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  • Versus: Blog 7 Nintendo DS VS PSP

    After a two-week vacation, Versus is back! And we are here to settle the portable console wars gen 1 once and for all! Nintendo DS Release Date: November 21, 2004 Notable Games: Pokemon series, New Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, Legend... More
  • FamilyGuyGuy7's Reviewtiful Reviews: The Mass Effect Series Pt. 2

    REVIEW SPOILER (kinda) ALERT: Mass Effect (2007) and Mass Effect 2 (2010) are two of the best games of this generation. Actual game spoiler alerts to follow. You can also read Part 1 here . I wanted to do a review of both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2... More
  • Darkspore Beta Impressions

    Steam is awesome. They have great prices and sales on awesome games and titles you have never even heard of. A few days ago, I got onto my Steam account and I saw a notification pop up informing me that the game Darkspore was in beta and free to play... More
  • Game Informer Online: User Blog Statistics (MAR)...

    I am going to preempt my Saturday REPLAY blog for this one. I had every intention on posting this yesterday, as I wanted to do every month on the first...but alas, getting a late start last night and sifting through 28 pages of old blogs plus revising... More
  • Book Review: The Infernal City

    Well, well, well! This is first official book review and is the first of two book reviews I've got planned for this spring (there might be more coming). And this is also the first time, you can actually see how I really look like. Me in my normal... More
  • Going Independent-A Sad Farewell

    One can only contain his thoughts a certain way for so long. Within the past few months, I'm sure that you have noticed that I have'nt been exactly...Active. I've been very busy. who knew that blogging would not only help me vex my feelings... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - CANCELED


    Due to technical difficulties and issues with the hosts, the 6ameinformer Online Radio podcast has been canceled. More details of why the show is canceled are inside the blog.

    ... More
  • Recent return to Graphic Design

    Aftter months of neglect, photoshop was starting to collect dust (of the electronic sort..?) and I felt that it was due time to start creating bits and bobs on it once again. I have never really done anything spectacular with photoshop, I usually just... More
  • GIO Bookclub Announcement... Alan Wake!!!!!

    Yes... this month the bookclub will be reading the book, Alan Wake by Rick Burroughs. This book is the subject matter for the 2010 game of the same name. It is by Rick Burroughs, and it is probably readily available on the internet or bookstores. Here... More
  • Halo Reach

    Alright.. Halo Reach = the best ending to a franchise ever!! I love how Bungie was just a small idea that some dudes had and it jumped into an amazing storyline and addictive multiplayer. Halo Reach not only was Bungie's last entry to the franchise... More
  • Mr. Grazer (the grazing of bjdbuch)

    I have been also grazing alot in the world of video games. Here are my impressions WWE All-Stars Fun game. I really like the selection of fighters. I am very bad at it though Crysis 2 I only really played the muti-player. Very fun. I am a huge fan of... More
  • I Will Not Make You Laugh!

    I bet some of you might be saying "Hey look it's that handsome devil The Journey Man, I'm sure he has something funny to say on this here day!" well first off thank you, second stop rhyming you suck at it and third what do I look like... More