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  • GOTY – Too Close To Call...

    19 2
    I'm going to open with a few caveats just to lay the groundwork for this blog. First of all, I'm not going to necessarily make any GOTY predictions. You already know the long list of games under consideration; there are too many different categories... More
  • Dear User Reviews

    Dear Users who post Reviews: You can't post a review of a game you haven't played yet. Yes Skyrim looks amazing and the trailer was great and you won't see the sun for days upon release but guess what? Your perfect score of 10 out of 10 is... More
  • Time With Demos! Rugby World Cup 2011

    This will be a shorter entry than previous entries in the Time With Demos series because, quite frankly, the demo is terribly short. It was actually so short that I considered not writing this article on it, but decided that it was worth writing about... More
  • Not Exactly A "No Russian": Call Of Duty's Latest Controversy

    12 1
    Allow me to start off by saying there are some minor spoilers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 here, so if you haven't gotten to play either game and don't want even the slightest scene exposed prematurely, you may want to avoid this post... More
  • Skyrim: pre-release sneak peak


    The day BEFORE the official release of Skyrim is the day I am bringing you a short impression of the fifth part of TES and guess what, this day is today ! SPOILER ALERT INCLUDED !!!

    ... More
  • FanFic Fellowship: Sic parvis magna—Charting the early years of Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan

    I really wish I was better at writing intros because this is what people see on the user blog page to get them interested in the rest of the blog. So I will just say that there are treasures inside this blog, and a chance to win Chrono Trigger...No really... More
  • Genre Genie: RPG

    1.) What is RPG: A.) RPG is a genre of game that puts players in a specific setting where they control a specific character or characters, in the case of some games. Though this sounds like most if not EVERY game, what separates RPG from the pack is that... More
  • Living in multiple realities! Yet another Skyrim anticipation blog!

    Tonight, at 12:00a.m, the glorious game of neverending adventure is officially released! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim took my pre-order from Modern Warfare 3, due to the great value of this game. On the back of the Oblivion cover, I saw a comment. "If... More
  • Indie Games Corner #1: Audiosurf

    If you’re strapped for cash, but need a good gaming fix, this new series I’m starting up might just be the thing for you. In it, I will basically offer reviews to cheap indie titles that just might be worth your while. Also…I really... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 12 Part 2

    8 1
    This week we present part two of our podcast with Eyros2k, one of the most highly respected individuals on Game Informer Online. We drill Mr. 2k about cats, Diablo, MMO's and what he's drinking. We realize that everyone is mostly interested in... More
  • Looking Back on Classics: X-COM: UFO Defense

    6 1
    X-COM: UFO Defense is a strategic turn-based game that was developed by the now defunct Mythos Games in 1994 for PC. It is a turn-based strategy game that has some city building elements that places the player in command of Earth’s defenses during... More
  • 'Twas the night before Skyrim...

    9 1
    So here we are, less than 24 hours till Skyrim releases. It's been a long couple weeks waiting for the game as I scoured the NeoGaf forums for info and resisting the temptation to watch leaked YouTube videos of the game in action. Rest easy my friends... More