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  • I'm Complaining About Fanboys and MW3 and BF3 and Stuff In This Blog

    Hello all. I know I’ve been delaying this one, and I’d just like to warn that it totally wasn’t worth waiting for! Anyway, I’m weighing in on the war between BF3 and MW3 (har har). And to be quite honest, I understand none of it... More
  • What's the Difference?


    Come and explore the possibilities of both the Wii U and the PSv/PS3

    ... More
  • Range S4: Part 16

    “Darn it!” Alphonse yelled as he slipped yet again in an attempt to Stream. “Why can’t I get the hang of this?” “It’s a very difficult technique.” Kate said, “It’s actually impressive you’ve... More
  • An Outsider's View of My Little Pony

    31 1
    One of the bigger movements sweeping GIO (and the internet as a whole) is the growing following behind of all things, My Little Pony . The franchise previously known for its critically acclaimed work separating small children from their allowance money... More
  • 30/30 Day #12 - FIFA 06

    Hello again and welcome to the 12 edition of my 30/30 series. I hope you have been following along so far, lord only knows how I've been keeping up with this. Regardless though, through some miracle I have been. I'd like to thank everyone that... More
  • Quick-Time Events, Go Away

    9 2
    I think that, for me, one of the most annoying things in video games these days are quick time events. They have minimal meaningful interaction, pull you out of the experience of a cutscene, and the penalties for failure are enough to give yourself a... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: One Year Anniversary

    10 2 Episode 2-1 is available now. This week, we take a moment to remember 9/11/01, talk about Rock Band 3 (late to the party, we know), share our picks for the top 10 action movies of all time, talk about Kung Pow in our very first Netflix... More
  • The Dusty Cartridge #1: Mr. Do!

    Throughout the majority of the summer I had begun work on a new video series solely for GI, the only thing I believe the user section of this site really lacks. Without going into too much detail on what the show entailed, let’s just say the idea... More
  • Games These Days; Local Multiplayer?

    If I had a log showing my gaming time history, in it's entirety, it would consist of mostly of single player experiences, which coincides with video games (as a whole) being mostly single player. As the internet continues to play a larger and larger... More
  • Closure in Gears of War 3

    Gears of War 3 is nearly here and for a lot of people it means more multiplayer mayhem. For myself, it means closure to a storyline that I have been following since the first installment. While overall I have enjoyed the Gears world and story, the second... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 20: One Major Score

    Hello Residents, We've been gone a few weeks, and mostly it's due to hurricane Irene. Well we're back with the most unruly podcast on GIO, and we're hoping you'll suffer through it. You can listen to the episode here. This week we... More
  • Andy Whitfield (Original Spartacus) Died Today

    11 A legend in and of himself. More