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  • Five Games I'd Like To See Given The Remaster Treatment

    With the Dead Island: Definitive Collection releasing later this month, I've had remastered collections on my mind. I know remasters can be a divisive topic among gamers, but I, for one, always appreciate a good remaster for current gen hardware.... More
  • Gamers are the Most Social....

    We all those guys that give us games like Fallout or No Man's Sky. We always wonder if those games have given us some premise to the real life. We always question what those games can reward us in the real world. Many might say, it won't give... More
  • Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

    Last night I walked into Captain America: Civil War slightly fatigued and worn down from all of the super hero movies popping up before it with no end in sight. Even though Marvel has been on a role, and I loved Fox’s Deadpool, I wondered what could... More
  • In Appreciation of Albion

    I remember revisiting Bowerstone after proving myself in the Arena, proud of the new gold I earned and eager to spend it on new armor and weapons in the shop. I strolled back into town and was greeted eagerly by the villagers. Cheers rang out as they... More
  • The Question of Modular Consoles: Was Steve Jobs Right?

    Not even three years from the date of the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, both Microsoft and Sony are prepping upgraded versions of their existing hardware. Depending on who you are, and how much money you've spent to date, this will either... More
  • UPDATE: The End is Near...

    Okay, this isn't saying that I'm going to go on hiatus like a doofus in the rain, I'm just saying that I'm going to halt some of the blogs. I will post the Community Writing Challenge as soon as I can, but the rest of them, the Top 10's... More
  • I'm Still Angry...

    Like I said a while ago, I love Skyrim and it's previous games. I really do. It's something I treasure in my heart. When I found out Elder Scrolls was getting another game that would be an MMO, I almost screamed. I couldn't wait to play it... More
  • Early Impressions: The Overwatch Beta

    Yesterday was my first hands-on with Blizzard's upcoming Overwatch, and I couldn't have more positive things to report. The game, which arrives this month on the 24th, offers up various 6v6 PvP activities and, though they are familiar modes to... More
  • Super Console Club Podcast #3

    It's another episode of the SUPER... Console Club! On this episode, we give an update on the games we've completed so far for this year's challenge and share the games we don't want to admit we've played. We also share some sick tunes... More
  • Top 10 Catchiest Songs in Gaming...

    We all love the songs of the best and most loved games of our youth or just from a few years ago. From songs that you can't stop listening too, to songs that you don't wanna get out of your head, Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to this top... More
  • "Damsels" of Zelda 101: Is Princess Zelda Good Female Representation?

    As this series comes to a close I finally feel like I’m ready to tackle the big question: Is Princess Zelda an example of good female representation? In an even bigger question, what even is an example of good female representation? If you’ve... More
  • Multi Playthroughs. Insomnia Edition.

    As I watched Hot Fuzz tonight, for what I can only assume is the hundredth time, I came to realize just how much I may be missing out on with games. As scene after hilarious scene played themselves out I found myself still laughing of course, but I also... More
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