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  • Killzone 3 an Action Game on PS3

    Guerrilla and SCEA returned with killzone 3 first-person shooter game for Playstation 3. From the genre of action adventure games killzone 3 will be the ruling game of this season with its 3D compatibility, DualShock 3 controller support and integration... More
  • Musing and rambles about the weekend and games: a grouchy old dude report.

    Good morning and welcome to Monday. I'm up and awake watching the rain fall along with the temperature. It got cold and wet but no ice and sludge, thank goodness. I really feel sorry for my brother who is a telephone worker, he has to "monkey... More
  • User Error (Hardware Fails)

    Technology sucks... it really does. While it has the power to suck us into it's dark recesses- it also can really let us down. When we look back on it's failures.. some of them seem intensely comedic, but when they happen- they aren't. Here... More
  • Farewell GIO.... :(

    So, for everyone that doesn't know, I am leaving for the United States Air Force tomorrow. I will be doing Basic Military Training (BMT) at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, so this will be the last time I'll be on GIO for quite some time. I fully... More
  • Assorted Groups of Internet based Game titles

    Video games are the most popular spare time activity globally. In US alone, 65% of households play videogames. In addition, the players can range from kids who enjoy simple puzzle games to seniors who like Flash-based mind games to pass time. Playing... More
  • Pipo, We'll Always Remember You

    17 2
    This blog is to honor and commemorate Pipo (RIP). If you do not know Pipo, go watch the super replay of Overblood, and then you will truly understand friendship. Pipo was the once companion of Raz Karci (AKA Wienerless Steve). Pipo, though we only knew... More
  • Word of the Year – Derp…

    Hang in there...this might not be completely video game related...but it is in a sense. Besides, it is definitely geek inspired. actual word of the year isn't derp. I said derp because I was a little surprised when I read this... More
  • Picasso, Michaelangelo, Braid? (A reply to Roger Ebert)

    If anyone is puzzled as to who Roger Ebert is, I will enlighten you. He is the arguably the most widely recognized film critic around and is praised for his unique and intellectual writing style. Despite this, I have come to the realization that sometimes... More
  • The Quest: part 1

    Before the story starts I'd like to thank the blogging community for so readily accepting me into it's ranks. as my first blog(which wasn't even a real blog) received much better reception than i expected. now on to the(hopefully) good stuff... More
  • Platysaur's Flash Gaming Blog: Vertical Drop Heores (and Nerdook)

    Vertical Drop Heroes is pretty much what it sounds like. It is a game where you play vertically, while dropping. It isn't a constant free fall, as there are monsters and other obstacles that get in the way, but the main goal is to save the Princess... More
  • mass wars music More
  • The 10 types of gamers

    .semit sseltnuoc enod neeb sah cipot siht woh tuoba em maps t'nod esaelp golb tsrif ym si siht sA Ok, all shenanigans aside I'm going to touch on a subject talked about before. Only this time instead of talking about how the gamer plays I'm... More