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  • The past is catching up to me...

    It was 1998 and the Playstation was king; Resident Evil 2, Ocarina of Time, Spyro and Pokemon were the heavy hitters of that time. I was eight years old and unaware at how awesome video games were. But that year I got a Nintendo 64 and from that moment... More
  • 64 Super Marios Project Update!

    While working on the 64 Super Marios Project I've also decided to revisit this unfinished work: This may lead to larger pieces being included in the 64 Super Marios Project! Please comment! Always in need of feedback! More
  • Casting the Games: TotalBiscuit

    This is the fifth installment in the Casting the Games series. One of the most charismatic casters in the business, TotalBiscuit provides funny, high quality commentary on a wide range of games. He got his start back in 2006 with WoW Radio . WoW Radio... More
  • Thank You Treyarch

    I wrote a blog a little while back (insert shameless plug here ) explaining that I'm a huge fan of Call of Duty's zombie mode. I've loved it every since I stumbled on "Nacht Der Untoten" in World at War. Even though I only dabble... More
  • What can revive DBZ as an anime/video game?

    I haven't seriously watched or have played Dragon ball z in a long time and I don't plan on doing so any time soon but i have been thinking about what can revive this nearly dead series and make it top dog again.I'm not into anime anymore... More
  • The News - 08.04.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! We have quite the article for you today with a full host of News. We will be starting off with a multi-faceted report concerning the ever-popular, Call of Duty franchise and a number of notable updates. Secondly, we have... More
  • Reason Number 39 Video Games Are Good For You

    I'm not really known around here for blogging about anything other than video games. It is a video game website after all, so I do try and tailor my blogs to relate to appropriately suited subject matter. Sometimes I'll stray a bit and blog about... More
  • Making the Movie: The Legend of Zelda

    A Zelda movie would be difficult to make. It would need to live up to all fan expectations and cater to people who aren't fans without losing them. Despite what it may seem the Zelda universe is much deeper than it appears. Certain things would have... More
  • Who's Your Favorite Silent Hill Characters?

    For Silent Hill fans, who's your most like characters on Silent Hill series? I know there's many characters on SH, but the other I did not placed. 1 . Harry Mason 2. Cheryl Mason 3. Cybil Bennett 3. Dahlia Gilespie 4. Dr. Michael Kaufman 5. Lisa... More
  • Goal: Radio; Dream: Video Game Journalism; How I think I can do Both.

    Tonight I hadn't planned on writing a blog, but when I came onto GIO to look through my blogs and see what others had written, I noticed I was just one blog away from 150, which is this blog. I just didn't know what to write. I had a plan to write... More
  • 64 Super Marios Project

    I am an artist first and a gamer second. With this said I believe the two go hand in hand. I just recently started reacquainting myself with my watercolors after a long run of practicing with acrylics. While I was reestablishing my fundamentals in the... More
  • Sales Study

    If you keep track of the news, you'll probably have noticed by now that two full console titles released this summer that wear their originality on their sleeves; Catherine and Shadows of the Damned. In a market somewhat starved for originality and... More