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  • My Pitch For A Yo Gabba Gabba Video Game

    If there's one thing people don't realize when they first meet me, it's that I can smell colors. If there are two things people don't realize when they first meet me, they're that I can smell colors and I've seen every episode... More
  • 30\30 Day #3 11/3/11 Getting a Crappy Co-Op Partner: Portal 2

    Portal 2 can be recognized as one of the finest titles of not only this year, but in the entire history of gaming. The first game was nothing short of innovative, but the short length and very bland location (until the bitter end, that is) kept it from... More
  • 7 things/changes I want to see in Halo 4...

    Expected Release Date- Fall 2012 Alright well I know it was announced forever ago, but Halo 4 has everyone pretty excited. 343 Industries, and not Bungie will be behind the new trilogy, and if you didn't know, the team consists of many former Bungie... More
  • WGWC #3: It's Over When I SAY It's Over

    This is going to be an experiment as well as an answer to challenge #3. I'm going to be talking about when I am done with a game...from a slightly different perspective than you might expect. We gamers are a promiscuous lot. Sure, we might settle... More
  • 30/30 Day 3 & Day 4 - Heroes Of Might And Magic Franchise

    First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing a day 3 blog post separately. The thing is, for some unknown reason, I've been like really tired recently. I think it's because of the blogging, since I do it past midnight and then sleep... More
  • Gaming as an Adult: Setting and Testing the Limits (Part I)

    When I was younger, gaming was something that was always present in my life. From the days of the first Nintendo system to the day I bought my first console with my own money - a PlayStation 2 - I had always held a special place in my heart for the way... More
  • WGWC: How Advertisements Should Be (Final Draft)

    Advertising campaign and I have had many adverse confrontations throughout existence. They showed me toys I could never have (Parents said I would receive them on my birthday, but this was decades away), they interrupted the flow of every show on cartoon... More
  • Waiting for Skyrim

    There have been a couple games in my life that have totally took over all of my free time for a period of time. These games include big name games like Mass Effect 1, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy 7, Ocarina of Time, and other big name games that I'm sure... More
  • Battlefield 3: Seven ways of improving Battlefield 3


    Today EA has revealed seven pillars of improvement concerning to Battlefields 3 multiplayer, to check them out read on !

    ... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 12 Part 1

    11 1
    We have a special podcast coming for you guys this week. We had Eyros2k on as a guest and once the three of us started talking we just kept going. We ended up with so much awesome podcasty goodness that we decided to split this episode into two. This... More
  • The Return Of A Classy One

    Greetings GI community, allow me to officially announce my return to blogging here on It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything (four months I think) and I can see a lot has changed here in the blogging community. There... More
  • Batgirl in Batman Arkham city

    So Batman Arkham city has Batman well obviously Batman, Catwoman, Robin, and Night Wing as playable characters. This amount of characters is very satisfying and each of the characters have their own separate abilities. Batman is the strongest and he has... More