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  • Sora3Ben's major announcement!

    Hello fellow gamers. It is I, Sora3Ben, once again. I have come back (from where, I've no idea) to grace you with my sheer awesomeness. Mainly because DCUniverse is downloading on Steam and I have nothing else to do, but whatever. This is going to... More
  • FanFic Fellowship Entry - The Farmer and the Skeleton

    The following piece is inspired by the opening sequence of Skyrim, which shows what I believe to be the misunderstood end of Lokir “the thief”. It is something of a twisted comical tragedy. The concept was inspired by the webisodes of The... More
  • Skyward Sword Basics

    One of the first things you need to know is that you start out with just a stamina guage that will be required for some actions. Second, your sword and shield can be acquired with some time(maybe 30 min) put into the game. You won't be able to upgrade... More
  • Are Video Games Associated With Problem Behaviors?


    Let me start by saying this will not be filled with statistical mumbo jumbo. As a Psych student at UC Davis, it was a common chore to scrutinize the tables and charts to come away with something meaningful. That something is all I wish to offer.

    ... More
  • FPS – So Easy A Caveman Could Play It...

    Following up on my blog from a few days ago that really just kind of scratched the surface of why gamers as a whole prefer one genre over another, I couldn't help but come back today and expound upon the discussion, especially in light of some of... More
  • Why Fallout 3 is my 10th Favorite Game of All Time

    To be explicitly honest, I had no idea what Bethesda was famous for until early this year, after the announcement of Skyrim at the VGA's. I had heard reviews reference Oblivion before in good light, so in January, I decided to Google "Oblivion"... More
  • Is "Releasing a New Game Every Year" Suitable for All Game Developers?

    Yoshinori Kitase says that, these days, releasing a game every year keeps the public interested in the franchises. After the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Kitase wants to develop and release a new one every 1 - 2 years. However, is this a good move... More
  • My Evil Brother Versus The Yeti

    I have an evil brother. He's not my twin brother, so no one is going to write a comic about us. And he's not evil evil, so nobody is going to compare him to a dictator or the devil or anything like that. However, he is evil, and I have proof.... More
  • Batman: The Animated Series deserves a Blu Ray release.

    Seriously WB WTF?!? Batman: The Animated Series(BTAS) is reveered as one of the best animated shows of all time and by many (myself included) as the best interpretation of the Dark Knight outside of comics. What else does it need to proove in order to... More
  • Robot Reveals! Batman: Arkham City

    6 1
    This week, we interview Contract Video Game Tester, Rob Kehoe (GIO user, Warbuff .) In the third and final segment of this episode, we spoil Batman: Arkham City with Rob (starting at 44:00.) Break audio provided by David Lammey. WARNING... More
  • Hunting Down Deals

    Like any economically minded person, I like to save money. Throwing my money on something that will only hold my interest for a short amount of time isn't something I exactly enjoy doing, so I prefer something that will either A) Interest me, or B... More
  • Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age review


    Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age is a fan made unofficial expansion to Thief II: The Metal Age. Using the Dark Engine, the game successfully recaptures the magic of Thief II by providing the trademark stealth gameplay and presenting the unique world.

    ... More