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  • Comic Con: The Book...

    Well, traffic around the site has been slow. Hopefully that means everybody is enjoying their time off and playing games. I know I've had a pretty good day of goofing off and being lazy. I've played some Uncharted on PS3; some Left for Dead on... More
  • 30/30 Day #17 - Advance Wars

    Well well well, so it begins. Or continues, something like that. Well, welcome back to 30/30 where I take a look back at the games that have influenced me as a gamer. And welcome to Saturday, a day where I worked 5 hours in addition to the 40 that I already... More
  • Battlefield Play4Free: Elite Weapon Reviews

    As you Battlefield Play4Free players know, there are certain Elite guns available for each class. Assault has the Elite M16A2, Elite AEK-971, STG77AUG, M4A1, SCAR-L, and recently added AN-94 Abakan. Engineer has the Elite MP7, Elite P90, UMP45, MP5, UZI... More
  • Expanding Our Library

    Read that title again. Now, will you be surprised to hear that this blog will be about books and not games? Well, we all get caught up in video games, which are awesome, by the way, that we almost forget to culture ourselves with the original entertainment... More
  • Synecdoche New York Movie review

    So as i was browsing my movie collection i thought i would review a drama. Synecdoche New York is a film about a regional theater director struggling romantic relationships, as well as problems of aging, and a mysteriously degenerating medical condition... More
  • Princess Mononoke Review (Film Bliss)

    Princess Mononoke has to be one of my all time favorite films, and proves year to year to be a timeless classic. Inflicted with a deadly curse, a young warrior named Ashitaka sets out to find the forest in the west in search of the cure that will save... More
  • Barbarella Quick Review

    So this week i thought i would dig through my collection and show you guys a cult classic of epic campyness proportions. BARBARELLA, the setting is planet Lythion in the year 40,000, when barbaella makes a forced landing while traveling through space... More
  • Suikoden Review !Spoilers!

    As many people know im a huge geek, i love anything movies, games, and comics, so im going to be giving a few reviews on some video games that are mostly overlooked or in some way changed the way I view the world today. The first one is probably my favorite... More
  • The Armchair Gamer Episode One: Communist Hipsters HATE Video Games! (A.K.A: DERAILED!)

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    Someone once made the comment that my podcast, The Armchair Gamer, was becoming vaporware... Always being touted as something cool and interesting, but never being released. That's true, I was afraid to do the show. As you know, in terms of speech... More
  • Again, no Weekly Coverage...

    This is important to read. Because I was so mad. I just wrote out all of my weekly coverage blog, and then for some ***** reason, my computer went to another page. I hate the internet sometimes, because it causes me nothing but anger. Anyway, I'll... More
  • "WRITE"-Ok Universe, I Hear You!

    Closing my eyes to the world can be lonely... This morning, (after zooming to work on my bicycle like the crazy lady I am), when I was sitting down at my desk, I took hold of my daily calendar and ripped off the page. I like to look at the little "bonus"... More
  • FamilyGuyGuy7's Top Ten Star Wars Games


    In anticipation of the release of all six Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray, FamilyGuyGuy7 counts down the top ten Star Wars games ever.  I have a bad feeling about this...

    ... More