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  • How the Game Won Me

    I love videogames. There's really no way to get around it. I just do. Some people are book worms. Some are cinephiles. I'm a gamer, and have been for a long, long time. I've blogged, read the news, and met people on this site for about five... More
  • Assassin's Feed: Episode 47; Assassin's Creed Chronicles China Launch

    Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of Assassin's Feed. Today is the launch of the first installment of the Assassin's Creed spin off series, Assassin's Creed Chronicles China. Assassin's Creed Chronicles China follows Shao... More
  • Bloodborne - How to kill the Shadow of Yarnham, the easy way!

    In this video we will be taking a look at taking on the Shadow of Yarnham 3 man boss. Not super tough in the least, especially with a cooperator or two. I got lucky enough to have two players tag along and help out with the boss. As always a sub would... More
  • Bloodborne - Quick Clip: Villager Glitch

    Just happened to come across this wonderful infected villager stuck in a roof. I have seen these a few times but this is the first one I've actually captured. I have been really enjoying this game though, and I'm almost, almost done. I think.... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Hidden Gem, Viva Piñata

    3 1
    My experience with the Viva Piñata franchise started with the show of the same name which aired on Saturday mornings. The show was wonderfully charming, and I loved the idea of these pinatas interacting with each other in a vibrant world. When... More
  • April Game Challenge: Week Three

    If it tells you anything, I'd rather be submerged in Rapture at this moment than here at my computer writing, but alas. BioShock has its hooks back in me in a great big, Plasmid-wielding way. No matter how many times I've played this game, it's... More
  • Backlog Blues

    To say that I love games is an understatement. I have retail therapy issues with games. I've bought so many in the past month or two, I have five I need to take care of--that may not seem like a lot, but when one of them is Bloodborne, it is a daunting... More
  • Knowing When To Quit A Series For The Right Reasons

    One of the most important franchises that impacted my life was Pokemon. I was the perfect age for it when it reached its popularity, I watched the show every single day it was on, I collected and traded Pokemon cards with my friends at school and most... More
  • In Defense of Batman V Superman

    I'm a superhero fan. I love reading comics and watching movies that follow the adventures of my favorite characters. Marvel has done a fantastic job of handling The Avengers, whether or not you like their movies or not (I adore them) it's admirable... More
  • Star Wars Battlefront news, finally

    Hello, please rate and comment: After what was a decade or so with no SW Battlefront on our consoles DiCE has finally been opening up about their pet project. There are things that need more following (like how many maps it has, the exact way of th split... More
  • Community Writing Challenge (4/16 - 4/22): Mirror's Edge

    Once upon a time, in 2008, there was a little game called Mirror's Edge. Fun, fluid, and, for the most part, intuitive, it was a fresh game that rocked my world. Developed by none other than DICE, it felt incredibly original and, to some extent, the... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Why I Think Thief Deserves A Second Chance

    The irony does not escape me that I should be championing a stealth game when my preferred playstyle (in general) is to run in and wreak havoc on all the baddies. If there is a stealth sequence in a non-stealth game, I'm usually in trouble the first... More
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