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  • Should Nintendo Go Back To Cartridges?

    Currently, there is talk about Nintendo working on a new system, so I've been starting to wonder if perhaps Nintendo should consider going back to cartridges instead. We all remember the days of the N64, SNES and NES. All of these systems were able... More
  • Rumored: New Xbox announcement at E3?

    Apparently, someone from EA has claimed to have a software kit for the new Xbox console available to them. Which would make sense that they would be announcing a new Xbox at E3 2011 according to the theory if EA has the kit. However, technically it also... More
  • Childhood Memories - Music (Part 2)

    Well, I think it's time for another "Childhood Memories" blog post and this time I'm going through the music I listened to as a child, as a teenager and what gives me an eargasm in the present day. Oh and here's also a link to my... More
  • Fast Five Movie Review

    Here's something odd. People who read my reviews can't seem to tell if I even like to have fun after my jabbings of Battle: Los Angeles . I know! How weird! I guess I should've expected this, considering that I've mostly reviewed independent... More
  • Thor Movie Review

    Prepare yourselves for summer, ladies and gentlemen, because Thor is the first out of an entire boatload of superhero movies to come out, and the first in 2011 to tie in with the upcoming mega-tie-in installment The Avengers . And I will say, despite... More
  • What Really Grinds My Gears -- X-Men: First Class


    X-Men: First Class comes out June 3rd, and after seeing Thor, it's the next movie after Hangover Part II that I have to see this summer.  But what's up with the whole plot of the movie?  Well, you could say it grinds my gears...

    ... More
  • Surviving In A Dynamic World - Day 22

    Day 22 - May 7th, 2011 THE END IS NEAR! Yes, it is. For the last 6 days or so I have been building up my defenses to last as long as possible, cause someone has sent a noble train at me from the heart of the world. Noble train is an attack, which consists... More
  • My SC2 experience so far

    So it's been about two or three weeks since I started playing SC2 multiplayer, and I figured it's about time that I wrote again, so this is what you get :-p I kid, but honestly let's get into the topic at hand. I can't stop playing this... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 11


    Hey everyone! This week, we've got good old Gamebeast23456 as our guest, and we're talkin' about the Nintendo Feel, among other things. Also Social Networks.

    ... More
  • Jay's Project Cafe Wishlist- Third Party Development

    The Nintendo Wii has had many great first-party titles. There have been some really fantastic first-party games released. The same can't be said for third-party games. The Wii has had absolutely horrendous third-party support. Of the 20 best selling... More
  • Friday Frivolity: 20 Epic Songs that will get stuck in your a GOOD way!

    ****************************************** "Epic soundz, dood....." ****************************************** So recently, I've been thinking about how important epic music is to me. Sometimes, while I'm gaming, I love to turn down... More
  • Range: S3 Part 2

    Alphonse got ready to fight the two enemies, “So, do you guys have names?” They just game him a blank stare. “Not big talkers huh. Alright then, let’s just skip straight to the beating.” Alphonse you shouldn’t just... More