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  • The Dragyn's Lair: Words Can't Describe, But I'll Try...

    I have seen the view from the Eiffel Tower. I have stood in the burial chamber of the great pyramid. I have looked down at mortal men from the home of the gods in the Parthenon. These and many other memories still stand clear in my mind. But none of them... More
  • Thank You, Game Informer

    When I woke up this morning, I was expecting an average day. I was going to get on the computer, read up on some news, check my Twitter feed, etc. What I wasn't expecting, however, was this comment from Gamebeast23456's alternate, joke account... More
  • One of the Best Video Game Raps Ever!!

    Dorkly has created an awesome Portal rap about having a portal gun. Wish I Had A Portal Gun is amazing. Seriously put it on your iPod or something! XD Here's the link: More
  • 5 Things All Horror Games Need

    One of my favorite genres of video games is survival horror. It's a real shame that I am a fan of this particular genre of gaming because of how few games are horror titles. As much as I love horror, it is not without faults. One of the biggest problems... More
  • Do Fighting Games Need a Strong Story?

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    Fighting games have never had very strong narratives. I have never purchased a fighting game expecting character development, emotional cut scenes, or memorable dialogue. I play a fighting game for the obvious, frantic core of it all...the fighting. And... More
  • The Cable Revolution

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    Video games are a pretty central part of my life. God knows how much time I've spent playing all of them. But, they're not the only thing that provides me with entertainment. TV is actually a pretty big part of my schedule, and with good reason... More
  • The Only One: Why it's Hard to be Old School in a Time Like This.

    A few months ago, I was trying to explain to one of my non-gamer friends what Punch-Out!! was and why it's so awesome. A few minutes in I realized "She's not getting any of this", which is discouraging. I understand that gaming does... More
  • Starcraft 2: The Perfect E-sport

    No, that is not hyperbole, and no I am not kidding. I am completely serious when I say that Starcraft 2 is the perfect Esport. Now hear me out before taking your pitchforks and torches to the comments. I know everyone has their personal preference but... More
  • The Gamer's Block, and How I Plan to Cure it

    After my last blog, one that was rather poorly recived, I havent really been posting anything. Really, I've kind of felt a little isolated within the GIO community, mainly due to the fact that I have lost any incentive to play video games.No it wasn't... More
  • Nintendo Isn't Going To Be Who You Want Them To Be... (And That's Fine)

    I was listening to's podcast, Podtoid, last week and they were discussing the buisiness decisions by Nintendo, including the recent 3DS online store support (which, apparently, wasn't up to some people's snuff.) They gave an... More
  • Coolest masks and helmets

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    For some reason I have a fascination with cool masks and helmets, so I thought it would be good topic to blog about. Anyone, post the coolest masks or helmets you can think of. Here is my list: -Firstly Ergo Proxy/Vincent's mask from the anime Ergo... More
  • This is SO Stupid!

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    I've found that when anything small thing annoys me, I rant about it. A lot. Video games are no exception to this rule. However, I've got no one to rant about this to now so I figured I would post this on my blog. There has been one thing lately... More