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  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Star Wars the force unleashed was, in my mind, one of Lucas Arts’ best games. Now, I am still mad that they have not continued the Battlefront series.. It may still exist, but unfortunately, I highly doubt it. Starkiller... More
  • Saints Row: The Third Review

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    Games take themselves too seriously. Don't get me wrong I love a good and emotional story in video games but sometimes there just needs to be a game that is stupid. A game that doesn't take itself seriously and lets you do whatever you want without... More
  • Top Ten Most Underrated Games of All Time!

    This is the first of many in my Top #(it could be a variety of numbers) Series so stay tuned for all these lists to come in the future! ____________________________________________________________________________ The Top Ten Most Underrated Games will... More
  • Mobile Market

    There has been plenty of debate between analyst game journalist to gamers on is the mobile market hurting the handheld market. I feel that they can co exist without issue. Recent 3ds sales has proven that handheld gaming is still very relevant. But why... More
  • I Wish I Could Delete You....Sometimes

    I wouldn't consider myself a perfectionist or a completionist, but there is one thing on my Xbox that aboslutely drives me nuts and I can't get rid of....achievements. I know I know..who wants to delete achievements? You worked your ass off to... More
  • L.A. Noire: Making You an Incomplete Completionist

    There's a very good reason why I have owned L.A. Noire since its release and still have yet to beat more than 6 cases. It's because it forces you to be an incomplete completionist. I know, it's making me just a regular gamer. Each case, you... More
  • Why Oblivion Is One Of My Top 5 Games

    Oblivion: Oblivion is #1 on my Top 5 Games of all time. It has and holds this spot because I do not have that many good games. This is because my parental figures do not like me shooting people in "fake life" - (video games). But they let me... More
  • Shooter Fatigue

    I know shooter fatigue is not a new topic but I think more and more gamers have become frustrated with it. Games like Call of Duty, Killzone, Battlefield 3(campaign) have all felt linear and very uneventfull. As much as I love each of these series it... More
  • The Art of Gaming: How to polish those Gamer Skill Nails

    Hi gamers! Some of my friends have asked for some advice on how I get good on the games I own. An example is a few minutes ago: I used to play a lot FPS games such as Halo, Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, etc. And online gaming is a place where you demonstrate... More
  • The Liberal Gamer: Episode 1

    Hi everyone, I posted a new episode to my podcast, reildoS doG's Podcast. Please click the link below to view it. See you there! - reidloS doG Welcome to the first episode of The Liberal... More
  • The State of Horror in Gaming


    Just a couple personal thoughts on horror in video games. Agree? Disagree? Feel free (to leave a comment).

    ... More
  • A Tale About The Magic Land Of GIO(Fantasy Blog)

    In a galaxy that is far,far away there were three planets,all three planets were a member of the GIO Union. The first planet was called Blog Section,a little place where people let their imagination and ideas fly around,making the planet more and more... More