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  • First person shooters genre isn't my cup of tea.

    With the release of the new Halo game, and all this talk about Bioshock infinite. I feel like I need to explain why I can not get into the whole "first person" genre. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. The first person genre... More
  • RE: Capcom's Inafune: "Japan Is At Least Five Years Behind"

    8 1
    I hardly ever feel the need to make a blog post to respond to one of GI's news stories, but this response is far to long to just stick in the comments section. You can read the original story here . My response: Honestly, if all they want to do is... More
  • You Have The Right to Remain Silent; and the Right to Vote…

    I'm going to be honest...I haven't really paid much attention to the court case regarding mature rated games that the state of California has practically levied against the entire video game industry; a case that has now made it all the way to... More
  • Horsemen Movie Review (SPOILERS: It Blows)

    As almost every critic and aspiring reviewer will tell you, there's something just so satisfying about reviewing a genuinely awful movie, and giving it the verbal beat-down it deserves. You know how in The Shawshank Redemption , Tim Robbins had to... More
  • Playstation Move: First Impressions

    We all know this past week was pretty huge for the gaming industry between the release of Halo: Reach & the Playstation Move, the subject of my blog today. Now as I mentioned last time, I am currently 360-less, limiting me to PS3 & Wii at the... More
  • How much do you know about: Glitches, Easter Eggs, and Obscure Games

    Ever wonder what happened to those trivia questions at the back of every Gameinformer? You know the one with the funny answers and the ratings? Well I do wonder that sometimes. I loved those. Especially since I usually didn’t get them right. Well... More
  • A Week in the Life of TOGNick: Gamer. Day 7 of 7

    September 18, 2010 The final day of this series. Today was the day of the HFStival, which is essentially a big music festival. Although in the past the lineup was more modern, today was a lineup of old 90's bands. Billy Idol, The Presidents of the... More
  • No thank you.

    You know, some things go way too far. There are some things that are pushed that shouldn't be pushed. I play bass guitar and I'm pretty good at it. I currently play four string and was thinking about upgrading to a five string. I' never going... More
  • Video Game News Ticker…What's Really Going On...

    Well, I haven't done one of these in a while, but I have several topics on my mind and none are "big" enough to carry a blog on their own but they're not "small" enough just to forget about and push to the side. So, this blog... More
  • Blood Bowl - Oh the Memories!

    During our recent trip home, I bought two games: Prototype (which I haven't played yet) and a game that I've been playing almost non-stop since we got home, Blood Bowl . Obviously, this post is about Blood Bowl because I haven't even played... More
  • I will Reach into your soul (too creepy?) and pull out Moral Conunumdrums 3.

    Reach has me. I beat it on Heroic co-op ( rebeat the last mission on solo Normal to see the post credits ending best Halo ending ever ) and am replaying it on Legendary solo. I will get Grunt Birthday party for my character ( I currently have 50,000ish... More
  • Halo Reach Review: Bringing Back the Fun in Halo

    When Halo Reach was first announced, I wasn’t all that excited. “Another Halo game? Ughhhhh…” you would have heard me say. Now I’m a definite fan of the series, but Halo 3 wasn’t that great to me. Halo 3 ODST was a... More