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    No, but seriously, it's pretty safe in here. I wouldn't mislead you,... would I?

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  • My Impressions From The Battlefield 3 Beta (PS3).

    From the second I heard of Battlefield 3's existence from the GI cover story (which, now that I think about it, wasn't very long ago,) I very much wanted to experience the game myself. Keep in mind, I'm no Battlefield veteran in any way..... More
  • Top 5 Levels

    Almost every game has single player. Each of them has at least one stand-out experience. 5) Exodus- Halo: Reach Usually, the levels can get bland in Halo, with one enviroment and objective throughout the mission. Not the case with Exodus. You start out... More
  • 31/31 Day 1: Final Fantasy X

    Welcome to the very first post in the 31/31 series. I'm really excited to get the ball rolling here. When I started contemplating the idea of a 31/31 series, one of my biggest issues was coming up with a game to start with. The first game that came... More
  • Weekly Coverage 10/1/11

    September 30, 2011 Original Author - Ben Reeves Ready? Remember the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta a couple months ago? Then you'll love this. When you buy a soda at Subway, it will have a code on it that unlocks the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta, plus... More
  • Weekend Blogger:Video Game History Part 1

    Weekend Blogger! And in today's Weekend Blogger i write about how it all began!Video Game History:part 1! _______________ 1970s The video game industry began in 1971 with the release of the arcade game,Computer Space.The next year,Atari,Inc. released... More
  • The Great Debate Round 1

    This a blog to see what characters that the good people of the GIO community like the most. I hope once you read this blog you will leave your votes in the comments section make sure you do this if you want to see your favorite character go to the finals... More
  • A trip down memory lane: my top 25 games of all time, in no paticular order. Part one.

    SPPPOILLLLLLERSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep... everyone has to do it sometimes. List your favorite games of all time. Ive had multiple games bouncing around in my head, all equally great, so to relive stress, im not going to give them numbers. Just the names... More
  • 30/30 Final Day #30 - Shadow of the Colossus

    How do you define perfection? It's a tricky thing to think about. I mean there is of course the argument that there is no such thing as perfection. That perfection is impossible to achieve, because everything can always get better. Then you have the... More
  • Halloween Is Coming

    Yes, I know it's only September 30th, but Halloween is just around the corner. In just 31 short days, we'll be celebrating the very things that we fear in our every day lives. Things like ghosts, monsters and other frightening creatures are to... More
  • G3 Gaming and Giving for Good!!

    Fellow gamers, friends and world. Help us help the Children's Miracle Network through G3! Gaming and Giving for Good! On October 1st 2011. Myself and three other fellow Gamestop employee's and friends will be participating in G3 to raise $1 dollar... More
  • Why can't there be good licensed games?

    The problem is that licensed games tend to be mediocre at best. But why? There are two ways to sell video games: Quality of game, and reputation of name. Most video games that sell fall into at least one of the two categories. Game developers could take... More