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  • Gaming: The Rules of a Gamer

    Hi gamers! I am here to let some people know or remind, that there are quite a few things in the gaming world that a gamer doesn't allow. Most REAL gamers know what they are, starting with showboating or taunting. It hit me hard in the face when this... More
  • Game Informer’s Newest Competition = Walmart…

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    A day or so ago I was shopping at Walmart for some Commander Shepard Axe body wash (that's a joke referring to a blog I posted a few weeks ago) when I made my rounds through everybody whose probably reading this's favorite part of Walmart - Electronics... More
  • Gaming At Christmastime

    We gamers know that for us, Christmas is the "most wonderful time of the year" because of the many game-related gifts available to us. I know that i'm getting an Assassin's Creed hoodie (fitting, I know), and some other things, like... More
  • Libertydude Comics: December 5-10

    This being the second week of writing comics, I was still getting ahold of the ropes. Frankly, I think I did pretty good. I dropped numberous video game shenanigans, made my first REAL plot, and could go one week without featuring Don Rickles. True, the... More
  • Thoughts on Dragon Age III - What Should Be Brought Over From Origins

    When BioWare announced that many features of their highly successful fantasy RPG Dragon Age Origins were being revised in its sequel, Dragon Age II, many fans cried foul. In 'Making Of' interviews and videos, core leaders on the DA development... More
  • Disgaea Series v.s. Final Fantasy Tactics Series Part 5

    Finally after about three or four weeks come part five of the Disgaea v.s Final Fantasy Tactics blogpost series. I haven't been posting this lately because I have been doing research on both series. Just kidding, I went on a Disgaea 2 and Final Fantasy... More
  • Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition: Reaction, Analysis, and Prediction.

    Pokemon has always been a favorite franchise of mine, taking a spot in my top three favorite gaming franchise of all time. (They happen to be Assassin's Creed, Pokemon, and Megaman, for anyone who is curious.) So, I imagine my reaction to "Pokemon... More
  • My gaming weekend (16.-18. december 2011), This week: Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Welcome to another edition of MGW, this time we are putting attention to a game which can be pointed out from other games because of complexity, contempory issues and thought-through gameplay. The game I am talking about is Deus Ex Human Revolution.  S.P.O.I.L.E.R.  A.L.E.R.T. I.N.C.L.U.D.E.D. ! ! !

    ... More
  • Something You All Just Might Like.....

    Alright, I was taking a break from blogging today, but I've been listening to something a lot lately that my little brother showed me, and I thought it was pretty cool. If you love/like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time like me, you probably really... More
  • Why I think Kaio: King of Pirates will be the best 3DS game.

    You've probably heard a thing or two about this game by now, called ' Kaio: King of Pirates .' You may not think much of the game, you may say it looks childish, but I believe all 3DS owners should consider this game. If you're a huge... More
  • List And Comparison Of Postapocalyptic Games

    World War III is a big topic in video games,now in video games everything can cause the end of the world.A secret military chemical weapon failure tha caused people to mutate,an alien invasion or zombies. Zombie Apocalypse Zombie apocalypse is a relatively... More
  • My Favorite Past Christmas(es?) And This Year

    Some people don't celebrate Christmas, and others do. I do. Christmas is my favorite holiday, for 2 reasons. Most people think Christmas is awesome because they get free stuff. Well their view of the holiday is wrong, because that's the total... More