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  • A Quick Recap

    I'm back!!! I haven't made a blog in a while, and it's mainly because I've brushed up on my film class skills and made some interesting yet fun short films. All editing was done by me, and I actually acted in one of them and was a reporter... More
  • The Rise And Decline Of The Plastic Guitar v1.1

    Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that the band game business is a very lucrative business. In the past couple years, we've faced a bit of an oversaturation of them, and while you may point fingers at Activision straight... More
  • The Quest for 75K Gamerscore, week 1

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    This week has been a busy week for me. I worked 40 hours at my job, went to a show at a local club, played Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, and spent the majority of Sunday lounging around watching. Despite all of this, I still managed to reach... More
  • Mass Effect Becoming Too Mass-ive?

    With Mass Effect literally just on the horizon, releasing not more than a few hours after the sun sets on the day that I am writing this. The topic of, gamers' discussions will soon be changing to the next game in the series, among other games on... More
  • My Latest Debate.

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    How's everyone doing? I've been away from the site all weekend doing life stuff like painting my bathroom, working, taking my dog to training class, watching the NFL championship games, and debating on another site on a religious topic. As I said... More
  • What do I do?: Dark Void

    Hey. StarKiller 809 here. I first heard about Dark Void in Issue 202 of Game Informer. It looked like it could be fun. It showed a dude in armor shooting at space ship thing. I didn't know if I wanted it until I saw what the add said. "Fly Anywhere... More
  • Say that to my face

    It seems as though 3/4 of the time when I get on xbox live and roll into a room on cod6 theres always some nincompoop who thinks its funny to crack a mom joke or tell someone to s his d. And those other half-grown players in the game never help it by... More
  • So its been Said that the PSN is more mature than XBL gamers.

    Now i have all systems and have played online on both. Now i must admit that on the 360 you do hear a lot more bad mouthing, racism, and just plain dumb things all around. And dont get me started on when a girl talks online. Guys freaking out galore.... More
  • Mentally Challenged

    Video Games provide a cognitive challenge unlike books, movies, or other mediums. Movies and books have grown to challenge their participants in more complex ways than is noticeable on a conscious level. Collectively, popular culture has proved to be... More
  • Scary Pop Up's That Made Me Pee My Pants....

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    WARNING: NOT RECCOMENDED FOR EVERYONE! Be sure to have your volume up to fully experience the scare! I jumped off my chair and litterally laughed at myself for being so scared for a full 5 minutes.... W hew... L OL this kid reminded me of my brother when... More
  • The things that annoy me the most in COD:MW2 Part 1

    This is a list of my most hated things in cod 6. This has stuff with a lot of hatred and my personal least favorites. 1. Double wielding weapons. This is a big one. Why would IW do this to us. WHY!?!? 2. Grenade launchers. This is a personal one. I hate... More
  • Army of Two: 40th Day 360 Review

    I went into this game wanting, and expecting, to love it. My buddy and I love co-op play, and the mindless play of this game seemed right up our alley. I don't want this review to sound overly negative, but my (apparently) too-high expectations for... More