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  • First Impressions - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has been causing a little bit of a splash in the gaming community over the past few months, not to mention it is close to the top of my list of games I'm most looking forward to this year. Needless to say I was more than... More
  • BTown's 2011 Gaming awards

    I suppose that i'll jump in to this whole gaming award thing. Albeit late, but it's still coming. Without further ado, my 2011 gaming awards. Game of the Year and best RPG: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls... More
  • I got to tour GI for my birthday today...

    12 1
    So today was awesome as I was able to tour GI offices today and meet most of the editors thanks to Andrew Reiner. I didn't take any pictures cause I forgot a camera, :( I was however able to see some fun stuff for season 2 of Replay which I can not... More
  • The problem with Finals....

    3 that you can't game. As I have stated in my Bio, I am a highshooler of indetermined age. Right now I have my finals going on. I think alot of people can relate to the pain I feel when my steam account pops up but all I can do is go study Greek... More
  • Guess That Gamer (JAN)...

    26 1
    A few weekends or so ago I hinted at a new blog series I was going to start up that was similar to Member Herding in that it involved a series of questions but different enough it wouldn't feel like Member Herding. If you've heard of the old game... More
  • Is it just fine, or it really was a bad game? *Alpha Protocol*

    Hi GI! Well, today I wanted to buy something new and fresh for my Xbox Collection, and I came across a game that most my friends were criticizing it. At first when I started playing it, I sort of saw a few bugs that troubled me, but it didn’t stop... More
  • I _was_ looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII-2...

    And, in many ways, I still am. From the limited (by choice) of what I've seen of it, I like the game play, I really like a lot of the stuff I've seen in it, and can't wait to pick it up. Except for ONE BIG thing... I've seen a number of... More
  • Know your role and play your game

    2012 is already being described by some as "the year of the RPG," but as I look at some of the titles coming out this year - as well as some from last year - I find that I don't consider a lot of them to be RPGs. There are, no doubt, a slew... More
  • What Defines A True Gamer.

    Don't let the blog name lie to you and delude you,this blog will not be about rules for a gamer. If you're angry at me then you wouldn't want to read the rest of the blog. Now let's begin! Some people say that there are rules to how to... More
  • Getting On My SOPA Box

    There have been a multitude of blog posts in the last week or so regarding SOPA, what it is, and how it affects gamers. I won't retread that territory that so many others have done such a good job covering and I won't rehash the recent past since... More
  • I'm A Social Gamer And Proud Of It

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    I honestly don’t play these specific games, but I DO play others. If the title of this blog hasn’t scared you away yet, then please sit and allow me to properly begin this with a small tale, based on a true story… Once upon a time,... More
  • Play It Forward…

    Hmm. A blog of this sort requires a certain amount of finesse tap dancing as to not come across as arrogant and self serving. It's funny, because at one point during my third or fourth or fifth draft I made the comment, "This might sound arrogant... More