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  • What do you follow? Cookies count too!!

    As strange as the title sounds, it is merely a simple question. What do you follow? Many of people on this site would most likely say, "VIDEO GAMES!!!", but is there more to your life than just games? Perhaps you have been following a specific... More
  • Lowercase X?: 5 Reasons Why It’s Time for a Microsoft Handheld

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently commented on the company's dedication to the Xbox brand going forward. One of the more interesting things that Nadella said in his remarks was this: "The single biggest digital life category, measured in both... More
  • Would A Drone Video Game Be As Controversial As They Are In Real Life…

    I'm a big fan of shooters and always enjoy the ones that include real world events and potentially controversial subject matter. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon comes to mind, and if you're familiar with the game and what is going on in the world... More
  • 365/365 Day 191: Top Ten Xenoblade Chronicles Areas

    This is one of the more out there top tens I've ever done, but ever since yesterday I've been thinking about one of Xenoblade Chronicles' areas in particular; Eryth Sea. It is so large and vast that it takes at least fifteen minutes to swim... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #3: Bleach

    I try to keep up with long running shonen anime. I love Dragonball Z, I'm trying to keep up with Naruto, and One Piece has really been testing my patience recently, but they are lots of fun to watch. But when it comes to ranking them as my favorites... More
  • For goodness sake, digital downloads need to be more price competitive

    For goodness sake, digital downloads need to be more price competitive. Recently, I made a post to Major Nelson's blog into the form of a reply to a sale price for an Xbox Marketplace digital download. Admittedly, I always prefer a tangible, physical... More
  • A short ramble on Valiant Hearts.

    A few days ago I picked up Valiant Hearts -The Great War- Yesterday morning I beat it. Ever since finishing the game I have been scouring the internet for other peoples thoughts on the game, looking up reviews and videos on it. I'm not going to try... More
  • GIO Member Herding: Part 66 of XX

    Guys, I am going to be upfront with you...I love doing Member Herding. While I will gladly hand the series back to Saint when the time comes (it is a lot of work, after all), I have had a blast interacting with the community and getting to know some of... More
  • October: War of the Games

    Every gamer is aware of this...but October is a month in which we really have to prepare our wallets...because that's when all hell breaks looks. A true horror of a month because that is when most all of the highly anticipated, most wanted games of... More
  • Faces of Fighting: Examining Poster Boys in Fighting Games

    *THIS BLOG WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT Hardcore Casual Gamer * Fighting games are subject to some of the most die-hard love in the video game industry…and some of the most scathing criticism. Since the dawn of Street Fighter II, fighting games... More
  • Doppel-do's and Doppel-don'ts: Making a Great Doppelganger

    Doppelgängers, a word steeped in German mythology meaning the counterpart of a living person, has become a commonplace trope in games. Whether it is as simple as "Dark Link" or as involved as Nightshade Zero (from the Megaman X series)... More
  • Who Made Your Game And Does It Matter…

    Not too long ago I blogged about how 2014 has been a year of transition for many big names in the industry, not the least of which was Amy Hennig leaving Naughty Dog under unusual circumstances. There's been a lot of talk about Ken Levine and the... More
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