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  • Star wars

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… Star Wars!!!! I have always been a star wars fan, I have watched it all my live, and still like watching it now. Star wars has been a classic and there has been a lot of star wars games, (I think over 60... More
  • Mortal Kombat

    The new MK is on the horizon and it looks gorier than ever. Sorry for short 1st line. The game is filled with great new ultra-violent fatalities that many hardcore fans will love. DID YOU KNOW: Sub-Zero's spine rip fatality in '92 created the... More
  • Range: S1 Part 1

    It's finally time for part 1 of my new story, and I'm starting it with, a theme song That's right, my story has a theme song. What do you do with this? you could watch the actual opening, listen while reading, or ignore it completely. My name... More
  • Charting Uncharted 3: Some Info on the upcoming game.

    According to Naughty Dog and Sony's recent estimate- we should have a sequel (is there a special name for a third entry?) to the insanely polished and critically acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Now, many gamers that don't have the pleasure... More
  • Browser Games: Is It More desirable In case you Pay To Play?

    One of the primary attractions for individuals who wish to play browser games is the incontrovertible fact that such games, more often than not, don't desire much of an economic expenditure, if any. If you would like a console and enough games to... More
  • New Recipes on Cooking Games

    Cooking games is so terrific and fun. Each and every wee woman has almost certainly seasoned enjoying cooking games using toy pots and pans when they had been younger. Cooking games have additional a twist in the account and produced it all-time preferred... More
  • Stick Your Stars Where the Sun Don't Shine - Assessing the Blog Reader's Opinion...

    36 1
    This is my perspective on the issue. My fellow bloggers may agree or disagree. The inspiration for this blog came from an issue that occurred with last night's blog that garnered a whopping "one star" rating from one (or more) of my readers... More
  • Why Loseing Progress isnt Always a Bad Thing

    This Christmas I got a new computer. My old one had been a ten year old HP and it was on its last leg and it was just time for something new. So on Christmas morning my I find out my Dad had already set it up with a few games and a steam account. Three... More
  • The 2011 Academy Awards: Predictions, Opinions, And Snubs

    Way back in the first annual Academy Awards during the mid-to-late twenties, there were actually two Best Picture awards not unlike the ones in the Golden Globes. Except, unlike the Golden Globes, instead of separating them between the drama and comedy... More
  • Why do we carry on with gaming?

    Now before I begin I must state: this is my first blog. Although, technically my first blog was posted Monday I count this as my first blog considering my last blog was simply a formal introduction. Now if you did not read my introduction than I must... More
  • Arguing With Respect: Why it's Important and How to do It. Now with Links!

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE A couple things before we get into this. Well, I did this in Word so I could edit it and get it right and I ended up with indents, I wish I knew how I could take it out. And I'm sorry for the length and... More
  • A TOGNick Challenge: Challenge 3: Defend an Activision and EA merger.

    This week's challenge blog is brought to you buy Skol. Let me tell you this is the most difficult challenge yet, and at the same time the one I enjoyed trying to figure out the little intricacies the most. When I had envisioned this blog, this was... More