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  • Libertydude to Everybody Else: "Stop Whining About My Short Blogs!!!!!"

    Update: Sorry if I didn't clairify this, but this blog is aimed at whiners, not polite naysayers who think my blog is too short. Saying it so politely is OK, but straight up whining is just annoying. Lately, I've been doing a lot of blogs. A few... More
  • I Love Skyrim

    As the title implies, I love Skyrim, a lot. In thirty-three hours of gameplay, I've killed countless dragons, completed the main quest, murdered people in the Dark Brotherhood and became the leader, became a Companion and became the Harbinger, and... More
  • What Sega did right with Sonic Generations

    Now before we start this little blog im not going to lie. I am probably the biggest sonic fan on most the web. From action figures to the comics, to the movie. *more a fan than tim is* I grew up playing sonic as a child back when it was first released... More
  • driving me crazy.

    I'm having a ton of problems with this website lately. When I go to sign in, 9 times out of 10 it just reverts me back to the home page without signing me in. I can't post comments on anything because it says there was an error processing it.... More
  • Multiplayer Management: What's Taking So Long?

    Ever run into a bunch of people boosting right after a game releases? Someone who seems to be killing with machine like efficiency? I know that if you play online you've come across someone exploiting a flaw in a game for their own benefit, right... More
  • My Experience (Or Lack Thereof) with the Old Republic Beta

    Bioware really dropped the ball this past weekend for me. It all started when I got a message from Bioware that I had been selected for the beta. I thought "Hey, that's cool." So I clicked the link that was in the message, only to find that... More
  • Multiplayer Camping: Tactical or Cowardly?

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    If you've ever played a single round of any first-person shooter on the market, you will have no doubt noticed (or been killed by) individuals waiting for other players to cross their paths so they may kill them. For those unfamiliar with the term... More
  • To H.E. double hockey sticks and back again. A grouchy old dude report.

    First things first I have not been pouting, mad or kidnapped by fundamentalist Amish sheepherders. I have been getting the grouchy old dude's mind back in order. Things went from bad to worse on my depression and the old dude wrapped the Pain blanket... More
  • Random AKA Mega Ran "Black Materia" Album Review

    In 1997 Square and Sony would team up to release a console exclusive so popular, that to this day fans still clamor for a full remake. Final Fantasy VII released exclusively on the 3 year old Playstation system, after Square and Nintendo had a falling... More
  • Video Games And The Horn Of Plenty…

    I'm what some would call a veteran gamer...others might just suggest that's a polite way of saying I'm an old gamer. I've been in the business of playing video games a long time...I remember the days when the big three wasn't Microsoft... More
  • “Video Games” Are Obsolete

    The tendency to pigeonhole a video game with an inadequate genre label has become a serious pet peeve. It's bad enough we want to segment an increasingly diverse gaming community into hardcore or casual, but identifying games -- and our industry ... More
  • *THE* Reason to Buy a 3DS

    HINT- It starts with "Z" and ends with "ELDA"! XD I'm beside myself with fangirl glee! The Black Friday Ad has just been released by GameStop, (Link Here:, and the... More