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  • Story Time! Part V

    You can catch the beginning of the story here: When we last left Odin Fog: Roy feared for his life, this monster would surely attack him. Roy let out a scream, the man, if he was a man... More
  • What ever happened to role playing?

    A couple days back, I read a blog by Alexander Fallis, which you can read here . He basically summarized that he plays a good guy for the feeling of being appreciated in the game. I encountered a slight problem though, are we as gamers role playing in... More
  • Having Fun With Internet Based Video Game Titles Using Your Computer

    While computers are extremely useful for business, school, and socializing, they may also be utilized to play various games. Before you can begin playing these on-line games, you need to first setup your pc to be able to deal with them by downloading... More
  • Free Online Games Proving As An Amazing Entertaining Alternative

    These Free online games are much addictive and once got attached, on can not pull out of these sites which offer games that can be played by thousands of people at the same time from any corner of the globe. The popularity of online games has made a virtual... More
  • How Online Games Make Kids Healthier

    Online games can benefit children. A lot of people, especially parents, may disagree with the statement. However, this is true, if video games are played in moderation. There are many available games designed for kids nowadays. For the past years, parents... More
  • Gaming Addiction (And Why It's Bad?) --Part 1--

    Blog about me suffering under gaming addiction, what it did to me and how I came out of it... Gaming addiction is something very bad that can happen to a true gamer (the others being a very devastating unbeatable computer virus AND a natural disaster... More
  • Angsty Mortal Kombat Inspired Poetry

    I found this a while ago somewhere (can't remember where) and it just unsurfaced in my memories reading about the new Mortal Kombat game.So I rustled around on my saved files on the computer and found it. - The Arcade She came back and said CONTINUE... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 34 of XX...

    Would you look at that? The Member Herding blog is back on track and being posted on the day I normally post it on (which is obviously Thursday). This member was initially selected a few weeks ago but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the blog wasn't... More
  • GIO March Madness Standing:Day 1

    These standings were taken at 8:14 CST. Day 1 of the race for the gift cards! The names below are the names of the brackets 1. Skol's Bracket 2. (tied) JIMMERED Game Over....Continute? scm bjdbuch posiontounge #WINNING 8. (tied) It's Coooool Bracket... More
  • Ps4 And Xbox...720? To Tired to Do Images

    Hey guys the glueman is back! For awhile at least. For anybody who reads my blogs every time they come first of all that means the world to me...if you don't I don't blame you. Anyways just haven't been compelled to write a lot but I'm... More
  • Gamers for the Red Cross

    Unless you have been living under a rock, or busy playing video games, you have more than likely heard of the tragic event that has happened over in Japan. What I noticed most about the reactions of gamers was that everybody seemed deeply concerned for... More
  • A Look At The Tactics Of Black Ops...

    Since I have been doing more serious posts, I decided to do write a piece that seems more lay back. I might make it another episode but today (or this post) I want to write about a game I have been getting a little too carried away with. Is that even... More