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  • Pokemon Lesson Plans Part 2

    Hello everyone and welcome back to another installment of ways to make Pokemon another way, while not super important way to help this generation learn. This time, there will be a lot more activities for older students. Anyways, let the blog begin! 1... More
  • Tardy to the Party....(But Still Having Fun)

    I'm not usually a blogger, but this topic has been itching around in my head for a little while and I thought I'd try my hand. I want to talk about games that either A) You waited several years to play and ended up loving or B) Played later installments... More
  • Top 10 Most Improved Sequels

    Top 10 Most Improved Sequels Game making is a process. Not every game can come out and be awesome; it takes time, effort, and, sometimes, multiple iterations. Some sequels can't quite match the magic of their ancestors (cough BioShock 2), but sometimes... More
  • Based on a Demo: Final Fantasy XIII-2

    I played this demo, and can honestly say I didn't like it at all. It was too centered towards females. I mean, Final Fantasy was always known to be one of the greatest game series since it was released in 1987 by Square exclusively for the NES. Most... More
  • Interview: Pure Nintendo and the 3rd Annual Nintendo Icons Marathon for Charity

    I recently sat down and had an interview with James Higginbothom, the Head Editor and Public Representative of Pure Nintendo, a company dedicated to all things Nintendo. Do not worry though, the staff of Pure Nintendo do not just play Nintendo and disregard... More
  • Asura's Wrath Demo Impressions: The Manliest 'Game' I've Ever Played

    When this Capcom IP sprang up last year, I was immediately intrigued. Why? Only because it was an old school action game to be honest. And although it turned out to be more of a God of War clone than I'd like, I was still intrigued that it at least... More
  • Clones, Frogs, Ghosts, and Call of Duty

    I remember playing Super Mario Brothers when I was a boy, running and jumping, collecting mushrooms, throwing fireballs at turtles and goombas while trying to save the princess. I also remember being a little bit older and playing Super Mario Brothers... More
  • An Open Discussion About Free Speech

    I'll be going against my normal ways and not posting a picture or putting any great effort into formatting this blog in a way meant to attract readers. Instead I want to use this simply to share thoughts and ideas. As part of a technology focused... More
  • Bioshock Infinite and the Original Sins of America

    Bioshock has always been a singularly unique series. The gameplay and setting are always superb, but what really makes Bioshock games special is their political content. When you step into the world of Rapture and the upcoming flying city Columbia, it's... More
  • Retro Review: Operation Darkness

    [Review: Operation Darkness - Xbox 360 - 6.0/10] Of the hundreds of games with zombies in them that are out there right now, only a handful let you take on nazi zombies. However, Operation Darkness may be the only one that lets you do so with a werewolf... More
  • The Gamer Connection-Thanking My Lucky Stars for Friends in the Real World and on the Internet

    Gaming is better with friends- even if you get carried away and knock over the TV...again. It doesn't seem all that long ago, but online gaming was very minimal except in certain situations. When I was growing up, there was only one reliable way to... More
  • Tell me what to do!!!!

    A lot of my posts are prompted by the game I'm currently playing, so looking through my blog history can sometimes give you a great idea of my gaming path. Today's blog is sparked by Arkham City , and it's related to my extreme loathing for... More