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  • Leslie Nielsen - A Tribute

    Forbidden Planet. The Poseidon Adventure. Two of the best movies ever had Leslie Nielsen in them. Both of his roles in these films were grim and serious, and for awhile nobody thought he could be a comedy man. Then again, they had never seen Airplane... More
  • Game over.A sign that means more than failure.

    Game over... How many times have we seen this screen? How many times have we failed to complete a stage and lost all our lives in the process? To many to count. While the "game over" screen is a way of telling you that you lose and if you like... More
  • Tried and True: Boss Battles

    This will be a series of posts about tried and true gameplay mechanics or features that should really change. First up is Boss Battles. Boss Battles are great ideas. They represent the final challenge in an area or game. Most boss fights, and mini boss... More
  • Thank you, Leslie Nielsen

    As most of you already know, actor Leslie Nielsen died yesterday at the age of 84. I honestly didn't even know that he'd been ill, but I don't really keep up with a lot of the celebrity gossip, and Nielsen wasn't usually found in those... More
  • Leslie Nielsen dies at age 84

    4 Legendary comedic actor Leslie Nielsen died Sunday in a hospital of pneumonia, according to several published reports, his agent and a family member. He was 84 Nielsen... More
  • The Triumphant Return of the Classic Nintendo Games. So Where's Star Fox?

    There are a core group of Nintendo games that will always hold a special place in my heart. Who knows? Maybe your heart too. Games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country...Super Metroid and Star Fox. While these games were released at different... More
  • Hero of Time: Why RPGs Need A Solid Hero

    The Legend of Zelda. The name is familiar with just about any gamer, young or old, male or female. Another familiar name is Final Fantasy. Also, Megami Tensei. And Dragon Quest. Dungeons and Dragons, Fallout, Pokemon, and Kingdom Hearts. Just about everyone... More
  • Consoles vs PCs - Crytek weighs in

    I used to play PC games a lot, but I could never keep up with the latest games because my PC wouldn't run them. Or, they would run them, but not at optimum where you can see all the bells and whistles that the game developer obviously wanted you to... More
  • Something for you to read.

    Earlier this semester i wrote a small research paper for one of my classes regarding a topic of choice; something that I felt was worth debating over. I got an "A" on it but since i am a gamer and since i am a member of a game site, i wanted... More
  • Back 2 It!

    What the heck is up!!! Nutts here again after what seems like a long hiatus from online activity. truthfully i want you all to know that i wasnt ignoring you ^_^, more like trying to get my stuff together over here. ANNNYWAYY, how that... More
  • Why Subjectivity Is Sometimes Needed In Reviews

    While I myself am interested in more objective reviews, I also must admit that personal experiences often figure into even the most minute of estimations. I don't think we should discard opinionated responses entirely from reviews, because experiences... More
  • Black Ops's Playercard Editor - When Good Ideas Go Bad...

    A number of my blogs have ridden on the coattails of Blacks Ops success and popularity and just when I thought I milked the source dry, finished the game or got all the achievements, along comes another blog idea inspired by Black Ops. Should be the last... More