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  • Coming Soon: The BRONY Quest...Maybe

    The recent blog I did on this site (Bronies: My Discovery of Them and My Further Analysis) has led to a few Bronies to proclaim that I, libertydude, will soon be "joining the herd". Despite my example of Captain Picard resisting the Borg, one... More
  • Battle field 3

    ] So Battle field 3 came out today and I have to say that the game looks great. I was actually considering getting Modern Warfare 3 but then I realized that it did not have zombies and said screw that game. The main reason that I play call duty games... More
  • 31/31 Day 25: Halo: Reach

    Day 25, I can't believe this is almost done. I have had such a great time, and I'm glad Wolf did this to begin with. Without him, I would never be doing this great series. I'm really happy with all the comments I've positive reception... More
  • Metro 2033 Review: Overlooked Brilliance

    Game: Metro 2033 Genre: FPS, Survival Horror Console played on: PC Rating: M Every once in a while a game will come along with enough guts and balls big enough to slip past my guard and steal my heart from right under my nose, (Don’t ask why it... More
  • WGWC: Battlefield 3: The Review

    I was so excited to head to my friendly neighborhood(like, 3 miles away) GameStop and pick up my pre-ordered limited edition of Battlefield 3. I went at about 4:00p.m. to pick it up, and couldn't wait to get that disc in my PS3. It was a quiet ride... More
  • Battlefield 3 First Impressions

    For readers who have not been in a coma for the last year or so may have heard of a little title named Battlefield 3. Arguably one of the most over-hyped, flame-war inducing shooters in years, Battlefield 3 supposedly is descending from the heavens for... More
  • How The FPS Fued Turned Me Against Realism In Gaming

    Modern game design has come a far way since the days of pong and space invaders. But what does that mean? When the feud between COD and Battlefield began I honestly thought it was kind of cute in the whole "were super cereal" kind of way. Well... More
  • Battlefield 3 Review

    When we meet Sergeant Henry "Black" Blackburn, the U.S. Marine is precariously perched atop a speeding New York commuter train. The damp air whizzes past his helmet as he drops to the side of the last car and crashes through the window and kicks... More
  • WGWC: Betsy: A Friend Who Is Nearly Dead

    When I first heard about this week's challenge, I didn't know what to review honestly. The first speed bump was that it should be something I own. I've reviewed countless movies that I review, and along the way I've reviewed a couple of... More
  • Project RUN; Miles Contest: Raffle: Winners!

    7 1
    Update- Saint won the bag, Keyes won Fallout3, Fox won Uncharted, and DStubbs won the hat. Congrats! PM your info to me if you won the games, or TurdFurgy if you won the gear, and we'll send it right out. Thanks everyone for their participation! Original... More
  • WGWC: Dark Souls; Death is only the Beginning

    I will not hide it. Demon's Souls has probably been one of my top 5 games to come out in the past two years. Something about the game just resonated with me. From the medieval/fantasy setting to the gut-wrenching difficulty the game was on another... More
  • How to Deal With a Call of Duty/Battlefield Fan

    Alright.... The whole Battlefield vs. Call of Duty thing is honestly one of the most annoying things to plague the internet. Every time I hear somebody try to argue for one side or the other I want to throw my laptop across the room. The discussion is... More