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  • The 2011 Academy Awards: Predictions, Opinions, And Snubs

    Way back in the first annual Academy Awards during the mid-to-late twenties, there were actually two Best Picture awards not unlike the ones in the Golden Globes. Except, unlike the Golden Globes, instead of separating them between the drama and comedy... More
  • Why do we carry on with gaming?

    Now before I begin I must state: this is my first blog. Although, technically my first blog was posted Monday I count this as my first blog considering my last blog was simply a formal introduction. Now if you did not read my introduction than I must... More
  • Arguing With Respect: Why it's Important and How to do It. Now with Links!

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE A couple things before we get into this. Well, I did this in Word so I could edit it and get it right and I ended up with indents, I wish I knew how I could take it out. And I'm sorry for the length and... More
  • A TOGNick Challenge: Challenge 3: Defend an Activision and EA merger.

    This week's challenge blog is brought to you buy Skol. Let me tell you this is the most difficult challenge yet, and at the same time the one I enjoyed trying to figure out the little intricacies the most. When I had envisioned this blog, this was... More
  • A Beginners Guide to CityVille

    CityVille is the most recent game from Zynga. It combines the successful formula of other Zynga games and many of the game mechanics are the exact same. Most veteran Zynga gamers will adapt to CityVille's nuances fairly easily. For gamers that are... More
  • How Stubbs Swagged All Over Spyglass Board Games.

    7 1
    The mind and determination are the tools needed to conquer the games that come in this package. Chess, Checkers, Mancala, and Switcheruzzi. Keen intellect and wits will lead to many moments of glorious victory in the Spyglass XBL world. Between the two... More
  • The Calm Before the Storm. Or why I really hate the Kindle.

    13 2
    I remember the first time I became unhealthily obsessed with something that my parents would allow. Gaming and tv had their restrictions way into adolescence and if it wasn't for my good grades I probably never would have had the chance to experience... More
  • Voiceless Heroes

    With the release of Dead Space 2, there was something about it that made me think. Now that Isaac has been given a voice, I realized that the old trend of creating what I call "voiceless heroes" is quickly disappearing. In most cases this makes... More
  • Member Herding Missing in Action…

    I'm a little behind with the Member Herding blog. The questions are created and the bonus questions have been provided by last week's member, but I'm a little late on the delivery to the person I selected this week. So, hopefully soon. In... More
  • The Half-Price Oyster Night at Buster's Book of World Records Top 10 Video Game Characters and Other Stuff I Thought Up 2011

    So, apparently Guinness recently came up with their stupid and asinine list of top 50 world record video game characters or whatever after a night of binge drinking kerosene and then accidentally sent it to press. Boy, if I had a nickel... Anyway, after... More
  • My Birthday Blog


    This blog contains everything you want. Me, my birthday and a CONTEST WITH A PRIZE!

    ... More
  • AllAboutJane's Guide to Black Ops Zombies Ascension

    This is a guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC, zombie level: Ascension. This guide might be for more experienced zombie players, so before reading this or considering my rules (or guidelines), I would recommend getting a feel for what zombies... More