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  • Casting the Games: SeaNanners

    This is the sixth installment in the Casting the Games series. SeaNanners is a Call of Duty commentator working through Machinima that has a sizable backlog of content posted on Youtube. Unlike Siraz, a commentator previously spotlighted by Casting the... More
  • Moving In A New(Old?) Direction

    I believe it was back in Jul when Microsoft's Phil Spencer made the statement about how the Halo franchise "lost its way" without Master Chief as the main character. When it was dredged up again recently as a link in a GIO article, that... More
  • 30/30 Day 3 - Starcraft 2

    Hello again there. I see you're back. Well gooD becAuse I knew You would be. After all I've [9]ot like... so many of these left and we're just getting started. First off before that though let me make an announcement. This blog and tomorrow's... More
  • Incase you read my 'weekly coverage' blogs

    I can't do it this week, but I can write this short little blog. The reason why I can't do it is simply because I have so much to do today. I also want you to know that next week I should be continuing, as well as tomorrow with my regular blog... More
  • Details for MW3 such as weapons, perks, killstreaks, etc. and 43 minutes on multiplayer. (Still being worked on)

    I've wrote down everything I've seen in this video. They didn't show off everything so there's no list of the shotguns, light machine guns, snipers, perk 3, etc. I've been working on this for a while and I don't even like CoD much... More
  • My Recommendation For A New Game Mode – Traitor…

    Some blogs are immediately dismissed and subsequently bashed because they are deemed too short; and while in nearly every instance I would agree with the critics that they don't fit the traditional expectation of a blog, it did cause me to wonder... More
  • My Growing Collection

    Over the years I've been wanting to start a collection of something neat. I tried collection money but I couldn't resist the urge to spend the money and I also tried collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards but I just ended up selling them and/or trading them... More
  • 4 Protips I wish I knew while I was playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    I recently finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which you should play) and when I look back I realize that I had few eff-ups which could easily been avoided had I known certain information. So I thought "I should do a public service for the general... More
  • Silver-Tongued Devils: Super Mario Galaxy

    Oh, Nintnedo. For every remake and piece of dung you put out, you always manage to win me back with your inventive and supremely fun sequels. Super Mario Galaxy is no exception. And of course, one of my favorite parts of the game was the sound, specifically... More
  • A Heart Full of Joy, Eyes Full of Tears--When Halo and Star Wars Collide(not really, kinda sorta?)

    So, I discovered something today. Something that I think is the most amazing thing I've ever heard in a while. Something... life-changing. I guess. Something that I can't stop thinking about, something that makes me want to cry tears of joy, something... More
  • Trying to become a better blogger...

    During my first few months on GIO, I've been trying to use the blog function on the site as an effective tool ,and I'm starting to understand it a bit more. An example of that is I'm starting to use the advance editor to write my blogs. It's... More
  • Range S4: Part 11

    The next day passed rather uneventfully, at least, in Alphonse’s opinion it did. Others seemed to place such high value on their final exams. In any case, he soon found Jack after the tests ended. “Jack, we need to go to Jack’s Crack... More