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  • But Wait, There’s More…

    DISCLAIMER: It’s late. I’m tired. I keep dozing off. Please disregard any misspellings, incomplete sentences or any other grammatical errors that may exist. Your patience is appreciated. As a follow up to yesterdays blog titled "Feeding... More
  • The Quest for 75K Gamerscore, Week 5: I Hate Glitches

    14 1
    Greetings readers and achievement hunters. It's that time of the week again. Time for me to report my progress towards 75K gamerscore. This week was a shortened week because I wrote my monthly entry on Friday. Despite the shortened week, I actually... More
  • CaNdLE_LiiGHT's Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters

    Who are the top 10 coolest video game characters of all time? Well, I've listed my picks here. You're not going to agree with them all and I'm sure even if you do, you're down to argue about the order. Whatever. Just enjoy. 10. Harman... More
  • Great Sequences: Episode I

    "Games should be measured by the moments within them. Moments make a game memorable, makes the game stick with you, and these moments burn into your mind forever." Welcome. I am gonna do a weekly blog on great moments in games that defined what... More
  • Street Fighter IV

    2 2
    So I recently purchased the Street Fighter IV Tournament Fight Stick Round 2 in preparation for Super Street Fighter IV and because I wanted to try out Street Fighter. I'd like to become awesome. That game is hard to say the least. Can anyone give... More
  • Am I the Only One?!?!

    My parents are overreactors. Especially when it comes to gaming. If I go to play an "M" rated game, they check all the stupid little "parent ratings" sites that are determined to keep you off "M" games until you are actually... More
  • My 2010-2012 Most wanted Game releases

    These are some games that I hope will be released within' the next couple of years 1). Rockband 3 The first two rockbands were great games. The playability was awsome and I personally think the rockband series is way better than guitar hero but hey... More
  • What Recession?! (comic sells for a record cool million)

    Hello Game Informer faithful! You've finally made it to the end of the rainbow (my new blog), and so you have my sincerest congratulations! I know it was a long, arduous road to get here, likely through a lot of questionable material ( primary from... More
  • My Hero Image

    Im all about my Hero Image, I think its a good way to show people what your all about when they come to your profile. So I want to make sure I get the right one for me. Im going to be making 5 or 6 maybe more Hero Image concepts and chucking them in this... More
  • Feeding the Cash Cow...

    I’m away on a business trip for the week and staying in a hotel. I don’t have any games loaded on my laptop and not sure that it could run anything that I would be interested in playing anyway. Obviously I didn’t bring my PC gaming rig... More
  • dbull's Corner IRC Channel Edition

    12 2
    Yes, you saw that right. I've decided to create an unofficial Game Informer IRC channel for everyone to chat on! What better way to help establish that cozy community feel than to shoot the breeze with your fellow GI members? GROUND RULES There are... More
  • Fairchild VI: Episode 4

    In our episode 4 , we're joined by guest Jack Huang (, Cerebral Collective), who enlightens us as to some of the reasons why China may impose certain restrictions on video games that we in the Western world would find offensive or ridiculous... More