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  • Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions (360 platform)

    Everyone and their mother has done this already, but I'm going to try and do an in-depth review of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Short Version : Fun, a lot slower paced, realistic, beautiful looking, buggy, trodden down with mouth breathing imbeciles... More
  • Sanctity 2.5

    Qwan Lin was proud of his life so far. He had arisen to the status of Commissioner in the People's Natural Emissions Refinery Coalition. It essentially meant that he was in charge of a large amount of people who collected and refined natural gas and... More
  • REPLAY: Just In Time for Halloween…

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    Well, it's October 1st...a new month and also Halloween season. So, I thought I'd recall a blog I posted last year around this's a blog I enjoyed and it did well with views and comments...but its a seasonal blog and still relevant... More
  • Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions- Xbox 360

    After waiting for the Battlefield 3 beta for a week (which seemed like forever), the day finally arrived when the beta opened up to all users. So, I sat down at my computer, fired up the beta... and realized I had vastly overestimated my computer's... More
  • Still_Insane22: The New Cyberking. (WARNING: WORK OF PURE FICTION!)

    It's actually a very funny story as to how all this came about. I was walking home one day, since I didn't decide to travel by car. It was a nice day in the latter end of September. The breeze whisps through the air. Then I heard it: the screeching... More
  • Wake the Hell Up 2

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    I did it before about the article GI posted of a rape, and I'll do it again for this latest incident . You know, as a gamer, when I hear criticisms geared towards others who share my same love of video games, I do my best to stand up for them. But... More
  • So I Played Grand Theft Auto IV For The First Time

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    One of the costs of, you know, not having unlimited money or time to spend on games is that I miss out on a lot of great titles when they come out. The money tree is only so fertile, and I don't buy a ton of new games. I've mentioned this before... More
  • Battlefield 3: Three reasons to love, three reasons to hate. (Xbox 360)

    I'm no stranger to modern day shooters, but when I first heard the news that DICE was making Battlefield 3, I was thrilled since I was a little tired of the more non-realistic Bad Company spin offs. The following gameplay trailers were outstanding... More

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    No, but seriously, it's pretty safe in here. I wouldn't mislead you,... would I?

    ... More
  • My Impressions From The Battlefield 3 Beta (PS3).

    From the second I heard of Battlefield 3's existence from the GI cover story (which, now that I think about it, wasn't very long ago,) I very much wanted to experience the game myself. Keep in mind, I'm no Battlefield veteran in any way..... More
  • Top 5 Levels

    Almost every game has single player. Each of them has at least one stand-out experience. 5) Exodus- Halo: Reach Usually, the levels can get bland in Halo, with one enviroment and objective throughout the mission. Not the case with Exodus. You start out... More
  • 31/31 Day 1: Final Fantasy X

    Welcome to the very first post in the 31/31 series. I'm really excited to get the ball rolling here. When I started contemplating the idea of a 31/31 series, one of my biggest issues was coming up with a game to start with. The first game that came... More