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  • M for Masterpiece?

    Today my dad struck up a conversation with me about video games (a rare occurrence in our household). We drifted from topic to topic, and eventually he brought up (not accusingly, but offhand) how many Mature rated titles I seemed to play I started getting... More
  • Hey Look at That! Cleveland Won Something!

    It's not very often that I'm proud to say I grew up around Cleveland or that I've lived my entire life in Ohio. As far as states go it's a pretty miserable one. It seems like it's always either snowing or raining and if you do decide... More
  • The My Special Nintendo HD Wishlist

    The intro- Like many of you, I've become obsessed with these rumors about Nintendo's next console. After having some good discussions about it in the forums, I think I've got some good outlines for a wishlist. And even though I'm sure... More
  • Range: S2 Part 7

    About half-way through the second game of chess that night, Jack won the first one, Alphonse took a sip from his grape juice. Jack then asked. “Every night, I’ve seen you with that bottle, even at school you have it with you. What is it, and... More
  • 30 Day Blogging: Edition #4: Question Please...

    I L-O-V-E my life and same with this blogging challenge. I have been getting more into it and get ready for many more great posts... 30 Day Blogging Challenge Edition #4 Day 4, Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Question Please... By Jane, AllAboutJane I write... More
  • Blog Fight: Video Game Movies

    One thing I've noticed in my time writing is that there seems to be an odd phenomenon here. In the comments, certain people insist on spouting "facts" and "reasoned opinions" when they disagree with me. However, as Stephen Colbert... More
  • Best English Teacher In The World - Video Games (Or Not?)

    You know, over 80% of the English grammar and vocabulary and social skills I know and have are all coming from different video games. When I was just a child, I was already playing the basic NES games like Super Mario and Battle City, where I learned... More
  • Sony Did the Right Thing.

    In recent days Sony, as many of you know, has shut down their online service. They did this because of an illegal intrusion of their system. I'm glad Sony said something. The Internet era is truly a scary one. With so many people putting their info... More
  • 10 Letters to 10 things


    TurdFurgy writes letters to things one usually wouldn't write letters to because he thinks being original is overrated. TurdFurgy will stop referring to himself in the third person in 3...2...1

    ... More
  • Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Review

    I just recently got around to playing this, and figured I'd give my two cents about it. The story revolves around something called "The Tablet of Order and Chaos", which is shattered during a battle between Spider-Man and Mysterio. This... More
  • Console wars: Necessary or unnecessary?

    So I've been reading comments lately about the PSN issue and I've noticed a lot of fanboys on this site and other sites. So it inspired me to make this blog. Console wars, it all started when all 3 consoles released. People have been trashing... More
  • 30 Day Blogging: Edition #3: Hello, My Name is Jane...

    Exhausted from today and my blog shows it... 30 Day Blogging Challenge Edition #3 Day 3, Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Hello, My Name is Jane... By Jane, AllAboutJane I logged onto Twitter when about to write my blog and was certainly struggling with ideas... More