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  • Why the Xbox One Should have been delayed.

    Reason 1: Better Launch Titles All the launch titles could have been more polished. There would also be more games to help keep the Xbox in your living room instead of a corner collecting dust. Imagine Dead Rising with less bugs at launch, better frame... More
  • Cosplay

    I guess it was finally my turn to talk about one of the hottest topics in the gaming world, or at least outside of the gaming world. An explanation: a facebook game I play was doing a cosplay contest and I decided to enter. I had never cosplayed before... More
  • The DBZ Game We Need for Handhelds Again

    So in honor of EVO 2014 I've decided to take the liberty of making an article about a fighting game, and not just any fighting game but one called " Hyper Dragonball Z ". What is Hyper DBZ: Why thank you for asking. Hyper DBZ is a fan-made... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #3: Bleach

    I try to keep up with long running shonen anime. I love Dragonball Z, I'm trying to keep up with Naruto, and One Piece has really been testing my patience recently, but they are lots of fun to watch. But when it comes to ranking them as my favorites... More
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