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  • Music You Should Be Listening To - Part 2

    Welcome back! This is my second installation to my potentially infinite series "Music You Should Be Listening To." This time around I am going to be talking about an instrumental keyboard artist that I recently stumbled upon and have been loving... More
  • What If...

    I like comic books (but this blog isn't entirely about them - read on). That shouldn’t be a huge surprise since lots of gamers like comic books. It’s just part of our geeky nature. My favorite comic book is Amazing Spiderman #129. I like... More
  • Awesome

    Chances are that I sucked you in with my awesome ability to fool people with sick pictures and titles that have nothing to do with the actual article. Either way, now that you are forcibly stuck here, check out this ModNation Racers track replica of Empire... More
  • PS3 users to get live baseball games, reports the New York Times

    It looks like Microsoft isn’t the only one trying to bring TV over to its gamers. Apparently Sony wants a slice of the cake too. If a recent report by the New York Times is to be believed, Sony is expected to make a big announcement today; one that... More
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 probably not coming this year, comments UK source

    If you thought you were going to be able to get your hands on Rocksteady’s highly anticipated, Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 -tentative title- this holiday season, think again. Warner Bros. has officially announced that they are keeping an eye on an early... More
  • New Silent Hill could be a FPS

    A while back ,we got word that Konami had revealed a new Silent Hill game at a German press event. However, what we didn’t hear about was the direction in which Konami wanted to take that game. Well, It appears that the next iteration of the horror... More
  • Famous Japanese gaming magazine gives Peace Walker perfect score

    I'm not entirely sure how the famous Japanese Gaming Magizine, Famitsu, 40/40 games-rating system really works, or how they came up with it for that matter, but whatever the case may be, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker has managed to take home the... More
  • New Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer shows Mario’s new cloud power-up in action

    Ok, here's the deal, everyone's excited about Super Mario Galaxy 2, and you should just be honest with yourself, and just admit that you are too... What's that?... I heard someone say something all the way in the back. You say you're not... More
  • Preparing for Red Dead Redemption

    The release of Red Dead Redemption is nearly upon us. I swear every time I check the calendar for May 18 th it feels farther away. Or that somehow time has started moving slower since I last peeped under the next month's fold. If you’re anxiously... More
  • Monster Hunter Tri: The Down-Low on What's New Part Two

    Here's another helping of Monster Hunter Tri goodness, fresh off the console! Today I got the day off, so I'll cover Moga Village in a little more detail, as well as the in-game menu and all of it's goodies. It's turning out bigger than... More
  • 5 Steps: Get Your Money's Worth From Games

    So we all know that our ravenous hunger for a controller in our hands, and a monitor with the next big adventure in our faces can be a little costly. So when spending 40 to 60 bucks on a game that can be beaten in just a few hours, may not give us that... More
  • Five-Sentence Game Impressions #1

    4 1
    Using only five sentences per game, I'm going to share my thoughts on some of the titles I've played over the past few weeks. Some of these comments will be insightful, while others can be classified as nitpicks from a geeky fanboy. The first... More