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  • My Evil Brother Versus The Yeti

    I have an evil brother. He's not my twin brother, so no one is going to write a comic about us. And he's not evil evil, so nobody is going to compare him to a dictator or the devil or anything like that. However, he is evil, and I have proof.... More
  • Batman: The Animated Series deserves a Blu Ray release.

    Seriously WB WTF?!? Batman: The Animated Series(BTAS) is reveered as one of the best animated shows of all time and by many (myself included) as the best interpretation of the Dark Knight outside of comics. What else does it need to proove in order to... More
  • Robot Reveals! Batman: Arkham City

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    This week, we interview Contract Video Game Tester, Rob Kehoe (GIO user, Warbuff .) In the third and final segment of this episode, we spoil Batman: Arkham City with Rob (starting at 44:00.) Break audio provided by David Lammey. WARNING... More
  • Hunting Down Deals

    Like any economically minded person, I like to save money. Throwing my money on something that will only hold my interest for a short amount of time isn't something I exactly enjoy doing, so I prefer something that will either A) Interest me, or B... More
  • Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age review


    Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age is a fan made unofficial expansion to Thief II: The Metal Age. Using the Dark Engine, the game successfully recaptures the magic of Thief II by providing the trademark stealth gameplay and presenting the unique world.

    ... More
  • A Word on the Portable Gaming Decline

    I remember when I received my first handheld gaming console; the GameBoy Advance. It was a sunny, but cold, Christmas morning. I got one game: Super Mario Advance. I played that thing to death. I had all kind of accessories for it including a nightlight... More
  • Fantasy Football For Gamers

    Recently, my blog posts have been of a somewhat serious nature, though treated with some humor where appropriate. This time around, I want to have a little more fun. Like many other offices around the country mine participates annually in Fantasy Football... More
  • HD Remakes

    How do you feel about HD remakes? There's always that feeling of nostalgia, but people grow up. Playing a HD remake is like running into an old buddy from school. You reminisce about old times, but sometimes, you just want to forget things. Sure,... More
  • Short and Sweet-My "Checking In So You Know I'm Not Dead" Blog

    There's something about a hot beverage on a cold day.... So, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I've been somewhat silent lately. This is largely due to two problems: A) My normal sized laptop is being repaired. For some reason the thing... More
  • Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword/Day 1

    Alright, well as many of you already know The Skyward Sword was released today on Wii. We drove to Gamestop as soon as it opened, 11 in the morning, and was relieved to see that no one was in line. So I go up to the counter and yell like a maniac, "GIVE... More
  • Patriotism: The Value of Human Life

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    From Call of Duty to Battlefield to the upcoming Rainbow Six, explosions, gunfire and warfare seem to be overtaking the gaming industry. There are plenty of grenades to throw, bombs to detonate and windows to prone-dive through, but when you go down,... More
  • The Christmas Day Effect…

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    Seems like just yesterday the industry was buzzing about all the great games that were due to release in the coming months, and here we are a few days before Thanksgiving and most of them are on the store shelves or available for download. I'm wondering... More