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  • In response to the 13 year old girl Rune scape article: A grouchy old dude statement to parents.

    Hello. Enough with the nice chit chat. First things first, Excellent post Matt on this terrible tragedy in Detroit. I hope this *** who RAPED AND STOLE HER INNOCENCE get's his testicles chopped off and fed to him. I hate (no hate is too freaking light... More
  • Okay, class. Let's discuss art.

    , Like many of you might, I consider games to be a form of art. And we've had a great many examples of artistic titles over the years. Titles like Shadow of the Colossus. A title considered by many to be the prime example of a game as a work of art... More
  • Time to wake the hell up

    Very recently, GI wrote an article on a 54 year old man having sex with a 13 year. Actually...let me rephrase that. That man RAPED that girl. Having sex doesn't even begin to describe the heinousness of this act. Of course, this is disturbing news... More
  • TOGNick Discusses the ending of God Of War 3

    Before we get ahead of ourselves, consider this your spoiler warning... So I beat God of War 3 last week, and the ending left me feeling like a kid who wants the red power ranger, but ends up with all but him on his birthday. I had really gotten into... More
  • The Portable Race

    Many people still refer to the competition between the major console makers as the "Console War." This war has raged for years with multiple players. However there is another competition going on. I refer to it as the Portable Race. Nintendo... More
  • LG vs sony

    Korean electronics giant LG is seeking to block the sales of PlayStation 3 consoles in America as its ongoing patent fight has taken a new twist. The case, which has been filed with the International Trade Commission, has its roots in complaints Sony... More
  • The Book Retort Ep 2 Of XX: Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero

    First of all let me tell you what this is: i will Recommend the most recommendable(I guess) of the books i read said week. It won't be every week and i might do more then one a week if I've read more then one recommendable book. however I'm... More
  • Compelling Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 3

    At the beginning of this console generation, I was absolutely sure I wouldn't be buying a PS3 at all. It was ridiculously bulky, overpriced, and was lacking in exclusives compared to the 360. Not to mention, it spawned a plethora of internet memes... More
  • Weekend Recap – Where I’m at and where I’m headed…

    I had a great weekend. Very busy and productive. I got a lot of tasks done around the house and even had plenty of time to get some gaming in. I might've written a blog or two. I don't really recall. Hah. I'm so funny, I know. Anyway, I sit... More
  • Bjdbuch Interviews Ben Hanson!

    6 1
    Hello guys. This week I had the pleasure of interview GI Video Guy Ben Hanson! Thank you Ben for letting me dive into your gaming personality! Without further ado Ben Hanson! 1. Why did you decide to apply for a job at Game Informer? Being a passionate... More
  • Battlefield 3 Information

    So, I got some news from the internet on the highly anticipated Battlefield 3, that GameInformer has not announced. So, if your abit behind, then here's a link to the original page and reveal trailer, because I don't want to waste your time if... More
  • The Top Ten Most Important Games Released in January 2011

    While January is normally considered dry as far as video game releases though, last month changed all that with the release of quite a few high profile games. Let me tell you about the top ten most important games of last month, and why they can't be overlooked. Be sure to look for a list like this at the end of next month for February's titles!... More