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  • How Can A Tiny Developer Build The Biggest Game Ever…

    With PAX a mere few days away one of the questions I'm asked by co-workers and fellow gamers is what game I am most excited to see at the show. There are some obvious picks like The Master Chief Collection and Destiny. And then there are some that... More
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force (Chapter 10: Foxtrot Uniform)…

    This week's episode of Half-Life Opposing Force is actually coming to you from a hotel room a couple hours from home. The wife and I are prone to taking road trips on the weekend and well, this one we went a bit further than what we usually do. But... More
  • Sacred 3 Review

    Sacred 3 ‒ another action RPG ‒ deprives fans of an open world, multiple campaigns, and quest lines. Somebody forgot to tell Keen Games when to quit.

    ... More
  • My Top 10 Favorite (Male) Samurai Warriors Characters

    And now for Part 2. Since there are three times as many male characters as female characters in Samurai Warriors, this list ended up being more difficult to put together because I wasn't just ranking the characters, I was picking my favorite from... More
  • My first lost video

    Sadly, part 16 of my Rage playthrough no longer exists, thanks to a faulty hard drive. If you want to see all that you missed, search YouTube for the Rage missions Hagar Caves and Scorcher Refinery. Parts 17 and 18 will be uploaded soon. More
  • What's in Store for Clementine?

    Since 2012 Telltale has semi-regularly put out parts to its episodic game, The Walking Dead. Since 2012 this sadistic company has gotten us attached to characters, only to violently take them away from us. They've depicted ordinary men and women who... More