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  • Backlog Blitz: NES, Week 12 "K-Street Shuffle"

    Heyo, GIO! How's it going? I spent the week training new employees at work, which was fun. And I got in some time with more modern games. The highlight was Betrayer , which uses a color palette of white, black, and red. It's really fascinating... More
  • Halo 5: Guardians Beta Impressions - Change Is Good

    Many Halo fans were put off by Halo 4's take on competitive multiplayer, myself included. It was OK for what it was, but it was definitely a step back after the superb offerings found in Halo's 2 and 3. I always felt that it had something of an... More
  • Why aren't I more Excited for Final Fantasy Type-0?

    One of my most anticipated games of 2015 is Final Fantasy type-0 HD. The game came out in Japan back in 2011, but I've known about it since at lest 2009, and I've wanted a chance to play it ever since. That's a pretty long time to hold out... More
  • E-Pals: Grand Theft Auto

    Hi! I remember the first time I played a Grand Theft Auto game. It was GTA 2 and I didn't like it. Driver released in the same year, and while it had no out-of-car action I enjoyed it a great deal more (Driver: San Francisco was the latest entry in... More
  • Moments - Battling Wally in Pokemon: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

    What sticks with us years after completing our favorite video games are not "the smooth controls" or "how quick the loading times were," but rather the memorable moments we forge and create with them. As games become increasingly complex... More
  • 52/52 Week 4- What Could Replace Club Nintendo?

    Four days ago on January 20th, Nintendo announced that they would be shutting down the loyalty rewards program. Many were disappointed with the rewards selection that Nintendo offered, as well as the pitiful options they had for Gold and Platinum rewards... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 29

    Hey, hey hey, the Best Podcast on the Citadel is here, and we’ve got an episode chock full of video game news and analysis. Hosts Blake Anglin and Chris Mrkvicka are here to break down the week’s biggest stories, along with a look ahead at... More
  • Pop Songs For BAD Game Developers (With A Few Twists)

    I was bored and I kept thinking of all of the sub-par releases and broken games that plagued 2014. For some reason, I kept thinking of songs while trying to form an idea for a blog. This is the result. And you can tell everybody that this is your song... More
  • Looking Ahead: No Man's Sky

    Very few people are more excited for No Man's Sky than I am. I love science fiction, from Star Wars to Star Trek spending time in unique expansive universes has always been appealing. Hello Games promises an infinite galaxy through their latest project... More
  • Is It Better To Covet Digital Items, Physical Items, Or Neither?

    I've been thinking a lot about consumerism lately. And consuming, in general. One of my new year's gaming resolutions actually pertained to this very topic. As I was completing Crota's raid in Destiny (again), and trying for a particular shotgun... More
  • Final Thoughts 37: Portal 2

    Final Thoughts 37 Portal 2 Note: This is not a review, but merely my musings after having recently completed a game as part of my Rogue's Adventures playthrough of my backlog. Follow @RoguesAdventure to keep up with my playthroughs and check out my... More
  • Moments - Entering Mexico in Red Dead Redemption

    Here's a novel thought - stop and try and count just how many video games you've played in your life. I'd wager if you frequently visit this website, that number is a couple dozen, if not a couple hundred. We live in a digital age where the... More
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