a man whom I’ve known for most of my life as he is a close family friend... More
  • Speculating the Role of Amiibos in Mario Kart 8

    Mario Kart 8's DLC is truly an awesome deal. I didn't expect it would be the kind of dream content I've always wanted in Mario Kart especially for an unbelievably good price. Now that we know what the DLC is, the final piece of the Mario Kart... More
  • How Can A Tiny Developer Build The Biggest Game Ever…

    8 2
    With PAX a mere few days away one of the questions I'm asked by co-workers and fellow gamers is what game I am most excited to see at the show. There are some obvious picks like The Master Chief Collection and Destiny. And then there are some that... More
  • 365/365 Day 239: Thoughts On Leaks

    Warning: details about the recent Super Smash Bros. leak follow. If you do not want to know the contents of the leak, please do not read. Things get revealed ahead of time...all the time. Mere hours before Nintendo's E3 Direct, we heard about Miyamoto's... More
  • Zang Recommends: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition(PS3)

    Alright Bub let’s talk about a Wolverine game a good Wolverine game. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition was developed by Raven Software and was released alongside the movie of the same title in 2009. As with most things in life there are good... More
  • When Link is in Mario Kart...

    Late last night, Nintendo shocked gamers the world over with the grand unveiling of what it's promised DLC would be. And it's nothing anyone could have predicted. No, I'm not talking about those Mercedes Benz themed karts, but rather the reveal... More
  • ground kontrol classic arcade

    ground kontrol may have been in existence since 1999, but i wasn't introduced to its greatness until 2006, and even then, by accident. a friend had suggested going to "this arcade" one night and i was in. little did i know, i was about to... More
  • Titanfall Companion App Is Completely Unnecessary But Totally Cool (Mostly)…

    3 3
    Chances are if you're reading this you have in your possession a smart phone of some type. Maybe even a tablet...of some type. You might even own one of each. And upon these magical little devices we install apps. We have apps for everything. Apps... More
  • 365/365 Day 238: Persona 3 Movie #1 Review: Cloudy Spring

    3 1
    Spoilers for the movie follow; however, they end only a couple a months into the game itself, as this movie doesn't get anywhere near the ending of the game. The tale of Persona 3 is a long one...arguably more so than its sequel, Persona 4. Despite... More
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