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  • The 50 Best Games: 49 - The Last of Us

    The Last of Us is something truly special. As a follow up to the rollicking adventure opus that was the Uncharted series, it managed to channel the storytelling chops that Naughty Dog had developed away from pulp into something much more poignant. The... More
  • The List

    I imagine Game Informer's top 300 games of all time list has been written about and commented on more than enough by now. However, I just finally saw the list last week and have some thoughts. At first I was a little angry because not a single one... More
  • I Think I'm Slowly Getting It

    There are subjects in school I picked up quickly and learned to love at an early age. The one thing I couldn't understand, that I absolutely struggled with, was how to fit in. Learning human psychology - a thing which is pretty natural to most people... More
  • The Arkham Asylum of Spider-Man games.

    If you happened to read my Undisputed Best Games of 2017 blog, you are well-aware this was my most anticipated game at the time. That has not change, and is the primary reason why I even purchased a PS4 Pro. So far, the May coverage of Insomniac's... More
  • Keeping Up With Millennials – What Are Casino’s Doing?

    When you walk into a casino, the age group is quite distinct. It is not the young generation sitting at the slot machines or throwing the dice at a craps table. Those in their 20s and even 30s are out at clubs, shows, sporting events and lounges. Instead... More
  • Importance of Video Game Psychology

    Whether you play video games for entertainment, competition, relaxation, or even a job, they are affecting you psychologically and physically whether you believe it or not. Before I begin talking about the topic of video game psychology, how it impacts... More
  • The 50 Best Games: 50 - Donkey Kong Country 2

    The first Donkey Kong Country has its naysayers, and those people are not necessarily wrong. Compared to the best platformers of the day, its controls were too loose and the visuals were fairly muddy, even if it was impressive tech. As much as I might... More
  • The 50 Best Games Of All Time (A Primer)

    I've been posting reviews of various games to my blog now for a couple of months, and I would like to put together a list of the best (my favorite) games. For me, putting together a list is a fun thought exercise for myself, but more importantly,... More
  • Carving Gaming Rushmores Episode 6 - Silliest Character Hairstyles


    We engage in a debate about bad video game hairdos as ridiculous as the hairstyles themselves. Aw, here it goes. 

    ... More
  • *SPOILERS* Far Cry 5 Actually Sucks

    Now hear me out, if you decided to keep reading after I knocked one of Ubisoft's "best games in years." Take a step back from the glowing reviews and praise the game is recieving. From a gameplay standpoint, Far Cry 5 is a fun romp through... More
  • 10 Characters I Want in Super Smash Bros.

    The next installment of the Super Smash Bros. series has been announced, it's due to come out for the Nintendo Switch later this year! And with that announcement comes a bunch of new predictions and wish lists of characters everyone wants to see join... More
  • Here's What's Going to Happen in Avengers: Infinity War

    (Originally posted on Derin Loe Gaming ) At the end of this month, people around the world will finally get to see the moment that all of the previous Marvel movies have been leading up to, Avengers: Infinity War. The big ole' jerk Thanos is coming... More
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