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  • Why Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is my 5th Favorite Game of All Time

    Another “Underground hit”, in my opinion, but it holds a special place in my heart. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was developed by KROME Studios and Published by EA, but it was far from a high-profile release. Few games come close to topping my love... More
  • Great Television Shows You May Haven't Heard About

    The following are a couple of great television shows that don't have a strong prescence in the US, therefore you may not know exist. These shows have gathered a cult following and are all deserving of your attention. I personally do not watch that... More
  • GBa Ambassador Titles I Want

    If you were one of the people that bought that bought the 3DS at 250$, you thought you got ripped off with the price cut. Than the ambassador games were announced. 5 of the GBA titles have been confirmed: Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advanced 3 Mario... More
  • What Games Will NOT win GOTY Pt 1

    Since it appears that a ton of people are going to do blogs about their games of the year, I figured I might shake things up a bit. I am doing to do a blog on what games WILL NOT win game of the year. It is going to tough, because I am not going to include... More
  • The Fog (Short Story)

    The sharp, rocky cliffs were constantly subjected to the harsh beatings they received from the sea of, the waves, of which they continuously had to endure. They crashed down on the rocks and caused vibrations to run through the beach. The water was a... More
  • Clear Skies (Short Story)

    I've been seeing things again. Ha! Well well, isn't THAT a big old surprise? How often do I see the man with the wide smile? How often do I see the Weeping Widow? She makes me feel sad. Do you think I wish to see all of these lost souls? No! They... More
  • Skyrim -a journey into history: Olaf and the Dragon


    The Elder Scrolls games have allways been known for their brilliant as well as in-depth reaching history, and with this also the fifth game of the series. Especially Skyrim has a very rich history as it is the crate of human civilization in the game. With this I am very proud to present you some typical Skyrim-tales.

    ... More
  • Apozem's Best Games of 2011

    Around this time last year, I did a celebratory list of some of the best titles in gaming, film and even television. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Don't judge me. It's been another year, and I figure now's as good a time as... More
  • A New Age

    (Enclosed is an essay I wrote about art and technology for my college english class, I hope any of my readers enjoy it) What is the purpose of a story? Some are meant for the recipient to be entertained. Some are meant for the reader to learn something... More
  • Thoughts on Skyward Sword

    This is the second half of my originally combined article with Skyrim. Enjoy! Finally, on to Skyward Sword. For any doubters of the Wii, let me tell you, this game is amazing. It's been said before, but I'll say it again, this is the game the... More
  • Thoughts on Skyrim

    I posted this as a combination with Skyward Sword, but upon realizing how long the combined blog post was, I decided to split it up. You're welcome, readers! I'll be posting the Zelda section shortly. This month has been full of gaming for me... More
  • The Sad Side of Gaming

    I have thought about writing this blog for a few days now. There are a few things that I want, and hope, to write about that came up on Thanksgiving after some talks with my brother-in-law. On Thanksgiving my family went to my wife's uncle's house... More