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  • How Revisiting Dishonored Gave Me an Even Greater Appreciation of it

    When Dishonored first released back in 2012, it wasn't a high profile release for many people but after reviewing well and gaining a solid fan base, the game became one of the most memorable late last generation titles. I thoroughly enjoyed my time... More
  • Do You Remember That Part Where Leeroy Jenkins is the Perfect Viral Video?

    Because I do. Hello and welcome to the meme shack. My name is Tom Loughney, PhD in #Sweet #Content. For this solstice I thought we’d take a look back at one of the great-great-grandaddies of viral videos with Internet Classic: Leeroy Jenkins –... More
  • 6 Exciting Things About Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Surprise. (Not) The most exciting reveal of E3 2016 was, for me, when Nintendo pulled back the curtain on its new Zelda. Breath of the Wild's enormous, largely directionless open world is an ambitious new direction for Nintendo's legendary series... More
  • Over 9000....WAY Over 9000....

    You have no idea. So, if you aren't already familiar with my proclivities in gaming, I'm far more into handheld games, specifically SRPGs in the style of Disgaea. Though my preferred handheld is the 3DS, I have recently picked up a Vita and like... More
  • Let's Talk - Who is the Courier?

    If you ever played the game New Vegas, you must have had a lot of questions. Most of them might have been minor, revolving around the story most likely. Me? I was wondering who my character was! Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to another thought... More
  • Phone Trolling - The Arab Windows Technician.

    It's not often a scam artist makes the mistake of calling me twice - nevertheless over the same topic. Basically, I get a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft internet security, calling me because of a concern over someone trying to hack... More
  • Your VR Genitals and You

    [Warning: NSFW mention of body parts sprinkled amongst sound conjectures of cultural analysis. Continue at your own peril] Every single person you know is self-conscious. That gorgeous guy you haven’t worked up the courage to talk to hates his thighs... More
  • Ode to a sniper main

    Oh Sniper main, Oh Sniper main, How lovely are thy one-shots. Your ultimate abilities Give enemy teams second thoughts. "Everyone focus on the sniper!" Allowing our team to sneak by They'll gladly lead them on a wild goose chase While the... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: E3 - A Stage Full Of Surprises

    I have only seen an E3 press conference live 4 times, but my connection to this event is quite enormous. Not only do I cancel all of my not so important errands to keep in touch with it, but also I have learnt to feel like if I was over there when I get... More
  • A Vacation from Gaming – Or So I Thought

    There’s nothing like a vacation to the beach – sun, sand, and Pokémon? After a few days exploring the beaches of North Carolina, I found myself nursing a bad sunburn with 10 straight hours of Pokémon X and re-falling in love... More
  • The Problem with BioShock Infinite

    The Problem with BioShock Infinite A fully-realized city that isn't fully utilized. By Bryant Golden on June 21, 2016 @BryantGolden _______ BioShock Infinite is a great video game. The opening thirty minutes are incredible. Arriving at the lighthouse... More
  • My Post-E3 Most Anticipated Games

    With E3 2016 in the books and the video game landscape full of new announced games as well as more details on what we will be playing in the coming months, I thought I would list some of my most anticipated titles post-E3. I'm sure a few more games... More
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