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  • How Resident Evil 4&5 Changed the Series for the BETTER (Yeah, I Said It...)

    How Resident Evil 4 & 5 changed the RE series for the BETTER (YEAH I SAID IT…) The survival-horror genre would not be as popular as it is today if it were not for Resident Evil. The media franchise has sold over 46 million units as of now,... More
  • My Game Idea #2: Among the Living

    The picture, again, is courtesy of Vurtax. Among the Living Rated T: Violence, Blood, Language, Lyrics Despite the name, this is not another zombie game. Despite the picture of Earth, it doesn't take place in Australia. It's an MMO, and it's... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 21

    "Hey Daniel-san, our guest cancelled!" "What? No! What are we gonna do? Does this mean I actually have to talk to you this week?" "Well yeah, unfortunately if you want to have a show this week. Why don't you go to Twitter... More
  • Gaming and How Other Media Sources Treat It

    I remember when I had English class the teacher for some reason asked us to tell her how we spend our free time. Of course I said that I like spending my free time gaming the most. And the teacher answered: ''Hahahah,gaming?XBOX?Hahahah''... More
  • Hardware Review: Dell Vostro 3450

    I've stated many times on either my blogs, comments or forum posts, that I just bought a brand-spankin' new laptop for myself this Christmas. I've been using it regularly ever since the 25th, and I've decided to put it under several stress... More

    THE FIRES OF SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS BURN IN MY SOUL! Let's face it, most of the gamers on this website are either teenagers or adults. We largely grew up with gaming in the last generation (SNES/PS1 through GameCube/PS2) and many of us are used to a certain... More
  • It's Been Awhile

    Hey GIO members, its durararaGO95 and I'm back with a new blog. I have been really busy these past 2 months and I just wanted to see what's going on. To get me back into the blogging mood, I'm going to start with another "ask me anything"... More
  • A Possible Story...

    (This blog entry will contain a small part of a story I'm working on and improving. If you read this, please rate and comment as I would like to make a decent fictional story... My inspirations for this stroy came from the classic Phantasy Star series... More
  • What is and What Should Never Be (Licensed Games)

    Licensed games are widely known as being predictably bad. Many licenses should never be converted into a video game format, yet are, and many that seem to be perfect for a video game format still turn out pretty awful. It's time to think outside the... More
  • Kingdom's of Amalur: Preview Review

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    KoA is like a really funny joke told by a person who isn't very funny. All the parts are there, the punch-line is fresh and yet, it feels stale. This was my problem with the demo, it just felt old in a way. They didn't have a way to really get... More
  • Uncharted 3 Problems (Part 2)

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    Another problem that Uncharted seems to have once again is that you fight enemies the same way every time. It usually switches between different modes depending on the location of the fist fight or on the situation that calls Drake to knock out an enemy... More
  • The Future of Gaming as We Know It

    In my youth, I looked forward to days like today, contemplating all the glorious technological breakthroughs that would someday accompany my adolescents. I could bore you with my dreams of pet robots (with a likeness to Spy Kid 's Ralph) and motorized... More