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  • This Week in Gaming: October 18 -October 25

    This is the last week leading up to the biggest month of gaming. We start to see several halloween themed trailers and updates for the upcoming holiday. Let's see what happened, "This Week in Gaming" Debuts Royal Snake Game Agents of Storm... More
  • Scratching That Itch: Civilization V

    Ladies and Germans, boys and squirrels! Gather around as I tell a tale, a tale of people building the world! War and Peace, Death and Deceit, Come one, come all! This game has it all! This is the introduction to how I should have started my review of... More
  • Let's Play Condemned 2 Parts 7-10

    Parts 7-10 of my playthrough of Condemned 2 are now live! Enjoy! More
  • The GIO Bronies Halloween Spectacular!

    You're about to enter a brand new world. A dark twist on a world where ponies and magic are the norm. A world where a unicorn runs a news show, and two ponies help him play video games and read comics. A world without friendship, or magic. It's a world only known by one name. Welcome to... GIO Bronies. 

    ... More
  • Video Game Tricks Or Treats…

    It's Halloween (although by the time you read this it will probably be the day after) so I suppose it would make sense to post something related to that. Seems like others are mostly talking about horror games but I don't play a lot of them, so... More
  • PSA: I Have a New Game-related iFunny Account!

    Although the app for iPhone and Android is mostly used for humor (if you're the type that enjoy daily featured jokes being non-stop sex jokes, repetitive jokes, etc) some users such as myself like to add a little more culture and history. In my case... More
  • Wish List: 5 Horror Movies I Wish Were Games

    Horror movies get a lot of attention each autumn, but I love watching them year-round. For me, it's the atmosphere that sells the experience. Much of the same can be said for some of my favorite games. Now that survival horror is enjoying a renaissance... More