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  • Halo: Reach - The After Action Report (Spoiler Free)...

    In reality I could very well associate this blog to three or four others I've posted. From the one about favorite games (the first Halo is my favorite by the way) and Game of the Year candidates, to the ones about games with good endings and games... More
  • Batman dodges lame villain, takes lame title to the face

    Hero Complex over at LA Times has interviewed Christopher Nolan concerning the upcoming Batman film, and apparently we won’t be subjected to the Riddler on the big screen anytime soon. We will, however, have to get past a rather lame title on our... More
  • Member Herding Postponed and Saint's Dirty Little Secret...

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    Before my leave of absence, I hinted that I had a surprise for the 20th episode of Member Herding. Someone guessed that I would be interviewing a Game Informer staff member, which in reality, was a sensational guess...but unfortunately it was wrong. Actually... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 6

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention this when we recorded episode 6, but we'll be doing our first Q&A sement on the next episode (7). If you have a question for us, please submit it in the comments section below or email us at More
  • Game of the Year: Defining the Standards...

    This is somewhat of a continuation from yesterday's blog. I don't know about you, but my favorite time of year is fast approaching. The changing of the leaves and cooler weather? No, not that. Halloween? No, not that either. Thanksgiving? Well... More

    Sorry for the all caps.Anyway I was at my friends house yesterday leveling up my account in Call of duty 4 like always.Had a really great day to.Played a ton of team death matches(thats all i play)and my skills improving fast(I kill more than I die).After... More
  • Am I just not getting it?

    It's one thing to think a game sucks, its a whole lot of crap when people go out of their way to insult a franchise or a console or whatever. I mean look at some of these dumb comments I found on IGN's youtube review of Halo Reach. -double facepalm... More
  • Do You Think Before You Kill?

    This blog is meant to examine maybe ( this is a big maybe) a reason why some uneducated people may think video games cause violence. I do want to point out this blog is from the viewings of a friend of mine who did think games(as well as other forms of... More
  • Like Clockwork, I Need Orange Caps

    Normally, I wouldn't have been digging around in a dumpster. I was a college junior, and although I often wore sweatpants and a heavy parka stained with Steel Reserve and spit, and resembled a hobo, I had enough money for food and shelter. No, what... More
  • Halloween is almost here

    As I type this Halloween is only 5 days and 3 hours away. For some of us Halloween parties are even sooner. If you're planning on dressing up but can't decide on a costume you better do so quick. The rush at seasonal Halloween stores is going... More
  • Reviewing the Reviewers of the Reviews…

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    It's the little things in life that cause me amusement. Watching Planet's Funniest Animal videos and seeing a sleeping cat roll into an aquarium; pulling on a door to open it and then noticing the push sign; seeing someone fail their field sobriety... More
  • How To Save The Skate. Series

    At this point in time, EA's Skate. series is in a serious state of decline. The level design and overall gameplay in Skate 3 seem uninspired, bland, and unrealistic. From what I've seen, at least, realism is what gave the Skate series the power... More