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  • Let's Play Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Part 7 & 8

    Well, it's been 2.5 weeks since my last update (on here anyways) so it's time to finally get some new parts up. I'd run into a series of recording problems over the past couple of weeks so that's why it's been taking so long; sorry... More
  • Blast from my past: 3 Ninjas

    I rediscovered 3 Ninjas on Netflix streaming last night and I just have to share it with everyone. It's a terrible movie that succeeds at being enjoyable because the creators took every bit of pop culture from the early nineties and threw them together... More
  • Cheating Me Out Of Cheevies

    We all enjoy achievements. You can't deny that. It's scientific fact. True, a game has no more or less worth if it does or doesn't have achievements attached to it, but when you do something that causes that mini screen to pop up and tell... More
  • Has anyone played with Kinect?

    My thoughts are its like an knock off of the Wii. Your thoughts? More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 16 of XX

    Well, let's see. I got home from work tonight at 9:00 PM. It's now 11:00 PM. The blog is nearly done and all it is lacking is this intro piece and a few pictures. Normally, I would rattle on and on a bit before turning it over to the interview... More
  • Isaac's worst nightmare, Dead Space could have been "canceled"

    The original Dead Space may have been a huge hit when it launched, and while the idea seemed original and promising to just about anyone who took a second to read about it, EA wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea at first. During a recent interview... More
  • C'mon GI: Medal of Honor banned and you don't report it?

    Medal of Honor is preemptively being forbidden from Military bases and stores, and probably won't make an appearance at any of their video game recruitment facilities either. This is because it depicts terrorist organizations killing US troops. http... More
  • Keep it realistic.

    I started thinking about this while i was reading GIs suggestion to be able to carry more weapons in the next Halo. I am one of those gamers that likes things to be kept as realistic as possible. I would hate to see this suggestion to come true, because... More
  • New Episode of Big Bang Theory and other stuff...

    I had an extremely long and busy day today. I'm tired and grumpy and ready for bed. No gaming tonight and to be honest I'll be lucky if I get a blog pushed out tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Well, it is the Member Herding blog, and... More
  • Fixing a 360

    So a while back, I recently posted that I was going to be attempting to fix my Xbox 360, whose video went out despite having no red rings. Well, I'm typing this as I watch Netflix on my 360, so that can let you know.... IT WAS A SUCCESS! Yes, I am... More
  • calling all joes: G.I.JOE back on air.

    Discovery kids channel will be rebranded as HUB t.v as of October 10, 2010. The reason why is because Hasbro has acquired a 50% stake in the channel and will be focusing on hasbro toy related shows. There lineup will include (but can't be sure may... More
  • The Hypocrisy of the Terminator…

    My second blog about the ongoing "Mature" rated video game lawsuit debate and oddly enough I'm still not addressing the core of the problem, rather, I'm going to discuss some obscure perspective that examines the issue from a totally... More