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  • Dead Island Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Dead Island Review Kid Safe: Very Low (1.5 / 10) Game Quality: High (8.0 / 10) Genre: Open World Survival Horror Shooter - This game takes place in a world where choice is everything. Rather than providing a set story that a player has to follow, they... More
  • Gaming and the Lens of the Television

    You say you watch the TV...well have you ever wondered if the TV was watching YOU? I never watched a lot of television as a child. Growing up in a household where my parents either wanted to watch really old, somewhat boring stuff or simply tried to go... More
  • So Long & Thanks for All the Fish: A Farewell to GI

    6 2
    "Then I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over."- Aeris' last words to Cloud, Final Fantasy VII For the past couple of weeks, some of you might have noticed that a few of my posts have been hinting at the fact that... More
  • Band of Bloggers #6

    In a struggling economy and with the following headline, "NPD Reports July 2011 US Video Game Sales, Worst Month Since Oct 2006" - how has the financial crisis affected you, your family and friends? Is this a serious issue or are gamers just... More
  • GI Community Update - Week of 9/11 (sorry it's up so late)

    So sorry about this guys, but I got busy today after work and was unable to get this up earlier. As I mentioned though this is the new day for the Update so keep an eye out for it every Tuesday! Now then please enjoy, and as always feel free to give me... More
  • Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Gamer…

    I read an interesting blog by a Game Informer community member and fellow blogger this evening that really got me thinking and definitely was the genesis for this blog. The blog was posted by o_JMan240_o and titled, Getting Better From Here . It's... More
  • PSN update for Sept 13 A grouchy old dude update.

    Here is your weekly update for PSN hope you like it. All info is from Playstation Blog. Free Minis: Jellypops Full Game Trials: BulletStorm God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War: Ghost of Sparta Exclusive PS3 Game God of War: Chains of Olympus God... More
  • Square Enix Publishes a Great Anime

    With sales of 50 million volumes, being the top-selling graphic novel in 2005, and winning 5 awards in the American Anime Awards in February 2007, it is obvious that Square Enix has a winner in their hands. Full Metal Alchemist is about two brothers called... More
  • Is Mass Effect the Star Wars of Video Games?

    In my mind, there are many similarities between the original Star Wars Trilogy and the Mass Effect trilogy. They share settings and certain themes. They both feature characters that are truly unforgettable and set pieces that are awesome. They both feature... More
  • 30/30 Day #13 - Twisted Metal

    Hello hello again! I hope everyone is doing well, I know that I've been busy, but it'll be worth it. Hopefully everything comes out well and you'll see a lot better quality on the Community Update tonight. But enough about that, this is 30... More
  • Ideas for... Mario Kart 7!

    I like Mario Kart, but the franchise has been the same thing for the past games. While there are customizable karts, here are some ideas. 1. Track Editor Mario Kart has some pretty cool tracks, but gets old after a while. A track editor would fix this... More
  • Dead Island- A Zombie Masterpiece or a B-Game?

    20 1
    To say Dead Island is an imbalanced game would be a grievous understatement. Never before have I played a game that switches back and forth between quality. Dead Island is an an First Person, action/RPG that is cashing in on the zombie craze that has... More