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  • The durararaGO95 Questionathon Manboobtactcular (ask me anything)

    Hey readers, it's me durararaGO95. I hope that the title got your attention, manboobtactcular part, because as the title states this is a blog in which you ask me questions and I'll answer them in my next blogpost. But first before I get to question... More
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you controll almost every aspect of the game. Fitting, as the words Deus Ex mean, "God out of you." You determine almost every aspect of the story line. You descide who lives, who dies, what missions to take on... More
  • Will The "Real" Samus Please Stand Up

    We haven't heard much from Samus since the disaster that was Other M. In case you haven't heard of it, Other M was supposed to have an epic story and reveal the personality behind one of gaming's oldest icons. This was big news to me at the... More
  • Top Five Games of 2011

    We have almost reached the end of this year, and for gamers, what a year it has been. Ranging from wild titles like "Saints Row the Third" to the grim settings of "Arkham City" There are a lot of games to play this year, but which... More
  • Who knows better, gamers or the industry?

    In recent years, I have noticed a trend in the video games industry that seems to have become more and more prevalent. That is, the requests, desires, concerns of gamers being minimized or outright ignored. Amongst the first that comes to mind with this... More
  • A resonating story

    Amazing its a strong word but it is not enough. Neither is fantastic, great,astounding,or any other adjective seems to be able to express how awesome it is. How awesome what is? you might ask. Well how incredibly amazing Berserk i s. I sat down yesterday... More
  • My Top 75 favorite games of all time! #75-66

    dkeller2's Top 75 Favorite Games of All Time Wow. I'm pretty excited about this list. I've been breaking this list down for a few weeks from about 125 of my favorite games to 75, and here I am. I'm placing my games based on... -Lasting... More
  • The Most Godless Game

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    Of all the popular forms of media expression in the world today, perhaps the most godless form of all is gaming. Of course, most popular media declines to address spirituality, as to express an opinion on spirituality in any form is almost certain to... More
  • What Makes Me Happy (Open Discussion)

    Hey GIO community, it's durararaGO95 and this is the second entry of my "personal life series". Today I thought that I could share what makes me happy, and what I enjoy. Not only will I talk about myself, I would like to hear what makes... More
  • A few small "Modern Warfare 3" campaign issues I'd like to point out...

    ***Potential Minor Spoilers Ahead*** Alright, well I'm going to attempt to keep this mini-rant.... well, miniature. I'm not going to whine about how the game looks like it's predecessor, because that'd be too easy. Instead, like one of... More
  • How I Learned to Man Up and Play Hard Games


    These days, people like to complain that games are too easy. What with autosaving, regenerating health, vita chambers and a general lowering of difficulty games these days are a whole lot easier. The people who made The Witcher 2 don't believe in that at all...

    ... More
  • Uncharted 3: Did I Miss Something?

    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is amazing. I don’t think there’s ever been a game that so consistently blew my mind with its sheer amazingness. It’s beautiful, fun, fast-paced, and actually quite thought-provoking. The storytelling... More