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  • The Greatest PS3 titles

    I finally did it; after being a 360 gamer for so long (with a little bit of Wii on the side), I finally caved in earlier this morning and got a brand new 160 GB PS3 slim! It was such a great feeling walking out of Walmart with the precious package in... More
  • [UPDATE] Sniper Elite V2: Why It Deserves Your Attention

    [Update below.] I’m always intrigued when the public greets news of a new entertainment release with scorn and even rejection without knowing anything about a franchise or especially the product itself. Such is the case with Rebellion’s announcement... More
  • I'll never look at video games the same way again.

    My second year of college is around three-quarters of the way through; this semester has kicked my ass up and down the street. But, lets take a step back for a second. After my first semester I started to think: what kind of classes do I want to take... More
  • How To Survive A Horror Movie


    Horror movies are nasty business. The killer usually racks up quite a few kills. However, they can be survived. Follow this flow chart to see what your odds are of survival.

    ... More
  • My First True Experience with Xbox Live Arcade

    I went on a downloadable game trip when I read the essentials list that Game Informer created. I really didn't know what to get though. One game had always stood out as a game I wanted to try though, Pac-man Championship Edition DX. So when I spent... More
  • Game Informer Blogger News Podcast

    The first ever one! We talk about the week's blogger news! Check it out here More
  • Painful Button Smashing

    If you remember my last similar blog most called "Hazardous Button Smashing", then these two are not related. What I am to talk about is my yesterday's crazy experience with a mini-game from Starcraft 2 called "Lost Viking". Basically... More
  • Sweet Angry Birds Parody

    Hi everyone. I just found this great Angry Birds parody that CorridorDigital posted on YouTube a few hours ago.Here's a link to the video,as well as the CorridorDigital user page for those who want to check out their other videos.They do really cool... More
  • Fish Tank Movie Review

    Well...uh...I was unable to see Source Code last week so here's a review for a movie that came out on DVD last year! Whoopee! Every teenager has gotten that feeling. You know what I'm talking about. The feeling that you deserve better than what... More
  • The Weekend, 4/8/11..Or, How To Rent A Game.

    Hi there reader! Just want to pay homage for a quick second - because without you, the reader.....blogs would be MEANINGLESS. So, first and foremost, regardless of the circumstances that've transpired to make this particular blog appear before you... More
  • Funcom says PC edition remains team's focus, but 360 version also in development; release depends on desktop-platform success.

    Massively multiplayer online role-playing game makers routinely announce their newest projects will populate Microsoft's Xbox 360 or Sony's PlayStation 3, but very few have been able to deliver. It appears as if the latest to be added to that... More
  • Animal and Genetic AI: A Combination to Improve AI in Video Games

    We are all aware that video games use AI to add a sense of challenge and realism in video games, but I find it flawed at times. In the past few years, developers have been trying to tackle the challenge of creating games that are vibrant and at the same... More