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  • The Best Games Period - Episode 60 - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was born from the vision of filmmaker Josef Fares. Fares, a Lebanese refugee, managed to escape the country's civil war in 1987 and relocate to Sweden with his family. He became a prolific director in the Swedish film... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Long and Short of It

    Now that I’ve “finished” Breath of the Wild, I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to play next. Big games like BotW are so daunting – how do you follow up a game that you’ve sunk literal days into? My solution is... More
  • zombie's Struggle with Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Disclaimer - The following is a statement of opinion, my opinion of course. My opinion is not your opinion and vice-versa. Though at times they may resemble, do not confuse them for one another. If you plan on commenting all that I ask is to be sure to... More
  • Games I Didn't Review in 2016: Quantum Break

    [As Originally Read on SNo2. ] Quantum Break is a pretty interesting third-person shooter that was released essentially to showcase the graphical powers of the then-newer Xbox One and to potentially create a new supreme IP for Microsoft as well. Although... More
  • My Thoughts on Prey

    Prey was the game that made my childhood with the Xbox 360. It was a great game that just felt like Id's come back from Doom 3. The aliens felt so unique and the mechanics to show off the greatness of the game's capabilities was an generation... More
  • How I became the gamer I am today

    I've loved video games ever since I can remember. My grandma has a video of me excitedly playing Super Mario Bros on the NES while wearing some TMNT pajamas, and I can honestly say that's my first gaming memory. Ever since then, I've kept... More
  • 5 Games I am anticipating

    T his is a little list of games I'm anticipating the arrival of and cannot wait until they are released. This list includes two horror games, an open world western, a game that hopefully will include a bad ass campaign mode and a trilogy of classics... More
  • 10 Industries That Use Strategies From Video Games

    Most people are familiar with the strong draw that video games have on a substantial portion of the public. Video game titles have gone beyond the traditional console and are now found in phones and other mobile devices. What some people don’t realize... More
  • Worlds of Power

    I read a very entertaining post by fellow blogger Marco Polo titled METROID LEGACY and it got me thinking about video game books. It seems to me that given the massive success that many video game franchises have had it would be a no brainer to publish... More
  • Summer + Video Games= Awesome Memories

    A couple of days ago, I was walking through a mall and I caught a sudden whiff of something sticky and sweet, like cotton candy. Then, in that peculiar way that smells can do, it triggered a flood of memories and images of past summers and how much video... More
  • The most exciting announcement of the year?

    I recently made a commitment to type 500 words a day. Whether that is in the form of a blog post, something random in a Word doc, or a combo of both, I am trying to stay on top of this commitment within reason. So far this is not an easy task and I can... More
  • Shadow of Mordor - Into The Frying Pan

    Games based in the Lord of the Rings universe have been on a somewhat downward trend in recent years. In 2011 came Snowblind Studios' Lord of the Rings: War in the North , a hack-and-slash action game that failed to impress critically and sold pretty... More
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