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  • WGWC 4- Should Minecraft be a prequel?

    Before I start this blog. I'll just say I did not do it because I was still waiting for it. Guess I'll be playing catch up. Anyways, this week's WGWC challenge is fun. This one caught me by surprise, as we had to useIGeNeratr, a site that... More
  • Tales of Tamriel: Oblivion Edition

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    According to the refreshment of the Elder Scrolls series I am seeing myself chosen to bring you some tamriel-culture ! With this I am using books from Oblivion in order to present you: Tales of Tamriel, Oblivion Edition. This very first time I am picking one of my favourite books in the game, the story about ''Vernaccus and Bourlor''.


    ... More
  • "Keep Your Hands Off My Video Games!": A Gamer's Arguement for the Seperation of State and Video Games

    Like video games? Good, I do too. Like big government that controls every aspect of your life? Probably not. I know what you're thinking right now: " Oh, this is just some right wing nut who thinks the government is collaborating with aliens... More
  • Lions Among the Lambs: The Beginning

    A long time ago, here on the site I stated that I was going to start writing a book. I haven't exactly "started" it, but I did write a beginning to it... I don't really consider it a "start" because I truly don't know how... More
  • The Night of My Life: Homecoming 2011

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    As I had stated in some past Tweets, Updates, and Blogs, yesterday, November 5th, was my school's Homecoming Dance. And it sure has been a long time since I've had so much fun. And I thought I'd share some pictures, documenting my incredible... More
  • WGWC #4: Should Skyrim be Illegal?

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    With all of the controversy regarding violence in video games, and whether or not the California law regarding the sale of violent video games to minors should be outlawed, another serious video game problem is flying under the radar. Examples of it are... More
  • The One Crime Epic To Rule Them All

    I know I've written a lot about Grand Theft Auto in the last couple days and weeks, but to be honest it's kind of a huge game. There's a lot to write about. That and I just finished the entire campaign mode (good god it's long) and wrote... More
  • 30/30 Day 6 - Umbriel, The City Of Souls (SPECIAL BOOK REVIEW!!!)

    It's time! I've finally finished with reading the full story that a magnificent science fiction writer Greg Keyes created into two brilliant titles: "The Infernal City" and "Lord Of Souls". And now it's time to review them... More
  • Redesigning Perception: On Disc DLC

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    Most everyone is familiar with DLC that's already on a game's disc. Lots of games do it, recent offenders that come to mind are Battlefield: Bad Company 2's VIP system, Batman: Arkham City , and of course... Gears of War 3 . It's nothing... More
  • WGWC Challenge #4: How Porcupines Could Increase Call of Duty's Gameplay

    Today is gonna be tough. 3 blogs will be pushed out today, including this, my 30\30, and my special Homecoming Extravaganza blog. However, I am determined to keep all of these to the same quality that I should be upheld to. So without further ado... HOW... More
  • WGWC: An Addiction to Games

    My addiction to video games started long ago. Back when I was younger(obviously), my brother owned a GameCube. I never saw him take it into the living room so anyone can play it, but when his friend Mark came over, he took it out from his room and hooked... More
  • Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge - Week #4

    Letdown is inevitable. It's just the way the world works sometimes. As such I had to be set for this, because unfortunately this week I was unable to get a blog done. It's not that I didn't want to write, it's not that I didn't have... More