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  • For sonic the hedgehog fans and others in general

    I found this video while looking on sonic stadium and must admit its a epic retailing of sonics battle with eggman in the doomsday zone. mario doesnt have anything on this. More
  • My Top 5 Games Of The Year (So Far)

    I know. It's a little too early to do one of these. But I don't care, so I'm doing it anyway! Enjoy! (Also, keep in mind that I have very little money, so don't be surprised if your favorite game is missing. I can't buy everything... More
  • E. P. Greg Goodrich talks Medal of Honor with Inside Xbox

    On Tuesday October 12 th , the latest in the Medal Of Honor franchise will land on store shelves. After spending 11 years simulating WWII EA has decided to grab the market's coat tail and bring the series into modern day. Having been a fan of the... More
  • Butler and Molyneux Walk In To A Bar...

    What if Peter Molyneux and Kevin Butler, walked into a bar, sat down and began talking candidly about Kinect and Move? I imagine it would play out something like this: Butler : Hey Pete, how’s that uh, that third grade science fair project coming…... More
  • How far behind is too behind?

    Well, I just got Dead Space and Borderlands lol. That's pretty behind. I also got RDR 2 days ago and Alan Wake a week ago. I know that I'm behind on teh games, but I like to enjoy games for as long as I can, but how far behind is too far? Hell... More
  • Do you listen to the GI podcast?

    9 3
    Hi. I'm Dave, and I'm a podcast-aholic. Ever since I got my iPhone last summer, I have been subscribing to podcasts. So many of them that I am way behind on listening to them. "Stuff You Missed in History Class." Great podcast, but I'm... More
  • Playing the FFXIV Beta: First Impressions

    As a FFXI Veteran I was pleased to receive an email from Square Enix giving me the opportunity to play on their Beta. The Beta itself seemed well organized; they've created an informative forum for discussions, bugs, and general tips on how to play... More
  • Concerns about Black Ops....

    Ok, I am back from a long and frustrating journey through the educational system, getting my act together so i can go to college.... I have been on Modern Warefare 2 for only a few hours, and every lobby I have been in, their have been some concerns with... More
  • Zombie Game Idea? How bout it!

    Surprisingly I thought of this while weeding.... This is just a quick run down. If you steal my idea, go get a commputer science degree, becoming a game developer, and make this game then props to you. All I ask is you put my name in the credits :). But... More
  • Is GameStop Evil (Part 1 of 2)…

    I think it’s only fair to open with my perspective…let me say that again… my perspective … beforehand, so you can see where I stand and decide whether this blog is worth your time or not. But before I do, let me say this…... More
  • Yoda and Darth Vader will soon be giving you driving directions

    While browsing Yahoo today, I came across this rather interesting article. It seems that soon, C3PO, Yoda, and Darth Vader will all soon be giving us driving directions in Tomtom GPS devices. As if all this wasn't good enough news for Star Wars fans... More
  • Thanks Universal for ruining a good game!

    So in 1998 a great developer by the name of Insominac Games made a small funny platformer named "Spyro The Dragon". Honestly has to be one of my favorite games ever, but hey Insominac is great at making GREAT games. Plus the music is flat out... More