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  • Idle Comic - A Kinect Perspective

    Back in June of this year I started a comic strip titled Idle . Immediately thereafter I effectively abandoned the project despite having a ton of ideas for strips. Just this last Friday I was herded by resident blogger Saint who called me out on the... More
  • The Bargain Bin of Blog Topics...

    It's been awhile since I've done one of these... If you've ever been to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target or any of those other stores that sells everything under the sun for dirt cheap to undercut their competition, then no doubt you've seen the... More
  • The Call of Duty Multiplayer Multiblog

    There are a *lot* of Black Ops blogs out there, saying a lot of things I could already say (and I'm sure lots that I would disagree with too). I'm not going to review the game, or the multiplayer, because it's all been done before. I would... More
  • Cheap Gamer Reviews - Game 3: Devil May Cry

    Intro: My choice to replay this series as my third Cheap Gamer Reviews addition surprised me. I had some semblance of a plan as to the order of my reviews, but eyeing the Devil May Cry Greatest Hits Set, and furthermore its price tag, I was more than... More
  • TOGNick has Issues: Issue 2

    Issues...everyone has them. Well today I bring you the 2nd issue that I have; other drivers. As a Pizza Delivery Expert, I am on the road for a rather extended period of time each day, not as much as a truck driver, but enough to know that people just... More
  • Blogging for Dummies - Appendix A: The Golden Rule of Blogging...

    Retreating all the way back to May 25, 2010, I posted a blog titled " Blogging for Dummies ". It was meant to be a light hearted, whimsical piece, but some of the readers thought it was actually decent advice applicable to blogging in general... More
  • Christmas - Creeping up on us

    Christmas time is almost here, and by "Christmas time," I mean people eagerly decorating way too early for the beloved day. Even I partake in the festivities of the season. Now look at me. I have a mohawk, I listen to heavy music, I play bass... More
  • Hypocritical Violence or Why You Can't Complain About Call Of Duty: Black Ops

    As gamers, we all are on an ongoing quest to play a game that is REAL. A game that is such a perfect simulation of real-life events and places. And who could blame you? Is there anything wrong with wanting a game to mimick life? Of course not, it is simply... More
  • A Moment of Wistfulness: Part 3 of 3

    Hello, and welcome to the final installment in this series. Now, I promised some weirder games, and this is the part were I deliver. Weird may not be the correct word, but, rather, crappy, obscure games that I loved to death. So, the obscure games are... More
  • A Moment of Wistfulness: Part 2 of 3

    Hello, again, I hope you enjoyed (to some extent) the first part of this series. This part will focus on single player games that left me breathless as a kid. As a rule, no current generation games will be in the list, so "breath-taking" might... More
  • Retro Game Reviews #1:Donkey Kong Country

    For Awhile I've been thinking about dusting off some old classics and playing through them again for a blog series on how they have held up over time. So anyway with Donkey Kong Country Returns coming out I figured this would be the perfect time to... More
  • A Moment of Wistfulness: Part 1 of 3

    Hello, all, I have been reminiscing of late....a lot. I sure do love current generation gaming, but sometimes I need to go back and remember the games that set me on this path. There are some really weird ones've been warned. First up... More