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  • No more! I forfeit, in some odd way.

    As most of you are aware of the Extra Life gaming marathon, I was participating in it. It was arguably fun, and did run into a few minor technical difficulties. I couldn't play the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, because my N64 wouldn't start... More
  • I'm A Baby, You're A Baby, We're All Babies!

    Or at least it seems I'm treated as such when playing games sometimes. A recent trip back to some older games has given me new perspective on how games treat players and just how lazy some developers have become. It should be obvious what games I've... More
  • What is the future of gaming?

    No, I'm not talking about whether computers, or consoles, or handhelds, or phones will be the ones reigning supreme. They all have their own little niche that they excel in. What I'm talking about is this: Today, we have all sorts of amazing titles... More
  • What has happened to the head-shot?

    As I sneak around the corner I find myself behind an enemy sweet so I line up the shot straight to the head BAM! dead right? No, instead he turns around shoots at me then runs away. I have come to wonder, what has happened to the head-shot? I have been... More
  • Video Games and Tyranny: Why We Must Protect Video Games from Being Controlled By The Government

    The United States is a free country. That is an undeniable fact. That freedom that this country has supported has lead mankind to make a 5000 year leap in just 200 years. At the rate we're going, we'll be on the planet Jupiter in 50 years, and... More
  • Good morning TEAM GIO!!!!!

    I don't know about you guys, but I didn't sleep very well last night. Maybe it was the excitement for the event, perhaps it was nerves as I am still hopeful we get some last minute sign ups. We are a little ways away from our goal but I still... More
  • Game Informer Reader Recap: GIO Community Edition #5 (Part 2 Of 3)

    As promised, the Recap for the October 2011 issue continues. Last time , we discussed the Question Of The Month as well as the contents of Connect. This post is all about The 25th Anniversary of The Legend Of Zelda Content, so without further ado, let's... More
  • Let the Games Begin! My Extra Life Gaming Lineup

    I have to keep this short, because I'm low on time. I'll post pictures of the games. Also, I'm not doing Weekly Coverage, because that takes like an hour to do. Skate 3 - Single Player #1, Multiplayer as a kickback WKC - FINAL GAME Call of... More
  • Going Live for Extra Life

    Well here we are. Today is the day that we as gamers make a difference. Today, we go out and push ourselves, not for our own selfish reasons or for prestige, or anything like that. Today we do this for the children. First of all I'd like to give Mojo... More
  • What are you going to be for Skyrim?

    Now, this is a community blog, so everyone feel free to answer to your hearts content. So, my question is, what race, play style, and faction are you going to be when Skyrim comes out? For example, I will be a battlemage elf who is part of the Mage's... More
  • The Call of Duty effect: Why Video Games Will Never Be Accepted as Art By Outside Parties.

    Disclaimer:This is NOT a blog ranti ng about how Call of Duty is (insert insult). I love Call Of Duty, and will stand by it. Now, for the real part of the blog: I think the reason why video games will never be accepted as art by outside parties is the... More
  • A Price Worth Paying For?

    We, as the gaming community, are obviously tied together by one thing, great games. Whether you prefer a good WRPG (as many of you have stated to me), or if you dig a good Hack N' Slash, or just a mind-bending puzzler, we all can agree that games... More