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  • 2010, A Year In Review (Part 1/4)

    With 2010 over and done with, I figured that I would do a year in review, highlighting some of the good and bad of the past year. However, I will also be throwing in some numbers and stats that you normally won't see in other year end reviews. So... More
  • Protectorate What?

    So Uncharted 2 and Nathan Drake have had their first anniversary and that's awesome. I've beaten the game and I feel like I hit a high note there. But today, I go back to play some Multiplayer and forget I still have an online trophy to earn.... More
  • Cavalier

    Mortimer Drake, the Cavalier, is a minor villain within the exotic criminal underworld of Gotham City. Obssessed with antiquated costumes and weapons, and possessing a keen sense of personal honor, he embarked on a string of thefts to stock his collection... More
  • Platysaur's Flash Gaming Blog- Amorphous+

    Amorphous+ is a pretty crazy action game, where you are a guy with a really big sword, and there are these blobs that try to kill you. These blobs get progressively more dangerous and tougher to kill, and with tons of these blobs on the screen, it is... More
  • Moments We Can Never Forget

    Playing Half-Life 2 has given me so much inspiration for blog topics that I can't write 'em fast enough. In fact, I have five or six ideas that I got just by playing the Orange Box. One of them I will share now... Video games are extremely apt... More
  • On line Games With regard to Relief From Stress

    A number of us have tasks and even lifestyles which can result in a great deal of pressure. Fortunately, you will find plenty terrific on line video games which are ideal for minimizing tension. Obtaining them is as simple as making use of any kind of... More
  • Buy All Time Favorite & Unique Board Games Online

    There are fascinating online board games which are indeed popular board games amongst the young generation. You can now Buy Board Games Online for yourself or for gift purposes. Board game for kids are really all time popular as children love playing... More
  • MapleStory Ultimate Meso Guide: Four Ways to Earn Meso Quickly

    Abstract What is the best way to earn maplestory meso? Which monster in maplestory drops the most meso? How do you make millions of meso easily without cheating/hacking? or How to earn meso from scratch if your account was hacked? If you have all of those... More
  • I'm Going on a Trip and I'm Bringing a (blank)...

    Tomorrow I am departing on a work related trip to an undisclosed location to perform some sensitive duties. It might sound glamorous, but it isn't anything fancy; more administrative than anything. I can say that it isn't "haze gray and underway"... More
  • Catwoman

    Selina Kyle's childhood was defined by tragedy. When Selina was just a girl, her brutalized mother committed suicide and her violent father drank himself to death not long after. Seperated from her younger sister Magdalena and remanded to the Sprang... More
  • Bjdbuch's Epic 2011 Predictions Blog

    These are my epic predictions. Some predictions might be the same as others but that is because i argee with them. Reviews Mass Effect 3 It is not as good as 1 or 2 and the darker direction will not bode well for the series Average Score: 8-9 Legend of... More
  • Could this be the year I DON'T buy a Call of Duty game?

    I can still remember playing the first game on my PC. From the awesome sniping missions you had when playing as a Soviet soldier to fighting alongside Captain Price for the first time, at the time it was one of the best FPS games you can get. From then... More