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  • Bethesda: The King of Rebooting and Reinventing

    With the recent release of the newest Doom game, many people have been providing very high praise for the reboot of one of the most popular gaming franchises. The reboot of Doom manages to find a way to bring the traditional Doom ideals to the modern... More
  • Overwatch Review - A New Competitor

    Before I start this review I have to emphasize this is a MULTIPLAYER GAME ONLY , there's no single player content, no thought provoking story and you always need to be connected to the game's server to play. Okay, let's dig in. Overwatch is... More
  • GIO Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Team Tournament Round One Results + Round Two Schedule

    Despite the release of DOOM and Uncharted 4, the dedicated GIO Smash community found time to lay the smack down on each other in fine fashion. During the course of the bouts, it's become apparent that this tournament will not be dominated by any one... More
  • A Gamer Renewed

    With every new release, console or new announcements like those at E3, we gamers can easily be powered up towards this hobby of ours. In my case however, is to have free time and just play video games. This incredible sensation of being somewhat overflowed... More
  • Don't Like It? Make Your Own Game

    It's a defense that all but kills any credibility a developer and its cult lose when they drop this low. In my eyes, to "make your own game" just to prove something just has you going down to their level - a crappy developer with a crappier... More
  • My Favorite Current Gen Soundtracks

    Music and games go along very well, without epic soundtracks, boss fights and action sequences wouldn't be the same. So, today I'm bringing you my favorite current gen soundtracks, from title music to boss fights. Feel free to leave your favorite... More
  • The Allure of E-Sports

    Forward: A lot of people seem to think that E-Sports are silly, and not real sports. There is an argument to be had there, but one that is beyond the scope of this piece. If you want to argue with me in the comments, feel free. I want to intentionally... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 26 - Passage

    The 2007 indie game Passage could be considered one of the standard bearers for the art game genre. Created by Jason Rohrer, for a game jam event, Passage went on to receive a significant amount of attention in the mainstream press with some critics outside... More
  • My Go to Games for New Gamers

    I originally was going to post a ridiculously long comment with multiple games and reasons why I thought the following games were good for new players on Marchiafava's Question of the Month article when instead I figured, "why not a blog?"... More
  • Bloody Hell: The Catharsis of Rage in DOOM

    A demon makes the mistake of coming within arm’s reach. I grab. I rip. I tear. Blood geysers over my virtual face, and I lavish in it. I revel in this flash of violence. Arteries and viscera spew catharsis, and I turn as the release ends. Another... More
  • Diversity and Digital Distribution

    Both movies and video games are in the throes of a battle over diversity. In a wash of white everymen, minority protagonists struggle to find a voice. Games have gotten much better about this. Drastically better. This year’s E3 featured a strong... More