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  • A very Big Planet (2 million and growing.)

    I envision a future when games are what we make them. Anyone who has ever played LBP has gotten the giddy feeling that limitless creation is within our grasp. While the exploits of this adorable little sack creature are endearing, I know he is just a... More
  • The "F" Word

    I’ve played several mature games throughout my life and I’ve noticed a peculiar trend when it comes to certain words in video games. The “F” word is often either avoided like the plague, used in just the right way to convey comedy... More
  • Stupid Internet... (rant)

    rant/ My family has a fast internet service. This service supplies internet to a wired PC, a wireless PC, and my PS3. The speed is supposed to be up to 20mbps. However the service has been sagging. Every so often the internet vanishes leaving both computers... More
  • My top 10 comedy movies up til now (It can't be of all time as all time hasn't been)

    16 1
    Alright so I've become a bit of list *** lately but, hey I got tired of seeing movie lists...and yes I could do a top 10 that would be fine, but how could I choose from each category, or from all the movies that I've seen. So here comes this list... More
  • Loss Of Words.

    In the GOW3 issue, a guy wrote in to GI saying he was the only person who really cared about the future of gaming. He said that he had subscriptions to game magazines, bought all the new games, defended all video game companies- well, I'll just copy... More
  • We're Never Getting off the bandwagon!

    The PS2 is the highest selling console ever-I think. It is momentously successful, so successful, in fact, that Sony is still trying to make money with the last-gen console. This, I think, is very dangerous. Not only does Sony have a next-gen console... More
  • Why the Online Pass is a Good Thing For the Video Game Industry

    In May 1980 Pacman was released to the world. The original arcade version would go on to sell 350,000 units, which by today's sales standards is fairly weak. However, this game had a development cost of only $100,000. This means that depending upon... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of H.P Lovecraft's "From Beyond" (It's Beyond comprehension)

    Yeah, I know it's not as clean as CG, but to me it looked pretty awesome. From Beyond was released in 1986 and was directed by Stuart Gordon. I'm fairly certain that at the time I put it on my Netflix that I was aware of the H.P. Lovecraft connection... More
  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 10 & 11

    Sorry I'm late getting this one up, some stuff came up last night and I didn't get around to it. No worries though, I will also add part 12 and 13 today, although it'll be a bit later cuz I'm going to be at work for most of the day. Part... More
  • If Star Wars Characters Were Gamers…

    Well since today is Friday (Happy Friday!) and after yesterday’s blog that included the subtopic of FUN , I thought I would once again delve into the depths of my stormy and turbulent imagination to bring another episode of my satirical perspective... More
  • Memorable game soundtracks

    Every now and then, I come across music which is really memorable. One particular song that stuck out to me is "For Silence" by Paul Hartnoll from the game Chime. What songs stick out to you? More
  • Potter Puppet Pals

    After looking at the preview for Lego Harry Potter it reminded me of the best Potter Puppet Pals videos This on is my favorite The Mysterious Ticking Noise Wizard Swears (Dumbledore steals the show) Ron's Disease and Snape's Diary More