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  • Fallout: New Vegas Skip To Level 30 In Roughly 40 Minutes

    In this video I show you how to go from the beginning of the game to lvl 30 in 40 minutes real time, 10 minutes clip time. Here's The Key Info: ****I had my int. set to 10 and agl. set to 9, chr. set to 1. Perks on guns, science and sneak. Try to... More
  • Can Call of Duty: Black Ops save the franchise?

    November 9th is a fairly big day for any gamer. The newest addition to the best-selling FPS of all time arrives: Call of Duty: Black Ops. This time around it's set in the Cold War era, ditching World War II for good. Millions of people were let down... More
  • Games On The Re-Re (Retarded) Side

    Have you ever played a new game and felt it was like that one kid in your class? The one you knew who was let go of a grade too soon. With all these new games with new promises I feel as if they rushed them and the promises just doesn't out weight... More
  • The Blog Debate

    Ok guys there has been a lot of controversy about some of the recent blogs that have been coming out. It's time I address this situation. There are two important arguments. One by Trenton Miller, another by drubacca and many others. Let us address... More
  • The Life of an Addicted Gamer...

    To those handful of you who recognized I've been missing in action the past week, thanks for your thoughts, prayers and concern. Hopefully after reading this somewhat of a philosophical blog, you'll have a better understanding of what led to my... More
  • Moral Conumumdrums 6 (Or is it 7?)

    Well, the terrorists are back. Sad, I know. They've got Platinum Games and RockSteady Studios held hostage. Say we gotta shut down the gaming industry (LOL, like that'll happen) or they'll push a nerve gas through the vents, killing every... More
  • I Ate a Sandwich

    Today, I ate a sandwich. It was totally delicious. (Actual sandwich may have differed) Wow, posting one sentence blogs with a picture sure is fun! Never mind that what I am typing barely qualifies as *** English! Maybe I need to throw in some more mistakes... More
  • Why I Love Vanquish

    One thing I noticed when reading reviews for Platinum Games' Vanquish is that most critics think the story was an afterthought. I disagree. Platinum has successfully deconstructed the "space marine" genre and managed to incorporate every... More
  • Anarky

    This is the beginning of Batman's Rogue Gallery where I will share with you a number of villains that the Caped Crusader has faced, over his comic years, of crime-fighting. Now let's let Batman begin and stay forever... Perhaps Batman's youngest... More
  • How To Truly Enjoy Your Stay At New Vegas. 'ICG'

    I'm going to show you how to do the Infinite Caps Glitch in Primm, while also showing off my guitar skills by playing Super Mario Bros. theme song. (I didn't really practice for the guitar I sort of just grabbed it and started recording. I play... More
  • Something GI will never live down

    Immortalized in a bad movie forever XD Here's a better view , notice its issue 666 lol More
  • What Happened Online

    Today I had a long conversation with some classmates on facebook. Its with 2 asians and a girl they think I like. The conversation went on too long and me and the girl decicded to make the 2 asians believe we love each other. Apparently The conversation... More