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  • 11 Great Things You Can Do In Morrowind

    I've got this idea some time ago and as it's getting traditional already, everybody likes lists. I took a lot of time to prepare for this blog post. Even went on to play Morrowind for an hour just to get the images for all the great things you... More
  • My Predictions for Next Gen Gaming: Part 1

    Mario in 3D with a tablet for a controller!?!?! Nope. Well...yeah, that's going to happen. Because Ninty LOVES their Mario. But that's not what I'd like to focus on today. Many industry insiders have said this generation is a turning point... More
  • Respect: Something Gamers Lack

    Yeah, it's one of those blogs, but so what? True, this is something that probably been blogged about hundreds of times since GIO started allowing users to post their own blogs. Heck, I've probably written something similar more than once. However... More
  • My Pinball FX2 Addiction - Please Help Me!

    11 1
    Hi, I'm Dave...and I'm a Pinball-holic. (Hi, Dave!) Yes, I admit that I've been sinking hour upon hour into all twenty tables of Pinball FX2 . (Thanks to PlusXP ) I simply can't help myself. I have huge scores on most of the tables, but... More
  • Awesome moments in videogames.

    Hey again. I haven't been able to post for a while because a) my computer is crappy, b) my internet providers is crappy (unless you're rich) and c) I've just been stuck in the house all summer long and go back to school next week, so hopefully... More
  • Exploring Game Industry Business Models – The Online Pass

    Welcome Everyone! I would like to discuss something that affects not only the game industry, but us gamers as well. That topic is Game Industry Business Models. Whether we like it or not, gaming has become an industry, a business. On one side of the coin... More
  • The Best Games of 2011...So Far

    It is becoming more and more difficult to be a gamer. The sheer amount of money I have to spend every year is becoming more and more devastating to my wallet. 2011 has already featured so many fantastic titles and the games are only just starting to come... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 21


    In this week's episode, we discuss the price drop of the 3DS, the Elite Eight announcement, THQ moving on from Red Faction, and more. Oh, and we make a mind blowing discovery that you will not want to miss.

    ... More
  • Making Sense of Mega Man Legends 3's Cancellation

    Last Monday Capcom announced the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, which has since been met with a great deal of outrage from their fan base. However, after investigating a bit further, it would appear that Capcom may have made an intelligent business... More
  • Collector's Editions- Too Commonplace?

    This article got me thinking: Are Collector's editions really worth the extra money and hype? Also, is the content appealing enough to warrant shelling out some extra dough for? Should game content be truly exclusive or available to other gamers at... More
  • Taking a Risk: Ever Buy A Game on "A Hunch"?

    It could be totally awesome OR it could totally RIP YOUR FACE OFF. But are you willing to find out? One of the things that we make a big deal out of in the US (and most nations where some sort of currency is used), is the concept of getting "the... More
  • The Rise and Fall (and Revival) of the PC Gaming Rig

    If you hang out anywhere where you are exposed to video game industry news, then you might have heard headlines along the lines of, "PC Gaming is dead." Well, this is not a blog about that. I've been a gamer a long time and started out on... More