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  • Top ten video game Locations

    Just a little blog. this is my openion, and mine only. As i mentioned in my what makes a great game blog, locations in video games, is what makes it a "10" game. so to explain that i will give ten positions, to ones that i think are somewhat... More
  • Bulletstorm - OMG I'm Drooling!!!!!

    Ugh. I hate hype machines about upcoming games. Don't get me wrong. I love previews where we see screen shots and get some idea of what the story's going to be about. But hype? Claims of "this game is going to change the world of first person... More
  • Indie Game Review: Protect Me Knight (まもって騎士)

    "Defeat F%$king Goblins!"-Princess Protect Me Knight is an indie game on the Xbox Live Arcade Indie Game section that is a unique but fun twist on the standard castle defense games you see on the web. The game is created by the company Ancient... More
  • Videogame Characters I Would Not Want to Kill Me

    Ok, so being killed by anyone is likely to put a damper in your day. But certain individuals, especially the most hardass characters in videogaming, might make the experience all the more unpleasent. So here's a collection of all the people I would... More
  • Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review (Let The Torture Begin!)

    liek omgbbqsaws i jus sau teh bessstest movee evr of alll tiem peri0d. so liek, bella msut chuuse betwin too totely hott guyz (i srsly couldnt ever chuuse betwin teh too thayr sooo hott) nd an evul vampir watns to kil her o noes. so edwurd nd jakob mst... More
  • How Hardcore, is too much?

    I Recently, I have had trouble at playing Modeern Warfare 2. No, not because I suck. Hardcore gamers. I'll admit, I sometimes do All-nighters with my friends, but the guys I play on ground war are a bit ludicrous. Such as the guy above. They go into... More
  • MMO Hunting- Where should I Start?

    First off...hooray, it's Friday. I hope every U.S. citizen enjoys their extended break. I know I will be. How will I be enjoying it? A number of ways. Movies, the beach, training, etc. However, I've also decided to try something new. With a number... More
  • My Very First Blog Post!

    Hello everybody, this being my very first blog post, I wanted to talk to you about something that has been on my mind for quite some time, gaming as a career. No not your typical " I wanna play video games and get paid " act, although that would... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Tobe Hooper's "Invaders From Mars" (please dear God let this not be a false awakening)

    If any of you remember the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons, then you'll understand why when I was a kid I swore that that was Krang. Of course that was all I remember from this movie, and I had only seen bits and pieces as a kid, so this... More
  • If You Read One Thing About GI This Year Make It This

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    Let’s take a moment to stop with all the games and talk for just a second about something very dear to myself and probably several others. As of late I have been visiting the site very frequently again. While you may not see me post with an exception... More
  • Gaming and Aging

    This post may only apply to a certain "older" population here on, but I think that group is probably a little larger and more involved in the gaming industry than people may think. I've been gaming since the days of Atari and Commodore... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 04 of XX...

    Apparently this series remains somewhat popular with a consistent number of views, comments and positive feedback. I thank those who have contributed and extend my gratitude to those who have been selected for providing insightful and otherwise entertaining... More