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  • Is Multiplayer that important?

    Is multi-player really that important to a game, and does it belong in every game? It seems now-a-days every game is coming out with more multi-player options. That's not ot say that's necessarily bad, but what happens when it hurts a game.I realize... More
  • Do publishers buy good reviews?

    Update: A couple people commented that my links were broken. Everything should be fine now. Thanks for your patiences, and enjoy the blog Recently there was a blog post that claimed the publishers of some very popular game series paid for the good reviews... More
  • Range: S2 Part 6

    The next day at school Alphonse, determined to win that one game, was at the library looking at books about chess. As he was reading Mai saw him and walked over, “Hey Al, watcha reading.” “Chess.” “You play chess?”... More
  • Is Mortal Kombat the Most Violent Game of All Time?

    Is Mortal Kombat the most violent game of all time? I know, you wondering when did I start watching Fox News. I promise, I don't watch Fox News. I just wonder if its the most violent game of all time. Now, I'm not asking if this is the worst(morally... More
  • Character of the Week: GLaDOS

    GLaDOS This week, I chose GLaDOS. I am also bringing up a few "Who is better?" characters discussions. And, if your read this whole thing, there will be a contest involving Duke Nukem. GLaDOS. She is a guide, a tormentor, an enemy. From the... More
  • Music That Rocks #2: Fireflight

    Repost of earlier blog, I really am not spamming this is it as far as repost go. So you can see that I changed the name, but its the same series. (that's why its a number 2) Last week I highlighted Mega Ran, but this week I'm changing gears to... More
  • Music that Rocks #1: Mega-Ran aka Random

    Repost of earlier blog, I want it to at least get to the homepage. I know there is already a blog like this, but I want to give my opinion. And the first artist on this list is Mega Ran aka Random, or the other way around. Albums : There is a bunch, but... More
  • A Reflection on a great RPG: Golden Sun

    This post never made it to the blog page, so I'm going to repost it. In 2001 a game titled Golden Sun game out for the Game Boy Advance, little did I know That this game would be one of my favorite RPG's ever. I just recently got into Golden Sun... More
  • Sipping Nintendo's Coffee in Project Cafe..


    Are you excited about Nintendo's upcoming Project Cafe? Gamebeast23456 is, and he spent an hour and a half writing all about it. Ask your questions you want Nintendo to answer, and be edified overall about this momentous console.

    ... More
  • Games That Take Skill: System Shock 2

    Been a while since we had an update and that update happens to be the first PC game featured on GTTS. System Shock 2. Released back in 1999 by Looking Glass Studios and Irrational games, this game really set the bar that year for action adventure and... More
  • No PSN This Weekend

    9 1
    Sony finally released an update to their initial statement on the ps blog....and stated that they are working around the clock to completely rebuild the network, installing better security measures. So, the PSN is DARK this weekend.....on the other hand... More
  • Why the hate for the Prequels?

    As I continue to search the internet, one thing seems common amongst everyone. Everyone hates the Star Wars Prequels. I happen to really enjoy all of the prequels, especially Episode III, but still I have to wonder why so many people dislike them. I'm... More