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  • Why Killzone 3 Is Perhaps One of The Greatest Shooters of Our Time: A Short Explanatory

    Killzone 3. What comes to mind? Shooting, Helghast, Sev, Rico, 3D? All of these things. These come together to make Killzone 3 a great game. But that isn't why it is one of the greatest. This thought in my head, that Killzone 3 is one of the greatest... More
  • Vault Spelunking: Winter 2010/2011

    Back once again for my amusement. DELVE V Xbox 360: Mass Effect 8/10 Don't let the 8 fool you, this is an amazing game. However, early on pacing is a problem and it makes getting to the core of the story kind of tedious. Throw in constant framerate... More
  • Range: S1 Part 2

    As Alphonse was sleeping, he heard what sounded like his window opening, “Hm, whats’ that.” He mumbled as he stumbled out of bed, “Another stalker, oh wait, that was a dream.” A figure jumped in, grabbed him by the shirt... More
  • Chuck Norris

    So as you can probably see this blog is about CHUCK NORRIS!!!!! Now lots of people have shown what Chuck can do I am coppying some Norris jokes here and putting them on display and if you have your own post it in the comments and you wiil get a prize... More
  • Fun Free Cooking Games Online

    Before, we get to play with plastic toy pots and pans in cooking games. Online cooking games have added a twist in the story and made this all-time favorite pastime more fun. Can you still recall those moments when you were a kid playing with your best... More
  • What defines "milking" a game. (Also a big congrats to Trevor Bayne. lolwho?)

    Go through any article regarding Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Madden, you'll see comments talking about about how here we go again, another yearly addition to a game already. You know what I'm talking about. But is the phrase "milking"... More
  • Game Informer Mar 2011 (215) – Reviewing the World’s #1 Video Game Magazine…

    I don't make a habit of blogging about the Game Informer magazine. I figure most of you already get it, read it, drool over it, memorize it, sleep with it, bathe with it...derp. Okay, maybe you don't quite go that far, but you get the point. From... More
  • The Music in Games

    Now I know we all have played that one game whose soundtrack has us addicted (of course the game itself had us hooked too). What was your game? Was it an RPG or FPS or some other type of game? I'll tell you my game whose soundtrack had me hooked.... More
  • On iPhone Games

    Alright... so GI recently ran a story about the impending release of Minecraft for iPhone. Notch says that it won't be a complete port, but most of the game will be up and running on iOS this year. I might be imagining this, but the tone of GI's... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 21

    Episode 21 is available now. This week, Titus has some deals, and Dean shares his impressions of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Break audio taken from music by Spoken . Click here to play this audio clip Have you gotten the tentacles upgrade for Jordan in NBA 2K11... More
  • Mario Kart Wii Review: Beginners' Luck

    There is no question that this game is a worthy addition to the Mario Kart family. Colorful, familiar graphics and simple, chaotic gameplay has always been a great mix and has always served the series well. Despite all of this, something felt off about... More
  • Katamari Damacy Review: The Original Joy-Bringer

    Just remembering my first time playing this game, the first in the famed Katamari series, brings up a lot of happy memories. Katamari was perhaps the greatest breath of fresh air in a generation of consoles where violent and/or realistic-ish games were... More