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  • The Saddest Day in my Gaming Life

    Hey gameinformer community! First off I would like to start off by saying that this is my first blog, and any opinions on how to improve it for future blogs would be much appreciated, so please do post any ideas in the comment section on how to improve... More
  • WGWC #2: Unwritten Words

    PS! This blog post is not about Morrowind, it's just an illustration, so don't worry. Just saying! Time to write another entry for Wolf's "Writers' Guild's Writer Challenge" and this time I've got something special for... More

    Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog may have noticed that I'm in 10th grade, and tenth graders have to do homework. I have no problem with work in general, but its a different story when I have to figure out if x=2 in a long geometry problem... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 29


    This is Gameinformer Online Radio episode 29! This week, the crew talks about Batman: Arkham City, online passes, Mass Effect 3, and why Elisha is the worst part of this show. Sounds like fun, right?

    ... More
  • WGWC: My Little Phenomenon: A Review on Friendship is Magic

    Like many, I was surprised to this this sensation appear so hard and fast. I have no actual history with MLP so I thought it was a rather new sensation and only later found a long history behind it. I only later found it has a long running of fans and... More
  • Batman Arkham city Mr. Freeze boss battle

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    Mister Freeze real name being Doctor Victor Fries his surname is pronounced "freeze" My favorite boss battle in Arkham city is currently the Mister Freeze boss battle. The reason being that you have to use so many different methods to take him... More
  • What I Want to See in Grand Theft Auto V

    The news is out, and I for one am pretty psyched. Grand Theft Auto V is finally not just a rumor, it's officially coming. Granted, everybody knew Rockstar had to go back to something after Red Dead Redemption, and GTA was the most likely candidate... More
  • Introducing A New Video Game Genre:Biographic

    Hi,for hundreds of years peopls' lives have been described in books.Now you can watch movies about famous people in history But did you try INTERACTING with their lives? I mean,wouldn't it be great to travel the world as Marco Polo?Or fight for... More
  • The reason my video's are not playing in my blog posts.

    Hello people of gameinformer and anyone who has even taken time to look at any of my blog posts. I know this is random and slightly unprofessional but I have noticed that the video's that I have put in my blog have not been playing. However whenever... More
  • Halloween & Gaming Costumes....Why Be Spooky When You Can Be Geeky! :D

    HMMMM.....I wonder what sort of audience THIS photo is ideally supposed to be for? Halloween has been one of my favorite times of the year. As a kid, this meant that I could work tirelessly for hours running around getting free candy (that my parents... More
  • Spreading Poetry Awareness.

    Poetry has somewhat boomed here at GIO, and I would like it if some of you would check out DeadManWalking's "Poetry Corner". It's a great idea for someone who enjoys literary works of budding writers (like myself) and it would help bring... More
  • Splinter Cell: chaos theory -nostalgia fever !

    As the media presence of splinter cell is allmost gone true splinter cell-veterans are repassing their experiences they made with the series. For me personally Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was the first splinter cell game I've played, after that I've... More