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  • Regarding Fanboys

    One of the silliest debates in the whole international gamescape (I make up new words all the time) is that of which is the best current console. The contestants are, of course, the Xbox 360. Wii, and Playstation 3. Like in all large scale debates, there... More
  • Quit Doing That or You’ll Go Blind…

    While I was at work today I saw Nintendo's new 3DS making the front page news, and no, not at Game Informer. Some of us aren't lucky enough to get that kind of access at work (Dean, I'm looking at you and that Robot in the Corner, LOL)...which... More
  • Platysaur's Flash Gaming Blog - Transformice

    Transformice is my next pick for a fun flash game. It is a online game where you place as a little mouse that has to get cheese in tons of levels. The shaman mouse will aid you and your fellow mouse to the cheese. If you get it, you can spend cheese for... More
  • Zeng This 12/29/10

    Well 2010 is coming to its end. Its been a BIG year over all with Movies, Video games and comics and probably other stuff to but that is what I blog about. So since I have only bloged since October I am not really going to do a year in review this year... More
  • The Do's And Don'ts Of Video game stress Balls

    You know thoughs little balls you squeeze that supposedly gets rid of stress( Their fun to throw at cats, so i guess it reduces stress). Well when you think of it some game do that to (although most tend to make you throw your controller in rage). So... More
  • Captain Stingaree

    Captain Stingaree is a themed criminal obsessed with pirates. He is primarily active in Gotham City, where he runs afoul of the Batman. Born into a set of quadruplets, Karl Courtney grew envious of his three brothers. He adopted the identity of Captain... More
  • Calendar Man

    The Calendar Man is Julian Day, one of the many "theme villains" active in Gotham City who are frequent irritants for the Batman. Day's obsession with calendars manifests in crimes tied to specific days of the year, though he has never progressed... More
  • My Top 10 Favorite Weapons of this Generation

    The second part of my tri-part top 10 series, I am talking about my favorite weapons of this generation. It is actually pretty hard to chose, but I've got my favorites. 10. Wrench (Bioshock) Ok, it's not the most practical weapon, so what? It's... More
  • Falling into the Zone - Holiday wrap-up

    No, "the zone" is not a Super Meat Boy reference, Dean. :P I've only reached one warp zone so far, dagnab it. This is a blog about my holiday, but also one about moving outside your Talent Zone (as opposed to your Comfort Zone, which can... More
  • Why I can no longer sleep at night

    You might have noticed a sudden drop in my blogging yet again. Don't worry, I'm not ditching you guys again ;). I've just been hanging a lot with my cousin who I haven't seen since the summer. We've been doing plenty of things that... More
  • Back Seat Gamers: People of Pure Annoyance

    So the other day a friend and I were heading to a Wendy's to pick up some grub. It was late, so we were both a little tired. We all know what happens, incoherent thoughts and words just spill out followed by a copious amount of laughter and grunts... More
  • All Work and No Play: Working in the Video Game Industry…

    Something to consider... But first...a DISCLAIMER : Don't read too much into this blog. I'm not suggesting some jobs are necessarily easier or harder than others and am not making light of what anyone does for a living. This is just my thoughts... More