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  • 5 Best Weapons in Games (Throughout My Gaming Years)

    I've played a lot of games in my life. Almost all had some sort of weapon. Some throughout my life have left a big impression on my life. Some weapons are bizarre and wacky while others are charming and cute. The best though will be featured in this... More
  • Surprise!

    So I'm out to get the mail today and to my surprise I find a package addressed to myself. "Now what can be in this package?" I wonder. I look at it and don't see who its from immediately so I bring it inside. I give my Mom her mail and... More
  • Platysaur's Flash Gaming Blog- Villanous

    Who doesn't like to be a Villian in games? Well, heres another one where you can be one! You command an army of goblins, mammoth turtles, golems, and more in this "anti" tower defense game, where you must disrupt or pass the towers while... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 40

    7 1
    Episode 40 is available now. This week, Dean is gone. Titus and Wes talk about Wacom tablets, August Burns Red, Half Minute Hero, the Air Music app for iOS, the Dark Knight Rises trailer, and more. Break audio taken from music by Paramore . Click here... More
  • Game Over... continue? learned something this week...

    Hey all, hope everyone is having a good summer! Take your rest while you can... starting in the middle of August we are going to get bombarded by marquis titles! What a great year to be a gamer! A quick word about my blog and some recent reviews I've... More
  • Video Game Music: Special Edition: Final Fantasy, part 2

    Hello again and its time for the last part of my favorite Final Fantasy music. This one is going to be a little long, but bear with it, because it has some really great stuff in it. Dancing Mad- Final Fantasy VI I love Dancing Mad. I'm currently playing... More
  • Dust 514: A strange mix of pessimism and anticipation

    I wouldn't say it is being cautiously optimistic because those feelings haven't combined... its more like one second I think about it and think its going to be awesome, and the next I think its going to disappoint me. What am I talking about?... More
  • 13 rules that will keep you alive.

    Nope, no new epic art... (at least for now, i got something awesome brewing though) but i do got this for you, lists! everybody loves lists. so heres a survival guide to staying alive in Horror games, in it, I'll be detailing what you should, and... More
  • What I'm hoping for Battlefield 3

    As we all know, the Call of Duty franchise has been ruling the multiplayer world on the consoles since the rise of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Battlefield has been completely overlooked and looked down upon by many gamers out there in the community... More
  • Things I Learned At 7100 feet (and Above).

    Hello all! I just got back a couple hours ago from camping in the Eastern Sierras for a week. After putting away all my camping gear, taking a nice hot shower and getting some tasty food in my belly, I figured that I would post a little blog post about... More
  • I've Been Plagarized... (IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER, OR A MOD PLEASE READ THIS!)

    28 3
    I'm writing this blog without a cute image, without a tone of happiness. I'm sad to tell you guys, everyone on GI has been getting stolen from. Plagarized, in fact. Possibly for a profit. I honestly don't know if the administrators and editors... More
  • Does this count as a guilty pleasure?

    14 1
    I'm a big fan of the CSI television show (the Las Vegas one, I stopped watching Miami after it became boring to make fun of it, and never got into New York). So you'd think that the CSI video games would be totally up my alley, right? Ding ding... More