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  • Role Playing First Person Shooter

    A Role Playing First Person Shooter As a gamer I enjoy playing a little of every genre (except R.T.S). Two of my favorite games of all are Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. I find little problems here and there with each genre;... More
  • Writers Guild Weekly Challenge - Week #3

    So I can't decide if I am the worst thing or the best thing to happen to the blogging community here. I mean, on the one hand, I have this series. And boy what a success that has been. On the other hand, it is my belief that this series has opened... More
  • Dead Space 3: What do we know so far ? -all informations here !


    Isaac Clarkes' third adventure is certain, the question is: What do we know so far and what can happen after the spaceship-engineer has gone through hell 2 times ? A incognito person claims to know the answer for this question, can this be true ? To check out this issue go on reading. POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT INCLUDED !!!

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  • Touching: The Emotion of Games


    Games can produce a whole spectrum of emotions, ranging from sadness to pure joy to unrivaled accomplishment. Games no longer are a mere time waster, they're a medium for storytelling. These are the best games which bring out the best emotions.

    ... More
  • WGWC Review: Batman: Arkham City

    In 2009, a relatively unknown game studio took the reigns of one of the most beloved characters of any form of media. Despite past disappointments for the dark knight, and the studio having only developed one game (the relatively mediocre Urban Chaos... More
  • WGWC: The Spellbinding Binding of Isaac

    I figured today that I would take care of two birds with one stone. I can continue with my countdown to Halloween and do the Writer’s Guild Weekly Challenge… and review a game that I have been meaning to review for a while anyway…... More
  • The BRONY Quest: Epic-sode 2 (Operation GALLOP: Phase 2)

    Darkness! Giggling! Some sort of lion-scorpion thing! These are just a few of the horrid things you will discover on your journey to find the Elements of Harmony. Proceed...if you dare. SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT... More
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City -meet up with the Delta-team !


    It's official, RE: Operation Raccoon City has a release date: 20 march for xbox360 and playstation 3. With this I am introducing you to the protagonists, the USS Delta-team. Each member is unique and has his certain character and skills, I am also introducing you to their background and status.

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  • Why Do We Play Video Games?

    Gaming means something different to everyone. To some people, gaming is a way to have some cheap fun. To others, it’s a way to escape to a new world. To some people, gaming is a waste of time. To others, it’s a way to experience art. Video... More
  • My Feelings- The World Series

    I think I can speak for all sports fans when I say that when your team loses, your life comes crashing down around your ears for a few hours. Then you wake up, smell the burning victory dinner, and realize that other people losing a game that has no effect... More
  • The BRONY Quest: Epic-sode 1 (Operation GALLOP)

    Dragon abuse! Casanova references! Ponies that prove Texans are awesome! All this and much more on the first episode of the crittically-unacllaimed "BRONY Quest"! Okay, for those who haven't read my blog recently, the BRONY Quest is a review... More
  • 31/31 Day 29: Jak 3

    Hello Again, and welcome ye to another entry in my 31/31. Today is one of the stand out games on the PS2 for me. I love this game so much, have beaten it more than once, and loved every second of it. Jak and Daxter was one of the earliest games I got... More