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  • Online, Racism, and Perhaps... a Solution.

    This is in response to Phil Kollar's article on the swastika ban in Call of Duty: Black Ops. I grew up down a stretch of road in south Louisiana that, to this day, STILL has "David Duke for Governor" signs from 1991 hanging on telephone... More
  • Most Frustrating Boss Battles

    We've all had those boss battles that have stuck out in our mind long after the final blow has been struck. You know, the ones that have us breathing very heavy after you see the enemy fall because you were holding your breath the whole fight. Those... More
  • Game Informer's controversial DEC Issue - Cancel my Subscription Now...

    43 1
    I had a hectic day at work and had to make some rather unpopular decisions, so why not hammer out an unpopular blog to complete the day. All I ask is before you cast judgment on this blog please read it in its entirety. I received the DEC issue of Game... More
  • Offensive Symbols in Games

    This blog is a reply to the article " If You Use a Swastika in Black Ops, You Will Be Banned" . Before I had finished reading I was wondering why the swastika was even an option. But then you mentioned the emblem creator. I believe that this... More
  • Scheduling Posts and Some Other GIO Blogging Tips

    22 2
    Recently, there has been some gnashing of teeth about the frequency some people post blogs. "You're forcing other good blogs off the front page!" or "It's just too much to read at one time!" I actually don't understand... More
  • Blog herding...some thoughts and whats really important.

    12 1
    Hello again GIO *waves*.while surfing the site for stuff to comment on(mostly news),I came across an article titled "Blog herding". I've seen these articles before but I never paid attention to them.So I decided to check it out.Once I arrived... More
  • Games That Take Skill: Metroidvania

    Welcome everyone to another weekly installment of "Games That Take Skill". For this third installment I wanted to try something new; I'm going to review two series of games that get alot of attention and more often than not are compared... More
  • Idle Comic - A Kinect Perspective

    Back in June of this year I started a comic strip titled Idle . Immediately thereafter I effectively abandoned the project despite having a ton of ideas for strips. Just this last Friday I was herded by resident blogger Saint who called me out on the... More
  • The Bargain Bin of Blog Topics...

    It's been awhile since I've done one of these... If you've ever been to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target or any of those other stores that sells everything under the sun for dirt cheap to undercut their competition, then no doubt you've seen the... More
  • The Call of Duty Multiplayer Multiblog

    There are a *lot* of Black Ops blogs out there, saying a lot of things I could already say (and I'm sure lots that I would disagree with too). I'm not going to review the game, or the multiplayer, because it's all been done before. I would... More
  • Cheap Gamer Reviews - Game 3: Devil May Cry

    Intro: My choice to replay this series as my third Cheap Gamer Reviews addition surprised me. I had some semblance of a plan as to the order of my reviews, but eyeing the Devil May Cry Greatest Hits Set, and furthermore its price tag, I was more than... More
  • TOGNick has Issues: Issue 2

    Issues...everyone has them. Well today I bring you the 2nd issue that I have; other drivers. As a Pizza Delivery Expert, I am on the road for a rather extended period of time each day, not as much as a truck driver, but enough to know that people just... More