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  • Scribblenauts: The Most Dangerous Game

    I used to live my life and play my games in a generally morally ambiguous way. A title screen, however, brought out my true nature. Yes, you heard me. A title screen undid years of telling people to read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in order... More
  • Busy Little Gamer…

    As Saturday comes to an end and I finally settle in to hammer out this blog…my mind is kind of frazzled from a rather busy day. One of the blogs I’ve been working on is almost done, but not close enough that I have time to finish it without... More
  • Wishlist for the next Super Smash Bros. Game

    Hello again. We all know that Nintendo will make another one when their next console comes out. So here is what I want in the next game Characters Default Returning Mario Kirby Samus Link Pikachu Fox Bowser Yoshi Marth R.O.B. Wario Falco Olimar Dr.Mario... More
  • GIO Achievements! 8/14 The First Achievement!

    Welcome to GIO Achievements, the place where you can Achieve. I'm you host, Happyginger, and I would like you to sit back and enjoy my newest weekly blog. I had a few Honary mentions, so I would like to mention those, before we got to the Achievment... More
  • Crap on the Way for the Wii

    So I'm on IGN checking to see look at the release dates for Kirby, Mickey, and donkey kong. Of course the dumbest shovelware is coming out on the wii and I'm not talking about Just Dance 2. The Bachelor: the video game "In The Bachelor: The... More
  • A Perfect Storm - What is the true potential of the 3DS?

    After several years of trying to scrape together marketable game systems with cheap hardware, Nintendo is taking an interesting new direction. Instead of relying mostly on a gimmick or two, the 3DS looks to be a full-featured gaming handheld capable of... More
  • moongrim's top 5 TV shows. (NOW WITH CLIPS!)

    Moongrim's top 5 tv shows #5 Family guy #4 South park #3 All in the family #2 Battlestar Galactica #1 Buffy the vampire slayer / Angel More
  • Local Music

    OK So I have had enough with the way our music scene gets treated. We have a lot of local artists who are puttin in a lot of hard work to get their music out there to be heard by people.Finally my town is puttin out quality music for a change,and it deserves... More
  • New Systems?

    I was wondering when everyone thinks we will see any signs of new consoles and what do you think they should add and improve on and do you think motion control and 3D will still be part of games. More
  • Big Boss Gives Me the Finger

    So for the past few weeks I have been playing Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) nonstop. I usually try to go through each of the MGS games at least once every year. With a pack of soda prescribed from the doctor and a bag of pringles to help get the job done... More
  • GIO Engrish Pt.5

    As I promised, here's your weekly overdose of keyboard abusing engrish. Believe me, this one gonna hurt. 1. get 2012 players on teams on on 12 thats so bad when they have the year before players on the year before teams i hate it.! 2. there accualy... More
  • Life, the Universe, and God. Part 2 of 3

    Last night, I delved into the question of what makes us, us. I concluded that we are a collection of our actions and values that we uphold. Tonight we will be discussing a topic that I'm a little uncertain on discussing, Religion and God. I have to... More