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  • What will gaming's old men be like? + the future of the game industry

    I want to touch on a topic that I think no one has really thought about: What will happen with old gamers? Gaming is a relatively new form of entertainment, compared to theatre, which goes back hundreds of years, and in modern days applied itself to television... More
  • You Know You’re an Old Video Gamer When…

    One of the things that sucks about getting old is you don’t always recognize it’s happening. And I’ve found this is especially true with gamers. Perhaps it’s the fact that since we traditionally associate video games with being... More
  • Know Thy MW2 Enemy (or How I Get Into the Mind of an 11 Year Old) - Part Deux

    "If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu In Know Thy Enemy - Part 1 , I entered the mind of a middle schooler in order to gain an edge when facing them in CoD4: MW2. This exercise... More
  • Cooperation is a Virtue

    One of the buzzwords for gaming nowadays is "co-op" multiplayer, whether it's 2 players in a room or (much more commonly) online. Sometimes it's 2-player co-op, sometimes 4 (and sometimes even 3!). It almost seems like a game has to... More
  • Zero: A Horribly Overlooked Video Game Villain

    There are superstars in the game villain space (recent inductions to the villain Hall of Fame: Andrew Ryan, GlaDOS, The Origami Killer, and Hidetaka Miyazaki), but then there are some solid-yet-unknown ones. Zero (also known as 0), hailing from the Kirby... More
  • Who's Your Daddy...

    To all the Dads out there, Happy Fathers Day! Granted, by the time you read this, Father’s Day will be over or nearly over, so hopefully you had a great one. Mine was okay; I did everything I wanted to – nothing! Actually, my son said I could... More
  • Walk and chew gum at the same time

    Some people can multi-task while others have a hard time doing that. Then there are some of us that are fine at multi-tasking but don't have the ability to spread their interest around multiple "fun" activities at the same time. For me,... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of The Hills Have Eyes 2 (it's the 1985 version and yet it still blows)

    I know this picture says horror classics, it's lieing. Perhaps the original is a classic, this one is actually worse than the sequel of the remake done a few years back. Normally I'm all about originals, they have way more character than the remake... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of The Running Man (I hope this doesn't get edited to incriminate me in anyway)

    Look at the governator trying to pretend like he's mad, he's about to go for one hell of a ride, a rid that if they had it at an amusement park I wouldn't mind. So here we go, as I stated earlie in a past review that I wouldn't only review... More
  • Assassins creed brotherhood multiplayer

    Man this is the next sequel in the life of Ezio and i strongly like the story of the Assassins creed franchise and i hope they dont ruin it since they are now adding the multiplayer. The multiplayer looks really kool the fact that you get to pick your... More
  • Playing in the Sandbox...

    I love how the video game industry steals regular old words and transforms them into these flashy design concepts that adopt a whole new meaning. Before you know it, these buzzwords spring up everywhere as each new game tries to capitalize off of the... More
  • Me and my Xbox 360 S

    12 1
    Well on Monday Microsoft revealed the Xbox 360 S. On Friday it arrived at my local Gamestop. I traded in my old Elite and brought the baby home. First Impressions: When i was opening the box I noticed how small the box actually was. When i got the consle... More