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  • How Disappointing. . .

    With Hist and Demon Ragnoroak doing their expectations blog/ disappointment blogs, I decided to give it a shot myself. What do I call a disappointment though? If I thought a game was going to be one really good thing and it came out and it was something... More
  • Rebuilding The Bastion

    Bastion: an action adventure RPG blended together with a hint of a Clint Eastwood film where you are the man(kid) with no name, a handful of steam punk to give it that untold time frame, along with a dab of a soundtrack comprised of abrian-electro and... More
  • Music Geek: Songs That Shape Us

    We all have songs that we identify with. These are the songs that helped shape us and taught us more about ourselves than we may have learned without ever hearing them. These are the songs that spoke to me the minute I heard them and continue to speak... More
  • Life on the Introverted Side

    36 2
    I think I mentioned before a tidbit about me in real life. When interacting with other people, I tend to be more quiet and reserved. Being loud and talkative is something I leave to other people... that's just me. It's with that background that... More
  • No school like the Olde school

    Games of olde... ah, how I miss some of the features of pre Ps3/ 360/ wii games. Do you remember when you could look hard enough and find an awesome Easter egg? I do, and lately in gaming they don't seem to exist. I remember that one, i think it was... More
  • When There Is Cuteness, I Am Deliciously Thankful For Being Female.

    THE CUTENESS-IT IS GIVING ME EYE CAVITIES! Now, obviously, as you know, I am a female blogger/gamer/whathaveyou. I am also a huge fan of cute, big eyed, colorful 2D art, and in gaming, it's no exception. Even 3D games that I tend to love have a whimsy... More
  • Trophy Raiders Group Now Up & Updates!

    The Trophy Raider group is now up. If you do not know what it is, please feel free to check out the other Blog I posted a while back HERE . Also I'd like to say that I am looking for someone to join me and to make and manage the XBOX360 Achievement... More
  • How I Play Oblivion

    Skyrim is coming soon (but not soon enough) and I am pumped. The new engine, leveling system tweaks, dual hand wielding, and all of the other features will hopefully make it one of my favorite games of the year, if not of all time. Let me start by saying... More
  • Accepting Disappointment

    *Author's Note: This is a blog about my own personal disappointments from years of gaming. Some of these games are widely considered to be quality games, and my opinion is not to diminish these titles at all. Some of the games that disappointed me... More
  • The guide to a teenager\pre-teen\child being accepted in the multiplayer gaming world

    Well to tell you the truth I grew up in a gaming world filled with multiplayer experiences and now at the age of 14 I can only say that it's getting better and better. When I was born in 1997 Video game multiplayer just hit a major stride with the... More
  • Let's Settle The PC Vs Console Skill Debate

    PC Elitists, get bent. Yeah, I said it, and I mean it. I'm getting sick of these people and it's time I took a shot at them. Let me give you some background before I crush any current or future PC elitist arguments. I've recently been trying... More
  • Call of Battlefield (Homefront Mutiplayer Demo Review)

    Hey guys! I recently downloaded the multiplayer demo for Homefront on PS3. Here are my impressions. Pros Weapon selection is nice, even at a demo stage The maps are big like Battlefield, so you have access to many play styles The inclusion of vehicles... More