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  • Top 8 best looking characters ever made

    Ive seen it all. Droids, aliens, humans, monsters, and talking evil turtles. These eight look quite litterally, pixel perfect. HK-47 Behold; HK-47, the famous meatbag assassin! He looks like an odd spin off of the phantom menace droids, complete with... More
  • As Brothers, We Hold the Line: Another Short Story

    This one is better. Trust me. I promise. I think it's a whole lot more fluid, there's more dialogue, and there's more background. This is all just an experiment to see if I can really write, please, PLEASE, leave your input in the form of... More
  • Counterstrike: Global Offensive - The Good, Bad & Ugly...

    Is the world coming to an end?!? I return home from a week long underway and my eyes burn from the thick clouds of smoke filling the sky as the Great Dismal swamp continues to burn out of control; I experience the rare and unnerving tremors of a 5.8 earthquake... More
  • Perspective: Is Gaming Worthless?


    Over this summer, most of the time I did nothing but game. Are there ways to turn playing video games into a hobby that benefits something? Can gaming be productive, or is gaming as a hobby and industry socially, physically, and mentally worthless? Here I separate aspects of gaming into two categories: Gaming is worthless, and Gaming is Productive.

    ... More
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution: The Best Game of the Year

    Deus Ex Human Revolution is a game that has a follows the wacky tales of Adam Jenson, head of security at Sarif Industries, a corporation that is systematically trying to make the human race more like Chuck Norris, one mechanical limb at a time. In keeping... More
  • Want to Be a Top Ten? Bring the Connection.

    An interesting thing happened to me today. I was thinking back on my favorite games from the past, and I was trying to figure out a way to categorize what would make a new game my favorite, and the one thing that came coming up was story. I'm not... More
  • Just tried to Bodycount demo

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    Recently got back from classes and turned on the PS3, checked the PS Store, saw the Bodycount demo thinking "hmm, this might not be a total waste of time", and downloaded it. Oh! but how wrong I was! Bodycount is a new FPS by Code Masters, that... More
  • Range S4: Part 7

    Alphonse woke up in Jack’s dimension, somewhat sore from sleeping in increased gravity, and realized he had barely eaten anything yesterday. He looked over and saw Jack still sleeping. Alphonse made a gun and fired a shot. Jack bolted up, “What’s... More
  • JRPG- The Immortal Genre

    Some games age really well. Others don't. Just look at first-person shooters in the '90s. Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Doom, Goldeneye 007, and Half-Life were some of the best first-person shooters. They have not aged well. They are by no means bad... More
  • Religion Questions that Befuddle Me #1

    As I sit in religion class, plenty of questions race through my brain. Who is God? Why does everyone just believe everything from that really old book? But, one question that the teacher asks really questions me. She asks, why do we have faith? Hi, my... More
  • Epic Steam Borderlands Deals

    Steam is selling all things Borderlands for 75% off ending Monday. That means you can get Borderlands and all of the DLC for $16. More
  • Critiquing is not Flaming

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    I am blunt. Let me just get that out of the way now. I have the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face when talking and as such I knowingly come off as a bit harsh and a bit critical of things/people when talking to them. I have taken measures to tone... More