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  • My Favorite Game Of All Time

    A recommendation from my brother A game I didn't want to play A surprise nonetheless A discovery I must say. From the gameplay to its narrative The game is a fun ride One I clearly enjoyed While playing through it 4 times. Played back in 2008 Still... More
  • Catacombs of Solaris: A Painterly World of Displacement

    There is a game – a game that I like, that I like so very, very much – called Catacombs of Solaris . It is as strange as it is small, and it is a displacement simulator. Most games don’t toy with displacement. Or disorientation. They... More
  • [Opiniones Gamer] Ser gamer no me hace antisocial

    Gamer Antisocial? Ja! Recientemente fue la fiesta de la empresa en la compañía en la cual trabajo, un día antes de la fiesta nos depositaron el aguinaldo, asi que de una me dispuse a contactar a Extreme Tech para pedir una tarjeta... More
  • The Return of the Mech?

    When Titanfall was announced, I'm not sure there was anyone more excited than me. I LOVE giant robots. I love the concept; I love the *good* games; I love the sounds, the sights, the feeling of it all. I've loved giant robots since I was a child... More
  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] While you may not be entirely familiar with Tripwire Interactive or Antimatter Games, the developers behind Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, I’m slightly more confident that gamers will have heard of the Red Orchestra series... More
  • My Nine Favorite Games I Played At The 2016 PlayStation Experience

    I recently attended the 2016 PlayStation Experience and played a ton of awesome games including Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Heart Forth Alicia. Here are my detailed thoughts on my nine favorite games of PSX plus brief thoughts on all of the rest.

    ... More
  • Holiday Cheer! - Heropon's Top 100 VG Character List - Part 3

    *Warning: This blog contains spoilers for the following games* Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Final Fantasy 10 Dark Souls Nier Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Drakengard Drakengard 2 Heropon's Top 100 VG Character List - Part 3 Finding the... More
  • CWC: When Heroes Die

    I lay bored on the couch as my parents and sister go out to Christmas shop. Mine was all done and wrapped. Don't know why they had to go so late. I look at the TV as my favorite anime plays on DVD; Cowboy Bebop. I've almost seen this about twenty... More
  • My One Companion

    It was Resident Evil The game that got us together Now more games have ben played And I wouldn't be mad if this goes on forever. Finding your special one Not and easy one indeed However life gifted me With a girl I'm happy I got to meet. I'm... More
  • Ice In My Veins: The X-Files Retrospective Pt. 1/XX

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] If you know me at all, then you’ll know that enjoy a wide variety of television shows- virtually any genre is game if it features an interesting story, memorable characters, and overall quirkiness. I enjoy everything... More
  • 10 Games of 2017 You Aren't Excited For but Should Be

    While writing a top 10 list of my most anticipated games for 2017, I came to the conclusion that such lists are rather trite. Looking around the internet, similar pieces list the same 20 games. Mostly well known AAA titles seemingly everyone is excited... More
  • Pokemon: One person's trash is no longer my treasure.

    I finally became Champion today in Pokemon Moon. The new Pokemon game was a blast to play. I enjoyed almost every aspect, especially how quickly you progress through the main game. There was one thing missing however that used to be a major source of... More
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